Man Against Time @ The English Disease @ The Beer Barrel:

A nation of pusillanimous Eurofag atheists and overly promiscuous mudsharks cannot stand.

The Brits served their purpose: making the world safe for international Jewish bankers and establishing Israel. Now they will go the way of the dodo. WASPs are the new Wandering Jew of the world, but without the essential in-group unity and loyalty to survive.

Bring AIDS back to the U.K. and spread it all over the place.

In response to:

Davd Sykes, HIVNow UK:

“I came across a case recently where a married man and woman were both infected by HIV along with their two young children. Upon investigation it was revealed the woman had taken part in a humanitarian trip eight years earlier in sub Saharan Africa, having unprotected vaginal and anal sex with local men – infecting her husband a year later then subsequently infecting her two children through breast feeding.”

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