Orwellian Cuban Senator Marco Rubio, 2013.06.13

"We can't wait another four years of de facto amnesty. We cannot wait another four years with 11,000,000 people living in this country illegally, without knowing who they are or why they're here.

"Number two is, we need to register them as soon as possible. Not just to keep the problem from getting worse, but we're going to require them to pay a fine. And that's the money that we're going to use to pay for border security.

"If we don't get that fine money from the people that have violated our immigration laws then the American taxpayer is going to have to pay for the border security. And I wanna prevent -- or we're going to have to end up borrowing the money, like we do now, forty cents on every dollar -- and I wanna prevent that from happening."

Sen Marco Rubio Kikestan

Senor Rubio, the a senator from Florida, has some family experience of illegal immigration, being himself the grandson of an illegal immigrant. His brother-in-law, Orlando Cicilia, is a convicted cocaine trafficker. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and was released after serving less than half his sentence.

In October 2011, The St. Petersburg Times and The Washington Post reported that Rubio had lied when he said his family had been forced to leave Cuba after Fidel Castro came to power, since they in fact first left Cuba in 1956 three years before that, and returned to Cuba after Castro seized power.

While studying law, Rubio interned for U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Turkish Kike from Cuba who was the first Hispanic woman and the first Cuban-American to be selected to the U.S. Congress. The Kike Ros-Lehtinen is Chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Other congressional aide of The Kike Ros-Lehtinen have been Cuban Kike Enrique Alberto "Havana Rock" Pollack-Aguilar (son of Enrique A. Pollack-Diehl, who is related to the Rothschild Kikes), queer René Clarke Coope (Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans); and Cuban Mauricio J. Tamargo-del Portillo, a former Chairman of The Kike's Foreign Claims Settlement Commission.

A major individual campaign contributor to Kike Ros-Lehtinen is Kike Irving Moskowitz, a funder of kike settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The Kike Ros-Lehtinen's daughter is Rodrigo Lehtinen (née Amanda Michelle Lehtinen), who has been a member of Queer Alliance and a field organizer for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and is the Membership Director at Gender Justice LA.

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