Library of Political Secrets 2 — Underground Facts of the Portuguese Revolution — Is Spinola the Kerensky of Portugal? — The Hidden Jewish Hand

By Alfonso Castelo, July 1974, Portugal


[Page 15:]


In Portugal, they call "new Christians" the descendents of the Portuguese Jews who simulated a conversion to Christianity in the year 1497 in order to deceive the decree of expulsion of the Jews from Portugal which was promulgated by King Manuel the First. After becoming Christians, the majority of Portuguese Jews kept up their secret Jewish organizations and their clandestine synagogues, adopting Christian names and impeccably Portuguese surnames, as it also happened in England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other European countries when expulsion laws were isaued by their monarchs. And although these families have practiced the Christian religion in public for almost four countries, as do the clandestine Jews of the whole of Europe, America and Chrstianity in general, they secretly initiate their children, when they reach the age of 13, into their hidden Jewish organizations which infiltrate the political, military, cultural and syndical institutions of the rest of the world — even the Church clergy — and try to dominate Portugal as they try to dominate the rest of the world, misinterpreting the Old Testament of the Bible in those passages in which the people of Israel are promised that they will dominate all nations, will take possession of all richess and will make male and female slaves out of all those that live around them.

These biblical passages which Christianity interprets symbolically, as referring to Christ's reign on earth, the Jews are taught from childhood by the rabbies to interpret literally; thus the Israelites who have penetrated into all the nations of the world, have for centuries been organized as fifth columns in order to conquer the governments of these nations, take possession of

[Page 16:]

their wealth and enslave them as they believe it was ordained by God and promised to his chosen people.

It Is well known that the Jews created the capitalist regime, by over-throwing the ancient feudal system, in order to achieve the purpose of world political and economic conquest; but as the above-mentioned regime did not allow them to totally attain their ends, the German Jews, Karl Marx

[Page 17:]

and Friedrich Engels, created marxist socialism which would, by means of a revolution destroying capitalism, place all the political power in the hands of the so-called proletarian state. But as this state would in reality be publicly or secretly controlled by the Jews, it would allow them to expropriate all wealthy individuals and submit them to a true slavery and thus the Hebrew people who live scattered among all nations, would take possession of them, and by subjecting them to the slavery of a communism managed by Jews, the prophesies of the Bible would come true in their rabbinical interpretation.

As a result, in the capitalist countries themselves, the Jewish politicians, financiers, military men and students as well as the Christians priests and bishops who are secretly Israelites, support — in a way that is inexplicable to those who ignore the secret — the communists and socialist marxists who try to submerge capitalism and destroy the Christian faith, imitating Kerensky and getting involved in all kinds of plots in a way that seems most adequate, according to the exigencies of time and place.

It IS well known that it was the high Jewish bankers of the United States and Europe that financed the communist revolution in Russia, and by investing about 30 million dollars, the World Israelite Brotherhood managed to take possession of all the gigantic wealth of the Russian Empire. With a relatively small investment they made the biggest and most lucrative business ever transacted by Jews in the entire history of the people of Israel.

To suppose — as many do — that Israeli Imperialism is limited to the expansion plans of the small state of Israel, is to show a lamentable ignorance in this respect. We must make it clear to these uninformed people that the state of Israel was founded under the pressure of the Jewish Zionist sects, which constitute only one part of world Judaism and the leaders of these sects — the State of Israel as well as Zionism that patronizes them — have created so many problems for them that the number of those who wish to check the excesses of the Zionists increases every day, for they are endangering the Jewish domination of all nations which is the true goal to which Judaism tends and not the expansion of the small state of Israel.


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