The Beatles wasn't the only band Yoko Ono broke up.

She also broke up what could have been one of the best bands ever (*a bit of hyperbole* ) -- Cheap Trick with John Lennon.

In 1998 Cheap Trick recorded "I'm Losin' You" during their In Color re-recording session with Steve Albini. CT's Rick Nielson and Bun E. Carlos played on the original recording for Yoko&John "Imagine Our Gold Toilet" Lennon's Double Fantasy album (1980). CT was the original backing band for Lennon's half of that album, until his husband, Yoko Ono, fired them. Carlos said it was great playing with Lennon, but Yoko was a fucking bitch, and Lennon 'stole' Nielsen’s distinctive guitar-riffs without giving him any songwriting credit, but Nielsen figured it would be a waste of time and money to try to sue Lennon over it. They also had trouble getting paid for their session work. Yoko argued that CT should be grateful to work with her wife, and fired them after they'd recorded two songs with him and one with her. She accused them of just trying to use her wife, when in fact it was John who was hoping to use CT to help him find his balls again (but Yoko wouldn't let him use them again).

Nielsen says the only way Yoko could be made even half-bearable to listen to was when CT backed her up: "That’s the only way you could handle it, have us behind her voice. You need kind of schizophrenic stuff going on.”

(Click for zip file of CT In Color Albini 98 album w CT version of "I'm Loson' You")

Here's The Golden Toilet couple's spawn:

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