The Kike's whore Obongo honours Led Zeppelin. Jimmy, Bob and Jean-Paul gaze in wonder and amusement as a fat chick sweats through "Stairway" accompanied by bowler-hatted faux-"gospel"-type Negro choir. "...and she's byzzhing a ... stayayayerway ... to ... he-eh-vun." And all your dreams have turned to dross. Hellish.

The Kennedy Center, 2012.12.02: Kike Dustin Hoffman, Buddy Guy and David Letterman were honoured for their contributions to American culture. The full Zep program began with a "funny" introduction by Kike Jack Black saying that Zep sold their souls to Satan, followed by The Foo Fighters playing "Rock and Roll", Kid Rock playing "Ramble On", Kike Lenny Kravitz playing "Whole Lotta Love", climaxing in the fat chick and negro choir.

Here are the chaps shmooozing with their buddy Letterman and his kike elf musical director Schaeffer:

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Angelic . . . orru zatto guritaazu

本田美奈子 : 天国への階段

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Creepy up-close.

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