Ram Z Paul is just a low-low-low-rent Glenn Beck. If Ram Z Paul got offered a job at Fox as a "radical! commentator!", he'd be on his knees for his kike boss faster than Bennie Shalom Bernanke can print a dallah. Anything good he might say in passing is just part of his schtick, and is more than negated by his anti-Christian filth. Scumbag Ram Z Paul is definitely kike-kosher, and as far as I'm concerned he's likely an actual Kike. If not, then he's just an effete whore for The Kike. Ram Z Paul hangs around with, is paid by, and supports kikes and queers. He's pathetic as a so-called "nationalist", and effective as kike propagandist. He can't even say the word "jew" -- Ram Z Paul: "He had a nose like a vulture. snicker snicker. I won't say who I'm talking about, but I will say they have hook noses. hee hee hee."

"Obama (and most of Congress) supports the ethnic and racial Nationalism of Israel. I also support Jewish Nationalism."

Spot it shoot it bag it trash it:

Ram Z Paul is also anti-Christian (or as he calls himself, a Satanic Christian) faggot who criticizes Christianity for supposedly being jewish but won't name jews or criticize judaism."

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