Vile Notorious Far Right Extremist Evil Racist Homophobic Antisemitic Islamophobic Hate-Priest detained in UK !!!

Fr Jacek Międlar

Far-right Polish priest detained at Stansted airport

Jacek Międlar held by UK authorities

Jacek Międlar has been accused of spreading antisemitism and Islamophobia.

By Mark Townsend and Rajeev Syal, Guardian, 25 February 2017

A notorious Polish priest accused of spreading antisemitism and Islamophobia has been detained by UK authorities.

Jacek Międlar, a leading figure for rightwing extremists in Poland, was held by UK border officials after landing at Stansted airport, Essex, to prevent him attending a controversial event.

Anti-racism campaigners described Międlar’s scheduled appearance as further proof of the growing links between British extremists and nationalists abroad.

Branded a “fanatical hate preacher” by anti-racism campaigners in Poland, the 28-year-old attacks his critics as “leftists” opposed to “Polish patriotism”.

Międlar, from Wrocław in west Poland, has cultivated a sizeable following in his country and despite being suspended by his local Catholic church for the content of his nationalist sermons, has addressed tens of thousands people at rightwing rallies.

His speeches target the political left, “Islamic aggression” and immigration and are often accompanied with calls for the “warriors of great Poland” and chants of “God, honour, fatherland”.

Anti-racism campaigners have warned he could radicalise some of the 830,000 Poles living in the UK and called on the UK authorities to intervene before his arrival.

On Saturday, UK Border Agency officials reportedly held Międlar shortly after his flight landed specifically to prevent him from travelling, on the grounds of hate speech.

Last year, Międlar was accused of calling Jews a “cancer” who had “swept Poland” during one address to a far-right rally in Białystok, north-eastern Poland, although prosecutors later absolved him of alleged hate-speech offences.

Maciek has stated that he wants “to rebuild a Christian Europe”.

Anti-rascist group Hope not Hate reports that a number of Polish far-right groups had become active in the UK.

Hope Not Hate warned last week that Międlar’s visit to the UK would bring “rabid extremism” and warned that Międlar had once claimed that the “biggest enemies of the world are Jewish imperialists and masons”.

The Home Office said: “An individual was detained at Stansted airport at 8.40am this morning by Border Force officers working closely with Essex police. All passengers attempting to enter the UK are subject to checks by Border Force officers against police, security and immigration watch lists. Where we believe someone poses a risk, Border Force officers can – and do – refuse them entry.”

Hope not Hate tweeted: “Jew-hating priest Jacek Międlar has been held and prevented from entering the country.”

Rafał Pankowski of Poland’s leading anti-racist organisation Never Again said Międlar was “exceptionally” strident when delivering his hate-filled speeches and that news of his detention had triggered headlines throughout the country’s mainstream media. He said: “He’s exceptional in terms of the intensity of his hatred, which is a core part of his message.”

Meanwhile, in Führer Trump's Fourth Reich...

Mem Fox

Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby'

Author of Possum Magic was aggressively questioned for two hours over her visa status

The experience left Fox feeling like she had been ‘physically assaulted’.

al-Guardian, 25 February 2017

Fox, who is famous worldwide for her best-selling books including Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes [sounds like she's writing kiddie-porn, pedo grooming aids] and Possum Magic [I guess she's promoting witchcraft, bstiality, satanism], was en route to a conference in Milwaukee earlier this month when she was stopped.

She told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation she was questioned by border agents for two hours in front of a room full of people – an experience that left her feeling like she had been physically assaulted.

[The old bat summoned forth all the daemon and faeries of the eldritch world to grant her these majickal power-words:] “I have never in my life been spoken to with such insolence, treated with such disdain, with so many insults and with so much gratuitous impoliteness,” Fox said.

“I felt like I had been physically assaulted which is why, when I got to my hotel room, I completely collapsed and sobbed like a baby, and I’m 70 years old.” [the senile old cow moaned.]

The author attributed the aggressive questioning to border police who had been “turbocharged” by Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban. [Was she in fact accompanied by a swarthy rent boy called Mahmood al-Suisaidi? We'll never know, because this so-called reporter never bothered to ask!]

Fox said she was questioned over her visa, despite having travelled to America 116 times before without incident. [And of course it's a rule that if anyone is ever admitted to the USA once, then they have the eternal and absolute right to re-enter with neither let nor hindrance as many times as they like.] She was eventually granted access to the country.

After lodging a complaint over her treatment with the Australian embassy in Washington and the US embassy in Canberra [and the Sudanese embassy in Jakarta and the British embassy in Ulan-Baator?], Fox received an emailed apology from US officials [or was it in truth a FakeEmail from Putin, after he hacked into the embassy's email account?].

Fox said she was shocked by her treatment and “couldn’t imagine” returning to the US. [Which would be a tragedy greater than the downing of the Hindenburg. "Ohhhh...the humanity...the humanity!"]


Congress-She-Boon attacks Trump Scumbags & Kremlin Klan

California's 43rd congressional district, represented by Democrat ape Maxine Waters, is centered in South Los Angeles County.

Congressnegress Maxine Waters is pushing back against Putin and his Kremlin Klan's invasion of Korea by attacking "Mike Previous" and Trump's Bunch of Scumbags who are trying to reunite The Soviet Union.

WATERS: Well, let me say this. Mike Previous [Reince Priebus] has been trying to clean up for Donald Trump for far too long. He’s the one that stuck with him all during the campaign when he was making outrageous statements, when he was basically lying, and so his time is going to run out. He can’t continue to try to defend this president who is entangled with this Kremlin Klan of his while they are all seeking really to get rid of these sanctions that are placed on Russia, because all of them are connected to the oil and gas industry. Just take a look at this. Take a look at, of course, Michael Flynn—long history of ties to the Russian government, including a paid speech at a party for RT. Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, paid lobbyist for Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian politician in Ukraine who fled to Russia in 2014. Carter Page, one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers doing during his campaign a frequent guest on Russian state media, held a personal stake in Russian oil and gas interest. Roger Stone, who worked in the Ukraine. Wilbur Ross, Trump’s nominee for secretary of commerce was a business partner of Viktor. And a major financial project involving the bank of Cyprus. And, of course, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was the one who negotiated it, the multi-billion dollar drilling contract with Putin where they were going to drill in the Arctic, and it has been stopped because of the sanctions that were placed by Obama. And I want to tell you, I believe that Tim Tillerson’s real job is to get in here and get those sanctions lifted. But all of them want them lifted because this Klan, this Kremlin Klan is all about getting the oil and gas money and doing the drilling, and they need this president. They need this president to get these sanctions lifted. Don’t forget, the second executive order that was signed by the president, that was 1504, which basically would undo the work we have done with Dodd-Frank and making these oil companies disclose the money that they were using to bribe these countries – Africa and other places. So 1504 was very important because Exxon and others now will not have to disclose all of the bribes they’re doing. But these people are all organized around oil and gas. Why are they all in this administration? Why are they all so close to them? And you alluded to and talked about what is going on with this proposal that is being pushed by Michael Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer who delivered the document. Felix F. Sater, a business associate who helped Mr. Trump scout deals in Russia and a Ukrainian lawmaker trying to rise in political opposition movement, shaped in part by Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort. Can’t people see what’s going on? Why do you think they hacked into our election? They hacked into the election because they have to make sure that Donald Trump got elected. So this that he could help them with what I think a huge deal.Not only to lift these sanctions but to take over all of these Soviet countries and pull them back into the Soviet Union so they can have access to all of these resources. It’s clear to me and I just think the American people have to have a better understand what’s going on. This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are.

HAYES: Those are strong words, Congresswoman.

WATERS: They’re all organized around making money.

HAYES: Who do you mean that when you call them scumbags?

WATERS: All of these people that are organized with these oil and gas interest in the administration and friends of the President of the United States, this back channeling that you see. These are a bunch of scumbags, that’s what they are.

HAYES: You mean the secretary of state of the United States?

WATERS: Well, I tell you this, Tillerson is there to get these sanctions lifted. I believe it. Just watch him. He’s going to continue to work on it. This is important for him. He was there because he negotiated the deal for Exxon with Putin.

HAYES: All right, well that — there will be a big fight over that if that happens.


Baruch Szymon Kataszek (1898–1943) (born Boruch Szymon Kataszek), was a Polish-Jewish composer, bandleader, pianist, a pioneer of Polish jazz. Born in Warsaw 1898; studied piano at the Warsaw Music Institute and Rome's St. Cecilia Academy. He returned to Poland and first worked as an organist in St. Trinity Church, while also playing piano in nightclubs.

In 1921 he played in dance orchestras in Gdańsk and Berlin, then returned to Warsaw and established a jazz quintet with his friend Zygmunt Karasiński; they played at the nightclub Oaza. In 1924 the Krasiński & Kataszek Band recorded for Syrena and toured.

Kataszek composed dozens of Polish foxtrots, black-bottoms, shimmies, and Charlestons - they included A ile mi dasz? (What Can I Get From You?), To Zula W futerko się otula (Here's Zula, Wrapped In Furs) and Abram, ja ci zagram! (I'll Play It For You, Abram!).

Kataszek was chairman of the "Society For Workless Musicians" instituting a rule forcing all artists' unions in Poland to earmark 20% of radio performance income for unemployed musicians.

When World War II began, Kataszek left Warsaw for Lviv, which was under Soviet occupation; when in June 1941 the Soviet-German war erupted, he returned to Warsaw and entered the Warsaw Ghetto

He led the Jewish Ghetto Police Orchestra. When deportations to Treblinka and Bełżec started, he escaped to the "Aryan" side of the wall and went back to Lviv.

He went back to bandleading but was recognised by an SS officer, arrested, sent to Pawiak prison in the Warsaw Ghetto, and shot on 22 May 1943.


Canadians are busy heaping their own funeral pyre.


Yasmin Ali, President, Canadian Muslim Women's Institute.


Rita Chahal, Executive Director, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council; Executive Director, Welcome Place

Situation 'critical,' says Muslim Women's Institute, seeking donations for newly arrived refugees

CBC News, Feb 20, 2017

As more asylum-seekers continue to make their way into Manitoba, the Canadian Muslim Women's institute is putting out a call for donations. Yasmin Ali, president of CMWI, said refugees who have arrived in recent weeks are in dire need and desperate for winter clothing, towels, blankets, sheets and personal care items like soap and toothpaste. "It is critical they get help as soon as they arrive," says Ali.

Over the past weekend, RCMP caught 22 people crossing the border, including one baby. They're among 99 asylum seekers who have made their way into Manitoba near the Emerson border to make a refugee claim since 2017 began.

Ali said she's not surprised by the large number of people willing to risk their lives, walking for hours in the blistering cold, just to get a taste of freedom. "They just want to live a good life and be happy in Canada," says Ali.

Premier says Manitoba will 'absolutely' help refugees

CBC News, Feb 14, 2017

Rita Chahal, the executive director of the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council, told CBC News on Monday she wants the province to open up some buildings it owns to house people who are walking across the border. Chahal says some of those buildings could be ready to inhabit within a few days. Chahall says Welcome Place has reached capacity.

Conservative Premier Brian Palmister says, "We have people who have waited many, many years to come in legally, into Canada and into Winnipeg. We have the provincial nominee program. They've been waiting five, six years, sometimes."

Ottawa plays a major part in not only with the current refugee situation but in assisting the province in settling Syrian refugees. Manitoba is in discussions with the federal government on better support for Syrian arrivals, but Pallister wants some kind of agreement in managing the current situation, especially as the province will have to provide assistance almost immediately.

In Ottawa, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen, a refugee from Somalia, was noncommittal when asked about an increase in funding to deal with the current influx. "We continue to monitor the situation closely and we'll respond appropriately," Hussen said Tuesday.

Pallister acknowledged several organizations dealing directly with the ongoing refugee situation. "It is a beautiful example of the way in which we go about helping others," Pallister said.

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra welcomes 1,000 newcomers to free performance

CBC News, Feb 19, 2017

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra invited 1,000 newcomers to their performance Sunday afternoon free of charge.

The performance, called Once Upon A Dance, featured dance troupes from across the province. Programs were offered in Arabic, and the English portions of the performance were translated into Arabic for the audience.

"We just said, 'OK, what can we do that will actually be a very special kind of welcome for new Canadians, that shows how Manitobans work together that really shows how we are a nation that has come together [with] all sorts of cultural groups?'" said WSO executive director Trudy Schroeder. So they teamed up with the Canada Council for the Arts, The Winnipeg Foundation and SunLife to make it happen.

At first, they offered 600 tickets, but soon those were accounted for and another 700 people were on the waiting list.

"There was a huge welcome, a huge appreciation of this kind of welcome to Canada," said Schroeder.

Fahed Alhalabi provided the Arabic translation on stage. He immigrated to Canada with his family 10 years ago.

WSO Once Upon A Dance

The performance, called Once Upon A Dance, featured dance troupes from across the province performing works from Manitoba's history. (CBC)

"Most of them, they will not be able to understand English. Some of them, they started having school last year, but it will take them awhile," said Alhalabi. "We want to show them that we care about them … It will be a very good chance for them to digest the system we have here. If it's not for them, it will be for their child."

Alhalabi's eight-year-old daughter Janaa said it was her first time seeing the Symphony, and she was most excited to see her dad speak.

"I'm curious that like my dad is going to come on the stage, and he's going to explain," she said.

Schroeder said the response was so overwhelming they may consider doing similar performances in the future.

Even Mayor Brian Bowman made an appearance at the matinee concert.

"Early indications are this is something we should do again, but I think the beautiful thing is that culture and music does in fact cross across so many lines. People can really understand each other and appreciate the value and beauty of what people do in the arts."

Fahed Alhalabi

Fahed Alhalabi provided the Arabic translation on stage. He immigrated to Canada with his family 10 years ago. (CBC)

Two Tory MPs call on Ottawa to stop irregular Canada-U.S. border crossings

The Canadian Press, Feb 19, 2017

Two Conservative MPs are calling on the federal government to act to stop the flow of people irregularly crossing the United States border into Canada.

Michelle Rempel and Tony Clement tweeted on Sunday that the crossings are unsafe and place a burden on local law enforcement.

"The government must respond to this situation in a way that keeps Canadians safe, and sends a strong message to those considering an illegal crossing that there are proper channels to do this," Rempel wrote.

Clement, who is the public safety critic for the Conservatives, tweeted his support for Rempel's comments.

"Illegal crossings are unsafe and a burden on local communities. Our laws should be enforced," he wrote.

Rempel's message was posted after Manitoba RCMP announced that another 22 people were intercepted crossing the border near Emerson on Saturday night.

Officials have said a growing number of people are choosing to walk across the border into Canada to claim refugee status, including dozens who have been arrested in the Emerson area in recent weeks.

RCMP bracing for more border crossers amid community concerns

Other provinces including Quebec have also seen a large rise in the number of refugee claimants who enter the province irregularly.

The tactic is a way to avoid the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement, which prevents most people who have been living in the United States from making a refugee claim at an official border crossing on the premise that they are already somewhere safe.

Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement

Number of asylum-seekers crossing illegally into Quebec from U.S. spikes

This has prompted some people to cross elsewhere in order to make their claims from within Canada, where authorities generally grant them a hearing.

Montreal immigration lawyer Eric Taillefer said the easiest way to stop the irregular border crossings is to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement and allow people to request refugee status at official border crossings.

"These people are not crossing in the winter in -30 degree weather for fun — they're doing it because they don't have a choice," he said in a phone interview.

Taillefer suggested the tougher rules implemented under former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper may have contributed to the current problem by making it more difficult for refugees to enter the country lawfully. "It's a bit their fault if we're in this situation, because the new refugee claim system that is having problems was put in place by the Conservatives in 2012. Before that, we didn't have these kind of problems," he said.

Support and solidarity: How Manitobans can help Muslim refugees

Winnipeg settlement services say they're already seeing more asylum claims since Donald Trump's inauguration

By Jillian Taylor, CBC News Posted: Feb 01, 2017 5:00 AM CT Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 5:00 AM CT

Osaa Ahmed walked across a field for seven hours on a snowy November night to cross the U.S.-Canada border and make a refugee claim in Manitoba.

The Ghanaian man was denied asylum in the United States in 2016 and was set to be deported.

He said he wasn't given a date for when he had to leave, but with the election of Donald Trump he felt he had to get out of the country on his own.

"I wasn't feeling safe because they could come for me at any time and send me back home and I am afraid to go back," said Osaa.

He found refuge in Winnipeg and support at the Canadian Muslim Women's Institute, a settlement service which aids all newcomers.

"I feel welcome here at the Canadian Women's because they give me warm clothes, they welcome me any time I want," he said.

Osaa now provides translation services for other Ghanaian people.

The Canadian Muslim Women's Institute said it has already received 20 applications in 2017 for help from asylum seekers like Osaa.

Yasmin Ali, who is the president of the organization's board, said it typically only gets 20 such applications in an entire year.

Asylum seekers surge into Manitoba, with 10 refugee claims on Monday alone

"When you ask them, 'Why are you coming here?' they are all coming from the United States," she said. "And because of the new laws and the new president, now they are just a little bit afraid [of] what's happened to them."

"People are also afraid because of the Islamophobia that they have created," said Osaa. "People really want to come to Canada because they feel that Canada will just accept them and then Canada will make them feel at home."

MPs debate Donald Trump's travel ban in the House of Commons

Canadian Muslim Women's Institute

New Canadians are always looking for warm clothing donations at the Canadian Muslim Women's Institute. (CBC)

Ali said the agency is preparing for a surge of asylum seekers and is asking Manitobans for help. It provides everything from clothing to food to strollers and hygiene items.

"Especially for the ones coming across the border, they are walking with very little," she said.

Ali said the centre's client base has grown to around 300 families since Syrian refugees started arriving. She expects the number of clients to grow and suggests if people are wondering what to donate, they should check their drawers for old electronics.

"We got some donations of cellphones that had some minutes left on it … so they were able to call their families and tell them that they are safe and where they are," she said. "They really appreciated that, it made a big difference for them."

Rita Chahal, the executive director of Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council, said what the refugees need is compassion — but they also need lawyers.

"You know, the ability to do pro bono work, lawyers could certainly help in that aspect," said Chahal. "We help do the paralegal work that is necessary. We get the application in place, get them connected, get them a place to stay immediately."

Free hugs for Muslims

Krista Michie is showing her support for Muslim Manitobans on her lapel. She's created a button to show newcomers they have a friend in her.

"I hug everybody, I am a huge hugger. So a friend of mine bought me a button that says 'free hugs' which I wear on my jacket," she said, which inspired her to design her own button that reads "free hugs for Muslims."

Free Hugs for Muslims

Krista Michie ordered 100 of these buttons following the fatal shooting at a Quebec mosque. (Krista Michie)

Michie said she was devastated by the fatal shooting at a mosque in Quebec City on Sunday and felt compelled to do something.

"I can't image how Muslim people and other people feel right now, so I just wanted to do something to bring some positivity to my world," said Michie.

She said she asked a Muslim friend before ordering the buttons if it was the right thing to do.

"He said it is a beautiful sentiment and that it is very much appreciated," she said.

She hopes that the buttons will send a message of inclusion and love. She's ordered 100 so far and is giving them out to anyone who wants one.

Osaa said it is small gestures like this that go a long way in helping refugees feel welcome in their new home.

Winnipeg charities appeal for financial help to support refugees

'Right now our immediate need is financial,' says Rita Chahal executive director

CBC News, Feb 13, 2017

Rita Chahal, executive director of Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council, is appealing for the public and private sector to make financial donations to help her organization support refugees.

Rita Chahal, executive director of Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council, is appealing for the public and private sector to make financial donations to help her organization support refugees.

Welcome Place is asking for financial donations from the public and private sector to help house the increasing number of refugees trekking overland into Canada near the Emerson, Man., border.

The Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council, which runs Welcome Place, said on Monday it has reached capacity at its three temporary housing units, which each have room for five people.

"This afternoon is really about making a formal request and appeal to the public and to the private sector for direct financial support," said Rita Chahal, executive director of the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council.

On Monday the Winnipeg Foundation announced it is giving Welcome Place $33,000 in grants to help kick off their fundraising campaign. Of the amount, $23,000 came from an anonymous donor.

On Saturday alone, Welcome Place assisted 21 refugees who crossed into Manitoba from the United States. The group included one family with three young children, including a six-month-old baby. Most are from Eastern Africa originally — Djibouti and Somalia.

Manitoba RCMP said a total of 28 people jumped the border near Emerson on the weekend. The year-to-date the total number of people who have crossed the border for 2017 is 69, said RCMP.

On the previous weekend 22 people crossed the same frozen fields to claim asylum in Canada.

Since April 2016 Welcome Place has worked with nearly 300 refugees, where on a typical year they would handle between 60 and 70 claimants, said Chahal.

Welcome Place does not have the capacity to accept donations of food, clothing or furniture, said Chahal, but they work with other organization that do, including the Canadian Muslim Women's Institute.

The Salvation Army stepped up and offered beds for all 21 people.

"I can't tell you how incredible this community is, we have all come together," said Chahal.

Her staff has been working around the clock, driving refugees to Winnipeg and helping them prepare their refugee documentation and applications, she said. The charity has also reached out to law students in Winnipeg to help them process claims.

Chahal expects more refugees to arrive in Manitoba and when they do, they will need the funds to properly support them.

"Right now our immediate need is financial," said Chahal.

"We need the resources to staff people, to recruit and to work with the clients directly as well as find places for [refugees] to stay."

Chahal said she has yet to speak directly with the province but when they do, her organization is asking for public housing to be immediately made available to shelter the asylum seekers.

In response, Housing Minister Scott Fielding said the government "is committed to ensuring that we continue to live up to our reputation for compassion."

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It takes a Village and a Lousy Mother and Feminism and Anti-Racists and an Injun Tribe and Social Services and Bleeding Heart Judges and Prison to raise a Killer/"Child"

Brian Kyle Thomas

Irvine Jubal Fraser murdered by Brian Kyle Thomas blood

Irvine Jubal Fraser murdered by Brian Kyle Thomas UM

Irvine Jubal Fraser murdered by Brian Kyle Thomas bus stop

Irvine Jubal Fraser murdered by Brian Kyle Thomas

'We hoped he could be helped': Shamattawa chief says community reached out to suspect in bus driver's killing

Suspect had FASD, was apprehended at birth, placed in 73 foster homes

CBC News, Feb 16, 2017

The troubled life of the young man suspected of murdering a Winnipeg Transit driver is coming into focus.

At 22, Brian Kyle Thomas, who was bounced between 73 foster homes as a child, has been homeless, battled substance abuse and has been in and out of jail for a series of violent crimes.

"He's had a very difficult upbringing," Shamattawa First Nation Chief Jeff Napaokesik told CBC News. "We hoped he could be helped, [to] find a solution to his trouble."

Thomas has been charged with second-degree murder after Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine Jubal Fraser, 58, was stabbed a number of times early Tuesday morning. The allegations have not been proven in court.

Thomas is from Shamattawa First Nation and had been living in Winnipeg, Napaokesik said. He had run into Thomas on a trip to the city just a few week ago, he said, and saw that the young man was struggling. "We bought him some shoes, some sneakers that he desperately needed at that time, also some money for food," he said, adding he and band members had even offered to bring him home to Shamattawa.

The murder allegations against Thomas have left Napaokesik and other community members in disbelief. "It was very shocking," he said. "We were looking at each other and talking and wishing we could've done more for him."

Thomas was born in June 1994 with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and placed in foster care after birth, his lawyer said. "His mother drank 'super juice' constantly while she was pregnant with him and as a result he was seized," Theodore Mariash told court during a sentencing hearing in November 2016.

Thomas pleaded guilty to assaulting his former girlfriend in August 2016 while intoxicated. "I just want to say sorry for what I did to my girlfriend. I am just sorry what happened," he told the judge.

Thomas has seven criminal convictions to date and has breached conditions upwards of 13 times. His first criminal charge was two months after his 18th birthday. In August 2012, he was charged with assault and pleaded guilty. Two years later, in October 2014, he pleaded guilty to another assault and was handed a 28-day sentence.

Later that fall Thomas was charged with uttering death threats against a woman and her two children and was carrying a knife. At the sentencing hearing in 2014 Thomas told the judge, "I want to go back to school and I just want to get my Grade 12 diploma and start out my life and get back on the right foot you know. I don't really like being in jail. I know my mom misses me a lot and I was hoping to get out today so I can spend Christmas with her," adding he had never had spent Christmas with her before.

The judge told Thomas she remembered him from his assault conviction a few months before. She had denied him bail at the time because "I thought you were really scary," she told him. The judge said that because he had spent the last few months in custody awaiting his sentencing, she considered his time served and let him go that day. "You're a man now, you're not a little boy anymore. You have to act like a man," she told him. "I'm going to let you out today so you can spend Christmas with your mother."

Back in Shamattawa, Napaokesik said they are still struggling with the news. He said his heart goes out to Fraser's family. "I feel for what the family might be going through in Winnipeg," he said. "We wish it had never happened."

He's a fine upstanding citizen! He's just misunderstood! He fell through the cracks!








Kike and kiked critics condemned The Great Wall as "racist", and "anti-Chinese", and "a whitewash" – because it stars a White man – Matt Damon, a well-known SJW, including as an "anti-racism" campaigner. The "racist" ("anti-Chinese") movie is a massive hit in China.

Budget: $150 M
Box-office in USA: $21 M
Box-office in PRC: $171 M
Box-office outside USA and PRC: $74 M

Weekend Box Office: Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall' Crumbles With $21M U.S. Debut

[The Kike's] Hollywood Reporter, Feb 17/2017

Acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, bombed in its U.S. debut over the long Presidents Day weekend with an estimated $21 million from 3,325 theaters, including a three-day tally of $18.1 million. That's a poor start considering the movie's $150 million production budget.

Legendary Pictures teamed with Universal in making the The Great Wall. The monster movie, skewered by critics and earning a mediocre B CinemaScore from audiences, is billed as the first English-language production shot entirely in China.

Great Wall has done giant-sized business in China, where it has earned $171 million. And it has taken in another $73.6 million in other foreign markets for an international total of $244.6 million.

The pic's story centers on European mercenaries searching for black powder who become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures. Damon stars along with Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau.

"The U.S. is not the driving market and just one part of an overall strategy," said Universal president of domestic distribution Nick Carpou. "The movie did huge business and continues to open in other international numbers. It just opened No. 1 in Russia. Zhang Yimou is an extraordinary action director."


"Asian Americans decry 'whitewashed' Great Wall film starring Matt Damon – Critics say forthcoming film The Great Wall is just the latest example of Hollywood putting a white person in a role that should go to a person of color"



Coal accounts for 40% of North Korea’s exports.

China suspends North Korean coal imports, striking at regime’s financial lifeline

By Simon Denyer, The Washington Post, February 18, 2017

BEIJING — China will suspend all imports of coal from North Korea until the end of the year, the Commerce Ministry announced Saturday, in a surprise move that would cut off a major financial lifeline for Pyongyang and significantly enhance the effectiveness of U.N. sanctions.

Coal is North Korea’s largest export item, and also China’s greatest point of leverage over the regime.

The ministry said the ban would come into force Sunday and be effective until Dec. 31.

China said the move was designed to implement November’s United Nations Security Council resolution that tightened sanctions against the regime in the wake of its last nuclear test.

But experts said the move also reflected Beijing’s deep frustration with North Korea over its recent missile test and the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half brother in Malaysia.

Kim Jong Nam had been hosted and protected by China for many years, and his murder, if proved to be conducted on Pyongyang’s orders, would be seen as a direct affront to Beijing, experts said.

The older half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was killed in Malaysia in an apparent poisoning attack carried out by two female agents.

China has also come under significant international pressure to do more to rein in North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, while Chinese President Xi Jinping is believed to have become increasingly irritated by Kim Jong Un’s behavior.

North Korea is China’s fourth-biggest supplier of coal. Although China announced in April that it would ban North Korean coal imports to comply with U.N. sanctions, it made exceptions for deliveries intended for the “people’s well-being” and not connected to North Korea’s missile programs.

In practice, that exception was the cover for coal to continue to flow across the border in huge quantities, with imports of non-lignite coal up 14.5 percent last year to 22.5 million metric tons (24.8 million U.S. tons).

But in a sign that Beijing’s patience was running out, it rejected a coal shipment from North Korea worth about $1 million Monday, the day after the test of an intermediate-range ballistic missile, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported.

China has long been reluctant to do anything that might threaten the stability of the North Korean regime — mainly because it fears that the reunification of the Korean Peninsula could bring South Korea, an American ally that hosts U.S. troops, right up to its border. Given that a total ban on coal imports could be destabilizing, it remains to be seen how firmly the pledge will be carried out.

But Pyongyang’s unwillingness to consider China’s interests has badly damaged — or even destroyed — trust between the long-standing allies.

“China still places a premium on stability, but Xi Jinping is growing more and more frustrated with Kim Jong Un,” said Paul Haenle, director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing, adding that the missile test and the assassination were seen as “serious offenses.”

Beijing took the assassination as a direct affront to China. Xi is less willing to tolerate these provocations,” he said. “China is putting a squeeze on its economic lifeline to send a message to Pyongyang.”

Wang Weimin, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University in Shanghai, said sympathy for North Korea’s national security concerns had disappeared in Beijing, and “blood ties” between the countries had been broken as it became clear that the regime could not be tamed.

“If we choose an ally that can’t be tamed, we might become the biggest loser,” he said. “That’s why we are more and more strict with North Korea. Now self-interest is central. We won’t pay attention to North Korea’s interests anymore.”

President Trump has also called on China to put more pressure on North Korea to stop its nuclear weapons program, and the subject may have come up during a telephone conversation he had with Xi earlier this month.

China has “total control over North Korea,” Trump said in an interview on “Fox & Friends” in early January. “And China should solve that problem. And if they don’t solve the problem, we should make trade very difficult for China.”

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Seattle judge won’t immediately release ‘Dreamer’ from detention center

By [Kike] Nina Shapiro, The Seattle Times [incredibly, NOT owned by Kikes!], February 17, 2017

Lawyers for detained “Dreamer” Daniel Ramirez Medina went to court Friday seeking his immediate release and calling his arrest in a Des Moines apartment unconstitutional. A federal magistrate ruled he wasn’t empowered to free Ramirez before an immigration judge gets a chance to weigh in. But in a case that he said had far-reaching implications about federal policy regarding Dreamers, and which has drawn the concern of the Mexican government and immigration activists nationwide, Chief Magistrate Judge James Donohue took the unusual step of requiring that a bond hearing in immigration court be held within a week. U.S. District Court does not usually exercise authority over the immigration-court system.

Lawyers and supporters of Ramirez said they were disappointed that the 23-year-old, accused of gang association, would not be freed. But they took heart in the call for an expedited schedule. “The faster we can resolve this, the better for Daniel and his family and the 750,000 Dreamers living in limbo,” said Seattle Councilmember M. Lorena González, who was in the courtroom. Seattle’s Mexican Consul Roberto Dondisch [Kike Roberto Dondisch-Glowinski, Consulate of Mexico in Seattle, Consul-on-Wheels for Alaska, former Director General for Global Issues for Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mexico's former lead negotiator to the U.N. climate talks], who sent a letter to the judge citing “unnecessary alarm and concern among the Mexican community in the U.S.,” also was there.

If immigration court does not schedule a bond hearing in a week, Donohue said Ramirez’s attorneys could come back to his courtroom — an important safeguard, said one of the lawyers, [Kike] Mark Rosenbaum of Los Angeles.

The magistrate also set a briefing schedule to consider whether federal court has jurisdiction to consider the merits of the case. The government has argued that it doesn’t, and that Ramirez’s removal proceedings belong only in immigration court.

Ramirez’s attorneys talked to reporters. “Daniel is just like me,” said Luis Cortes Romero, an attorney who is himself a Dreamer.

Ramirez, the father of a 3-year-old son, was brought illegally to this country when he was about 7 and later given authorization to live and work here under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. ICE agents arrested him Feb. 10, accusing him of being a gang member, which they said voided his DACA status.

The ICE agents who arrested Ramirez were targeting his father, who has been deported eight times and convicted of narcotics trafficking. While there, agents found Ramirez sleeping on the living-room floor. Asked by an agent if he had ever been arrested, Ramirez said “yes”. At that point, agents arrested him.

Later, during an interview at an ICE holding facility, agents asked Ramirez if he had been involved in gang activity. “No, not no more,” said Ramirez, according to the brief. The agents pressed on, interested in what one called in his report a “gang tattoo.” At that point, the agent’s report said, Ramirez added that he “used to hang out with the Sureno’s in California,” fled that state to escape gangs, yet “still hangs out with the Paizas in Washington state.” The agent concluded that Ramirez associated with gangs and would no longer qualify for DACA. He was taken to the detention center in Tacoma.

A declaration by Ramirez, filed with his lawyers’ brief, differs from the government’s account. It said he was sleeping on a couch, not the floor in the apartment when agents found him, and he was handcuffed immediately after saying that he had been born in Mexico. The cuffs stayed on, Ramirez said, after he told them “I have a work permit. You cannot take me.” Then, they started asking him about gang affiliation. “It felt like forever,” he said in the declaration. “I felt an intense amount of pressure, like if I did not give them something, they would not stop. So, I told them that I did nothing more than hang out with a few people who may have been Sureños, but that since I became an adult I have not spoken with any of those people.”

Describing his background in the declaration, he said he picked oranges in California before moving to Washington about a month ago, looking for a better job to provide for his son. His mother and siblings also submitted declarations, describing Ramirez as a shy, chubby homebody who had been bullied as a child and dropped out of school to help support his family when his mom was having financial problems.

Even as [FakeNews] reports circulate about a draft memo in the Trump administration that proposed using the National Guard to round up unauthorized immigrants in certain states — though the White House strongly asserted there is no plan to do so — nobody knows whether the Ramirez case signifies anything about Trump’s plans for Dreamers.

Jorge Barón [Kike Jorge L. Baron, came to USA from Colombia at age 13. Former “law clerk for Judge Betty B. Fletcher of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Seattle. Jorge then served as an Arthur Liman Public Interest Fellow at New Haven Legal Assistance Association” Barón: “I was interested in business and film, the latter interest stemming from the fact that my father has a long career in the television industry in Colombia. After college, I spent five years in Los Angeles, working in the film industry. Yes, I was living the Hollywood dream, working in big film and television productions and driving around in a red convertible. So I decided to leave the Hollywood life behind and sold the convertible. I decided to go to law school with the idea that I would work on international human rights issues. … The point where my willingness to serve has met the world’s need is right here in Seattle at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.” ], executive director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project [“NWIRP's mission is to promote justice by defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education” ], said, “I do think this kind of situation would not have happened under Obama.” He said he worried that an under-scrutinized executive order issued by Trump during his first week in office sent a signal to immigration officers to step up their enforcement efforts — and gave them broad discretion about whom to target. That order, which contained more-widely publicized provisions aimed at punishing “sanctuary cities” such as Seattle, outlined new priorities for immigration enforcement. They included deporting undocumented immigrants charged with any criminal offense, convicted or not. The order also licenses immigration officers to remove anyone who, in their judgment, poses a risk to public safety or national security. “That could be anything,” said Barón, saying broad leeway invites abuse.

NWIRP Jorge Baron

NWIRP Jorge Baron

The Department of Homeland Security has not linked Ramirez’s arrest to Trump’s order, however. In a statement, the agency pointed to longstanding DACA guidelines warning that participation can be terminated at any time, and can be denied to those involved in crime or gangs. Since 2012, the statement said, 1,500 Dreamers have had their permits revoked for such reasons.


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