Years ago I calculated that the population density in England and the Netherlands is higher than that of Nigeria, China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Vietnam, etc -- countries that most people consider so crowded that "it's only natural people would want to escape from there and come to Europe!", as they say.

Anyway, this propaganda war about where is more heavily-populated is beside the main point; which is that it should be up to the people of Britain to decide how populated their land should be. But the Media Party and the taxpayer-funded "anti-racist" rackets and jewman rights rackets put pressure on people to shut them up. And the pressure works because people fear losing their jobs, not getting accepted in schools, being ostracized, etc. -- "Name and shame."

Even if England and the UK fall relatively lower in "the ranks" (which could happen if the Comoros, Haiti, India, "Israel", Japan and/or the Philippines have population surges), there's no reason for the UK to be taking in any "immigrants" at all. I mean no need for any sort of "immigration program" or scheme. There'll always be migrants through marriage and so on, and of course any E.U. member-state citizen can legally move to the UK, which is another problem. There shouldn't even be a way for people to go to a British Embassy and say, "I'd like to emigrate. How do I apply?"

  • Singapore: 7,543 (hardly any of this is due to immigration in the past century)
  • Vatican (part of Rome): 1,818
  • Bahrain: 1,631 (54% of residents are foreigners, who rarely become citizens, receive no real benefits besides health insurance that they pay for or housing as part of their employment contracts, and who are expected to leave once they are no longer useful for the exploitation of the Bahraini minority -- the non-national majority consists mostly of 290,000 Indians, 125,000 Bangladeshis, 45,000 Pakistanis, 45,000 Filipinos, and 8,000 Indonesians)
  • Malta: 1,321 (and this is one of the main targets for "refugee"-ships)
  • Maldives: 1,065 (hardly any of this is due to immigration in the past century)
  • Bangladesh: 1,034 (hardly any of this is due to immigration)
  • Barbados: 638 (hardly any of this is due to immigration in the past century)
  • Taiwan (R.O.C): 634 (mostly due to 20% of the population being refugees from Communist China in 1949, and their descendants)
  • Mauritius: 631 (hardly any of this is due to immigration in the past century)
  • San Marino (inside Italy): 531
  • Lebanon: 473 (hardly any of this is due to immigration)
  • Nauru: 474 (why? all internal population growth? I think so)
  • Palestine/"Israel": 442 (mostly due to The Kike importing millions of Kikes since 1948, and making all Kikes welcome (except Finkelstein, who is banned))
  • Tuvalu: 436 (all internal population growth? I think so)
  • Rwanda: 416 (who cares why?)
  • England: 407 (just counting citizens and permanent residents; at least 414 people/sq.km. if inc. illegal immigrants; app. 600 people sq.km. if also counting the 30,000,000 TOURISTS IN THE U.K. EVERY YEAR; more if counting the 300,000 foreign students at British universities, plus the many foreign students at language schools and at colleges. (Wikipedia: "9/11 forced US to tighten visa requirements for students and Australia and the UK cashed in on this opportunity and were successful in absorbing most of the growth in international students." -- "Cashed in"? British taxpayers subsidize foreign students))
  • Netherlands: 404 (not inc. illegals & tourists & foreign students)
  • ...
  • Korea: 333 (even though the ROK-DPRK border is the most closed in the world, I'm counting their combined population density since I expect them to be united within a generation)

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