Kike-run BBC Nazi (i.e. Dalek)

Doctor Who vs Mrs Thatcher – the showdown: The late leader appears as an evil tyrant in a 50th anniversary [kike-]story

Sunday Independent, 17 November 2013


The year is 1984 and a genocidal Margaret Thatcher wants to replace the human race with time-travelling aliens from another dimension. There is only one person who can help: not Neil Kinnock, not Arthur Scargill, but Doctor Who.

Travelling in his infinitely accommodating Tardis, the Time Lord has vanquished the Daleks and dispatched the universe's most evil tyrants. But now, in a special [kike-]story marking his 50th anniversary, Matt Smith's Doctor comes face to face with the Kin, an ancient foe of the Time Lords, which have adopted the persona of the late prime minister and now plan to rid the planet of humans.

In the story written by [Kike] Neil Gaiman, the alien "Thatcher" has persuaded British homeowners to sell their properties at a vast profit under a plan to rid the planet of humans and replace them with the sinister Kin, an ancient time-travelling enemy of the Time Lords. The Doctor is tasked with rescuing humanity from her devilish plotting.

While left-wing scriptwriters are reported to have inserted anti-Thatcher storylines in the series during the 1980s, according to former Doctor Sylvester McCoy, the new tale is the first official meeting of the two cultural titans.

"Nothing O'Clock" has been written for a Penguin anthology of new short stories featuring all 11 Doctors. [The Kike] Gaiman, the best-selling author who has written two Matt Smith episodes for the [Kike-run, anti-Christian, anti-White, queer] BBC series, said he wanted to create "a creepy Doctor Who monster of the kind that we haven't quite seen before".

The [kike] creator of the Sandman graphic novel series added: "I wanted to see if I can scare people. I got to do lots of really interesting things including have the voice of the late Margaret Thatcher.

"She's there in 1984 and it was really a strange discovery that actually there's nothing quite as scary as a classic Doctor Who villain with Margaret Thatcher's speech patterns." [The Kike said.]

In the [kike-]story, published this week, the fictional Thatcher – in reality the Kin wearing a mask – introduces herself to the Doctor in a familiar "breathy female voice". "You do know who we are, dear?' she asks with familiar menace. "It would be such a shame if you didn't."

Because the Kin has adopted the Thatcher guise, the Doctor says [i.e., The Kike has The Doctor say], people "are going to be much more willing to sell big important things, places that belong to the country, not to an individual, when they believe that the leader of their country is asking for them, personally". "Mrs Thatcher" explains that they will create "reservations" for the displaced humans but "they will die out. Well, dear … it won't be pretty". The Doctor rips off the Thatcher mask to reveal a face that "writhed and squirmed".

Readers can discover whether the Doctor foils the alien Thatcher master plan when [The Kike] Gaiman's story is released as an ebook download on Thursday. A physical anthology, including 10 other Doctor Who stories written by authors including Charlie Higson and Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman [Negress], will also be published.

[The Kike] Gaiman would like to see a television adaptation of the Thatcher/Doctor face-off. "There was definitely part of me who went, 'You know, wouldn't it be fun to put this on screen?'" he said. "Wouldn't this be fun to see if I can actually make people wee themselves with terror in real life?"

During the 1980s, a Doctor Who television story, The Happiness Patrol, featured a caricature of Thatcher, called Helen A, a big-haired despotic ruler of a human colony on the planet Terra Alpha, played by Sheila Hancock.

Andrew Cartmel, a former Doctor Who scriptwriter who once inserted a speech based on CND material in an episode, wrote a spin-off children's novel, which featured a villain called Rehctaht – Thatcher spelt backwards.

Sylvester McCoy said: "We were a group of politically motivated people and it seemed the right thing to do. Our feeling was that Margaret Thatcher was far more terrifying than any monster the Doctor had encountered."



nonsheep • Always look on the bright side of life, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong ding dong ding dong.

John • Quite disgusting, but perfectly predictable. The BBC and channel 4 continuously have 'comedy' shows, news segments etc that insidiously insult and misrepresent conservatism promoting their own agenda. I'm not even conservative yet I find it abhorrent.

Veritas • Is there no limit to the ends evil and nasty lefties will go to try and denigrate one of the greatest PMs this country has ever had. I shall give the book a damn good ignoring.

Onmebike • The good news is that she is still dead.

Chris Edwards • Thatcher meets the Daleks,`Exterminate! Exterminate! Yeeeesss,I would gladly pay my TV license to watch the Wicked Witch Fry! That she had the heart of one of those Cybermen is well beyond doubt?

nicholasi • Rotten from inception: "[Jew] Sydney Newman, OC (1917-1997) was Acting Director of the Broadcast Programs Branch for the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) and then head of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). He also occupied senior positions at the Canadian Film Development Corporation, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and acted as an advisor to the Secretary of State for Canada. He was responsible for initiating two hugely popular television programmes, the spy-fi seriesThe Avengers and science-fiction series Doctor Who"

thespyglass  to nicholasi • I'm really struggling to see how this illustrates DW as "rotten from the inception". I can only assume that the clue to your opinion is in the accusatory "Jew" at the beginning. In which case: eff off, scumbag.

nicholasi • Gaiman. Jewman. Typical.

thespyglass to nicholasi • What is this, anti-semite Sunday?

nicholasi to thespyglass • Truth is an "anti-semite"?

Just Me • Even if Margaret Thatcher never came to power there would always be Keith Joseph. The policies of Thatcher followed that of Austrianism an ideology espoused by elite bankers, an ideology of brutal unrestrained free market policies, deregulation and privatisation along with dismantling of social welfare and support. It was never about left versus right but was was fair, just and ethical. An article on this can be found by looking on the internet for 'webster tarpley thatcher decline of the west'.

nicholasi Just Me • "Joseph was the son of a wealthy and influential Jewish family. Joseph became interested in the economic theory of monetarism as formulated by Milton Friedman [Jew], and persuaded Mrs Thatcher to support it. Joseph's political achievement was in pioneering the application of monetarist economics to British political economics, and in developing what would later become known as 'Thatcherism'." [Wiki]

lochaber1 to nicholasi • Who lifted your f**king rock?

nicholasi: Written by Jew Adam Sherwin, ghostwriter for Jew Ed Miliband and Jew Peter Mandelson.

monkeyhnger • At last the truth, and it's only took 30 years. Good onya Doc.

The BBC Sucks BBCs • I never liked Dr Who & baddies are usually far cooler than the good guys.

AdamSmith23 • She was the only decent PM the UK has had in decades. She made everyone richer and briefly stopped the nation's slide to obscurity. Unfortunately, years of public re-education has twisted all that in a 1984-esque re-writing of history.

nicholasi  to AdamSmith23 • UK 1984 is to UK 2013 as a pound of horse manure is to a Mississippi-sized sewer.

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