The Infamous John Friend is a 1909 novel by Martha Roscoe Garnett.

The title character, John Friend, is a spy.

In 1959, the BBC produced a miniseries based on Garnett's novel. The TV series was written by Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Richard (Dick) Rawlinson, OBE, who served as a British military intelligence before and during his career as a media propagandist.

Lt-Col. Rawlinson also co-wrote Aunt Sally (1933), Menace/When London Sleeps (1934), Jew Suss (1934), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934), Lancashire Luck (1937), Strange Boarders (1938), and This England (1941).
  • Aunt Sally: Directed by Tim Whelan (Kike wife). Produced by Kike Sir Michael Elias Balcon (for his Gainsborough Pictures company). Co-written with Kike Guy Bolton (Kike mother; collaborator of Kike George Gershwin, Kike Ira Gershwin, Kike Bert Kalmar, Kike Harry Ruby, Kike Oscar Hammerstein II, and Kike Jerome Kern).
  • Menace/When London Sleeps: Directed by Kike Adrian Hope Brunel, Co-written with Kike Heinrich Fraenkel and Kike Mihály Várkonyi/"Victor Varconi" (who acted in the 1944 Hollyjewed mockumentary, The Hitler Gang.
  • Jew Suss: Directed by Kike Lothar Mendes. Produced by Kike Sir Mike Balcon, Starring Hans Walter Konrad Weidt as Kike Joseph Süß Oppenheimer. Based on the novel, Jud Süß, by Kike Lion Feuchtwanger. The Kike Feuchtwanger was imprisoned in Dachau by the bloodthirsty kike-kiiling Nazis, who then set him free so he could emigrate to France. From France, The Kike Feuchtwanger travelled to the USSR, from 1936 to 1937, where he praised The Kike's whore Stalin, and condemned The Kike Trotsky and his Kike collaborators as Nazi spies. In France The Kike Feuchtwanger was arrested as a suspected spy, but escaped his detention, and "fled" to Marseille disguised as a woman. From there he "fled" to the Jewnited States, via Spain and Portugal. He escaped France with the help of Varian Fry (Emergency Rescue Committee), Hiram Bingham IV (US Vice Consul in Marseille), the Rev. Waitstill Sharp (Unitarian) and the good reverend's good wife, Mrs. Martha Sharp.
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much: Directed by future LOLoco$t propagandist Alfred Hitchcock. Starring Kike László Löwenstein/"Peter Lorre", in his first Jewnited Kingdom movie (delivering his lines phonetically; having just "fled" Germany), as the "charming and nefarious" English leader of a gang of working-class assassins based in Wapping, where their secret temple, by the docks, is dedicated to the worship of the sun.
  • Lancashire Luck: Directed by Henry Cass, who later directed Kike Jimmy Kinmel Sangster's classics, Blood of the Vampire and The Hand!)
  • Strange Boarders: Directed by Herbert Mason, for Kike Sir Mike Balcon. Adapted from Kike E.P. Oppenheimer's 1934 spy novel The Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent.
  • This England: Pro-war propaganda, directed by David MacDonald.

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