Why is Toronto mayor Rob Ford still so popular (currently 40% approval and 33% support if he runs in next election) in spite of multiple scandals and constant attacks against him in the kike media?
  • He kept his campaign promises.
  • He donates his entire salary to charity.
  • He lowered taxes and cut wasteful spending (lowered city budget by approximately $1,000,000 per annum)
  • The poor and lower-middle class strongly support him because they empathize with him and because the rich and powerful hate him.
  • Since the city council stripped him of his powers, they've raised their salaries, raised taxes, and increased spending on pet projects of the elites.
  • If he goes, his most likely replacement would be vile commie bitch Olivia Chow-Chow (Smilin' Jack Layton's widow).

Council pay hike showdown coming

By Don Peat, City Hall Bureau Chief, Toronto Sun, December 02, 2013 | Updated: December 03, 2013


* Rob Ford would handle city's budget best: Poll
* Mayor Rob Ford slams 2014 budget as 'the gravy train all over again'

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford and Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly are set to clash over city council’s 2014 pay raise.

Ford, Kelly and every Toronto city councillor are poised to get around a 1.5% pay hike next year, according to the draft 2014 budget.

The mayor came out against the raise Monday and promised to pitch $50 million in budget savings to council in his quest for a 1.75% property tax increase rather than the proposed 2.5% hike.

Right now, the mayor’s salary [which Ford donates to charity] is set at $175,395 while councillors earn $104,147 each.

City officials confirmed Monday that council’s actual 2014 pay hike could be higher or lower, depending on the final tabulation of the 2013 consumer price index average early next year.

A 1.5% increase would give councillors a $1,562 bump while Ford would get a $2,630 increase.

Councillors got a 1.5% increase in 2013, a 3% increase in 2012 and agreed to freeze their pay in 2011. [Ford, mayor since 2010, has opposed all pay-increases.]

Officials confirmed four members of council donated their 2013 pay hike back to the city but wouldn’t reveal who rejected the increase.

Along with the $86,000 set aside for councillors’ pay increases, the 2014 budget includes around $209,000 for a 1.75% cost of living increase for councillors’ staff and $20,000 for a 1.5% consumer price index increase for councillors’ office budgets.

The mayor predicted Monday that the pay raise will likely go through.

“I’ll just have to donate it back,” Ford said, adding he has donated back the pay hike every year.

“I think we get paid enough. You shouldn’t be doing the job for the money, you should be doing the job to help people.”

Ford — who was stripped of most of his powers in the wake of his crack cocaine scandal — said he plans on bringing a stack of motions to council to fight spending in the 2014 budget.

They say show me $18 million (in savings), I’m going to show them $50 million, easy. We’ll see if it gets through,” he said. “You’re going to see the old Rob Ford back in action saving taxpayers’ money.”

Deputy Mayor Kelly confirmed he’ll support a council pay hike.

“They’re a very hardworking group and you look at the comparable salaries in the GTA, they are underpaid by a considerable amount,” Kelly said. “This is a huge, complex, diverse city to run and I think that members of council, their job should be recognized.”

Budget Chief Frank Di Giorgio was “OK” with the increase unless someone puts forward a motion to freeze councillors’ pay.

“It is one of those things where usually somebody steps up and puts forward that kind of motion,” Di Giorgio said. “Cutting it is politically opportunistic.”

“I’m flexible either way,” he added.

Councillor Doug Ford — the budget committee vice-chairman — said he would “absolutely freeze” councillors’ pay.

“I think that we’re paid enough — we’re paid over $100,000 a year. I think that is sufficient,” said Ford, who donates his entire salary to charity.

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Disqualifyer: How do you spell: "Conflict of Interest; council voting themselves a pay raise"!

Ross Vaughan to Disqualifyer: Yes they need more money. No free TTC passes, Zoo tickets, or private box seats for ACC or SkyDome! And free parking at City Hall is now a taxable benefit. Maybe that's why some bicycle to work? Wait on that! They're spending $1.2 million for bike lockers and showers in the garage and foregoing $64,000 per year in public parking fees too!

TOdowntowner to Ross Vaughan: The useless illustrious bike racks was another grand plan of Miller's, on top of the 9% raise council awarded themselves in 2010.

Conservative Astroturf Brigade to Ross Vaughan: 64k in fees assume the spots are being used. They actually checked and determined that the garage was never so full that it would make a difference.

Ross Vaughan Conservative to Astroturf Brigade: I guess I have to say LIES at CITY HALL to protect their perks. Remember the TTC Grand Plan in oh, 2008 or 2009? They polled 600 people in Toronto, and 1000 in the horseshoe about future needs of riders.
I asked at the unveiling how many were polled and when the calls were made. Answer from Webster? Between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday cause they knew people would be home.
These people used the TTC so much they had to stay home to rest from the stress. F*N BS!!

Tim Devlin to Ross Vaughan: the new [they knew?] all the free-loaders and welfare louts would be home watching the Price is Right on T.V. and they knew in advance what the vote would be...rigged as usual.

Belario to Disqualifyer: Provincial Legislation dictates that Councillors can determine their own compensation. There cannot be a "Conflict" if the actions conform to all applicable law. The City of Toronto is a 'child' of the Province of Ontario. Wynne is the mama this week.

antimulticulturalism to Disqualifyer: Sounds like our provincial and federal governments- in fact if memory serves me both have "quietly/secretly" voted themselves pay raisies over the past couple of years. And again, we allow this! They all have gotten completely out of control as they have guietly given themselves so much power that nothing - especially not we the voters/taxpayers or law enforcement have any say/control over them. We are setting ourselves up for serious consequences when our own governments have no fear and no honour !

E Jack Q Layton to Disqualifyer: Yep moments like that betray the absurdity of democracy at times

Phil: How about a 10% salary reduction for every councillor? Except for Adumb Vaughn. He merits a 50% reduction.

99Bandit to Phil: Awesome, you nailed it^

[This comment was deleted.]

TOdowntowner: Council is doing a good job of guaranteeing Ford's re-election. He won't need to campaign.

BruinsForever to whatafoolbelieves: And do not forget the waste of taxpayers money that crackhead, drunk Ford has
caused himself. Imagine giving all his staff $5000 raises, paying for a football
teams equipment out of taxpayers money, constantly using his staff members
for his own personal use, when they should have been at work. And receiving
full pay himself, of taxpayers money each day and only showing up for work
for 1 to 2 hours a day. What a useless piece of crap Ford has become and mark
my words, he will take this raise gladly to feed his drug, drinking addictions.

You_Dirty_Rat to BruinsForever: As a fiction lover, I really enjoyed your comment.

captkirk1950 to BruinsForever: Say there you are a Bruins fan...I can tell because your rant indicates you don't know your a$$ from a hole in the ground! Please do the following:: Take your lower lip...pull it over your head ...now swallow!

Hank Shaftwood to BruinsForever: What equipment was purchased with tax dollars? Let me re-phrase that for you, what equipment did Rob Ford buy with tax dollars.

Ross Vaughan to Hank Shaftwood: Ignore that bruins fan. Any informed Torontonian knows Ford used his own money.

cdnyank to BruinsForever: He didn't buy equipment with tax dollars....you made that up

Tim Devlin to cdnyank: The ill informed on a rant make up anything they think they can get away with...Ford pays his own way what ever you think of him. He smoked Crack a few times and stopped, he has totally stopped drinking but I think the Crack dealers have ongoing customers with some the delusional bloggers on this site. Disney, needs fiction writers.

natrx to BruinsForever: Nice try there... Ford's budget is about $1 million less than Miller's. That $5000 is a dent.

[This comment was deleted.]

[This comment was deleted.]

[This comment was deleted.]

Taebok to Ross Vaughan: Same question for you Ross. Why does Rob always say 'there is more money to be saved' and then he NEVER says how?

Ross Vaughan to Taebok: As I previously posted, I expect he'll speak at council where the media are sure to report it. Will be a surprise if he has anything new to say.

[This comment was deleted.]

Ross Vaughan to The Artful Dodger: Making it? Irrelevant if you're not there then you're free to hang the label. As to consensus building 20 years a realtor and 14 years running a limo biz, it's second nature. I have no respect for their bending over for every boneheaded plan and ignoring that Ford was elected by 47% of voters. We all know Ford lost control when he failed to get 3P money for subways. I was extremely frustrated and p'o'd about that.

SmokinJo to Ross Vaughan: Mr. Vaughan, with all due respect you seem to be relatively intelligent in your posts, but your defense of this Fraud of a Mayor is mind boggling. Yes he was elected but then he forfeited this "right" to lead through his inexcusable actions and completely inappropriate, admitted criminal behavior as our Mayor. He's embarrassed himself, his family and this great City. If I threw a party in my company's office like he did, admitted to smoking drugs and driving while impaired, I can tell you I'd be shown the door the very next day, no matter how many times I said I was sorry. Why does he get a pass when average "Joe Citizen" would not? I don't care if he's the best of many evils, as I truly believe as do most citizens of Toronto that saving a few dollars does not give you the right to be mayor and it is not enough to allow a degenerate like Ford to run this City. We need to hold these leaders to higher standards, full stop. He is a terrible leader who can't build and has a tremendous sense of entitlement. He's also an extremely poor manager, as is evidenced by his self promotion in his pontificating in front of the media and the use of the word "I" over and over again. it would seem listening to him that he, alone is responsible for any good he's done while mayor. No credit ever to his staff, other members of council or executive. No manager, or boss worth his salt ever takes all the praise - it's always a team effort. No wonder all his staff have quit. Why would anyone want to work for such a blow hard. If he loved this City as much he says he does he should to go away before the videos come out and any further evidence of his inability to control his chronic bad behavior is produced, thus further tarnishing our great City's image in front of the world.

This articles shows how Ontario and Toronto were run before Rob Ford showed up:

[KIKE] Michael Bryant [HARVARD SHYSTER] charged in cyclist's death

Former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant has been charged with criminal negligence causing death after a 33-year-old cyclist was struck and killed last night.

[Photo: Longtime friend of Darcy Allan Sheppard, Brian Harris is seen sitting on Bloor St. near University Ave. during a protest held by Toronto cyclists after Sheppard was fatally wounded in an altercation with a driver.]

By: Robyn Doolittle Danielle Wong , Nicole Baute Staff Reporters, Toronto Star

Published on Tue Sep 01 2009

Former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant has been charged with criminal negligence causing death after a 33-year-old cyclist was struck and killed last night.

He was also charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death.

Friends identified the victim as bicycle courier Darcy Allan Sheppard, father of three.

Bryant, 43, spent the night and morning in custody. He stared straight ahead as he left the Traffic Services police station at about 2:30 p.m. today, amid the flash of cameras and buzz of reporters' questions.

Dressed in a suit, but looking tired and distraught, he read a brief statement.

"May I ask for your understanding in not making a statement today on last night's tragic events. At an appropriate moment I will of course speak to you.

"I would, however, like to extend my deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Sheppard. To all those who have offered support to my family in the past 12 hours, thank you," Bryant said, choking up slightly.

Bryant is scheduled to appear in Old City Hall court on Oct. 19.

Just after 5 p.m. today, more than a dozen cyclists blocked traffic on Bloor St., laying down their bikes at the spot where Sheppard died, chanting "murder."

The cyclists, mostly couriers, brought traffic in both directions to a standstill between Unviersity Ave. and Bay St. They also taunted motorists, yelling at them to turn around and give them space to mourn their friend.
Sheppard's girlfriend Misty arrived and laid down flowers.

The cyclists dispersed at around 6:10 p.m. and traffic resumed.

Sheppard, who was called Al by friends, was likely heading to his new home in the Dupont and Dufferin Sts. area at the time of the incident, friends said. They said Sheppard had just got back together with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Misty, and had said he wanted to marry her.

"Things were starting to go well for him right around now. Stuff was looking good for him," said 24-year-old Sana, who did not want to give her last name.

Witnesses on Bloor St. last night described a heated confrontation between the driver of a black Saab convertible and a cyclist that began near Bloor and Bay Sts. at about 9:45 p.m.
Police Sgt. Tim Burrows said that after a minor collision, the cyclist grabbed hold of the car, which drove west on Bloor toward Avenue Rd.
Witnesses said the cyclist clung to the driver's side of the car, which had its top down, while the driver yelled at him to get off.

The vehicle veered into the eastbound lanes and mounted the curb, brushing against trees and poles. The victim was apparently run over by the rear wheels of the vehicle, witnesses said.

The driver's wife [KIKE SUSAN ABRAMOVITCH; entertainment industry shyster http://www.gowlings.com/OurPeople/susan-abramovitch] was a passenger in the car [BUT THE PASSENGER HAD BLONDE HAIR AND THIS KIKE'S KIKE-WIFE HAS DARK HAIR], police said.

"Lots of people were watching and they couldn't believe what was happening," said Ryan Brazeau, a worker with a crew laying sewer pipes on Bloor.
One construction worker told CTV News he heard the squeal of tires and saw the car racing the wrong way down the street past their construction site, with the cyclist hanging onto the car.

"The guy hanging onto the car, hit the mailbox, hit the road, (then) . . . the car ran over him with the back tires," the witness said. "The guy bounced and the car sped off . . . the person was there just bleeding."

The witness said he felt sick to his stomach when he saw the cyclist "bleeding from his head, his mouth."

Sheppard was taken to St. Michael's Hospital with serious head injuries and died around midnight.
Burrows said a large portion of the incident was captured on surveillance video and that investigators are working to fill in the gaps.

Police said alcohol was not involved.

On the website Biking Toronto Forum, a message was posted that said cyclists planned to gather at the same spot Wednesday at 5 p.m.

This morning two of Sheppard's friends sat on the sidewalk scrawling notes for their friend, which they taped to a tree.

"He had a rough go," Will Pierson, 26, said. "And just this last week he had kind of turned his place around and all these things were starting to look up for him and that's why it's such a f-ing tragedy."

Pierson said he saw a bike on the news on TV this morning and recognized the wheel set as Sheppard's. He and Sana went to find him afterward at his home, but no one answered.

A friend called at that time and told them the news, Sana said.

The last time Pierson saw Sheppard was yesterday morning and they had chatted about guitar amps.
He and Sana were supposed to swing by Sheppard's house after work yesterday, but no one answered when they got there.

"He was totally getting his life back on track, which is the part that makes it really, really hard to deal with," Pierson said.

Friends also said Sheppard was an amateur stand-up comedian who sometimes performed at open mike nights at local clubs.

Bryant was reportedly in contact with a lawyer. Around 12:50 p.m., lawyer Andrew Evangelista arrived at Traffic Services in a black Cadillac, saying he was visiting Bryant as counsel and as a friend.

Bryant was first elected MPP for St. Paul's in 1999 and won re-election in 2003 and 2007. He was awarded Now Magazine's Best Toronto MPP for 2008.
Residents on a small street in the St. Paul's riding said they were shocked to hear about the alleged incident.

"I just saw the headline," said one man, who asked not to be named.

"He's a busy guy, we don't see him around very much."

When a Star reporter visited Bryant's two-storey Victorian home on Foxbar Rd., at the intersection of St. Clair W. and Avenue Rd., a woman closed the curtains. She could then be seen in the window talking on the phone while two children played.

Bryant was Ontario's youngest-ever attorney general, serving throughout the McGuinty government's first four-year term.

Bryant legalized paralegals, fixed election dates, banned pit bulls, overhauled the human rights system, re-created the Law Reform Commission, re-established civilian oversight of police and depoliticized Justice of the Peace appointments.

Bryant, who also served as aboriginal affairs minister [AND NOW WORKS FOR PHIL FONTAINE, THE FORMER GRAND CHIEF OF CANDA], stepped down as Ontario's economic development minister in May to become president and CEO of the new Invest Toronto corporation chaired by Mayor David Miller [A FELLOW HARVARD SHYSTER; NDP; succeeded by Kike Mel Lastman and was succeeded by Rob Ford; went on to work for The World Bank; appointed president and CEO of WWF-Canada in 2013].

In a statement issued this morning, Miller expressed "sincere condolences to the family and friends of the cyclist who died last night following an incident in the Yorkville area."
But citing the ongoing police investigation, he declined to comment further.

Bryant's former boss, Premier Dalton McGuinty, also reacted to news of the accident at a press conference this morning calling it "very sad, very tragic.

"My thoughts are with the family and friends of the gentleman who lost his life," he said.

McGuinty stayed away from answering questions as to how Bryant should be treated in court, given his former ministerial position with the Attorney General.

"With respect to the case itself, I think the best thing to do is let the investigation unfold," said McGuinty. "I have confidence that anyone who comes before Ontario courts will be treated with due process."

With files from Dan Robson, Kenyon Wallace, Daniel Dale, Jesse McLean, Noor Javed, John Rieti and Henry Stancu


Canada's cycle couriers: in the eyes of the law, roadkill

What message does it send out that Michael Bryant faces no charges after his car crushed Darcy Allan Sheppard to death?

Bill Chidley, The Guardian [UK], 28 May 2010

The video of the initial encounter is clear: a cyclist pulls up in front of a stationary car at red traffic light, and stops; after a few moments, the car jerks forward, reverses and then drives straight into the cyclist, knocking him off his bike and onto the bonnet and off again. The car stops briefly, and then drives around the cyclist to carry on down the road. As the car passes, the cyclist grabs hold of the car. Exactly what happens next is not as obvious, as there is no video, but at least this much is not disputed: the car moves over into the oncoming carriageway, hits some street furniture on the sidewalk, denting its side-panels, and at some point, the cyclist loses his grip on the car and falls dead in the roadway.

The driver later hands himself over the police and, in due course, is charged with "criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death". Last week, the legal proceedings reached their conclusion. The charges against the driver were dropped by the special prosecutor appointed by the province of Ontario to investigate the case, who said that the prosecution had determined that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.

An obvious miscarriage of justice, you might say, but an outcome that was feared by the Toronto messenger community once the identity of the driver became known. Michael Bryant is a former attorney general of Ontario, and Darcy Allan Sheppard was a bicycle messenger. The incident became a major media event, not least because Bryant engaged a well-known Canadian PR company very shortly after Sheppard's death.

The story – political high-flier crosses path with low-life messenger (Sheppard's "troubled" upbringing, his drinking, his outstanding arrest warrants, the raised level of alcohol in his blood at the time of his death [THE KIKE BRYANT'S BLOOD WAS NOT TESTED; AFTER THE CHARGES WERE DROPPED, BRYANT WROTE A BOOK ABOUT HIS "ORDEAL" AND ABOUT HIS "STRUGGLE WITH ALCOHOLISM"], were all publicised) – divided opinion in the media, and among the public to judge from the comments on the many news and blog articles on the case.

Like Sheppard, I have to declare some previous. I used to be a bicycle courier or messenger, and I too have been involved in violent confrontations with motorists. I know from my own experience that couriers can get very cross when they get hit by cars, or are threatened with being hit by a car.

And it's not just 6'2" male couriers that take it badly either; even short female cyclists can become incandescent with rage when they feel threatened. OK, so the smart (and correct) thing to do is to ignore the idiot behind the wheel, and seek refuge and comfort in valorous discretion, but if you feel mortally threatened, it can be hard to beat a retreat, not least because the injustice of simple motor-might versus cyclist-right burns hot, and demands immediate redress.

That is, undoubtedly, the miscalculation that led Thomas McBride, a Chicago messenger, armed only with his bicycle, to take on Carnell Fitzpatrick, behind the wheel of a very large Chevrolet – a poor decision that led to his death under the wheels of the SUV, and Fitzpatrick's conviction and sentencing for murder. Justice was undoubtedly done by the unanimous verdict in that case, and I believe that only because Bryant was rich, powerful and influential was he able to avoid a trial, which at least would have served to test Bryant's assertion that he was acting in self-defence when his car crushed Sheppard's body against the hydrant, kerb or other hard object on the roadside (the investigation was not able to determine exactly which impact from which object killed Sheppard).

Perhaps he would have been acquitted. Perhaps Bryant was acting in fear for his life when Sheppard jumped onto his car. Perhaps he didn't intentionally shunt Sheppard when the light turned green; perhaps his car really did stall, and then jerk forward uncontrollably once he restarted it, the incident that sparked the confrontation, according to Bryant.

In other words, maybe it was simply a misunderstanding of intention that led to the death of "troubled" Sheppard. I doubt that Bryant lost control of his car. I think he got cross because Sheppard pulled up in front of him, crosser when he didn't pull away as soon as the light turned green, yelled and then used his car to shove Sheppard out of the way. Would that excuse Sheppard's loss of control? Maybe not, definitely not, but Sheppard has already paid for his miscalculation with his life.

My friends in the Toronto cycling community are not so sure that the evidence that Bryant deliberately used his vehicle as a weapon would have been so easily dismissed in court with a prosecutor committed to securing a conviction presenting it. Some feel that the special prosecutor has acted less as a prosecutor, and more as a defence lawyer, cherrypicking the evidence that exonerates Bryant, and ignoring that which indicts him, one online commenter saying "it is disturbing that a special prosecutor can dismiss charges so easily based upon the statements of the accused", and calling him "Advocate for the Defence".

As a cyclist, I am deeply disturbed that Bryant has been involved in what looks to me like a motorised assault, and is facing no charges whatsoever as a result.

After the announcement that the charges were being dropped, Bryant said that the case was "not a morality play about bikes versus cars, couriers versus drivers, or about class, privilege and politics. It's just about how, in 28 seconds, everything can change."

Change for whom? Bryant went back to his job at a law firm, and Toronto cyclists now feel even less protected.

Protesters Still Blame Michael Bryant for Bike Courier’s Death

A group of about 40 gathered outside the ROM on Thursday to protest an appearance by the former politician.

By Geoffrey Mosher, Torontoist, March 30, 2012

A silent group gathered on Thursday night outside the ROM. They were there to mourn the loss of bike courier Darcy Allan Sheppard and to protest the former provincial politician, Michael Bryant, who was making a public appearance inside.

Sheppard was killed three years ago, in an incident involving Bryant, not far from the ROM, at Bloor Street and Avenue Road. The courier was riding his bike down Bloor Street when he got into an altercation with Bryant, who was driving a Saab convertible. Bryant’s wife was in the passenger seat. Things quickly escalated. Sheppard grabbed hold of the car, and Bryant sped away. In the ensuing chaos, Sheppard was killed.

Bryant was charged with criminal negligence causing death, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death, but those charges were withdrawn by Vancouver Special Prosecutor Richard Peck, who explained he did not believe there was a reasonable prospect of conviction.

Bryant, a former St. Paul’s MPP and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, who at one time served as Ontario’s attorney general, was appearing at the ROM to speak about policy options for Aboriginal self-governance and the Kelowna Accord, as part of a New Grit Network event.

One of the organizers of the demonstration, Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip, said the protestors were there to make sure Sheppard’s death was not brushed aside. Mueller-Heaslip was distributing flyers that said Bryant should not be in involved in setting public policy because of the incident. The flyers also questioned the efficacy of the Canadian legal system, saying that, in dismissing Bryant’s case, the courts had exposed an “inability to act independently.”


Outraged: I remember this case. Bryant lost it and killed the courier. Got off on a bunch of technicalities. Never even went to trial. If it had been me, I would be in jail right now. Justice was not done.

A comment on a PR piece about The Kike Bryant that was published in Toronto Life ("Michael Bryant’s very bad year: his life on bail, how he got off, and his surprise comeback"):


Hummm, who was THE blonde who was originally in the car with Bryant then? The orginial picture of her in the car with Bryant did not LIE and is a FACT. The press it seems will print anything for the guy who gave them SO many outrageous "sound bites" at the expense of rationally.

So Bryants black haired wife finally left him after things "cooled down"? Wonder if it was really becauseh of the blonde in the car with him at the time of the accident?

Love the line on how Bryant OFFERED to take a breathalizer test but was refused? WHAT reasonable cop would do THAT? OH wait, maybe it was the one who put Bryant up on the couch in the officers lounge with a comfy pillow and blankie instead of in a cold harsh cell?

OKay so no breathizer but WHY then was a drug test given to the victim and NOT the driver of the car?

Our media is pathetic in it's pandering to politicans. Mr Bryant while YOUR story may be acceptable to the press it is NOT acceptable to a thinking public. Now for the sake of sanity and rationally, PLEASE GO AWAY.


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