Tales of the "gods" of pagan-atheist Scandinavia

A Lifelong Liaison

By Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian, 3 February 2001


She [Liv Ullman, Norwegian UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, co-founder of the Women's Refugee Commission, actress, author, movie-director; by kike-standards, Ullman is Japanese] says that there have been so many uncomfortable silent nights in her life. Recently, she and Donald [Boston real-estate Kike, Donald Richard Saunders, Ullman's ex-husband, whom she continued to live with after their divorce] were invited to Clinton's farewell dinner. She put her fear to one side because she really wanted to meet him. "Suddenly, I was placed beside Clinton and I couldn't say a word. I was 18 and I was terrified, and there were so many things I wanted to say to him."

Then there was the night with Woody Allen [Kike Allen Konigsberg] and Bergman [Ulmann's ex-husband Ingmar Bergman, a pro-Nazi Swedish Lutheran youth who became an atheist and kikophile masonic movie director (The Magic Flute, Fanny and Alexander, etc.]." I was doing A Doll's House a long time ago [1975.03.05-1975.04.20] on Broadway and Woody Allen was kind of courting me, probably to get to know Ingmar . Then Ingmar came to New York to see me in A Doll's House. He stayed in a hotel with Ingrid [Ingrid Bergman, formerly Countess Ingrid von Rosen, née Ingrid Karlebo], whom he had just married. I told him Woody Allen wanted to meet him. [The Kike Allen's latest movies then were Sleeper (1973) and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) (1972), based on the kikework of jew-voodoo witch-doctor Kike David Reuben. The Kike Allen's Love and Death was released 1975.06.10. Love and Death is a satire on Russian literature starring The Kike and Diane Keaton as Boris and Sonja, "Russians" who engage in mock-serious philosophical debates. The Kike considered it the funniest film he had made to that time.] Ingmar wanted to meet him, and he said come to my suite and we will have dinner. Then Woody Allen came to get me and he was so excited, he was shivering and talking, talking. Anyway, Ingmar opened the door and said welcome. That's all he said. And the two of them looked at each other. Two geniuses met. We sat down at the table - and this is the honest to God truth, Ingrid was sitting there, I was sitting there, Ingmar there, and Woody Allen there - and they did not talk. They just looked at each other, almost lovingly.

Ingrid, for once, was allowed to talk at the table, so she talked to me about meatballs. We talked about meatballs because I didn't know what to talk about. And in the middle of the thing she gave me my child support in an envelope and said this is for Linn next year. It was a little embarrassing in front of Woody Allen. So she did that and I hated her a little more. And the two of them would look at each other and smile, look at these two sweet women. I hated that - that I was only a meatball person - and probably she hated that, too. They never talked. They never talked. They laughed to each other but never said a word. Then it was over and they said goodbye . On the way home Woody Allen said, 'Thank you. He is an incredible man.' I couldn't believe it. Then, when I came home, Ingmar called, 'Thank you, Liv, what an incredible meeting.'"



Ingmar Bergman and Ingrid Karlebo von Rosen Bergman

Woody Allen with Soon Yi

Bergman admits Nazi past

BBC News, September 7, 1999

Bergman thought Hitler was "charismatic" when he saw him speak

Legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman has revealed that he was a great admirer of Adolf Hitler, only losing his enthusiasm for Nazism after the horrors of the concentration camps were uncovered.

The 81-year-old has spoken candidly to author Maria-Pia Boethius, whose book Honour and Conscience asks whether Sweden was genuinely neutral during World War II.

Bergman, maker of some of the world's most acclaimed films, has admitted that he was a Nazi sympathiser on previous occasions.

But he has now said he was impressed by the Nazi dictator after seeing him address a rally, reports the Swedish tabloid Expressen.

The young Bergman was on an exchange trip to Germany in 1936, staying with a Nazi family when he saw Hitler speak.

"Hitler was unbelievably charismatic. He electrified the crowd," said the Oscar-nominated film-maker.

Bergman describes his father as being ultra right-wing and his politics rubbed off on the whole family.

"The Nazism I had seen seemed fun and youthful," he admitted to the author. "The big threat were the Bolsheviks, who were hated."

The book also documents an attack by Bergman's brother and friends on a house owned by a Jew. The group daubed the walls with a swastika - the symbol of the Nazis.

But the director has confessed to being too cowardly to raise any objections.

The maker of Fanny and Alexander and The Seventh Seal retained his admiration of Fascism right up to the end of the war.

"When the doors to the concentration camps were thrown open, at first I did not want to believe my eyes."

"When the truth came out it was a hideous shock for me. In a brutal and violent way I was suddenly ripped of my innocence."

Bergman officially retired for directing after the success of 1983's Fanny and Alexander - which won the best foreign film Oscar. He continues to be an active writer and stage director.


"Don't Be Afraid." : A Swedish boy's encounter with Kikes, from "Best Foreign Film" Fanny and Alexander:

Swedes 'ignorant' about state of the world: survey

The Local Sweden, 13 Feb 2014

The world has been steadily improving for the past 20 years, reports Swedish statistics guru Hans Rosling, but many Swedes are completely clueless about it according to a new survey.

What is the average life expectancy in the world today - 50, 60, or 70 years?

If you guessed 70 then you're not only correct, but you're in the company of only 24 percent of Swedes (and 14 percent of Norwegians).

In fact, the 1,021 Swedes quizzed in Rosling's 2013 Ignorance Survey didn't fare too well overall. In one question about measles vaccinations, only 8 percent chose the right answer out of the three options provided. Other results were as low as 9 and 11 percent.

"Swedes aren't informed about the facts of the world," Rosling told The Local.

"No one tells them, and this is why I’ve been very successful in my lecturing. But my son, who is my boss in this, he said, 'you’re just famous, you’re not successful, because no one remembers the correct patterns in the world'."

Rosling said he blamed campaigners and the swedish aid agency for the illiteracy.

"After my TV programme here with Skavlan, the head of the Swedish aid agency wrote in her blog that I was right, that they only talked about the suffering of people, and never about progress. It’s an attitude that the world consists of the West, which is decent, and the Rest, which is bad."

The survey, launched last year by Rosling's Gapminder Foundation, aims to "promote a fact-based world view" by challenging people's misconceptions about world development.

It asks questions about basic global patterns and macro-trends, such as world population, poverty and birth rates, and has consistently found that people believe the world is in worse shape than it really is. The questions were asked to a panel in Sweden, Norway, the UK and the US.

It included questions on population predictions, solar power usage, and income distribution.

Despite the generally poor results, it may come as some comfort to Swedes that the kind of 'ignorance' the test reveals is not result from a lack of education, according to Rosling.

Indeed, Rosling made his name with a 2007 talk in which he argued that chimpanzees would statistically have done much better on his 'world test' than his students at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, where he still has the post of Professor of International Health.

"The problem for me was not ignorance," he told the audience in his famous TED test. "It was preconceived ideas."

"I think that it's the failure to grasp that the new emerging world has countries on each and every level that makes people fail so badly on the world test."

Additional reporting from The Local Norway

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Sweden's foreign professionals suffer a multicultural learning curve

The Local Sweden, 11 Feb 2014

Despite Sweden being an increasingly multicultural country, too many highly-educated foreign professionals remain out of work due to hang-ups about language and background, argues contributor Lisa Mikulski.

Sweden is on a multicultural learning curve. Despite the lasting stereotype that all Swedes are blond and blue-eyed, Sweden is increasingly a multicultural country. With a liberal and accepting policy on immigration, Sweden opens its arms to thousands of migrants and refugees from around the world. People flock here to find relief, a better life, work, or to be with their Swedish partners. But building a life in Sweden isn't easy, and many immigrants flounder, despite trying to master the language and their unceasing efforts to find employment.

What does it take to procure a job in Sweden? Many believe that hard work and persistence ultimately pay off. However, many frustrated immigrant job seekers get the sense that the only way to get a job in Sweden is to be Swedish. Or very lucky.

While that conclusion may a bit harsh, Swedish authorities can be seen as sending mixed messages to those arriving to start a life in Sweden. If you arrive in Sweden as a refugee, the state often provides an apartment as well as economic support. That’s lovely. And a very humane thing to do.

But what about college educated professionals from Spain, the US, or South Africa? What if you're not a refugee and have come instead as a trailing spouse or for the love of a good Swedish partner? In that case, there isn't much help for you.

Too many trailing spouses and partners of Swedish citizens who come here for love aren't working, leaving them dependent on support (financial and otherwise) from their partners. For many, the situation persists for years, resulting in frustration that can infect all aspects of their lives.

When I visited my advisor at the Swedish employment service, Arbetsförmedlingen, and explained what I'd been doing to start my business in Gothenburg, he looked at me at said he'd have advised me to do everything I’ve already done.

"Is there anything else Arbetsförmedlingen can help me with?" I asked. "Do you have any other resources or suggestions?"

"We can’t help you with that," he replied. "Perhaps you should Google it."

In the 18 months I've spent in Gothenburg so far, I've met plenty of highly-educated professionals – doctors, engineers, teachers – from other countries who cannot find work in their chosen fields. Moreover, many of these capable and competent people are told they'd even have a hard time washing dishes if they don't speak Swedish fluently.

These people are trying, as I have, by enrolling in Swedish for immigrant (SFI) language classes. But that doesn't seem to be enough to entice Swedish employers to get past these immigrants' less-than-perfect Swedish and see the other skills they have to offer.

This restrictive attitude among hiring managers poses a major problem for Sweden's efforts to paint itself as a place eager to attract and keep foreign talent. If Sweden truly wants new residents to succeed, companies need to learn to stop using knowledge of the Swedish language as a measuring stick for what talented immigrants have to offer.

I've heard too many stories from expats who've sent hundreds of resumes without getting so much as a call back. They are confused, frustrated, and starting to get angry. The longer that educated and talented foreign professionals remain un- (or under-) employed in Sweden, the more everyone stands to lose.

One woman I met at SFI taught English for several years in Japan. She moved to Gothenburg and after 15 months could still not find work. She has since moved to Kuwait where she teaches English. Who knows what she might have been able to contribute to Sweden had she been given a chance to shine?

Sweden can't afford to have a population of highly educated and unemployed immigrants. The country has done a wonderful job at opening its heart to foreigners, but now Swedes must open their eyes. This country is a multicultural one, but to make it work, everyone – those born in Sweden, those born abroad, everyone who lives here – must make the journey on Sweden's multicultural learning curve together. Together we can all benefit from our diverse range of knowledge, cultures, and varying. The journey will only make Sweden, and all its residents, stronger. But everyone must embrace the opportunity together.

Lisa Mikulski was born and raised in the United States and currently lives in Gothenburg where she works as a freelance writer and photographer. Follow her on Twitter.


Even though I have lived in Sweden for 97 years, and speak Swedish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Faroese, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, French, German, Uzbek, Klingon, and every dialect of Farsi and Bantu; and even though I have 88 degrees (including 23 Masters degrees and 12 Ph.D.'s), and even though I'm married to 4 Swedish women and have 25 Swedish children, and even though I own property all over Sweden and own 23 factories and 34 shops, I can't even get a job in a Swedish pub. Yes, that's how racist Swedes are. Life here is hell! It is the worst place on Earth. I advise all foreigners (especially non-Whites) to avoid Sweden like the plague!


Teen faces deportation and forced marriage

The Local Sweden, 13 Feb 2014

A 16-year-old Pakistani girl looks set to be deported from Sweden despite threats of genital mutilation and an arranged marriage on her return home.

Kainat Syeda has been residing in the Stockholm suburb Rinkeby for the past three years, and has made repeated attempts to extend her stay to the The Migration Court of Appeals (Migrationsdomstolen).

However, her pleas for a residency permit were rejected and both her and her mother have been served with a deportation order for February 15th.

"My future is here, not in Pakistan. It's dark there," she told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The teenager claims she will be forced into an arranged marriage when she returns to Pakistan and potential genital mutilation. News agency Reuters recently declared that Pakistan was the third most dangerous country in the world for women.

"My uncle will marry me off and before that I will be mutilated," the teenager told the Nyheter24 news site.

She added to Aftonbladet that her future husband was likely to be aged in his late 30s and that the threat of genital mutilation was very real.

"My uncle told me I must do that before I can get married," she said.

Swedish media reported that Syeda's birth father abandoned her as a child as he wanted a boy. Her mother met a new man, who had a residency permit in Sweden, and they moved to Rinkeby in northern Stockholm, but the man died suddenly in 2011 before he was able to adopt Syeda.

Since then the Pakistani family has faced an uphill struggle to remain in Sweden and has been in frequent contact with the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket).

Syeda's attempts to remain in Sweden have sparked a social media campaign with a hashtag #låtkainatstanna (let Kainat stay) generating huge momentum online. A protest rally will be held in Rinkeby on Friday, just 24 hours before Syeda and her mother face deportation.

One of her classmates, who started the online campaign, told Nyheter24 that classmates were hopeful the teenager would remain in Sweden.

"We realized we had to do something... she has lived in Sweden for three years. I hope she'll stay," said Dzenan.

The protest rally will take place on February 14th at 5pm in Rinkeby square.


Pakistani teen allowed to stay in Sweden

The Local Sweden, 13 Feb 2014

The deportation of a teenage girl from Pakistan back to her homeland has been blocked at the 11th hour by the Swedish Migration Board after the threat of genital mutilation and arranged marriage was factored into her case.

Kainat Syeda, 16, faced being sent back to Pakistan on February 15th with her mother. She has lived in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby for the past three years, and has been locked in a battle with The Migration Court of Appeals (Migrationsdomstolen) to secure permanent residency.

She claimed that if the deportation was carried through she would be forced to marry a man 25 years her senior and undergo genital mutilation in advance of any wedding.

However, the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) has stepped in to block the process citing new evidence. A new case for Syeda and her mother was registered with the board on Wednesday.

"When examining the family's asylum application neither the threat of forced marriage or genital mutilation was pleaded as grounds for asylum. Consequently, the details of the case were not known to the Migration Board or the court," the Migration Board said in a statement.

Swedish media reported that Syeda's birth father abandoned her as a child as he wanted a boy. Her mother met a new man, who had a residency permit in Sweden, and they moved to Rinkeby in northern Stockholm, but the man died suddenly in 2011 before he was able to adopt Syeda.

Syeda's attempts to remain in Sweden have sparked a social media campaign with a hashtag #låtkainatstanna (let Kainat stay) generating huge momentum online. A protest rally was due to be held in Rinkeby on Friday, just 24 hours before Syeda and her mother original deportation date.

"My future is here, not in Pakistan. It's dark there," she told the Aftonbladet newspaper before the latest development in her deportation struggle..

Syeda added to the Nyheter24 news site "My uncle will marry me off and before that I will be mutilated," in relation to what she may face on her return home.

As a result of the new case being lodged the girl's deportation, along with that of her mother, will be stopped until further notice.


  • What a heartbreaking made up story to fool naive swedes. Swedish money are so sweeeet...
  • Looks as if, in a rare turn of events, and I never thought I'd write this, the Swedish authorities had more sense than the yahoos on this forum.
  • Why don't you get your lodge to offer her refuge? Oh right, no females allowed.
  • Good for her. But it only "stopped until further notice." she have to work a bit harder to get Swedish Citizenship.
  • Her mum could arrange a marriage with a Swedish citizen.
  • Her supporters must stoned and their tongue cut. My Culture demands they be punished for interfering in MULTICULTARISM.
  • She will be asking to be wearing the full veil now she fooled everyone. muslim sh..iit wins against pathetic Swedish authorities.
  • The funny thing is if she could get "refuge" in Canada she'd be out of Sweden faster than you can say "immigration fraud".
  • She said it and everyone believed.... how horrible.. When when swedes understand that these are frauds , just want to enjoy the tax payers money here and dont do any job , and create problems in the country
  • Most Pakistani's in exile are very hardworking people. Therefore, and in due time, this young girl will surprise many with your kind of mind set.
  • "Exile". Ha! Thanks for the laugh. "Exile"
  • They say laughter increases happiness so I have done a good deed today :-D
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  • She will still smell of curry, though.
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  • What you fail to understand is that Sweden is killing itself, doing the most outrageous things and twisting itself into contorted configurations to show the world that we are not racists. Hey, I didn't say it was logical.
  • Trying to prove you are not racist is racist.
  • Pathetic. Sweden is truly pathetic.
  • Yes it is so pathetic that a possible FGM and forced marriage is prevented...said the uncle of this poor girl!
  • Now he might marry her. Maybe he just wants her for himself. Oh, her uncle said that? Of course he has no vested interest.
  • why must we interfere ? the uncle will go on a beheading rampage.The family honour and all that crap.
  • And who are we to criticize him if he does?
  • Because uh .... just hang on a second .... I'll get back to you soon ...
  • why interfere? Because some people have some issues called moral values and they tend to help those in need or danger. You, me and anyone who might have moral values to help this kid!
  • You should dedicate the rest of your life to defending this poor girl's pudenda.
  • Sweden is so up its own Always preaching to the World they know best. having experienced sweden for a while I think it is frightening how,. everyone has to conform. no right to be different, Think different. Socialdemokrats are involved in every aspect of their lives, no escape. Elated when I left. PS. my Company transfered me, Selling me sweden as a wonderful country. wonder if i should sue for lying to me. Had i known how sad and laughless swedes are I would not have signed the contract.
  • They can´t laugh at anything ,cause Political correctness as taken its toll many years ago. Everything is taboo.
  • Now she can be charged with hate-crimes for all the terrible things she has publicly stated about Pakistanis. Then she could be deported as a hatemonger.
  • The Local seems to be obeying orders from islamists .They delete every post relating to the political party islam. What are you afraid of at The local ? reporting the truth? Not brave enough to report on the falsehood of islam? Stop censoring the forums or shut them.
  • Islam, the jew, homosexuals. Anything non-Aryan....
  • Why not just ban the deportation of non-White females, and kids, and (of course!) homosexuals from Europe? Then we wouldn't have to go through these recurring media farces again and again.
  • The boys and girls at The Local are having trouble comprehending what running an open forum is all about. Here's a hint - it's not simply about only allowing posts you agree with it. If you can't do better, please close the forums all together and stop pretending you want comments.
  • "The boys and girls" and others...
  • They must all be socialdemocrat at the Local. Follow the herd, don´t Think for yourself. Our opinion is the right one. Thank god we don´t pay to read it.
  • If they charged to read this trash, they'd be out of business in 8 minutes. I do find it very entertaining, though, in a sad way, to be able to keep up on how insane and self-hating and self-destructive Swedes are.
  • "Her mother met a new man, who had a residency permit in Sweden, and they moved to Rinkeby in northern Stockholm, but the man died suddenly in 2011 before he was able to adopt Syeda." = He did not adopt her. He was not married to her mother. There is no indication that he had any sort of relationship with the mother or daughter, or he could or would have adopted the daughter. (Perhaps the mother was arranging a marriage between that man and her daughter.) And he was not even Swedish. Also, how did he "suddenly" die? Real reporters would find out. I don't expect any Local scriblers to bother even trying to find out.
  • Are "THE LOCAL" journalists rejects from the school of real journalism ?.I wonder
  • Rejects? The problem is they all graduated from journalism school.
  • When is the whole herd of aunties, uncles, turning up ? Maybe on the plane from Karachi as I speak.
  • I heard somewhere that her 95-year-old granny just arrived in Oslo, shouting, "Asylum, asylum, they are wanting to slice of my labia, chut!" That might just be a rumour though. (Yes, I realize Oslo is in Norway. That was supposed to be a joke. As in, "Well, now we are all can being able to getting asylum in this Copenhagen, or Olso, or wherever she lives now, wherever it is. All I am knowing for sure is that it is full of White people, so it must be a jolly good place for to living. Allah akhbar!")
  • Wish they sewn it shut years ago,she would not have reproduced. and would not have to deal with her hysterical grand daughter.
  • Wow, the degree of racism in the comments section here is shocking. Having said that, female genital mutilation is not really a norm in Pakistan, in any way. I have never even heard of anyone mention it; I doubt most people there even know what it really is. It has no grounding in Islamic or Pakistani culture; it is quite an alien concept.
  • I share your disgust at all the racism here.
  • me too. Thank god I am not from Skåne
  • I know, the biggest city there is full of Somalis and other people who hate Whites with a passion.
  • Most notably Nigerians with that particular "passion".
  • "Thank god I am not from Skåne" - I'll thank you to refrain from such racists insinuations. I'm from Malmö!
  • It just possibly may be that he did not face a forced marriage or genital mutilation.
  • Could somebody pass along my offer of marriage to this young lady. But she'll have to prove she's intact before the wedding (and of course she'll have to get baptized!).
  • Her uncle will have hopefully done her at age 9. as is their coutume. I would hate to be the one telling uncle Mohamed we don´t approve. How dare we tell them how to live their Life. Mutlticulturalism is not at geometry variable. We must accept Everything.
  • She has every right to stay in Sweden but not by giving false statements


Young Swedish women often 'coerced into sex'

The Local Sweden, 04 Feb 2014

More than one third of young Swedish women have been forced to perform sexual acts against their will, a new study from Lund University has revealed.

The study is based on responses from a questionnaire sent 7,000 young people ages 18 to 29 who live in Skåne County in southern Sweden.

More than one-third, 36 percent, of female respondents reported that at some point or another having been coerced to perform sexual acts against their will. The corresponding figure for men in the same age group, meanwhile, was 17 percent.

"It's a high figure, but I'm not totally surprised as we've seen that young people are vulnerable and they often choose not to file a report," Lund University researcher Anette Agardh, who carried out the study, said in a statement.

Agardh explained that woman often refrain from reporting unwanted sexual encounters due to feelings of guilt or due to a feeling that there is a lack of support for their predicament from society at large.

"Our knowledge of young people and sexual coercion in Sweden is limited and needs to be improved," she said.

The study also revealed that young people who had experienced sexual coercion were more prone to suffer from depression, problems sleeping, and thoughts of suicide, compared to other young people. They also took greater sexual risks.

Agardh hopes the study's preliminary findings will help spur dialogue among health authorities and public officials in southern Sweden about how to address the situation.


  • With a court system like the one in Sweden which finds every excuse imaginable to let rapists off the hook, this had to be expected, Sweden is anti women in this area!
  • They're equally soft on men who rape boys and men, so cut out the fembot spin. And they're even softer on female sex-criminals.
  • People between 18 and 29 are not "young people" those are adults that should be able to make up their own mind regarding sexual activities let alone know how not to get into such situations. Next thing the article has a complete lack of information regarding what kind of unwanted sexual encounters are most common for one. Or how the statistics in Skåne relate to those in other findings for the rest of the country.
  • you sounds like rape apologist. coercion is coercion. adult or not. and what's the point of your first sentence? to say that it's their own fault? yeah, many young girls hear that all the time from douchebags like u are so it's no suprise less people report it. what's the point of your second objection? what kind of sexual encounters? how is it matter? obviously not grabbing. it was said coerced into perfoming sexual acts? are u dumb? bj's, penetration? are u happy? douhebag
  • You like to talk dirty, eh? Does that turn you on? It's very coercive, and is what is known as being "verbally aggressive" at universities.
  • If you had any proper education yourself you would know that universities don't communicate with press briefings alone. Instead of complaining about this so-called nonsense you could also have paid a visit to the Lund University website and learned a lot more about the specific topic, the researchers or even found the original report. Exactly that is how researchers and universities communicate.
  • Yeah, why bother reading an article when you have to go to some university website to find out the facts?
  • Agreed. And if they insist on carrying out such stupid "research", they should at least find out how much homosexualism is involved in all this coercion.
  • What does "coerced into sex" mean? The Local goes on to say "coerced to perform sexual acts against their will" and "forced into sex", and Anette Agardh says "unwanted sexual encounters". Does this all mean rape in the traditional definition? Rape in the eccentric Swedish definition, or just having sex even though you don't really feel like doing it at the time? If the report is trying to say 36% of Swedish women and 17% of Swedish men between 18 and 29 have been raped, that's an incredible statistic. If it's trying to say they had sex even when they didn't really feel like it, that's a bit boring - Mrs Hood has been in that condition since 1998.
  • I suppose it all depends on what is counted as "coercion". I doubt the standard can be very high, as suggested by the fact that 17% of men in that age range are being "coerced", too.
  • Anybody else remember when Swedish women actually used to like sexx? Mustv'e been way back in the 90s sometime....I remember when Swedish women used to think that if a man didn't take them home on the first night, they thought he didn't fancy times have changed...So the legendary myth of liberal Swedish women finally is buried....
  • Now Swedes don't even reproduce enough, hence the importation of more coercive maters.
  • My suggestion to men in Sweden: Never fuck women in Sweden. Men are always portrayed sex predators and women as victims so better to refrain from women in this country.
  • Why do you think you can always find lots of Swedish men in the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand (places were women actually like men, and love tall White men, and treat them well)?
  • What do you expect when morality is... protected sex?
  • I doubt this is really a story about young "swedish" women. Anyway, who is doing the coercing? "Swedes"? Lesbians? Also, note the figure of 17% for young men.
  • The study was in Skåne, which includes Malmö. They should have done the study in Malmo. I wonder what the figures would be there.
  • I wonder how many of these women reported that they were standing on a street corner in a purple leather miniskirt and a see-thru top, when a man in car "coerced" them with offers of cash.
  • I believe the problem may be that the symbol for Skane is so coercive. It should be changed to a pansy.

Migration head pleas for help after repeat attacks

The Local Sweden, 12 Feb 2014

Frequent and systematic attacks against the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) have prompted the agency's head to plea for more help from police and the public.

"We're just loyal civil servants who are trying to do what a unified Riksdag has decided," Migration Board head Anders Danielsson told the TT news agency.

In the last two years, 54 cases of vandalism directed at the agency's offices across the country have been reported to the police.

"I don't know of any other government authority that has suffered so many physical attacks," said Danielsson, who previously headed Swedish security police Säpo.

He reckons that most of the attacks are carried out by "autonomous" left-wing extremists.

The repeated and systematic violence has prompted Danielsson to pen a letter to the current Säpo chief and the head of the national police demanding better protection for Migration Board offices and employees.

The agencies tell the TT news agency they are taking the request seriously. While Säpo hasn't promised any new initiatives, the matter has been discussed by top managers with county and national police.

Swedish gang leader to face court in Turkey

The Local Sweden, 12 Feb 2014

The leader of Sweden's Original Gangsters criminal gang is set to stand trial in Turkey on charges stemming from fire bomb attacks in Gothenburg and Stockholm he is alleged to have planned.

In 2006, Denho "Dano" Acar fled to Turkey, where he is a citizen and has been hiding ever since, despite an international arrest warrant issued by Sweden.

Acar is suspected of orchestrating several crimes in Sweden, including a bomb attack against a cafe in central Gothenburg in 2006. He is also believed to have ordered a bomb attack from Turkey against an apartment in Stockholm in 2009.

While two men tied to the Original Gangsters gang were arrested and sentenced to prison for the attacks, Acar was released after his arrest on suspicions of conspiracy to commit murder and promptly fled the country.

As Turkey has no extradition treaty with the European Union, Swedish prosecutors have been working for the last five years to urge Turkish authorities to pursue the case, and the efforts have finally borne fruit.

"Dehno Acar was indicted at the end of last year and will be put on trial in March," Bo Runnquist, Acar's public defender in Sweden, told the Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper.

The formal charges brought against Acar in Turkey include robbery, aggravated robbery, and vandalism, GP reported. He has denied all the charges against him.

Swedish prosecutor Thomas Ahlstrand, who has been leading the preliminary investigation into Acar's alleged crimes since 2006 said the filing of charges in Turkey "are a sign that international cooperation is working".

Acar's trial is excepted to begin on March 7th in Izmir.

'Swedes shouldn't accept being called racist'

By Zulmay Afzali, The Local Sweden, 28 Jan 2014

(Former Afghan public servant Zulmay Afzali feared the ”racist Sweden” other asylum seekers warned him about, but instead found kindness that confused migrants and refugees who blamed everything on racism.)

"They give you a false smile and pretend that they care about you. The only thing they like and care about are themselves. Swedes are the worst racists in the world."

Those were the words uttered in a conversation between four asylum seekers who were awaiting word from the Swedish authorities while living in a migrant housing facility in Alstermo, southern Sweden. The date was Thursday, March 10th, 2011.

When I lived at the residence I met very few Swedes. I started to believe that what I was hearing was true and I wondered if I'd committed the worst mistake of my life by travelling to such a racist country. Yet when I met Swedish staff at the residence facility, they were always very friendly. Why would the Swedes have to play-act pleasantries and pretend they cared about asylum seekers?

I didn't know what to believe. I only heard negative opinions about the Swedes, never anything positive. In April 2011, I was granted asylum and readied myself to go out and experience how racist the people in my new country were.

I asked others who had been granted permanent residency (permanent uppehållstillstånd – PUT) why Swedes, if they were so racist, allowed people from other countries to stay in their country and become part of their society? They said: "Just because Swedes give us a residence permit doesn't mean they are not racists! They had to give us residency because our asylum stories were so good and Sweden doesn't want to be called a racist country."

I have now lived three years in Sweden and have a completely different image of the Swedes than the one held by most other asylum immigrants that I have met and spoken with. For the past year, I have had a good job as a teacher and I support myself. From my first day in a state-funded Swedish For Immigrants (SFI) class with Swedish teachers; travelling on buses and trains; in shops and cafés; at the homes of Swedish families I have gotten to know -- in all these places I have observed how Swedes behave. So far, I have not once met anyone who comes close to displaying racism.

Unfortunately, many of my countrymen and others who have immigrated feel both hatred and contempt in their hearts for Swedes. They don't want to adapt and integrate in the land that gave them opportunities. If their social insurance payment comes one day late, they call it racism. When the bus driver asks them to show their ticket, he is a racist. If the doctor doesn't give them the medicines they want, the doctor is a racist. And so on.

The Swedish asylum process has to become strict, clear, and consistent, and the Swedes should not accept being called racists on such flimsy grounds. If they do, they will become hostages in their own country, and the contempt that refugees feel risks growing.

Most refugees are used to public servants and teachers in their home countries being authoritarian, rather than nearly self-effacing, which is an approach many of them encounter here. The Swedish kindness, the way it is expressed in how Sweden handles refugees and integration, confuses many new arrivals and creates a bad foundation for building mutual trust and respect.

(Zulmay Afzali worked for the government in Afghanistan before seeking asylum in Sweden three years ago. He is a teacher and author. His forthcoming book, Hederlighetens pris ('The price of honesty') will be published in February by Mummelförlaget publishers. This article originally appeared in Swedish in the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper on January 26th, 2013. English translation by The Local.)

Malmö Somalis suffer integration 'black hole'

By David Landes, The Local Sweden, 31 Jan 2014

Somali immigrants in Malmö are "stuck in a trap" due to a dire local job market, creating overcrowding and low self-confidence, a new report said on Friday. Researchers urged city hall, and pensioners, to address the problem.

The [Kike Soros'] Open Society Foundation published the report as part of a broader look at the Somali diaspora in Europe. It found that 80 percent of Somalis in Sweden's third largest city are out of work.

"Somalis are falling into a black hole in Malmö because they can't get jobs," report author Benny Carlsson of the Lund School of Economics and Management at Lund University told The Local. "(They don't get) opportunities to practice Swedish and meet Swedes, and are forced to live in crowded flats."

The situation fostered, Carlsson said, a "diminished overall sense of self-worth".

The report said Malmö authorities were not reaching out enough with the Somali community, with new arrivals not getting enough information to help them find work.

"Coming from a country with a very different economic and social structure has left many Somalis at a disadvantage when entering the job market in Sweden," Nazia Hussain, director of the Open Society Foundations’ At Home in Europe project, said in a statement.

On average, Somalis who move to Malmö have a lower education level than Somali immigrants in Stockholm, Carlsson noted. In Stockholm, 40 percent of Somalis have jobs - double the Malmö rate.

"Things are going better for Somalis in Stockholm than for those in Malmö," Carlsson said, but he added that Stockholm had a more buoyant job market. "There are more new arrivals in Malmö and they are competing for fewer jobs."

Referring to the report, Carlsson pointed out several positive findings. Among them, that Somalis value Malmö's religious tolerance, diversity, and relatively low cost of living.

"Most Somalis generally feel pretty safe and secure about having their home in Malmö," he said.

But the city's Somali population faces a number of related hurdles, he added. It can be difficult for newly arrived Somalis and other immigrants to find their way in the often all-encompassing and highly-compartmentalized Swedish bureaucracy.

"New arrivals need help with all sorts of things. They often don't know where to turn to get things fixed," he said, underlining that it wasn't just about the language barrier. "Many of the concepts and authorities are new too."

Carlsson said it was important to provide more information in languages other than Swedish.

"There's no point in sending a five-page letter in Swedish informing them about an appointment," he said.

More Somali community-based organizations could also serve as a port of call for new arrivals, and could help its own staff develop leadership skills, which would serve them in future.

"Helping people start businesses can also help develop more leaders and role models. It takes a few to get things going, and then others will follow and provide hope," Carlsson said. "That allows them to break this vicious cycle."

The report also suggested working with existing businesses and institutions to make sure the Somalis don't fall foul of discrimination. Some would-be employers might consider easing language requirements for certain jobs, for example.

Malmö Deputy Mayor Andreas Schönström, who is responsible for employment and secondary education, welcomed the report, saying that it offered "new insights".

“I am convinced we are on the right track here in Malmö, but believe there is room to improve our policies," he said.

Lund researcher Carlsson went a step further, saying that not only city hall but the man on the street could help out. Especially the old man on the street. Getting Sweden's burgeoning population of retired baby boomers to do volunteer work could do just the trick, he argued.

"They've had good careers, are well-connected, know how things work, and have a lot more time on their hands," Carlsson said. "They don't just want to play golf, but are still interested in being engaged. Helping immigrants could be a great win-win volunteer opportunity."

Even a bit of less formal socializing could go a long way, he added.
"It's a common view among Somalis that Swedes are polite and friendly, but they are hard to get to know," he said. "If you have Somali neighbours, invite them to dinner."


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  • uneducated useless leeches that will contribute nothing to sweden, reproduce like rabbits, dress like ninjas, of the ones that claim to be underage asylum seekers, normally lie in order to get in as an underager, then they are put into junior high or high schools with girls several years younger then them. Norway deported over 5000 'false' refugees last year, why does this not happen in sweden? What about those 'new swedes' that attacked the police officer in the video we saw of the peaceful husby car burning riots. Police that run away from children, wow!
  • Malmo, turning into a third world dump.
  • Yes, and we love it. Rather live with "third world" people than white trash racists.
  • Today I received my membership card from Sverigedemokraterna. I shall vote for them at the E:U elections. Before being slammed for it, I am a gay guy who feels threathened by Islam.
  • The fact that you need to be gay in order to be allowed to express your thoughts on immigration shows how modern society is beginning to look more and more like 'animal farm' everyday.
  • More like the Third Reich if you had your way, am I right?
  • Racist and white supremacist also hate homosexuals, and believe its a diseases. Taking extreme measures was never a way to solve problems..We need wise people to repair any broken part in our society not Racist!! Clear cut racist, their only motive is to throw people out of the country? Try for instance searching the benefits of immigrants in Sweden and world wide? not to look on the negative side..I am a Baha'i I left a Mulsim area in Sweden fearing persecution, but you think I will vote for SD?? No way...they will abuse all, and when they do there will be lots of trouble to the country then a civil war.
  • Sweden is lost.
  • No, Sweden has improved,
  • How on earth has Sweden improved, since, say, 20 years ago?
  • I first travelled around Scandinavia in 1982. I moved to Sweden in 1989. Sweden has improved in so many ways I don't know where to start. For one thing, Sweden used to be much more insular and parochial. It was also prohibitively expensive and had a reputation for being "boring". Getting hold a decent pint or glass of wine was virtually impossible, even in Stockholm there were hardly any pubs or restaurants and they were also prohibitively expensive. Eg in Hässleholm in 1982 there was one pub. People of colour were addressed to their faces as "n*ger". In the early 90s Martin Dahlin was referred to by Swedish fans as "vår n*ger". As for food, it was impossible to get hold of basics like decent fresh pasta or bread , which was called "limpa" and contained syrup. "Grekiskt lantbröd" was the only other bread you could get. Sweden was also even more bureaucratic than it is now. TV and radio was a state monopoly with only two channels, TV 3 had just set up when I arrived. Popular culture outside Stockholm consisted mostly of strange sub-US white trash phenomena such as "dansband musik", "poodle rock" and "raggare". Security was poor. In 1986 the PM was assassinated in downtown Stockholm (by right-wing extremists I shouldn't wonder) and they still haven't figured out who did it. You could rob two banks in the same town before the police would arrive. Etc etc Sure, the economy was better in the 80s. mostly due to the fact that Sweden was such a closed country, which by the way was also one of the biggest exporters of arms in Europe. But the greed and irresponsibility of the Swedish banks in the early 90s caused a banking crisis. The SEK had to be devalued and the Swedish economy has never fully recovered. Any perceived deterioration since then is almost entirely due to the economy. Sweden is a much more interesting and open place to live than it used to be.
  • Quote: You could rob two banks in the same town before the police would arrive. /End quote There were hardly any bank robberies or muggings in Sweden back then. You are rather talking about the situation after about 1990. There used to be considerably more small-town police stations, open 24h. Yes, the country was labelled as being "boring", but most people did feel safe. Many towns did have local bakeries, before they were closed in the 80s or 90s. (There are still such local bread bakeries, but fewer than they used to be.) You could barley find fresh pasta here before the 90s, unless you made it yourself. Fresh pasta is simply not such a dish that people here knew they really needed. Would you cry if you couldn't find Swedish herring, crayfish, flatbread or köttbullar in Italy? (Or dill, or perhaps any of the 100s of apple cultivars that Sweden used to grow until the the first half of the 20th c?) Probably not, if you do not value the food culture of Sweden or the Nordic countries. You are stereotyping about the rural culture. There used to be, and still are, thousands of local sports, music (orchestras, choirs), boating, skiing, heritage, miniature railway, and so on, societies and clubs in the provinces of Sweden. The difference between Hässleholm in 1982 and 2014 is that there are now about two pubs. Did that improve the town significantly? And yes, people used to say "n*ger", even on television. There was a period in history when its meaning was simply black or coloured person. Most people who grew up in Sweden during the 2nd half of the 20th C did understand that the American n**ger word was considerably more offensive and insulting and must not be used. Nowadays the meaning of the Swedish word has changed and it is thus not normally used in the context it used to be earlier.
  • I think Sweden has improved, not necessarily across the board. The xenophobes would have it that Sweden is gong down the drain, which is of course utter rubbish. There's far more choice and variety.
  • Immigrants can't get jobs, Sweden's solution? Keep the asylum/refugee/immigrant taps open taking in hundreds of thousands a year and instead force those who have worked to retirement to do the work for them, maybe Sweden will initiate the higher retirement age at 75 soon too so that all Swedes can contribute to the needs of the Somali immigrants. I love how the entirety of Sweden appears to have forgotten the term "long-term consequences" and a little virtue called "foresight", when the number of jobless muslims living off Swedish taxpayer welfare hooked up to the Government lifeline will rise to the number of 5 Million and threaten to over-stretch Swedish welfare resources to the breaking point and indeed overrun the native Swedish population, maybe then the Government or the people of Sweden will give a damn. Then again, judging by current trends in society and government, Swedes will probably just lay out their country to the Somalis, and never stop the flow of immigrants until Stockholm is 99% muslim, and finally then, the Swedes can say they are a diverse nation. This would be funny if it wasn't so sadly true.
  • This comment was deleted.
  • Can you tell me how the jewish Community in Malmö is doing ? I Believe it is thriving. (sarcasm included).
  • One lesson for you, No racism in any of my comment....just the dislike of islam, which is not a race..lesson learnt ?
  • Typical SD propaganda to claim that hatred of Islam isn't racism. Racism, religious discrimination, schemahly, schemouly. According to the United Nations convention, there is "no distinction between the terms racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination, and superiority based on racial differentiation is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous, and that there is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory or in practice, anywhere." Personally, I think we have a lot more to fear from domestic terrorists with bombs, high-powered rifles and a hatred of foreigners. But unlike you, I don't judge the many by the actions of a few. The irony is that homosexuals are discriminated against in most Christian churches, including Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox, yet you choose to target your hatred on one particular religion. Gay or not, you're just another Muslim hater.
  • I own a succesful business and am watching my staff work for me ,while perusing the news. I am not an unemployed or unemployable immigrant on benefits. Still it seems to me you have been lurking on the net for a long while, bored and lonely are you ? I have a very long standing gay relationship. I too run a successful business in Sweden, yet I'm an "unemployable" immigrant who came to this country virtually penniless (through no fault of my own) and about to become a dad for the first time, nearly 25 years ago. Like the vast majority of immigrants, through a combination of hard work and a bit of luck, plus a willingness to take sh*t jobs and adapt to the system, I've found my niche and succeeded. I've been mixing with immigrants virtually since the day I arrived, of all nationalities and religions., in SFI, I often work with them professionally (helping them to integrate) and I live in a peaceful, well-integrated mixed neighbourhood that includes a fair proportion of mostly secular Muslim families. So excuse me if I just don't recognize your Islamophobic world view. The again I'm not gay, but that shouldn't matter. And a bitter minority have been spouting the same xenophobic rubbish for almost as long as I've lived here. In those days it was still acceptable to call people of colour "n*ger" to their faces. In the early 90s it was Nydemokrati, VAM and BSS, with those nasty Bosniak Muslims in the role of hackkycklingar. There is always someone else to blame -- right now it's the Somalians and Syrians escaping a civil war. So my advice to you is instead of hating on the Internet and generalizing hundreds of millions of individual Muslims, why not employ a couple of Muslims and help them integrate?
  • You are absolutely right!! The problem about this webpage is that it is the main source of English news in Sweden. A person curious about Sweden comes here to read news, when he reads the comment he feels like he is reading a German newspaper in 1941. That gives a very mistaken impression of the country. I wish somebody can do something about it/
  • Depressing to read the comment sections especially in regards to articles about immigrants. Shows such a xenophobic culture and at times, racist attitude. Disappointing and sad to see such complaints that are not helpful, useful or positive.

Who represents Sweden's Muslim voters?

Ann Törnkvist, The Local Sweden, 30 Jan 2014, updated 31 Jan 2014

Why can a Moderate get away with supporting Muslim polygamy, while the Social Democrats get accused of playing the religion card when promoting a Muslim within the party. A new report about Sweden's Muslim voters prompts more questions than it answers.

Why anti-EU Sweden Democrats care about European elections (30 Jan 14)
Teen Muslim convert defies atheist family (24 Jan 14)
Archbishop speaks out after anti-Islam attacks (30 Nov 13)

In a report released this week and commissioned by liberal think tank Timbro, researcher Ivar Arpi asked "Who represents Sweden's Muslim voters?"

That question, he said at a Stockholm seminar The Local attended on Wednesday, was deliberately provocative in many ways. It presupposed that the half million people in Sweden with roots in the Muslim world were a homogenous group.

"I represent Muslim voters," Moderate MP Andreas Norlén said calmly. "I represent them if they voted for the Moderates, just as I represent Buddhists, atheists, and Jews who voted for the Moderates."

Next to him was Social Democrat veteran Bo Ringholm, who had just pulled off the tough task of diversifying Sweden's main opposition party's candidate list for the upcoming elections. Every fourth person had to be younger than 35, and another quarter had to have at least one parent with roots outside the Nordic region. Add to that the age-old Social Democrat tactic of "zipping" their lists according to gender, with every second candidate a man.

Ringholm defended his party's use of quotas, arguing that "identity politics" - who the politician was as a person - mattered. That term became the focus of much of the ensuing debate, because Timbro and Arpi were looking at the question from a liberal point of view. In other words, they think picking someone for what they are rather than how good they are at something is wrong.

So who represents the Muslim electorate, if there is such at thing?

Arpi's report looked at two prominent Muslim politicians in Sweden. The Moderate MP from Gothenburg, Abdirizak Waberi, and the Social Democrats' former steering committee member Omar Mustafa. Did either of them fill that role? Or neither?

Both men, the report underlined, had served as head of Sweden's Islamic Association (Islamska förbundet), widely regarded as rather purist, or as Social Democrat and Muslim MP Nalin Pekgul once said: "The Islamic Association is an Islamist organization with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt".

Last year, days after his appointment to the inner circle of his party, Mustafa was booted out. He said his party had thus showed Sweden that it was impossible to combine politics with "representing Muslim civil society" or religious activity in general in Sweden.

Nonsense, responded Pekgul, Sweden's first Muslim MP. She added that no one had any business pretending that Mustafa was any kind of representative of Swedish Muslims as a sort of ill-defined aggregate.

Had he been picked to be some sort of Muslim figurehead on the prow of a pro-diversity party, or to scoop up new voters? Arpi's report failed to tackle that particular question in depth, but insinuated in his fierce critique of "identity politics" that the Social Democrats were perhaps vote fishing.

But if Mustafa had been kicked off the scene for being diffuse about women's and men's rights, as well as having presided over the Islamic Association when it invited speakers accused of rather flagrant anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, why had Moderate MP Waberi not been asked to leave for saying that men were allowed to hit their wives, that he's open to a state run by sharia laws, and that women and men should not be allowed to be alone in the same room together.

Waberi has said his comments about Islam where taken out of context in a documentary in which he discussed the literal edicts of the Quran.

He also, however, operated a publicly funded, privately managed free school in Gothenburg with a "Muslim focus" that has had problems with Sweden's School Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) on several points including holding prayers, banning menstruating girls from religious study class, and employing a violent teacher.

Arpi's report offered no concrete insight into why the Gothenburg politician had been allowed by the Moderates to retain his seat in parliament, with the researcher simply saying Waberi was "discreet" and kept a "low profile".

Arpi did note, however, that Waberi got a high number of personal votes in the last elections, coming out on top in an electoral system that allows the Swedish electorate not only to pick a party, but signal its preference for certain candidates. Waberi got more personal votes from his district than the prime minister got from his, Arpi underlined.

"The (Moderate) Party has navigated between respect for its voters, who put a cross next to Waberi's name, and at the same time be clear about its ideologies and policy preferences," Arpi noted.

The report's conclusion, which stretches over two and a half pages, states that both the Social Democrats and Moderates are aware there is a deficit of Muslim politicians in Sweden. While debate remains about the way forward, Arpi offered some thoughts about what both political leaders and Sweden's Muslims might want to bear in mind when pondering the question his report attempted to answer.

"It is better," he wrote, "to be represented by someone who shares your political vision (...) than by someone who has the same background but totally different political goals."

European court blocks expulsion of African teen

The Local Sweden, 01 Feb 2014

The European Court of Human Rights has stepped in to block a deportation by the Swedish Migration Board of an 18-year-old Ethiopian girl, who has resided in Sweden for the past six years, in a move that has been hailed by her lawyer.

The teenager arrived in Sweden six years ago with her father and recently applied to extend her stay. When the request was made a DNA test was carried out, which revealed that the man was not the girl's biological father.

It's understood that the revelation came as a huge shock to them both, as the girl had been raised by the man since she was four years of age.

Following the DNA findings both the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) and the Migration Board of Appeals (Migrationsdomstolen) decided to separate them.

It was ruled that the father could remain in Sweden but that the 18-year old would be deported back to Ethiopia. The ruling was brought to the attention of the European Court of Human Rights by the girl's lawyer, Jan Södergren, who reported Sweden to the Strasbourg based court.

The girl was due to be deported on February 8th but the expulsion has been frozen by the European Court of Human Rights. In addition, the court is seeking an explanation from the Swedish Foreign Office as to why the girl was going to be deported in the first place.

"This is absolutely fantastic and shows that there is justice, though obviously outside Sweden," Södergren told Sveriges Television (SVT).

He added; "It is such a relief for her. To be honest I was unsure whether the European court would choose to stop the decision, normally they only stop such matters if there is a risk to life. But they likely thought this was such a distressing case and that is very gratifying."

It remains unclear whether the European Court of Human Rights will take up the case with the girl's lawyer suggesting it could take up to three years for it to be heard.

Södergren added that he was confident his client would win the case as the European court equates non biological family ties with biological ones.

The European Court of Human Rights was set up in Strasbourg by the Council of Europe Member States in 1959 to deal with alleged violations of the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights.

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