Discussion on Irish Independent: "Flailing rivals lack hard evidence to punch [Kike] Shatter into political wilderness"

[BANNED] Shouldn't Shatter be over in Kiev with his parasitic co-tribalists, looting and pillaging?

Discussion on Irish Independent: "[Kike Alan] Shatter 'utterly astonished' by whistleblower conversation"

[BANNED] Shouldn't Shatter run for office in his fictitious "homeland"?

Discussion on Radix Journal [Alt-Kike Dick Spenser]: "Muslim Immigration Dumbing Down Western World"

[BANNED] Re "I'm curious about what makes Malaysia so overperforming." : Some Indians too. Also, most wealthy Malays/Malaysians go to the UK, Australia or the US to study. Some go to Canada, where they are disproprtionately in "hard" studies, while Canadian-born students are imbibing Womens Studies, Anthropology and the like.

Discussion on National Post: "Ukraine teeters on ruin as vigilantes open fire, Russian loyalists agitate for separation — and bills come due"

[BANNED] Why doesn't Canada just give the poor, poor Ukrainians the $15,000,000,000 (come on, it's only $500 per Canadian citizen, man woman and child) that Russia pledged to the elected government that the Canadian-supported thugs overthrew, and start sending over free energy (electricity from Labrador?) that the Ukrainians will soon not be able to afford to buy from Russia (even at the charity-rates Russia is charging them)? If it buys Stephen Harper a few "Ukrainian" votes in Canada, isn't that worth it?

Discussion on The Atlantic: "Why Facebook Just Spent $19 Billion on a Messaging App" by Robinson Meyer:

[BANNED] Don't worry about poor Zuckerberg. All the K*** $$$ is being kept in-house. It's all good for The K***.

Discussion on Bloomberg: Swiss Fault Lines Exposed as Villagers See Risk to Postcard Life

[BANNED] I wonder why the Swiss don't put statues on their borders, with "Give us your wretched refuse, your pedophiles, your lowlifes, your degenerates, your drug-peddlers, your pimps, your skanks, the detritus of the planet!" inscribed upon them

[BANNED] Re "No mention of the word "Muslim" must be the elephant in the room nobody noticed." : The word and concept "Islamophobia" was invented by jew Dick Rose and the jew Runnymede Trust. (Rose worked for Mossad and MI6 in Switzerland, btw)

Discussion on The Jerusalem Post: Exposing the charade [re Jonathan Pollard] | JPost | Israel News

[BANNED] "Flagged for Antisemitism!" ? -- You've been flagged for being jew.

[BANNED] "Another knife in the back from the Jew Hater in Chief, Osama Obama" ... who was voted for by you parasites

[BANNED] "uCry"? -- Yeah, of course you do, jewboy. I love picturing those big tears rolling down your hooknose and flowing over your blubber lips.

[BANNED] But the jewstate is a welfare state, living on US taxpayer enforced-charity

[BANNED] Your shyster arguments have convinced me that a scummy traitor is actually a hero. You are a real jew!"

[BANNED] Behaving yourselves will reduce anti-Semitism drastically." - but then they wouldn't be jew.

[BANNED] If only that were true. Why should Americans give a flying monkey kcuf about antibloodyjewism?

[BANNED] "Put Natanyahoo in his cell with him." -- They could get bum-married.

[BANNED] Delusional jew (typical): "No further Israeli cooperation on Kerry's peace process without him. We must demand him as a gesture of good faith from the U.S. to even continue with US mediation." 1. The US is the jew's b!tch. 2. Kerry's jew. 3. The jewstate can't survive w/o leeching off US taxpayers. 4. Oy vey.

[BANNED] I love when the jews kvetch about Pollard. It lets everyone know jews should always be treated as suspect.

Discussion on National Review Online: Nation Editor: With Cruz, Delusional Is No Longer

[BANNED] Re: "There was only one David Brinkley.Replacing him with Georgie Porgie was like replacing Babe Ruth with a second grade schoolkid. He can recite his lines, though, and that's what he's there for." -- Jew NBC's producer, Jew Reuven Frank, favored Brinkley as a host, and the director of news, Jew Joseph Meyers, favored Chet Huntley, so they were combined.

Discussion on ABC News: APNewsBreak: New Gender Options for Facebook Users

[BANNED] Re: "Check your cis privilege, ABC." -- Does "cis" stand for the parasites who control ABC, AP, Facebook, etc

Discussion on The Local Germany: Neo-Nazis stay away from Dresden memorial

[BANNED] "I see not why this should be a controversial statement that arouses the vitriol and name-calling I observe here" -- because the jew hates and fears the truth.

[BANNED] Jews are badly discriminated against in Canada. That's why its Supreme Court is only 44.4% jew.

[BANNED] Never heard of a "ni99er", but it sounds like something creepy.

[BANNED] Jews won. Germany crushed.

[BANNED] "the 55,573 brave young airmen from the Bomber Command that gave their lives" to enslave Europe

[BANNED] I'm surprised they didn't have jews Cameron and Natanyahoo as special guests, so they could get up and give speeches against the evils of war.

[BANNED] Discussion on The Local Sweden: Foreign professionals suffer on Sweden's multicultural learning curve (by Lisa Mikulski)

[BANNED] "what are we going to do about it?" - Leave. Try jewish-occupied Palestine, Mr Greenspan. I hear they are very open there to all sorts of immigrants, and never discriminate. They've got black jews, White jews, Asian jews, Buddhist jews, atheist jews, "pure" jews, convert jews, Muslim jews...

[BANNED] "Sweden is lacking an assimilation program." -- US-Israeli Jewess Barbara Lerner Spector is changing that.

[BANNED, in response to, "Mass deportations!":] What!? Gas deportations!? Oh, maybe I need new glasses.

[BANNED] Lisa Mikulski is jew?

Discussion on The Local Sweden: Deportation blocked for Pakistani teen

[BANNED] If they charged to read this trash, they'd be out of business in 8 minutes. I do find it very entertaining, though, in a sad way, to be able to keep up on how insane and self-hating and self-destructive Swedes are.

[BANNED] Now she can be charged with hate-crimes for all the terrible things she has publicly stated about Pakistanis. Then she could be deported as a hatemonger.

[BANNED] Pathetic. Sweden is truly pathetic.

[BANNED, in response to, "The Local seems to be obeying orders from islamists .They delete every post relating to the political party islam. What are you afraid of at The local ? reporting the truth? Not brave enough to report on the falsehood of islam? Stop censoring the forums or shut them."] Islam, the jew, homosexuals. Anything non-Aryan....

[BANNED, in response to, "Most Pakistani's in exile are very hardworking people. Therefore, and in due time, this young girl will surprise many with your kind of mind set."] "Exile". Ha! Thanks for the laugh. "Exile"

Discussion on Politico: Immigration groups turn to anger

[BANNED] "Zuckerberg is an anti-american slimeball." -- Of course he is. He's jew.

[BANNED] Three thing humans need to know about "Dersh": 1. He's jew. 2. He's jew. 3. He's jew.

[BANNED] Left Wing jewparty vs Right Wing jewparty

Discussion on The Hollywood Reporter: Rough Seas on 'Noah': Darren Aronofsky Opens Up on the Biblical Battle to Woo Christians (and Everyone Else)

[BANNED] jew trash. boycott it.

Discussion on ABC News: Philip Seymour Hoffman's Diary Entries Revealed

[BANNED] "Met jews and scored Drugs. Met jew agent to discuss role. Met jew director to discuss movie. Met jew agent to discuss career. Interviewed by jew for jew magazine. I feel like killing myself."

Discussion on Breitbart News Network: 1 in 4 Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun

[BANNED] Lincoln was a scumbag. Why would anyone want to carry on the legacy of a scumbag. Sic semper tyrannis.

[BANNED] Most Americans think Hitler was a bad guy.

[BANNED] Most Americans believe in "The Holocaust".

[BANNED] Of course Americans are morons. Most of them believe jews are Israelites and that Israel is an ally of America.

[BANNED] "The Melting Pot" -- that's jew. Jew play. Jew concept. But they don't have any pot heating up for themselves of course.

[BANNED] A dumbed down population with empty heads easy for the jew media to fill up with trash

Discussion on Fame10: 16 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Gay!

[BANNED] "Only those of religious morals call being homosexual abnormal" -- Sure. it's perfectly normal to lick shee!t off a d!ck

Discussion on The Atlantic: The Student-Led Backlash Against New Orleans's Charter Schools

[BANNED] "Do we really have a lot of Jewish NBA players?" -- Aren't the real playahs the owners, managers, agents, shysters, and media owners and producers?

[BANNED] TV perpetuates stereotypes? On America's jew TV they keep pumping this stereotype of jews as victims of some evil Chermans.

[BANNED] "at my school, it is 99 percent African-American" - What a nightmare! I hope you're not part of the 1%. Or are you Negro but civilized?

[BANNED] [In response to: "TV tells me that blacks make top flight software engineers, scientists, lawyers and special forces operatives. TV tells me that small, cute women can fight and defeat large, well trained men in hand to hand combat. So those stereotypes are false, maybe even counter to reality?"] Yeah, like, right, yeah, but at the end of the day, right, at the end of the day, right, like, when the hammer meets the highway, right, ain't nobody that can survive wiffout Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, innit? Knowatamean?

Discussion on A.V. Club: The Walking Dead: "After"

[BANNED] I laughed when the tough-talking dyke dropped her weapon and ran away.

Discussion on American Renaissance: The Sex Initiation Camps of Malawi Where Ten-Year-Old Girls Are Sent by Their Families to Lose Their Virginities

[BANNED] Don't give jews any ideas

[BANNED] trendy kikes now have an alternative for their daughters' summer zio-camps

Discussion on CNN: Once Russia's henchmen, Cossacks now helping with Olympic security

[BANNED] [In response to: "A race dedicated to pogroms and the destruction of innocent people!"] The Kike?

Discussion on Fame10: Dylan Farrow Pens Open Letter Alleging Child Abuse By Woody Allen

[BANNED] dirty jew

Discussion on Fame10: Woody Allen Responds to Allegations of Child Abuse

[BANNED] Filthy jew anyway.

Discussion on Fame10: 15 Forgotten Actresses From the ’90s – Where Are They Now?

[BANNED] It was strange to see a jew play Jeanne d'Arc. Peter O'Toole was in that movie. His death was hardly noticed because that scumbag negro commie terrorist died on the same day.

[BANNED] Anderson's a rugmuncher? I doubt that. I'm sure she had to lick off the odd khazaress to get a part or two, but that's just hollyjewed TKB.

[BANNED] Then they should mention Matt Damon. She supposedly showed promise back in that "How you like them apples?" wankfest with that jewess from England she was chasing after, the one who made Damon's Paddy character human.

[BANNED] Neve Campbell, Leelee Sobieski, SM Gellar and Heather Graham are jew, which explains why they were briefly famous at all. Callista Flockhart had that jew "Ford" suck the soul out of her. Gillian Anderson got much better (esp. in House of Mirth, about a noble Aryan lady who wouldn't sink to what a jew would do) after getting away from that jew Duchovny. Keri Russel stars with that jew in that jewfest "The Americans". Half these broads I've never even heard of.

Discussion on JTA: Netherlands asks Israel to extradite molestation suspect

[BANNED] Isn't it antisemitic to punish jew pedos?

Discussion on JTA: French Jews take YouTube to court over ‘year of quenelle’ video

[BANNED] Every day more and more people are sick of jews.

Discussion on JTA: Denmark’s largest bank drops Israeli counterpart over settlements

[BANNED] Good to see someone in Europe go anti-jew.

Discussion on JTA: Woody Allen’s many confessions haven’t prepared us for the worst accusation yet

[BANNED] all this jewiness makes me vomit

[BANNED] "it is reasonable to believe that false or implanted memories are involved in this situation." -- like the LOLocost

[BANNED] Just another dirty jew

Discussion on JTA: Kerry to report on peace progress to Quartet

[BANNED] "Kerry" is a jewboy (Kohn)

Discussion on American Renaissance: In Accounting for Slavery’s Cost, Figures Vary Widely

[BANNED] This is the k*** who's in charge of the slavery-reparations (caribbean nations vs UK, France & NL) at Leigh Day: His k***-expertise: Faggotry, infanticide, UK payments for k***-wars, and Blame Whitey.

Discussion on American Renaissance: Should Neo-Nazis Be Allowed Free Speech?

[BANNED] He's got K*** Privilege

Discussion on The Hollywood Reporter: Cate Blanchett On Woody Allen Molestation Charge: "I Hope They Find Some Resolution and Peace."

[BANNED] That's Jew Privilege for you.

[BANNED] Jew Privilege

Discussion on The Hollywood Reporter: Dylan Farrow: Woody Allen 'Sexually Assaulted Me' at Age 7

BANNED] Jew Privilege

[BANNED] Jew Privilege

[BANNED] Jew Privilege

[BANNED] Is this news? Filthy jew pedophile is news? Do "Allen" and "Polanski" have kiddie parties in Paris?

Discussion on Council of Conservative Citizens: Economist Magazine: Diversity leads to ambient cultural disharmony and conflict

[BANNED] Everybody has "choice". The USSR was preparing to invade the West. That's why the Germans were able to destroy so much of what military matriel the Soviets had so quickly, because it was all massed at the USSR's Eastern borders. Of course the Jews who ran America made sure the Jews' USSR got plenty of war materiel to repel the German liberator and go on to enslave most of Eastern Europe.

Discussion on CNN: Once Russia's henchmen, Cossacks now helping with Olympic security

[BANNED] What are yapping about? A whore for The Jew? "Henchman: a faithful follower or political supporter, esp. one prepared to engage in crime or dishonest practices by way of service."

[BANNED] You're an utter moron. An ethnic group is a people. Cossacks are an ethnos. You're obviously the product of jew miseducation. In the Russian Federation's legal system and census, Cossacks are recognized as an ethnic group. Go back to your trash talmudvision.

[BANNED] No according to CNN, they are "henchmen"

[BANNED] I never said Cossacks are a race.

[BANNED] Cossacks include women and children, and non-fighting Cossacks. Anyway, according to the "geniuses" at CNN, a Cossack is a "henchman", pestering Scooby and Shaggy and the crew.

[BANNED] Cossacks are "butchers"? To label an entire ethnic group as "butchers": That's called a "hate crime" by the jew's ADL. That would be like somebody saying all jews are lowlife murderous hateful scum because the jews in Palestine "ethnically cleansed" the land of the people.

Discussion on Breitbart News Network: Chuck Schumer: Tea Party Opposes Immigration for Making America 'Less White'

[BANNED] drop dead with your "nazi" sheeit. Schumer, Jarrett, Axelrod: jew (the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself)

[BANNED] just less jew would do the trick

[BANNED] obongo's just another whore for the jew


[BANNED] What tribe do you think empowers hatemongers like Sharpton? Do n£groes own the media?

[BANNED] hollyjewed

[BANNED] "What a lost Jew he's turned out to be... forsaken his own faith for that of the great evil of liberalism" -- that makes no sense. He give up jewbism for jewbism? huh? also, according to some peoople here you're not supposed to mention that that parasite Schumer is a jewboy

[BANNED] Yes, to jews, and most n£groes and m£stizos etc it's offensive. Any White American who hasn't figured that out is in trouble

[BANNED] You're an idiot. Can you tie your own shoelaces? And you think you're clever! -- "Schumer is nothing more than one of Obama's useful idiots" -- ? You've got it assbackwards. Are you so retarded you think Obongo has power, influence, any sort of independence of thought or speech or action? What planet are you on? It's jews like Schumer who have their hands up their puppetslave Obongo's arse.

Obama: Some People Dislike Me Because They Don’t Like That I’m Black

[BANNED] [In response to comment about Rhodesia] When Whites ruled. Brilliant. A small nation of brave Whites fighting for their independence against American, Soviet, British and Chi-Com-backed terrorists.

Discussion on ABC News: 'I Call It Natural': What One White Supremacist Claims Would Make a Better America

[BANNED] Why does this tard reporter yap about "White Supremacism"? who wrote his script?

[BANNED] Are all those scumbags negroes?

[BANNED] "That "nice young man" told the reporter that people like himself deserved to be laying in a ditch." Don't talk sheeit. He didn't (and get your grammar straight)

[BANNED] What's the big deal? Apart from jews, who cares?

Discussion on Oliver Stone drops out of Martin Luther King Jr. project, takes to Twitter to explain

[BANNED] Why is there a national holiday for a negro who was a slave to the jew?

[BANNED] Stone jew, not White

[BANNED] Who's gonna play the yids whom King served as a puppet?

[BANNED] I wonder if they had the scenes where he beats white hookers and shouts 'I'm ^%$£ing for Jesus tonight' and smoking fellow negrope.

Discussion on National Review Online: Fighting Back against the New Anti-Semitism

[BANNED] "Neo Conservatism is a distinct ideology that has nothing to do with Israel." -- What an idiot. The Jew Kristol and his jew ilk had no thought of the parasite state when they switched from supporting the USSR to supporting American military power worldwide, especially in the vicinity of the parasite state?

[BANNED] "A degrading new trend of paganism among the cockroaches." -- "The cockroaches" means non-Jews? Are Christian non-Jews not cockroaches then? You mean only non-Christian Japanese etc are cockroaches?

[BANNED] There are lots of idiots and corrupt anti-Christ "leaders" in this world. There's also a queer habit known as "bug-chasing".

[BANNED] I know. It's weird, isn't it?

[BANNED] While it's true many Jews wish that that parasite state in the land of Palestine would just disappear because its an embarrassment to them, Jews en masse will never abandon it. Less than half the Jews in the world live there, and when almost all of them are driven out most people won't give a plying puck. However, i note that "Jews" abandoned Israel (the body of Christ) millennia ago.

[BANNED] "Jews do exist, they live on the Jewish land and protect it." -- They absolutely do not protect the Jewish land called the USA! (Also I say they do not exist, for reasons I'd be happy to explain except the National Review would just ban my comments. Suffice it to say it's basically a semantic argument, since the people you re referring to are not "Jews", and I have a much better name for them. But as I said, NR is anti-semantic.)

[BANNED] How dare you!? You are applying logic in your counter-argument to this jew, Krauthammer. That's anti-Semitism!

[BANNED] Wait, something just occurred to me! If "anti-Semitism" is "that most ancient of poisons", "one of history's great mysteries", then how come the word "anti-Semitism" has only been used for the past 150 years or so?

[BANNED] It's such a "mystery" it gives me a headache trying to figure out the cause.

[BANNED] The Jew Karauthammer: "To apply to the state of the Jews a double standard that you apply to none other, to judge one people in a way you judge no other, to single out that one people for condemnation and isolation — is to engage in a gross act of discrimination. And discrimination against Jews has a name. It’s called anti-Semitism." -- Yes, To apply to "the state of the Jews" a double standard that you apply to none other (where is "the state of the Christians?" where is the state of the Whites?), to judge one people more worthy in a way you judge no other, to single out that one people for constant mega-praise and mega-inclusion and isolation — is to engage in a gross act of discrimination. And discrimination against non-Jews has a name. It’s called anti-"Goyim"ism. It's called being a Jew, or being a whore for The Jew.

[BANNED] "The persistence of anti-Semitism, that most ancient of poisons, is one of history’s great mysteries." -- Yeah. A real "mystery".

Discussion on The Local Germany: Israel unveils tribute to gay victims of Nazis

[BANNED] Death camps? What are you talking about? The Gulags?

[BANNED] Oy vey. Very masonic. Are they trying to say something about Jews, Freemasons and homosexuals? Sounds bigoted.

Discussion on The Local Germany: Professional cyclists strip off for German calendar

[BANNED] They are all ugly, in ugly settings, uglily photographed.

[BANNED] Miss March is hideous. Miss August looks like a Walking Dead extra. And why does Miss December have a bike handle up her arsch loch?

Discussion on The Local Germany: Cop review after Holocaust site urinated on

[BANNED] I thought it was a memorial to the Germans. If it's about jews then why is it in Germany?

[BANNED] What's this story about? Some jews pissed on a memorial in Germany? That's rude. But some people think it was germans pissing on a jew thing? Then jews should piss on Christians/Germans if they don't do that already. Anyway, what's it a memorial to? What's this about dead jews? Is it a memorial for killing jews? That's weird. I can't get down with that. Also, it's ugly as sin. If everybody sheeit on it or dumped pig manure on it then some seeds, then at least it would have some grass and stuff and would look better.

Discussion on Radix Journal: What Is Fascism? Richard Spencer interviews Paul Gottfried.

[BANNED] If you want to hear a K yapping, just turn on any jewbox.

[BANNED] you expect a K to make sense and be honest? Why do you care what a K says?

[BANNED] This is what is needed, a jew quackademic (Gottfried) explaining for White folks what Fascism is. It's a welcome relief to the mainstream media, where one never gets to hear the jew perspective on anything.

[BANNED] Kemp's a tool of brit "intelligence" The K.

[BANNED] Of course not, Jared Taylor, like Spenser, is in The K.'s pocket.

[BANNED] So Dick quit Alt-K...Right because his jewsponsors got concerned about where it was going, and he started up this new thing, starting out with jew Gottfried to make sure everyone knows what a kosher operation this is?

Discussion on Swastikas spray painted on Sweden mosque entrance

[BANNED] Whoever did this should be whipped for painting such ugly swastikas. I like the Falun Gong swastikas!

[BANNED] This makes no sense: "What if it was not done by a "muslim or jewish or even a deluded Swede?" What if it were really done by a racist?" - Does that mean Muslins, Jews and deluded Swedes can't be racist?

[BANNED] "She [Barbara Lerner Spector] identifies as Jewish, and she doesn't seem to be observant" -- what is an "observant" jew?

[BANNED] "What about the illuminati? And the reptilians?" What about them? Did they do this and try to blame innocent "Nazis"?

[BANNED] "This site...has been very clear about differentiating between the actions of the political state of Isreal...and Zionist /neocon/evengelical political loony stuff...and criticism of Judism as such" -- And yet it's called the jew state... And denying it's a jew state is supposedly antisemitic. So you are an antisemite? A hate criminal?

[BANNED] "Tose who are raped usually aren't at all "interested" in their rapist" -- they might be if it's the same people again and again. Next time I hear some whining about "Japanese soldiers raped..." I'll be sure to cite your cogent argument.

[BANNED] "where do you stand on racism, bigotry, bias, prejudice, and the like? Where do you stand vis-a-vis Muslims in Europe and elsewhere?" - Everything in moderation!

[BANNED] The USA is run by the Media&Money Party, not the American people.

[BANNED] "Invaded" = Noticed and commented upon. "butthurt nazis and "white right" morons" = Dissidents (btw, "butthurt" sounds "homophobic"!)

[BANNED] Perhaps it was Hindu or Buddhist vandals.

[BANNED] Don't worry. The intrepid reporters have already solved the crime. Says here "Why does it say here "Neo-Nazis attack mosque". They just forgot to give these NN's names. Must be trying to protect their identities.

[BANNED] Why does it say here "Neo-Nazis attack mosque," and then "an investigation has begun"? If it's known who "attacked" (or decorated for free) the mohammadan synagogue, then surely the investigation must have already concluded.

Discussion on National Review Online: Finally Justice in the Zimmerman Case: Spike Lee Sued

[BANNED] Lee's lawyer might have acted unethically/unprofessionally, the couple could have been intimidated, the couple can argue they were not thinking clearly because they were traumatized, the couple probably thought the only way they could get Lee to call off his attack dogs was for them to accept an immediate small settlement in exchange for Lee making a public apology (hence intimidation, unethical lawyer, etc)

Discussion on MSNBC’s Dyson: ‘Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty Part of Majority White Supremacist Culture’

[BANNED] Levin/Levine ... Cohen/Cohan ... Trotsky/Bronstein ... What difference does it make? K is K.

[BANNED] What sort of sick freak could get turned on by a shitty hole?

Discussion on WILX: Dangerous Games - "Point 'em Out, Knock 'em Out"

[BANNED] "The game consists of someone [White] being randomly targeted [by Negroe$], then attacked [by Negroe$]."

Discussion on Arts & Ents: Doctor Who vs Mrs Thatcher – the showdown: The late leader appears as an evil tyrant in a 50th anniversary story

[BANNED] Written by Jew Adam Sherwin, ghostwriter for Jew Ed Miliband and Jew Peter Mandelson.

Discussion on Arts & Ents: Doctor Who vs Mrs Thatcher – the showdown: The late leader appears as an evil tyrant in a 50th anniversary story

[BANNED] "Joseph was the son of a wealthy and influential Jewish family. Joseph became interested in the economic theory of monetarism as formulated by Milton Friedman [Jew], and persuaded Mrs Thatcher to support it. Joseph's political achievement was in pioneering the application of monetarist economics to British political economics, and in developing what would later become known as 'Thatcherism'." [Wiki]

Discussion on Arts & Ents: Doctor Who vs Mrs Thatcher – the showdown: The late leader appears as an evil tyrant in a 50th anniversary story

[BANNED] Rotten from inception: "[Jew] Sydney Newman, OC (1917-1997) was Acting Director of the Broadcast Programs Branch for the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) and then head of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). He also occupied senior positions at the Canadian Film Development Corporation, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and acted as an advisor to the Secretary of State for Canada. He was responsible for initiating two hugely popular television programmes, the spy-fi series The Avengers and science-fiction series Doctor Who"

Discussion on NewsOne: Racist Craig Cobb Rejects Trisha’s Fist Bump After Saying Hes African

[BANNED] You're making too much sense. If Negroes actually existed (but we know they don't, since race is just a social construct), then I would accuse you of being deliberately and provocatively all like clever n shi' yo just to confuse them.

Discussion on The Washington Times: HALBROOK: The key to this German pogrom is confiscation of all firearms

[BANNED] "Your worship of Hitler" -- That's extremely offensive. I don't worship Hitler. He was a wonderful man, prescient, wise, kind, a great lover of his Volk, courageous, a hero for all Aryans and an example to all mankind. But in no way do I worship the man. He got a few things wrong. He was far too soft on The Jew for one thing, and failed to comprehend the extent of jew corruption.

Discussion on Breitbart News Network: Poll: European Jews Report Rise in Anti-Semitism

[BANNED] Sure, God is pro-Israel. Israel is The Church. Israel is not that filthy parasite state in Palestine. Kikes are not Israelites.

Discussion on Godfather Politics: Crazy Feminists Want Their "Period" to Bleed "Freely" and Feminize Wikipedia

[BANNED] "Each year they come up with another new movie about Nazi war crimes. " But that's evidence, isn't it? Also, I saw some old Yid on Oprah kvetching about the evil nazis or some sheeit like that, so the hollowcost must be real.

Discussion on

[BANNED] Alexander Hamilton was a Kike, born to Kikes, raised and schooled by Kikes: "Alexander Hamilton was born on the British island of Nevis, in the West Indies, on January 11, 1755. His mother was most likely Jewish. In the 1760s, Alexander attended a Jewish school in Nevis, which was housed in a synagogue in Charleston, the island's capital. The local Anglican school was not an option for Alexander, because he was a bastard in the eyes of the church. His mother, Rachel, had never divorced her first husband, who was also Jewish, and her union with James was therefore not technically marriage, making Alexander illegitimate. After completing his education in Nevis, Alexander moved to Charleston, South Carolina in search of a better life and career. He became [Freemason] George Washington's aide during the American Revolution, was the principal author of the [masonic] Federalist Papers, and served as the United States' first Secretary of the Treasury, under George Washington. He was killed in 1804 while dueling with Vice-President Aaron Burr." (The Jewish Moment, April 1999)

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