A label for the Jews, again

Germany joins the EU campaign to identify Israeli-made goods as Jewish

By Suzanne Fields, The Washington Times, June 20, 2013

Barack Obama was in Berlin this week, and he was a different Barack Obama than the one who visited the German capital as a candidate in 2008. He was in a different Berlin, too. The welcome was warm, but the crowds were smaller and the adoration — and that’s exactly what it was — has dissolved. The thrill was definitely gone.

Germany has clearly transformed itself. American Jews in particular appreciate the transformation of the dregs of the Third Reich into the redeemed engine of Europe. More than any other country that once constituted the Axis, Germany has tried to make amends for the Holocaust. They have paid reparations. In the heart of Berlin there’s a 5-acre Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. A stroller in the city observes small bronze plaques at her feet, frequently imbedded in the sidewalk, inscribed with names of Jewish families who lived there before they were taken out of their homes and sent to death in concentration camps. Germany has provided generous welfare benefits to thousands of Jewish families from Russia who couldn’t practice their religion there, and now they can in Germany.

The Germans have understood the lessons of history and their role in making that history. Germany has become a “special friend” of Israel and has cultivated that steadfast alliance when it wasn’t always easy to do as a member of the European Union. But now that seems about to change. This probably wasn’t part of the conversations Mr. Obama had with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (but should have been).

Capitulating to pressure, especially from the left-wing and anti-Zionist Green Party, Germany has joined 13 other EU members to put labels on products made in Jewish-owned factories on the West Bank, or in what Israelis call Judea and Samaria. This sends a chill and a shudder along the spines of those who know the history of Kristallnacht, “the night of the broken glass,” when Nazi thugs broke the windows of Jewish merchants across Germany, singling out shops with windows splashed with the word “Juden,” or painted with the slogan “Kauft nicht bei Juden!” Don’t Buy from Jews!

“Whatever one may think of the peace process and the two-state solution,” observes [Kike] Michael Freund in the New York Sun, “it should be obvious that treating merchandise differently simply because the person who owns the factory where it was made is a follower of Moses rather than Muhammad is an act of pure bigotry.”

Such pure [Kike-style] bigotry not only hurts Jews, though that is its aim, but will hurt the Palestinians, too [Oy Vey!], the people the self-righteous Europeans say they want to help by labeling targets for boycott. More than 23,000 Palestinians work in Judea and Samaria. Almost half of these workers are between the ages of 18 and 29, and their average daily pay is 88 percent higher than what they would be paid in Palestinian-controlled areas. These Palestinians who work for Jews have health benefits and pensions that are not easily obtained in Palestinian factories and shops.

They can work in Judea and Samaria because they can be employed at 17, unlike the Palestinians who, for security reasons, must be at least 26 to work. These fine points are lost on the liberal Europeans who feel oh-so-good about themselves when they can read a label and look for a Jew to target for “occupying” what they consider to be Palestinian territory. Jimmy Carter knows better, but pretends to be acting nobly as a defender of the labels.

“This is not an anti-Israel move,” he insists, but merely a suggestion in behalf of a two-state solution.

Israel rightly identifies the labeling of Jews as the result of a double standard; similar labels have not been imposed against others in other territories in dispute. The EU counters that they’re not aiming for a boycott, only to offer a “service to the consumer.” That’s what someone else said about splashing “Juden” on a Berlin storefront on a cold November night in 1938.

The Europeans don’t post a similar “service to the consumer” on Spanish items from Catalonia or Russian goods from Chechnya, where the land is under dispute. The Jerusalem Post identifies other exceptions: no labels on products from northern Cyprus, Gibraltar, the Falklands, Western Sahara, Tibet, Kashmir or Armenian-held regions of Azerbaijan and Kosovo. “If the only country you want to single out is Israel, that’s anti-Semitism,” says Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League.

By adding her support to the labeling of Jews, Mrs. Merkel has hurt herself and Germany’s special relationship with Israel, and casts a dark and ominous shadow over the good works of Germans since the end of World War II. As they say in Yiddish, it’s a shandeh, a shame.

Suzanne Fields is a columnist for The Washington Times and is nationally syndicated


tma_sierrahills: "As Germany and the rest of Europe cower in fear and guilt, and guard themselves against the rise of some Adolph's Twice-Removed Half-Cousin, the Third, it is being dissolved by a third-world invasion and a pathetic attempt to become one nation. The demographic erasing of European peoples is taking place all across the West. An excellent book on what started all this is Kevin MacDonald s, 'The Culture of Critique.'"

obmed1 to tma_sierrahills: "The germans will survive. They have a strong tribal instinct."

tma_sierrahills to obmed1: "They won't survive if they no longer genetically exist."

jtrollla: "Antisemitism is a fundamental expression of raw evil: it is bigotry in its purest form. Hatred of Jews is hatred of God. So much for 'Never again!'"

GoneApe: "This is the left doing this. Remember that when you support these anti-Semites."

evolveorelse: "The Israeli settlements in the West Bank are there in violation of international law and the UN Charter. Supporting any businesses in the settlements is supporting lawlessness. A tough concept for the Israel Firsters to grasp, but supporting criminal activity encourages more criminal activity. Boycott the settlements."

skzion to evolveorelse: "The standard lies from a supporter of Amalek."

brenrod to evolveorelse: "you are a liar as are the europeans. San remo, LON mandate and un charterarticle 80 state that the jewish people should be encouraged to close settlement in the palestine mandate territory which originally included jordan and after the first euro swindle is now from the jordan river to the med."

Bildo1: "We may be closer to the End Times than we think..."

johnthebeloved: "The anti-Semitic comments, and other uniformed opinions to be found in posts to this article make it clear that not only has the hatred for Jews never really waned, anywhere in the world, but ethnic bigotry of all stripes has actually increased with the instant, worldwide dissemination of froth and vulgar epithets from common humanity, what Communists like(d) to call the proletariat AND the bourgeoisie, in plain English, the lower working class and the "middle class." Electronic communications and transmission of information has NOT helped humanity to deal more effectively with problems, or, more often than not, even further commercial enterprises. It has enhanced ALL forms of human intercourse (not apodictically a sexual act), including all of the negative and destructive forms, as seen in the NAZI-like comments below. People in "sophisticated" (not a characteristic or quality one should desire), "developed" countries like to think of themselves as beyond, and above the type of depraved hate so well demonstrated by Hitler and the movement which coalesced the evils of ethnocentrism more thoroughly than any other in modern times. Those who care to do some real learning, and not rely on blogs (a nimbus term if ever there was one), Wikipedia only (though that is a very helpful resource), or, and particularly, lamestream (thank you, [Kike] Michelle Malkin, for the term) academia, IF you care to do some real learning about why the Holocaust happened, why the Khmer Rouge managed to slaughter millions of their own people, why the Soviet Union and China did (and in the case of the latter, still are) the same thing, and, and, and so on, ad infinitum, THEN DO SO, by spending some real time in a real library, that has BOOKS as well as computers. THEN you might have some foundation for propounding an opinion about matters for which you have no experience. My credentials: A dual doctorate in History and Statistical Analysis, and over 25 years of teaching the same; and, for those who do not know the many and varied applications of academic studies, particularly multi-disciplinary degrees, please either learn about that at which you sneer and dismiss, before putting all four feet in your mouths. Lastly, as some of you already know from previous comments by me, particularly the Commucrat trollers, if you feel compelled to "Reply" to my comments, with mindless repetition of Progressive rodomontade and fabrication, you will simply have to wonder as to whether you caused me hurt, or anger, or to double over with laughter at your insipid, tripe (hint, certainly the latter possibility), as I shall not honour such by responding."

HollyRae101: "The anti-Jew Green party is growing in Germany as the anti-Jew Communist party is growing in the US."

brenrod: "no matter how hard they try the euros cant help themselves. they have a 2000 year habit of chronically swindling, libeling, posturing and slaughtering the jews and get go cold turkey. that is why they get it vicariously now by supporting today's jew killers. I venture it will blow back on them now as it did before. they are being beheaded and their women raped by their allies."

Odayman: "Israel has stolen the west bank land contrary to U.N. Resolution that it return to the pre-1967 boundaries. Therefore it is fitting and appropriate that products coming from stolen lands be so marked. If the U.N. Resolution that Israel should return to the 1967 boundaries is invalid, then one might reasonably argue that the original 1948 U.N. Mandate is also invalid."

mikeatkron to Odayman: "The Arabs/Palestinians tried to steal the land apportioned to Israel under UNSCR 181 in 1947, in three failed "wars of aggression (1948-1949, 1967 and 1973)." If the Arabs/Palestinians are not bound by the U.N. Resolution, neither should the Israelis, under the doctrine of "mutuality of obligations." The Arab/Palestinian promulgation of a "one to the exclusion of the other" doctrine precludes a negotiated resolution of the conflict, thus making the outcome of the conflict dependent on military superiority. If there is to be only a "single state," Israel should be that state, as it has for the previous 65 years. while the Arabs/Palestinians have refused to consider a negotiated resolution. The Israelis are willing to make concessions and return land for in return for peace, yet Mr. Abbas seems to be in no hurry to negotiate. The "blowback" of Arab/Palestinian "rejectionism" has been their isolation, impoverishment and statelessness, due to their focus on eradication Israel, rather than on creating a state of their own. When, and if, at some future time they decide that statehood is more important than conquest, they will find Israel ready and willing to become a negotiating partner for peace!"

Isabella8: "'The Germans have understood the lessons of history and their role in making that history.' -- Evidently not. Here we go again. Is anyone surprised?"

Porphyry: "If I thought the Greens were suspect before, this removes all doubt. _Grün heisst Rot, Weiss & Schwarz!_"

DavidREvans: "The point missed by this Zionist propaganda article is that Israel factories built on stolen Palestinian lands (ALL of Israel is in fact built on stolen Palestinian land, but that's a broader topic than this article addresses) that turn out goods that bring profits to thieves should be labeled so that people of good conscience can make the choice not to support the criminal acts of Israel."

Jett_Rucker: "Germany is not treating merchandise differently because of the race or religion of the owners of the companies producing it. It is treating merchandise differently because of the means by which the country (Israel) controlling the territory (Gaza/Golan/West Bank) came to control the territory (AND to control who owns and operates the factories in said territories. Comparisons with the brief boycotts initiated by the Nazis are invidious."

Nook_The_Chosen: "Wow. DId the author of this article get Honorary Citizenship in Israel for writing this crap?"

flitpriss: "If Israel is traveling the road towards an Apartheid State is will be treated as such. If Israel wants to be the new South Africa of 30 years ago, it cannot claim anti-semitism as a smokescreen. Reminds me of Southern Segregationists who claimed civil rights was a plot by communists and outside agitators."

ponerology: "Kevin MacDonald's Separation and its Discontents, A People that Shall Dwell Alone and The Culture of Critique. Also, E. Michael Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. Lastly, Maurice Pinay's, The Plot Against the Church. What IS this "special relationship" anyway?"

petersenonmain: "This is getting to the point of being the Star of David as the Nazis did in the 1930s, oh that's right this is the same country that did require the Jews to wear the Star of David."


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