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It is the Mission of World View Foundations to provide a vehicle for open and honest discussion void of political correctness that preserves and enhances traditional European /American Culture, History, and Traditions and corrects the record of distortions that have harmed European/American Identity through intellectual dishonesty and political correctness


By Rodney Martin

World View Foundations, February, 2013

It seems that some remain infatuated with me and my family. These people have no families of their own, or have been married to Jews or are married to Jews or are Jew compromised. Never have I seen so many people throw so many rocks through so many broken windows.

Today, I was sent an editorial, AGAIN based on old newspaper links, this time "letters to the editor" and "Editorials" from 2007. The letter in question and editorial attempts to place me in sympathy with or even "Jew-Friendly" and "championing diversity". That is interesting.

Yes, I did have a life and still do outside of the Movement and yes I did have a Career prior to the Movement and like Professionals, I did have to take on clients that I would not socialize with.

I am sure our WN Attorneys have had Clients that they really wouldn't want to have

I am sure Dr. Kevin McDonald has had students that he would rather not have had.

Sadly, what is taking place is some people are attempting to review or take out of context local events in my hometown which took place many years ago.

Events in my hometown from 2007- early 2009 were not fun for me and my family.

2007-early 2009 was the ONLY time I allowed my family and I to live were I was actively working on a Project.

For instance.

I did in fact provide professional Services for local governments that sought to develop Regional Projects. In the case where I worked from 2007 until early 2009, involved an Indian Tribe and a City. This has NEVER been a secret. I acted as an Administrator for the Tribal Government to bring their administrative matters up to par so as to develop Air Port Project.

Shortly after my. Some "Local & Regional Activists" took notice and lodged complaints regarding my personal views, i.e. they became aware of my family's history. This began with phone calls, then advanced to letters, then developed in to harassment and trolling. My wife was even harassed at the grocery store and two of our animals "disappeared", this means they were killed, but I never told my children at the time.

This would later advance in to memberships in my name and artificial Social Media Accounts, at first Myspace Accounts, then Facebook and Twitter and even phone calls and letters representing themselves as me, some to official entities.

This became interesting as at one point the local Radio Station even reported events about me, based on someone calling them representing themselves to be me. They had to retract this on air almost immediately.

Be that as it may be, I have been very open to all who have asked about who I am and where I came from and this past year gave an interview to an old time WN who knew my father who wrote my biography.

The current letters and article that is being storied about by one of my detractors were part of that effort in 2007 and 2008. They were fraudulently submitted to the paper and the paper failed to verify that they were submitted by me, i.e. call as many papers do today. They were later pulled.

Let's keep in mind, the locals paper at any given time has maybe 8 employees and does not even print its own papers.

It should be noted that the local paper pulled them and subsequently went bankrupt and fell under new owners completely unrelated to the prior owners. The new owners told me recently that simply have reposted all prior archives and will re-review those that had been taken down for "cause".

An interesting point, one of the letters that was fraudulently submitted by me, speaks to the case of a "Creator". This matter created a stir in my hometown, but what created an even larger stir is MY providing him assistance when he was charged for simple literature distribution. This is what resulted in the attack on me which including a fraudulent Myspace account, submissions to the paper, our Church at the time (we asked to leave as a result) and protestors outside my home.

Finally, here is where the laugh is on my detractors, as a result of all this, a criminal case was lodged for Fraud, Identity Theft, and Forgery, i.e. my signature. I have legal documents from the District Attorney verifying 6 counts of Fraud and Forgery. One person was caught and for a period of time I used to get a check from his Jail Account for $10 or $20 for "Restitution".

Let's be clear, some people need to get a life and conduct real verification before making fools of themselves.

Let's also remember what Hitler said about newspapers, they are for simpletons.

By the way, I received a letter just yesterday canceling my membership in a professional Aviation Association which I had been a member of for nearly 20 years due to my lack of commitment to diversity.

This is rather interesting.

To be fair, I did write occasional pieces on behalf of the Project I was working to be submitted to the local paper, but because of this situation, there was a protocol that was established BY THE paper's Publisher.

Anything I penned would have to be hand delivered to the Publisher who supported the Project, not necessarily my personal views. It was understood that I would never email or mail anything for publication or make phone comments.

It is very difficult for many who do NOT work or have not had professional positions to understand this type of harassment, but those who have and who are committed to our struggle do understand it.
If I was not able to retire in late 2008 based on my prior service to Uncle Sam, then I would not be able to 1) sustain my family and 2) commit full time to Real History and our Movement without fear of the harassment that I previously endured.

Interestingly, I found the Red Men I previously worked with cared little for my personal views so long as it did not interfere with the project I was retained to do, it was the White People who took the viewpoint that if you had politically incorrect views, you had no right to have a business or job.

What's most interesting is that my detractors know all of this.

Guest column: Just say no to extremism

By Rodney Martin

The Porterville Recorder, October 30, 2007 12:00 am | Updated: 8:33 am, Thu Nov 14, 2013

Our community has been subjected recently to a barrage of news articles related to one "who shall remain nameless" in my article. This is on purpose because individuals of this kind thrive and indeed multiply on publicity.

First "he who shall remain nameless" used, without permission, The Recorder's newspaper tubes to distribute hateful fliers promoting "a religion" that is nothing more than rhetoric parallel to Nazi and KKK propaganda. In fact "he who shall remain nameless" claims to be none other than a reverend: What a joke in and of itself.

In fact this same reverend's "religion" is promoted via an Internet Web site that states Adolf Hitler is a "great human being." Get the idea where they look to for "saints"?

Anyhow, The Recorder attempted to take legal action against "he who shall remain nameless," all to no avail. See this "reverend" has freedom to distribute his hateful "theology" on other's property, even if it is not wanted.

Talk about an extreme telemarketer.

Then the good "reverend" decided to distribute fliers on the business of a local Jewish shop owner, kind of reminiscent of the tactics Nazis used in Germany in the 1930s. Perhaps "he who shall remain nameless" is a student of history as well.

Because we have hate crimes protection in our country, "he who shall remain nameless" was arrested, however, he was soon released, apparently for lack of evidence. It seems the "reverend" knows how to work the system.

Then finally, we hear that once again this so-called man of the cloth has once again run afoul of the law. This time the good "reverend" was at a tavern, no doubt for communion, and was allegedly in an altercation that resulted in another individual being knifed.

If this is the good reverend's version of the sacrament, I can see why he has credibility issues in terms of being taken seriously as a legitimate man of the cloth.

The larger problem with "he who shall remain nameless" is that -- and people here in Porterville may not know it -- this young man was sent here by this hate group, Creator Skinhead Movement, to agitate and divide this community along racial lines by using wedge issues.

The moral challenge facing all of us is to NOT take the bait and to reject "he who shall remain nameless" and his intellectually dishonest ideology and recognize that there is no religion of hate. We must send them packing.

We must also embrace our diversity and come together as a community to address issues facing us all. "He who shall remain nameless" likes to use hot-button issues like crime, gangs and drugs to divide us as a community. In fact, these issues are of concern to all of us and we must address them as a community, united so all of our children will be safe, secure and have a bright future, regardless of ethnicity and economic status.

Finally, we as a community must act or risk the mistakes of history. We, as a community, must send a strong sense of outrage to "he who shall remain nameless" and his small gang of comrades that we are outraged by their tactics and they are not welcome in our community.

We must not give them what they want. We must not recognize them as anything more then what they truly are, outsiders who come here to divide and spread hate and discontent.
I close with the words of the Rev. Martin Niemoller, who lived to regret his inaction in Germany in the 1930s

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Rodney Martin is the Tule River tribal administrator. He previously worked in city, state and federal governmental service. Mr. Martin also held Harry S. Truman and LBJ presidential fellowships. He can be reached at

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