Sinn Féin ["We Ourselves"] field their first-ever African candidate in next year’s local elections.

Edmond Lukusa is a Congolese native who has been an Irish citizen since 2007 and will join local representative Paul Donnelly on the ballot in the Mulhuddart ward in next year’s election.

Lukusa joined Sinn Féin shortly after he became an Irish citizen, having been a member of the opposition Union for Democracy & Social Progress in his native land.

He says that his experience from back home will help him.

“I have experience in a number of diverse projects and community organisations and I have developed skills and knowledge in politics whilst I was member of the UDPS political party in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

A fitting development for a terrorist political-party racket in a foul Kike-run masonic regime.

Torture, Murder and Exclusion: Ireland’s first 10 years of Independence

"the differences carefully fostered by an alien government"

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