History Eyes Drama About Jesus’ “Lost Years” From Eli Roth, Eric Newman & Scott Kosar That May Involve Exorcism

By NELLIE ANDREEVA, Deadline Hollywood , December 3, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: History scored big with its blockbuster The Bible miniseries. Now the cable network is exploring another project about Jesus that would portray him in a more controversial light. I’ve learned that the network is finalizing deals for the project, from feature writer Scott Kosar (The Machinist) and producers Eli Roth (the Hostel franchise) and Eric Newman (The Thing). Titled The Lost Years, the drama explores the undocumented years of Jesus’ life as a young adult. There is very little information about Jesus’ life from about the age of 13, following a pilgrimage to Jerusalem he took with his parents, to age 30, when he began his ministry and was baptized by John the Baptist. Because the project is in very early stages, it is unclear whether it would be developed as a regular series or a miniseries.

The Lost Years is based on an original idea by Kosar who developed it with Roth and Newman. All three have strong horror pedigree — Kosar co-wrote The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror and The Crazies, and Roth and Newman jointly produced The Last Exorcism franchise in addition to their other horror credits. That is not a coincidence — nor is Roth and Newman’s exorcism connection. I hear that The Lost Years was conceived in the horror genre, and it explores a theory about Jesus’ origins as an exorcist. Although the practice of ridding a person’s body of demons and evil spirits existed long before Jesus’ time, the term “exorcism” — which is done in Jesus’ name — wasn’t coined until later. In ancient times, when medicine was in its infancy, healing was done mainly on a spiritual level, essentially treating ailments by getting demons out the body. Thus the theory that, as the most powerful healer of his time, Jesus performed rituals akin to exorcism. Kosar is repped by Verve, Magnolia Entertainment and Howard Fishman. Roth and Newman are with CAA.


Some needs to exorcise Roth from television… that Netflix series is a joke.

This is part of the usual pre-Christmas anti-Jesus barrage. Can’t for 15 lousy minutes people be left alone to enjoy whatever they enjoy? What’s the problem?

It shouldn’t be necessary to point this out, but for the record: Kosar worked on the REMAKES of AMITYVILLE, CHAINSAW, and CRAZIES, not the more highly regarded 1970s originals.

U never get the truth anymore.

Jesus, Demon Slayer. Yikes. From the “History” channel. Must say, even though I have doubts this will be good, I’m glad we have a society that isn’t afraid of this stuff. Some may call this blasphemous but at least no one is calling for a fatwah.

No one is calling for a fatwa because no one is ridiculing Islam. If this were, Mohammed, The Lost Years, you can bet there would be problems. Look what happened in Denmark over a single cartoon.

Terrible idea. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

Ha ha ha! That’s the most laughable idea I’ve heard in FOREVER. Lemme guess, Mary Magdalen is the love interest. Pontius Pilate is the “high school bully”. This will be like that Aidan Quinn series that generated so much controversy and just sucked.

Cool! Are we finally going to see accurate portrayals of Judas as the serial killer who tortures and maims prostitutes and Jesus as the gentle rabbi who lets his “disciples” choose their own form of torture? Oh, and those orgies will be wild and realistic, too! By the way, Eli, why would a Jewish filmmaker want to produce a series about Jesus? There’s really nothing wrong here, but I just wonder, when you must have plenty of projects in the works, why focus on Jesus?

You are aware that Jesus was a Jew correct? And that he considered himself the messiah of Jewish lore?

Jesus Wept.

Hey, maybe Tarantino should take a crack at JC next?

I always thought it’d be interesting to see a drama series or even miniseries “what if” about the missing years Jesus’ life. But a supernatural drama bout him running around as an exorcist? That’s odd. People will probably respond more to a more traditional and straightforward story about growing up with the odd mini-miracles or whatever along the way.

“The power of… uh… ME, COMPELS YOU!”

How about they make a mini-series about the “lost years of Mohammed” see how far they get.

Who knows, maybe the man of Nazareth was off planet for many years… until his work had to begin… Just a thought… ¦¬)

Another Hollywood fabrication about Jesus. Oh yes, thank the Lord for this trash.

The bible is still hands down the best piece of fiction in the last 2000 years! Here’s to 2000 more!!!

What a joke. It’s not that it’s blasphemous, or taking license, or anything. It’s just dumb. We’re sick of dumb. Yes, exorcism was an ancient misguided aspect of healing. But in the hands of these guys, it’s an of the moment aspect of exploitative stupid.

Yeah, the “lost years,” a perennial favorite for revisionists who’d rather not talk about what everyone KNOWS Jesus said and did.

This won’t ever make it to air it will be killed as soon as the Christian community learns of it which will be by tomorrow morning. The protest and outcry will be so loud and so vast that History will realize how stupid this idea is. Rick Santorum will hold a news conference outside the History Channel office in the next few days and they will cancel this idiotic deal it personifies everything the Christian community hates about Hollywood.

I truly hope that this film will never be finalized. God is in Control and the people that will see this garbage and believe it will be jeopardizing their eternal life. I pray it is never made.

It is very dangerous to pervert and speculate and theorize and possibly portray a false view of Jesus. Those who do this type of thing have no idea what they are doing. I pray for these people who would dare even consider something like this.

Wasn’t Jesus famous for casting out demons? Isn’t that exorcism? How is this a new idea? Or blasphemous?

It’s blasphemous alleging that they know what Jesus did in the lost years. This will not go over well and will cost them millions of money now and in the future. Here is what will happen; they will not take our advice and try it anyway. Sometimes people have to go to the school of hard knocks to learn.

The article states that there is very little information regarding Jesus’ life before the start of his ministry. Actually, there is NO information available. The ONLY truly official documentation of Jesus’ life is from the gospels. After he becomes separated from Mary and Joseph then found in the temple, there is nothing more written of his life until he is baptized when a man. Anything else would be speculation. You can’t fill-in the gaps on the life of a young Jesus when there is no information.

Actually, I read a book about Jesus’ lost years called “Nine Faces of Christ” several years ago, written by Eugene E. Whitworth, published in 1980. These guys might have “borrowed” the idea from this author, and if they did, they certainly didn’t mention his name or give him credit. Just like unethical Hollywood that makes up its own corrupt rules for personal power and profit–Regardless of what subject they choose to distort!

I doubt that serious Christians would watch this because it sounds like made-up tripe. The project will probably lose money.

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