Ukraine revolution live: William Hague promises help

The Telegraph, February 23, 2014

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague has been on the BBC this morning and been quite forthright in warning Russia against interfering in Ukraine.

"If there's an economic package, it will be important that Russia doesn't do anything to undermine that economic package and is working in cooperation and support of it," he said.

When asked whether there was a fear of 'Russian tanks' being sent to defend Russian interests he said: "It would really not be in the interests of Russia to do any such thing. We have to keep up the communication with Russia as we are doing ... so that the people of Ukraine can choose their own way forward. There are many dangers and uncertainties."


Another democratically elected Government overthrown by the EU. I used to think the Nobel Peace Prize committee were just politicised. Maybe I was wrong and they have a delicious sense of irony.

As if Putin's going to worry about what Hague says. Delusional nonsense.

Hahaha the only columnist who could write such crap is definately Mr Blair. Please here is a better headline, "the imbecile UK foreign minister Mr Hague begs the Government of Russia not to advise the people of Ukraine to avoid joining a fascist organisation called the EU.

In 1939, Germany sent its Panzer tanks into Poland, and poor Poland was caught between Russia and Germany (a rock and a hard place). This time, the EU (Germany) has sent its 'THINK TANKS' into Ukraine, and now poor Ukraine is caught between a Russian rock and a Brussels hard place. Whatever happens, remember that the EU is anti-democracy so it has no moral high ground over Russia. European legislation is made in secret within the unelected European Commission. Without even realising it, the people living in Europe no longer have the right to vote in or out the people who make their legislation. A slight problem.

And one of the most powerful of the EU's unelected officials, foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton, was at one time a soviet patsy, receiving money from the KGB in her capacity as treasurer of CND in the early '80s.

oh my goodness me the new 'cold war'…. Tell me neither we or America have 'poked our noses in'! Frankly we have seen the outcome and disasters left behind after we have gone along with america leading the way'! Where the' special relationship' when Obama couldn't choose between France and the UK when asked…... I can tell you from my view point, I for one am fed up with us having anything to say about other countries business…. supporting them monetarily or any other way, they destroyed, let them rebuild…..

Concentrate on improving the economic situation of the UK first, Mr Hague.

Time for revolution in London.

When is Lennox Lewis going to be be marching with the English Neo-Nazis and demanding the government step down and elect a government that represents the English people? Come on Lennox, we need an ex-boxer to show us the way. If Lennox can't make it, how about Dereck Chisora? Surely he wants to over throw the anti-English tyrants?

I wonder which boxer would stir up a pro-English revolution in England? Dereck Chisora? Amir Khan? David Haye? Lennox Lewis? Can't quite see it happening!

Perhaps a velvet revolution led by those polite curling people? But they are Scots!

Chris Eubank.

Is the media being deliberately misleading about the nature of this event or are they just ignorant? Revolution: a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system. Coup d'état: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

Haven't seen the other headlines, but the Sunday Times is breathtakingly disingenuous: 'The dictatorship has fallen'. Those little quotation marks make it OK to emblazon a whopping great pork pie across the front page of a newspaper apparently.

Rulers and ruled see these things differently. The departing president sees himself as the victim of a coup d' etat. The protestors see themselves involved in a revolution.

Didn't take long for the begging bowl to come put.

Yanukovych was a democratically elected leader. Don't fall into the mainstream media's trap of believing all who the West oppose are unelected tyrants.

Vitaly Klitschko, hired by the Germans and sent to Ukraine to stir up revolution, is the new Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Ukraine has no chance of joining the EU. Turkey has been trying to for decades and Ukraine is even poorer and less developed than Turkey.

When are the English patriots going to rise up and form a paramilitary force? When are they going to upload a Youtube video titled "I am an Englishman".

As soon as the CIA get around to producing one.

They want money. Quelle surprise ! You can bet that Dave will jump at the chance of increasing British aid to another dysfunctional country.

EU ready with "substantial" financial aid to Ukraine

[The Kike's] Reuters, Feb 23, 2014

The European Union is ready to offer substantial financial aid to Ukraine once it has a new government, and should offer a clear European perspective to Kiev, the EU's Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said on Sunday.

Ukraine's parliament voted to remove President Viktor Yanukovich after three months of street protests. Yanukovich abandoned the capital to the opposition on Saturday and denounced what he described as a coup after several days of bloodshed this week that claimed 82 lives.

Removal of the pro-Russian Yanukovich should pull Ukraine away from Moscow's orbit and closer to Europe. It is also a reversal for Russian President Vladimir Putin's dream of recreating as much as possible of the Soviet Union in a new Eurasian Union. Moscow had counted on Yanukovich to deliver Ukraine as a central member.

"From a European point of view it is important that we provide a clear European perspective for the Ukrainian people who have shown their commitment to European values," Rehn said after a meeting of the world's financial leaders in Sydney.

"We are ready to engage in substantial financial assistance for Ukraine once a political solution, based on democratic principles, is finalised and once there is a new government which is genuinely and seriously engaged in institutional and economic reforms," he said.

Asked how substantial the aid from the European Union to Ukraine could be, Rehn said that the EU was evaluating the needs.

"We have to live up to the challenge of this historic moment," he told a news conference.

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