In COMRADE ZHANG YIMOU 張藝謀's movie THE FLOWERS OF WAR 金陵十三釵, Kike Gloria Steinem's son-in-law pretends to be a Roman Catholic priest so he can "save" a group of convent schoolgirls and whores from being raped to death by EVIL JAPS as part of their fictitious "RAPE OF NANJING, OY VEY!"

Comrade Zhang: "This kind of character, a foreigner, a drifter, a thug almost, becomes a hero and saves the lives of Chinese people. That has never ever happened in Chinese filmmaking, and I think it will never happen again in the future."

The movie is based on a STORY (the novel 13 Flowers of Nanjing) by by COMRADE YÁN GĒLÍNG 嚴歌苓.

Comrade Yan is a propagandist for The Kike's Chi-Com regime, and is a member of The Kike's Hollywood Writer's Guild of America. (Kike Christopher Keyser, President; Kike Howard A. Rodman, Vice President; Kike Carl Gottlieb, Secretary/Treasurer)

Comrade Yan was a Chi-Com "People's Liberation Army" soldier for 10 years during the Cultural Revolution, in Occupied Tibet. -- THE RAPE OF TIBET ! -- SHE RAPED TIBET!

Comrade Yan was a state propagandist in the 1979 Chi-Com invasion of Vietnamese -- THE RAPE OF VIETNAM ! -- SHE RAPED VIETNAM ! -- as a Lieutenant Colonel urinalist.

Are there movies about those invasions, murders, genocides, rapes?

Comrade Yán's Commie Agit-Prop:

2012: Dangerous Liaisons (screenplay)
2011: The Flowers of War / Jīnlíng Shísān Chāi (novel)
2009: An Epic of a Woman / Yi-ge Nüren de Shi-Shi (TV series)
2008: Forever Enthralled (screenplay)
1998: Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl (novel "Tian Yu" / screenplay)
1995: Shao Nu Xiao Yu (novel)

Gloria Steinem's son-in-law Bale was made a star at age 13 by The Kike Spielberg, in a movie in which he played an English boy who faced off against The Evil Japs.

Japanese traitor Kobayashi Shigeo 小林成男 also acts in the Flowers movie.

Flowers had an estimated production budget of $94 million, making it the most expensive film in Chinese history. It supposedly earned over $95 million dollars in China. The film's North American distribution rights were acquired by Wrekin Hill Entertainment, in association with Row 1 Productions, leading to an Oscar-qualifying limited release in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in late December 2011. It earned about $24,000 box office in the USA, where most critics raved about it (except Roger Ebert, who said it was RACIST because the main character is a WHITE man).

The thing was selected as the Chinese entry for Best Foreign Language Film at The Kike's 84th Academy Awards, but did not make the final shortlist. It also received a nomination for The Kike's 69th Golden Globe Awards. The 6th Asian Film Awards presented The Flowers of War with several individual nominations, including Best Film.


Kraftwerk are banned from China because 15 years ago they were scheduled to play at a concert against THE RAPE OF TIBET, but didn't perform because of bad weather.

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