Diversity is anti-white?

Camilla Mortensen, Eugene Weekly, January 20, 2014

[...] it looks like you can't celebrate MLK without a racist-type or two showing up. A bagpipe-playing kilt-wearing couple serenaded Springfield while wielding a sign saying "'Diversity' is a code word for white genocide." [...]

Camilla Mortensen is associate editor and reporter at Eugene Weekly. She is also a folklorist and a community college and university instructor. She has two horses, an assortment of dogs, and lives in a 1975 Airstream trailer. Sometimes all these details collide in unforeseen ways.




I am sat typing this message in Cornwall right now. Landrake. If you are interested in Cornish heritage, you might want to consider visiting fairly soon, as Cornwall is currently being flooded with immigrants from around the world, and will be unrecognisable within a generation (ie fully diversified, meaning no more Cornish people).

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Cornwall is 95% Cornish - 95% white. Outside of London and Birmingham is very English - very white. Defeatism is poison. European nations are not lost.

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It's not quite that simple down in the Westcountry Rommel. Initially the invaders weren't so keen to come this far south west.

But they are sure as hell are making up for that now. My nearest big city, Plymouth, has been 'diversified' phenomenally quickly - you barely hear an English voice walking around the city centre now.

That has happened in just a couple of years.

The official stats are baloney. I don't mean to sound, or come across as defeatist. At all.

Me and mine are ready and prepared to survive outside of the cities. And we are not alone.

Can't lie to you though. White genocide is happening before my eyes, even in a backwater like where I live. And this Trevelyan guy [a commentator] has the nerve to tell us we are wrong!

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Well even 95% is 5% too low for anywhere it Europe. Let alone whatever it truly is. Used to be 100% from London to Lisbon to St. Petersburg.

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But the leading role of urban populations in modern societies is an important fact. If the main urban areas are majority aliens, then they will dominate culture, media, fashion, music, radio, academia, banking, etc. Under the "guidance" of the global parasite of course.

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Yes - big problem. But from outside, looking in. 100% reliant on external sources for food, water and power, in a sense, we have them right where we want them, should the need arise. (The most feisty of receptions awaits beyond the city boundaries for any runners ;-)).

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Alamo Defender:

The south west isn't doing too badly, but the midlands and north are infested, the problem goes well beyond London. The majority of schoolchildren in London, Birmingham and Manchester are from ethnic minorities. Large parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire resemble the third world.

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Is there a lotta Treyvons there now, G?

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Thousands of Obama's sons and daughters. No jobs nor visible means of financial support - yet - wandering around the city, bags full of shopping/food etc (it isn't crime yet - they have not been able to establish a foothold - this area is under lockdown in that regard - local gangs/Triads mostly - Quintavious and his gang-bangers need not apply).

One cannot help but think - "what are you doing here? what exactly do you bring to the party? what is your benefit to my people/country/county/city/region? what attracted you to this place, the arse end of England?" - most of the locals usually can't wait to get out of here at the earliest opportunity!

Just as many Eastern Europeans too, hoovering up jobs like some great vacuum cleaner - work down here was/is hard enough to come by, but the local taxi drivers/factory workers etc cannot compete with Slavs living ten to a house.

And just as many Asians/Chinese (in particular). Unfriendly, seemingly detached and arrogant (this was traditionally, and until very recently, a relatively open, pleasant place to live with a strong sense of community and solidarity).

It is not that anymore.

It is something very, very different.

And it is not Utopia.

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Dr. Möbias:

Sounds just like California.

It has been completely flooded by low IQ, uneducated, useless Mexicans who live off of government benefits generation after generation. We've had many of our hospitals shut down because of the flood of sick Mexicans and the high number of welfare-for-life babies they pump out. The schools have been completely overrun and ruined.

We have also seen a high influx of Chinese, unfriendly and ethnocentric as you say.

We Whites, the ones who created this former paradies are now a minority and people are cheering it on. It all went to hell so quickly and there is no chance of us ever taking it back, we are on a long, downward slide as the government is trying to bankrupt us through heavy taxation to pay for their engineered welfare state.

It will all end in bloody warfare, no doubt, with the Asians refusing to support the massive brown welfare population at the expense of their own children.

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Heart breaking to hear pal.

I don't know what to say really.

Obviously I'm aware of the natural beauty of California (who isn't) - what a loss, almost unbearable.

But I did some research on this place [Oregon] too since we invaded their paper. Eugene looks like paradise on earth as well. A little hippyish/bohemian - whatever, but I'm not necessarily against that per se, just their limp-wristed attitudes to ethnicity issues (race-replacement/genocide etc).

Only a matter of time before the invasion begins there in earnest. Can our folk not see, not realise what we are giving up here?

If we don't fight to maintain control of our territory.
We will lose it.

And anyone that thinks life will be pleasant for whites under the boot of non-whites, seriously needs to think again.


You aren't alone pal - keep fighting. This battle hasn't really even begun yet. Early skirmishes, that's all. :)

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You people are twisted and sick.

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***[JIDF DETECTED]***warning***[JIDF DETECTED]***


Do you regret your ancestors having come to the "melting pot"?

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J B:

Anti-Whites decided my country should be a "melting pot". I didn't. My people didn't - there was no public voting on this.

The point of a "melting pot" is that everything is mixed. You anti-Whites ONLY ever call White countries "melting pots".

Anti-Whites say multiculturalism is good, but they don't demand more multiculturalism of Africa or Asia. They ONLY demand it of White countries.

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"Melting-point" was coined by that jew. They don't like getting melted in pots themselves though, or gassed (if such a thing were ever to occur)

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Re: "Do you regret your ancestors having come to the "melting pot"?"

I think we all regret your two most recent ancestors ever meeting.

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Please, who are your people? Do you know your heritage? Which places did they come from?


I was born where my brothers and father and mother and aunts and uncles and grandparents and great-grandparents were born. All in the same city, and their predecessors were most likely born nearby. What was your point?


My point is that if you can call yourself "white" & live in the USA or Canada, you are almost certainly of mixed-European heritage (unless you grew up in an ethnic community & subculture, there are a few). 'White' describes a skin color, European is a race, like African, or Asian, etc. If you ask a native French, German or English person about their heritage, they will describe themselves not as 'White', but by their national culture - probably down to finer detail, i.e. Gall, Bavarian, Welsh,etc. The American idea of 'White' was created by the descendants of immigrants to this continent, any culture associated is by definition both hybrid and adapted. All of those immigrants came from cultures which had previously been invaded & forced into religious conversion & cultural assimilation at some point earlier. Many of these immigrants came to work as slaves (yes, there were European slaves in the very early days of the colonies), or near-slaves (indentured servants), and were not considered fully human by the dominant class when they arrived (this is true of your own ancestors if they came early and were from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Armenia, Turkey, etc.).

Further, because of the social stigma associated with racial-mixing in the US, many people who identify as 'White' (or 'Black') actually have some combination of European, African & Native American blood, but don't know and/or say so.

Given all of this, how can you guys be so upset by the idea of accepting "Diversity"? How can you rationally support the idea that there is some effort toward "White Genocide", when immigration and mixing within and between races has been happening for as long as there's been separate races and cultures?? What's the difference between the Early-American French and British (that is Anglo, not Welsh or Scottish, definitely not Irish) colonial masters looking down their noses at their Welsh and Scot slaves as sub-human, and these 'White Genocide alarm' guys freaking out about the red, yellow & brown people?

Thanks for participating in a rational exchange, you are the first to be willing.

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oddball1776 to notquitewhite:

The situation in the US and Europe is slightly different. I can't really speak for the USA guys here. They can do that for themselves, if they so choose (you continue to misunderstand why we are here - I have already told you we are not here to debate. There are other phora available for that).

Listen, you need to learn to show some respect. Because you are now talking to an Englishman whose nation has existed for over 1000 years, an English man whom can trace his genealogy back through several hundred of those years - generation upon generation, across thousands of individuals and family units.

So please, I'll ask you nicely, do NOT preach to me about who or what I am. What my culture is, or whether or not I even have one. Do not deign to tell me that neither I, nor my family, my progeny - have no right to exist - no right to life - upon the soil where we have existed for millennia. Is that quite clear? Is that perfectly understood? Excellent. Be quiet now, you disgraceful moral pygmy.

This is a vast subject. So I will attempt to keep this brief. We reject the claim that the 'evil white man' is responsible for all the ills of the world (in particular the regular Joes such as ourselves). As such we reject the attempt by our enemies - principally I suppose the self styled 'left' - although I can be much, much more specific about that if necessary - to blend and 'diversify' the aforementioned 'evil white man' out of existence.

That is our enemies stated aim.

That aim will be opposed, and our enemies will be defeated.

We encounter your arguments daily. We have all seen those arguments debunked and obliterated countless times. Yet you still come back for more. You have made up your mind, and you will not be turned. We accept that, and we are ready for what that will ultimately entail.

We are proud of who we are. We are proud of our culture, our heritage. Of the civilisation that we inherited from our forefathers. It is our duty to see that we pass that precious gift on, intact, to the next generation. No trendy political fad, and no amount of self-hating, bed-wetting, 'liberal', degenerate morons - or loud mouthed non-whites - will stand in the way of that on-going process.

You have no idea of the depth or scale of what is happening here. I doubt that you care - your only interest is self.

My interest is that of my people, my nation - and my wider family - that being my European brothers and sisters around the world - whose very existence now stands on a knife edge - because of people like you. And people of far more evil intent, whom you serve, albeit unknowingly, and unwittingly (or at least I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt in that regard, else we would not even be having this 'conversation').

You do not support 'diversity' and 'tolerance'. Your political beliefs mean the death of those very things - the death of my people. For that, do not expect thanks. Do not expect an easy ride, certainly not from here on in.

Expect defeat. Expect to learn to know your place. Expect to close your mouth, and stop spreading your poison.

Have a nice day.


tl:dr; anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

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