The Guardian almost published something truthful.

With my judicious editing, the truth is revealed:

Bosnia presents a terrifying picture of Europe's future

Igor Štiks,, 17 February 2014

[...] the Olympic flame was lit in Sarajevo in 1984 [...]

Back then Sarajevo was projecting an image of what the European Union wanted its members [to believe they were] to become: prosperous, diverse and secular with functioning industries, social equality, enviable social mobility and consistent growth. The European Union, as we now know, has failed to live up to that ambition.

There is another scene from the past too. Ten years after the Olympics, Sarajevo was in ruins, the exact image of what Europe thought it had left behind: a besieged and destroyed city, the victim of resurgent nationalism and sectarianism, Bosnia's landscape dotted with concentration camps and mass graves. Europe watched without doing anything [!?!?], as if the image it believed to have left for ever in its past was too mesmerising.

And now again, Sarajevo and Bosnia are holding up a mirror to Europe, to its present and to its future. Bosnian cities resemble London in the summer of 2011 and the suburbs of Paris in 2005: an explosion of [Congoloid/Muz/Wigger] anger and the anarchic destruction of all [non-kike] symbols of political, social and economic power. Almost 20 years after the Dayton peace agreement, it seems as if local elites and international players have both reached a consensus only on one point: how to rapidly restore [kike-style] capitalism in the country. Yet it is mass privatisation that has led to almost total de-industrialisation and the dependence on imported goods and services financed by the debt slavery of citizens and their weak state.

The result is that ethno-nationalist elites, greatly responsible for war, were rewarded in peace not only by ethnic partition, but also with all the wealth of the territories they control. This was the elite that the international community and the EU, through their marginal politicians sent as "high representatives", treated as their main partners. Citizens were to be kept at bay.

But there is one big difference with the riots seen in other European cities, and this is where Bosnia speaks directly to Europe's current predicament: this is not a rebellion of discriminated and ghettoised groups, territorially contained on the outskirts of big cities. It is a rebellion of the whole population that has been subjected to economic impoverishment, social devastation and political destitution. In this, Bosnia is an image of Europe's future: ungovernable populations, exhausted by austerity measures and left to their own devices after the collapse of remnants of the welfare state – a state with no prospect for growth, run by elites of dubious, if any legitimacy who deploy heavily armed police to protect themselves against ordinary citizens.



Wehrwolf: How very timely of this author to warn Europe of the islamist Fifth Column that, having rent the Serb asunder and set the Balkans aflame, turns now its implacable hatred towards the green lands and great cities of Western Christendom.

TylerSmiles to Wehrwolf: 'Wehrwolf' - the Nazi resistance movement that was supposed to operate in Germany after the fall of the Reich...I think I know where you're coming from son. And in the 21st century, Muslims are easier targets than Jews. You are the real voice of all Europe's worst inner demons.

ckorakas: Wait ... you forgot Athens and Spain. .. The problem is that unless you build sustainable political structures to carry further the spontaneous agoras and participatory democracy (like the many in Greece and Spain before those of Bosnia) they will fade away... and few years down the line very little is left of these brilliant collective democratic moments ... and we are back on our knees ... on survival mode...

Oblomovski: This is the second article about Bosnia in about week written by people originating from the former Yugoslavia who lost touch with the reality. Is it nostalgia that is distorting their perception and causes such confusion of thoughts and conclusions or the continuous aspiration of proving that the Balkan is culturally and historically equal to other European countries? Olympic flame as a symbol of prosperous, diverse and secular state with functioning industries, social equality, enviable social mobility and consistent growth?! Sarajevo and Bosnia are holding up a mirror to Europe again? Comparison of Sarajevo with London and Paris?! As if the both authors of the articles are building a romantic picture of themselves.

milanm: Protesters in Bosnia are basically demanding fairer redistribution of national wealth. But instead of national wealth, there is only national poverty to distribute to the people. What is worse, there is no chance to ever create more wealth for distribution under the existing model of Bosnian polity, which is painfully dysfunctional, even if local politicians were much more honest and much less corrupt. So, instead of romantic and pathetic comments, we'd better face the reality.

UKwraith to milanm: What do ordinary people say are the priorities for change?

milanm to UKwraith: Well, various people say various things, but where most of them agree is that the current political elite needs to be replaced by an entirely new one that would consist of incorruptible individuals. Of course that's too naive to be possible, but people in Bosnia are in such a despair that they can hardly think about realistic solutions any longer.

Maugham: "Bosnian cities resemble London in the summer of 2011... an explosion of anger and the anarchic destruction of all symbols of political, social and economic power" -- I can't tell if this particular sentence was just a poor attempt to make the article relevant to a British readership or a misguided but genuine attempt at comparison. If there was a coherent message from the London 2011 riots then it went largely unheard. Views on its origins are as much a self reflection as a reaction against particular 'symbols', much unlike the riots in Bosnia.

UKwraith yo Maugham: Yep. London 2011 cast a spotlight on social inequality, increasing alienation and anger at police among various sections of society... therefore it initiated some serious reflection. But the event itself was essentially a mindless, violent, vandalizing, looting riot.

Fiona1922: Mr. Štiks seems to have forgotten about the sinister role played by the EU to de-stablize and destroy Yugoslavia to result in the 30 years of chaos and mayhem in the region. . Even before the death of Marshal Tito in 1980, the EU with its allies was plotting to de-structure Yugoslavia as a part of its relentless global war against communism. The EU did not know or perhaps did not care to know that it was fomenting anew ethnic tension which had been managed successfully by the formation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia after WWII. The typical EU tool is to use the allure of "freedom, prosperity, democracy" coupled with amble surreptitious funding to friendly local demagouges. There is no end in sight to remedy this EU malfeasance. Interestingly, EU is deploying similar Cold War tactics, to a large extent, to destablize Belarus and Ukraine. "Beware of the EU bearing gifts!"

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