Yo Yo Yo, Yooooo
Yo Yo Yo, Yooooo

Here you are in the club, with your bottle full of blood
You've got grill, you got bling but player you don't know a thing
Put your hands in the air, stick 'em up like you don't care
Face the wall, count to ten, we mow you down, reload again

Oh no, here we go
Disco who, disco what
Get down on your knees, and keep your trap shut
Disco this, disco that
When disc-gos to hell, that's where we're at, where we're at

Yo Yo Yo, Yooooo
Yo Yo Yo, Yooooo

Disco Bloodbath (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever )
Boogie Fever (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever)
Disco Bloodbath (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever)
Boogie Fever (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever)

Bodies here, bodies there, piles of bodies everywhere
On the chairs, on the door, disco bloodbath on the floor
Hear them yell, hear them scream, just like someones scary dream
Dig a hole, push 'em in, tomorrow they'll be back again

Oh no, here we go
Disco who, disco what
Get down on your knees, and keep your trap shut
Disco this, disco that
When disc-gos to hell, that's where we're at, where we're at
Yo Yo Yo, Yooooo
Yo Yo Yo, Yooooo

Disco Bloodbath (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever )
Boogie Fever (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever)
Disco Bloodbath (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever)
Boogie Fever (Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever)

We cleaned the house tonight (We cleaned the house tonight)
We did our job (We did our job it's alright)
We turned out all the lights okay

We were sent to let them know (I think you really let 'em know)
It was time to let them go (you know they really had to go)
Coz we're the ones who close the show. Okay?

ORANGEBURG, SC (WLTX) --Investigators say two men have been arrested for the sexual assault of an Orangeburg woman.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office arrested 41-year-old Jamar Anton Washington and 31-year-old Latroy Damon Johnson in connection to a Jan. 18 incident.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said his deputies were contacted by a 40-year-old woman who reported that she had been sexually assaulted at a home.

"Our investigation identified Latroy Damon Johnson and Jamar Anton Washington as the suspects in this case," Ravenell said. "Johnson and Washington were arrested Friday without incident."

The information sent out by the Orangeburg Sheriff Department said that the victim was given an unknown controlled substance that made her become mentally incapacitated and physically helpless.

Teenager Shot At North Memphis Market

January 23, 2014

(Memphis) A boy was shot at a market in North Memphis.

The teenager was taken to Le Bonheur in non-critical condition.

The shooting happened at North Memphis Market, located at 1590 Vollintine Avenue.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

4 Thomasville men charged with sex offenses on 13-year-old girl

January 24, 2014

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Police have charged four men in connection with sex offenses committed on a 13-year-old girl.

According to police, Stacey Marion Quinn, 20; Andrew Lee Holder, 21; and Austin Daniel Thomas McDonald, 19; all of Thomasville, were arrested Friday.

Quinn was charged with one count each of statutory rape and indecent liberties. He was placed in the Davidson County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

Holder was charged with one count of indecent liberties. He was placed in the Davidson County Jail under a $1,500 secured bond.

McDonald was charged with one count each of statutory rape, statutory sex offense and indecent liberties. He was placed in the Davidson County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

Cody Wayne Danford, 21, of Thomasville, was already in the Davidson County Jail on unrelated charges and is awaiting service of the warrant. He is charged with one count each of statutory sex offense and indecent liberties.

The investigation began on Oct. 24, 2013, after authorities were notified by staff at Iredell Memorial Hospital of a sexual assault.

The incidents reportedly occurred on multiple dates in 2013 leading up to when it was reported on Oct. 24.

Suspect Arrested In Canton Brick Attack That Fractured Victim’s Skull

January 24, 2014

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was a violent attack in what’s considered one of the city’s safest neighborhoods. Now police have made an arrest in the brutal robbery in Canton that left one man severely injured.
Meghan McCorkell has more on how the suspect was caught.

Investigators say they were able to identify the suspect after he was caught on surveillance camera using the victim’s credit card.

Mustafa Eraibi, 19, could spend the rest of his life behind bars, accused in a violent attack in Canton.
“Now today, for the Canton area, you can sleep well. This guy is in custody,” said Commissioner Anthony Batts, Baltimore City Police Department.

Baltimore Sun editor Jon Fogg was walking from his car to his home when investigators say Eraibi approached him, indicating he had a gun. Fogg turned over his car keys, but was beaten over the head with a brick anyway.

“It happened so close to home. It was kind of a shock to the community,” said Natalie diFrancesco, general manager of nearby restaurant The Chasseur.

Police say Eraibi has a lengthy criminal history.

Investigators are now looking into whether Eraibi could be linked to any other crimes in the community. That includes another carjacking a week earlier, where a man was attacked with a flower pot.

“If he remotely matches, we’ll show photo lineups to see if we can charge him with other incidents,” said Major Dennis Smith, Baltimore City Police Department.

Jon Fogg suffered six skull fractures and lost at least eight teeth. A fundraising website for his recovery has raised nearly $30,000.

“My hope for him is that he just feels like there’s a community that’s supporting him,” said Canton resident Caroline Mason.

On Feb. 5, several Canton restaurants, including The Chasseur, will donate a portion of their proceeds to Fogg’s recovery.

“We were like, ‘What can we do to help?’ Anything he needs, we’re there,” said diFrancesco.

In a blog about the incident, Fogg writes he has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

Eraibi is facing multiple charges, including attempted first- and second-degree murder.

In his blog, Fogg, a sports editor, writes of his attacker: “He thought he was targeting one person, but what he failed to realize was that he was going after all of Baltimore. And Baltimore has always been known for defense

Tannersville man sentenced in underage sex offense case

January 23, 2014

A Tannersville man said his slip-and-fall head injury affected his personality, causing him to seek out underage girls to have sex with.

Frank Anthony Bianco, 39, was sentenced Thursday to three to six years in state prison. Bianco had pleaded guilty to six counts of unlawful contact with a minor.

Bianco contacted what he believed to be a 15-year-old girl he met online and started a conversation of a sexual nature, requesting a nude picture of her and promising to pay for sex. The “girl” turned out to be Monroe County District Attorney's Detective Brian Webbe posing undercover in ongoing efforts to catch adults who use the Internet to sexually victimize children.

Court records show Bianco also is awaiting sentencing in Pike County after pleading guilty there to committing aggravated indecent assault against a girl under age 16 in July 2011.

At Thursday's sentencing in the Monroe County case, Judge Stephen Higgins noted letters from Bianco's family and friends, describing Bianco as a good man whose head injury had tragically altered his personality and life. Defense attorney Brett Riegel said Bianco has cooperated with authorities since his Sept. 25 arrest in Stroud Township.

When given his chance to address the court moments prior to being sentenced, Bianco said he has never denied what he did. He said that, while he's not trying to offer any excuses, he would never have committed these acts if not for the head injury that led to “six months to a year of rehabilitation.”

After arresting him in this case, authorities learned that, between October 2011 and the time of his arrest, Bianco had engaged in nine online conversations with other underage girls in efforts to meet and have sex with them.

Men involved in KFC robbery argue in vain they are innocent, get sent to prison

January 22, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Usually when people appear for sentencing, they try to convince a judge they are sorrowful and take responsibility for their actions. But two men heading to prison for the robbery of a KFC went a different route.

Ronnie Odell Taylor and Leonardo Simmons each faced significant sentences for the April 6 holdup of a KFC at 4040 Plainfield Ave. NE and both decided to argue with Kent County Circuit Court Judge Paul Sullivan about whether they were guilty of the crimes for which they were to be punished.

It did not work. Taylor, 45, was sentenced Tuesday, Jan. 21, to 30 to 55 years in prison after he was convicted of armed robbery and felony use of a firearm.

Simmons, 29, was sentenced to three to 20 years in prison after he pleaded guilty on Dec. 19 to being an accessory after the fact and lying to police.

Nevertheless, Simmons told Sullivan he had no idea what had happened at the KFC even though he drove Taylor around moments after the crime, accepted money from him and lied to police about his whereabouts at the time of the crime.

“I didn’t know anything about no KFC,” Simmons said.

Simmons claimed the only reason he pleaded guilty was because he feared if he didn’t his girlfriend would lose custody of her children – a rationale disputed by Assistant Kent County Prosecutor Joshua Kuiper who told the judge there was never any threat to the woman’s custody status.

Simmons bent over weeping as he pleaded with the judge.

Sullivan told the defendant he could withdraw his plea and go to trial on charges of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Simmons stuck with his plea.

When his turn came up, Taylor said his trial was unfair and he was convicted despite a lack of evidence.

Taylor was convicted Nov. 27 after a bench trial in front of Sullivan; there was no jury.

Sullivan disputed Taylor’s claims saying there was plenty of evidence to convict and reminded Taylor he had the right to take the case to the State Court of Appeals.

Taylor was dating a KFC employee. He had spent time at the restaurant prior to the robbery waiting for his girlfriend finish work.

Employees identified Taylor as the man who demanded money at gunpoint just after the store had closed, despite the fact that Taylor was wearing a ski-mask.

Related: Victims identify alleged Kentucky Fried Chicken robber despite ski mask

“I feel I was convicted on perjury and lies,” Taylor told Sullivan. “I never got identified by my face, it was only my eyes.”

Taylor pointed to the lack of fingerprints and DNA as proof of a lack of evidence.

“I’m going to get 30 years and nothing was proved,” Taylor said.

Sullivan pointed out that the witnesses said they were 100 percent sure it was him and that if Taylor’s defense were to hold up, no one who robbed a store wearing a ski-mask could ever be convicted.

“There were some issues in this case,” Sullivan conceded. “(But) this case had a lot of evidence.”

Atlanta DJ shot and killed outside Clayton County home

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

If you were an Atlanta musician hoping for a big break, you wanted to know DJ Nando. He was the man who wanted the newest songs to play in nightclubs, and some of rap music’s biggest names credited him with helping launch their careers.

But after returning to his Clayton County home after a night of work, William “Fernando” Barnes, 38, was shot to death beside his car early Tuesday, according to police and his family.

“Basically, he drove home, pulled in his driveway, someone had been sitting waiting at his house in the backyard and they ran up and shot him once in the head,” Richard Hannah, Barnes’ brother-in-law, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He passed away minutes later.”

Barnes’ fiancee had been inside the Oak Mill Court home, in a neighborhood off Mt. Zion Road, when she heard the gunshot. She ran outside to see Barnes take his last breath, Hannah said.

Neighbor Cindy Copeland said she heard a “very large bang” about 3:30 a.m. and initially thought the power had gone out.

“But what grabbed my attention about 4 o’clock was a hysterical woman, on her phone, walking up and down the street, yelling, ‘my baby, my baby,’” she said. “After listening to her, I realized, there’s five or six police cars out here, and that’s when I started realizing something very serious has happened down our street here.”

Police declined to release a possible motive in the shooting death. But Barnes’ family confirmed that robbery did not seem likely because all of his electronic equipment and cash were left behind.

“They didn’t take one item from his car, off his body, anything,” Hannah said.

While police investigated the homicide Tuesday, family and friends of the popular deejay were shocked to learn of his sudden death, with many using social media to express condolences.

“RIP MY BROTHER DJ NANDO: I REALLY HATE THAT IM POSTING THIS, MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO HIS FAMILY,” Jermaine Dupri, entertainment mogul, posted on Twitter.

Other hip-hop artists, such as 2 Chainz and T.I., as well as dozens of those who knew Barnes from various adult entertainment nightclubs, posted messages and pictures.

“All he ever talked about was music. Period,” Hannah said by phone late Tuesday. “All of the artists in Atlanta would come to hear what he was playing.”

Barnes’ parents were driving to Atlanta from Virginia after learning of his death, Hannah said. Barnes is survived by an 11-year-old daughter.

3 men arrested in connection with child's shooting death
Mother of shooting victim: 'Put your guns down'

Jan 17, 2014

OMAHA, Neb. —Three men have been arrested in connection with the investigation into the death of a 5-year-old girl this week.

Despite the violent tragedy, the Omaha family maintained a tone of peace and forgiveness throughout Thursday afternoon's news conference.

The family of 5-year-old Payton Benson talks with reporters a day after the girl became the city's latest victim of gun violence.

Omaha police said Jaylen Montgomery, 18; Vincent Hicks, 20; and Adonus Moses, 22, were booked each on a count of theft by receiving. However, police have not confirmed whether the men were involved in the shooting of Payton Benson.

Officers said they believe the men stole a Jeep that was possibly involved in Wednesday's fatal shooting near 45th Street and Bedford Avenue. Authorities tracked down and impounded the vehicle, which was found later that evening near 61st and Spencer streets.

According to an Omaha police report, a black 2007 Jeep Commander, similar to the one police suspect is involved in the shooting, was reported stolen from a home near 95th and Sprague streets on Dec. 15.

"They came to my house and ransacked the whole place, stole a bunch of stuff -- my TV, my laptop, my daughters play games,” said Zubi Anyaegbunam, owner of stolen Jeep.

"Now, I don't even feel pain for me, just for this family that lost the little girl. You know material things can be replaced, you know life cannot (be replaced).”

An Omaha police cruiser and crime lab van were seen at Montgomery’s apartment complex Thursday -- the same place where police found the Jeep Wednesday.

KETV NewsWatch 7 spoke with Montgomery’s mother who fought back tears when asked about her son being involved in the shooting. She said she was worried and all she can do now is pray.

“He's a good kid, but the one thing I can do is put it in the Lord’s hands,” she said.

A memorial fund has been set up for the family of Payton Benson, and Omaha Crime Stoppers is now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

The reward is a result of donations made to increase the amount from $5,000, which is the highest Crime Stoppers offers from its general fund.

At a news conference Thursday, Payton Benson's mother, Tabatha Manning, said she's grateful for the community, the police and the mayor, who have stepped up to support the family in the wake of the community's latest tragedy.

"My daughter is definitely getting a lot of (love) from the community right now," Manning said.

Manning took a few moments Thursday to describe her daughter.

"She was always so happy, smiling," Manning said. "I'm gonna miss her."

City Councilman Ben Gray, great uncle of the victim, announced the Payton Benson Memorial Fund. Donations can be made at any American National Bank location.

Authorities were sent to the area of 45th Street and Bedford Avenue for a report of gunshots fired around 9:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Investigators found a juvenile female victim at the scene. Officer Michael Pecha said the girl was taken in extremely critical condition to Alegent Creighton Health Creighton University Medical Center, where she later died.

Despite the violent tragedy, the family maintained a tone of peace and forgiveness throughout Thursday afternoon's news conference.

"Put your guns down," Manning said. "I'd like to invite the people that are responsible for this to come forward."

"We're asking that there not be any retaliation," said Gray.

At a press conference Wednesday night, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said the bullets came from a shooting near 44th and Emmett streets, which is a block away from where the girl was shot. Multiple people and multiple weapons were involved in the gunfire.

"I promise the family, this community, that my homicide investigators, my gang investigators will work around the clock, leaving no stone unturned," Schmaderer said.

Schmaderer said the girl was inside her home eating breakfast with her mother when she was hit by a bullet. Her father was identified as Marvin Benson.

"I just want my baby back," Marvin Benson said. "That's it."

“She was inside the house putting her plate up. She just got done eating breakfast,” said Massey Allen, the girl’s second cousin. "I saw her and her mom outside screaming, yelling."

Allen told reporters he heard about 20 shots. Police said the girl and her family were not targeted.

"We have information. We have leads in this case. This is not a situation where we have nothing to follow up on. This is a solvable case, and we are going to work it extremely hard," Schmaderer said.

"You know who you are, and law enforcement will find out who you are. It may not have been your bullet that struck this is girl, so do the right thing and do yourself a favor in the process. Come down and talk to law enforcement and tell us what you know," Schmaderer said.

Members of the Empowerment Network gathered with Benson’s family members at the hospital shortly after the shooting.

“She's there living life, eating breakfast and then a stray bullet comes in -- that's unacceptable,” said Rev. Bruce Williams, with Hope Glory Church.

"Being a parent of a 6-year-old, I can't even imagine, but the family has been amazingly strong, and I think a part of that is their faith but also the response from the community has been overwhelming,” said Willie Barney, with the Empowerment Network.

"This family is going to grow and stay together, and we are going to make things happen in the name of Payton," Gray said.

More than 100 people gathered outside Benson’s home for a vigil Thursday night.

“You saw people of different nationalities here willing to work together and come together and let everyone know that we want to solve this crime and we want the violence to stop in our community,” said Rev. Gregory Ashley, with St John Missionary Baptist Church.

"Every fatal shooting in our community saddens me, but this one makes me angry," said County Board Chair Mary Ann Borgeson. "Payton Benson and her family have been robbed of so many wonderful life experiences. On behalf of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, I extend our profound sympathies and pledge our continued engagement as we search for an end to the ongoing tragedy of violence in our community."

Anyone with information on the case should call a detective at 402-444-5652. If you want to remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward, call Crime Stoppers at 402-444-7867.


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