Jorge Zimmerman Not Guilty

Señor Jorge Zimmerman, The Coolest Man in America

George Zimmerman Rescues Family From Crash

George Zimmerman, the man acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, emerges from hiding to rescue a family trapped in an SUV.

Sky News, UK, 23 July 2013

[[Kike-requisite photo of 12-year-old Negro] Travyon Martin was shot dead by George Zimmerman]

George Zimmerman rescued four people from an overturned vehicle last week days after he was cleared of murder, officials have confirmed.

The 29-year-old and another man helped a couple and their two children out of the SUV, Seminole County Sheriff's spokeswoman Kim Cannaday said.

Mr Zimmerman spoke to a deputy at the scene of the crash in Florida and then left.

[Superzimmerman: "My work here is done!"]

It is the first known sighting of him since he left the courtroom following his controversial acquittal.

A jury cleared him of all charges earlier this month over the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The decision prompted dozens of protests across the US.

Barack Obama weighed in and said Trayvon "could have been me 35 years ago" and urged Americans to do some "soul-searching" about the country's racial history.

Mr Zimmerman’s lawyers said he has received numerous death threats and has been wearing a bullet-proof vest when he ventures out in public.

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Will Reynolds: "I doubt many know the 911 call was edited to make Mr. Zimmerman appear like a racist stalker. People should hear the actual tape. Trayvon broke Zimmerman's nose and repeatedly slammed his head against concrete and verbally threatened his life. Witnesses put Trayvon on top beating Mr. Zimmerman. George Zimmerman has a black grandfather and family members, mentored black children and took a black girl to his prom. In early 2011, Zimmerman participated in a citizen forum at the Sanford City Hall, to protest the beating of a black homeless man by the son of a white Sanford police officer. These are hardly the actions of a racist. Police advised Zimmerman to get a gun in 2009 – two years before the incident with Trayvon Martin – after multiple run-ins with a large pit bull, noting that pepper spray would be ineffective. The family he rescued has received death threats and are living in fear of their lives. This is shameful!"

Loony Loiner: "The underlying cause of Martin's death was Martin himself. Evidence of his violent nature was suppressed at the trial - like the photos he had on his mobile and the text message that he was disappointed at the amount of blood on one of the victims that he'd beaten. This is the upstanding pillar of society that was Trayvon Martin."

Christopher Poulley: "and i am glad there will not be a trial of the media and brits trying to change a very good law maybe he should have let him self have his rammed into the concrete till he dies because that would have been better somehow yes"

Richard L. Morris: "Good job Mr. Zimmerman, thanks for being there."

Pragmatist: "Hey you know what? If you don't have an up to date image of Travon Martin perhaps you shouldn't have any image with this story? Just a tad biased maybe?"

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