Clare is an "Independent" Atheist Communist, having been kicked out of the commie Labour Party, with her Militant Tendency comrades, for being too much of a commie for their liking; then forced out of the Socialist Party in the midst of a scandal about her spending.

Daly's now part of a two-woman United Left, with Joan Collins, another commie bitch who had previously been booted out of the Socialist Party. Daly and Collins support every trendy sort of commie Kikery going -- they promoted Kike-mated bugger Norris as President, promote infanticide, promote mass immigration, et kikera.

She's in the same globalist kike-"trotsky"-ite camp as Obongo, and Kenny, and Cameron, and Blair, and Miliband, and Bush, and Kerry, and Gore, and Romney, and the rest. They just differ about egos and tactics.

Her beef with Obongo is that his travel and entertainment budgets dwarfs hers, and she wants him to concentrate on centralizing power over the States, and promoting queerness and infanticide, and attacking the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, and on getting more Mexicans, Somalis, Pakistanis and the like into the U.S., and spending more of U.S. taxpayers' money on supporting "social action" and "empowerment programs" and so on in third world sewers instead of spending it on weapons.

DALY: The biggest irony of all, the protestations of Obama himself in his speech to the children in Northern Ireland about peace, when he said, "those who choose a path of peace, I promise you that the United States of America will support you every step of the way, we will be the wind at your back."

Now I ask you, is this person going for the Hypocrite of the Century Award? Because we have to call things by their right names, and the reality is that by any serious examination this man is a war criminal. He has just announced his decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition, including the Jihadists, fueling the destabilization of that region, and continuing to undermine secularism and knock back conditions for women.

This is the man who is in essence stalling the Geneva peace talks by trying to broker enhanced leverage for the Syrian opposition, by giving them arms, and to hell with the thousands more who lose their lives, or the tens of thousands more who will be displaced as this war goes on.

This is the man who has facilitated the 200% increase in the use of drones, which have killed thousands of people including hundreds of children. And you Taoiseach, you're the one who has turned a blind eye on these activities.

You've talked about the G8 being an opportunity to showcase Ireland, but is it not a reality that you have showcased us as as a nation of pimps, prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head?

To be honest with you, we were really speculating this morning whether you were going to deck the cabinet out in leprechaun hats, decorated with a bit of stars and stripes, to really mark our abject humiliation here.

So my question to you, Taoiseach, is as follows: what steps are you going to take to follow in the correct statements and the correct decisions of your colleagues to vote against the lifting of the EU arms embargo in relations to Syria? What steps are you going to take to insure that no weapons for Syria are going to go trough Shannon Airport in breach of our international laws of neutrality? What steps are you going to take to showcase this country not as lapdog of US imperialism but as an independent nation with an independent foreign policy which takes a lead in international diplomacy to outlaw the use of drones (the favorite method of extermination of your friend Mr. Obama)?

KENNY: [Blah blah blah disgraceful insult to my nigger blah blah blah Northern Irish Peace Process (TM) blah blah blah.] In so far as the discussion of Syria is concerned, there was a serious discussion at the G8 summit with the members of the G8 themselves. And I'm not sure whether you favour the Russian intervention here, or whether you favour what the European Union put forward. While there was division among the countries in Europe about the lifting of the arms embargo, Ireland took a very clear position on this that the embargo should not be lifted with the conclusion of the G8 summit, was that the Geneva peace talks should take place. Nobody wants to see want and slaughter, and the exodus of hundreds of thousands of people from Syria.

And far from a war-mongering discussion, the situation is here: what can you do to bring about discussion and negotiations that will restore in the first instance peace in the situation, and in the second instance a structure that will allow Syria to continue in the time ahead without the obsceneties and the humanitarian crisis that we have witnessed in the last 2 years.

DALY: Of course I said nothing about the Northern Ireland peace process, a process which everybody supports; but it's not one that gives you [i.e. "one", i.e. Obongo] a license to do whatever you like anywhere else around the globe. There isn't much peace in Iraq, where 26 people lost their lives yesterday. There isn't much peace in Afghanistan. There isn't much peace in Pakistan. And there certainly isn't much peace in Syria.

The side I'm on in Syria is the statement by Oxfam I agree with. They said: “Sending arms to the Syrian opposition won't create a level playing field. Instead it further risks fueling an arms free for all, where the victims are the civilians of Syria, our experience tells us that the crisis will only drag on for longer if arms are poured in.” And that's in essence what the Americans have done here.

I can only take from your non-answer to the question that you were asked, is that you are going to take no steps to ensure that those arms will not be sent through Shannon, in breach of our neutrality. You said here last week "no arms ever came through Shannon." How do you know that, seeing as no investigations take place?

The reality is: in 2012, 584 U.S. planes landed in Shannon. How do you know what was on them if you haven't examined them? Your minister for transport revealed in a parliamentary question that 239 civilian planes landed in Shannon where the sought permission because they were carrying ammunitions of war, or dangerous goods, on a civilian aircraft. What steps are you going to take to intervene in this situation?

And the last point I'll make is that people in this country are very fond of our American brothers and sisters, and I think we stand far more shoulder-to-shoulder with them by making valid criticisms of their president, who has broken his election promises; rather than just pimping this nation as a tax haven for their corporations.

I'm sure the Americans would far prefer if their multinationals paid their taxes at home rather than off-shore here, so they could develop their healthcare, so there wouldn't be wasted money on arms being sent to slaughter people in other countries.

KENNY: [Blah blah blah blah blah.]

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