Golden Dawn Radio America, Episode 12: Eternal Recurrence


Anarchist Murderers Speak

On the eve of November 17th-a holiday for the Greek Left- a manifesto was released by an Anarchist para-state group bragging about the political assassination of Giorgos and Manolis, as well as promising more violence. In the 18 pages of the "radical" manifesto of the "Militant People's Fighting Force" not a single statement is made about the United States, international moneylenders, or globalists who today are oppressing the Greek people. By acting in tandem with the Greek government's political oppression of Golden Dawn, the Left-wing terrorist deep-state subscribes to the "Popular Front" approach against nationalism that Joseph Stalin established in the Spanish Civil war. The historical precedent of Anarchists, Communists, and the plutocratic establishment joining together against Patriotic forces. George and Ed also talk about how the Greek government allows Anarchists to get away with murder and how both entities are openly cooperating.

Polytechneio Students And May 68: Wall Street's Janissary Corps

Ed and George debunk the myths perpetrated by the system regarding 60's and 70's Leftist student movements, their Jewish roots and ringleaders, as well as foreign interests they served. In times of galloping economic growth, low unemployment, free university, safe streets, and the nullification of military rule, what were University occupiers rebelling against, and why did this happen only a month after Col. Georgios Papadopoulos rejected American demands to use Greek bases and airspace to help Israel in the Arab-Israeli war? How the long haired, bearded student radicals grew up to become todays establishment thieves and oppressors.

Anti-Racist Thought Crime Law Grows New Legs - "Anti-Racist" Law the IMF appointed Venizelos-Samaras junta plans to push through protects Holocaust from historical criticism, but makes no mention of genocide(s) against Greeks. Money paid by Germany to Jews in the Holocaust racket: 13.6 billion. Money paid to Greeks by Turkey for hundreds of slavery and well-documented genocide: 0. George and Ed also talk about how this law violates the Greek constitution and is an attempt to stifle criticism of illegal immigrant violence.

Greeks Forced To Spit On Their Own History: Athens Mosque- The "broke" Greek government has put aside 1.3 million dollars to build a Mosque, something the vast majority of Greeks oppose. How the beautiful Hagia Sophia was converted into a Mosque, and then into a money-making scheme by the Turkish government. Turkish violation of Population Exchange agreement through a history of thuggery.

Athens As A Spy Paradise

As the Greek government searches monasteries for Golden Dawn's supposed weapon caches, Athens is home to unhindered spying by the United States, Israel, Turkey and British government. Leaked documents reveal CIA/Mossad wiretapping scandal via PASOK assets, as well as their plans to assassinate ex-Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis over an oil deal signed with Russia. British embassy in Greece caught spying red handed with no consequences. Why real national security issues are of no interest to the Greek system.

New Poll Shows Golden Dawn as no. 1 Party poll puts Golden Dawn on top with double the results of establishment polling companies. Why Zougla's research methods are superior at recording XA's real rates, and why the media which in the past saw as highly respected Zougla and accurate, prefer to use faulty polls that gave Golden Dawn only half of its real numbers prior to the May 2012 election.

The European Union Myth

Why leaving the European Union will not be the apocalypse propagandists want people to believe. How Greece grew economically despite being banished by Western Europe under the Junta, and how state jobs were taken seriously under Papadopoulos while today they are little more than bribes by PASOK and New Democracy in exchange for votes. The destruction of the organic middle class through outsourcing of manufacturing and capital globalization, and why enslavement by international usury is an inevitable (and planned by the system) result of neo-liberalism and European Union membership . The dangers of national brain drain is also explained, and how Greeks go on to become leaders in science, engineering, and other brilliant fields in other lands due to lack of opportunities in their home.

Clash Of The Archetypes: Hellenism or Modernity?

George briefly re-tells a portion of Odysseus' experience in Homer's poem and the lessons we can learn from it. George and Ed explain how Greek myths and epics are meant to be read, rather than how soulless academics interpret them today. The importance of myths in knowing a people, and how this ancient knowledge can help protect our people today. War of the worlds: the integrity of Hellenism and European civilization it helped spawn against Jewish myths that celebrate deceit, sabotage, and genocide. How Western people outside of Greece are reconnecting with Hellenic philosophy as a tool for 21st century liberation, and how Greece itself is once again standing as a well-respected focal point in the stage of history because of Golden Dawn.


Argentum: La Tierra Blanca
No Surrender: Hellenic Glory (2013)

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