McCain: Putin should be 'nervous'


[VIDEO of The Kike's whore McCain]

The violent uprising in Ukraine should make Russian President Vladimir Putin "nervous" about his own leadership in Russia, and a partition of Ukraine is "totally unacceptable," Sen. John McCain said Sunday.

"They want to be western," the Arizona Republican, appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation," said of the Ukrainian people. "They don't want to be eastern."

The senator said he had spoken with multiple Ukrainian opposition leaders, including former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was released from prison last week following a vote in Ukraine's parliament. He said the anti-government leaders are "overjoyed" but that "there's a sobering reality" about how difficult it will be to repair the country and its economy.


McCain is 77 years old and has been in the Senate for the last 27 years. We need to thank him for his service and move on to someone a little younger and less indoctrinated.

Yes, this puppet of the jew will soon be replaced by a younger one, with more mileage.

Oh look Ukraine was able to over throw their President without any help from the US .Sorry McCain better luck next time.

No, the CIA and all the US-taxpayer-sponsored "change agents" had nothing to do with it.

Another conspiracy nutcase thinking all governments deposed by popular protests are very noble and popular!

Yeah, I must be a "conspiracy nutcase". There is no CIA, CFR, Open Society, IMF -- none of that. I just made them all up.

Why should I believe Ukraine 'want to be western' and 'don't want to be eastern'? Is there any proof of this? Did McCain ever consider that the Ukrainians might want to be an independent nation, and not be forced to choose to between a black and white, cold war esque, eastern or western stance?

This ho of the jew's said it, that's all the "proof" you need. What are you, some sort of dissident!?

Between Stalin starving them & the back & forth between Germany & the Soviets tens of millions of Ukrainians have died.

Was Stalin Russian?

No, he was Georgian & he killed so many people he almost made Hitler look like a nice guy.Topic: a partition of Ukraine is "totally unacceptable" Why not? Who made McCain the judge?

It's America's job as the world cop to go around patrolling foreign lands while US borders are open to the "wretched refuse". It's America's job to ensure that Yugoslavia, Serbia & Montenegro, Serbia (inc Kosovo), are all split up, while b!tching about any division in Ukraine, Georgia, Kosovo, Bosnia, USA.... I think it's in the US Declaration of Independence, or some speech somewhere. Who knows?

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