When Trump makes Aaliyah, he can lay a wreath for this great American hero:

Story of How US Soldier Saved 200 Jews Finally Told


Roddie Edmonds

By Arden Dier, Newser, Dec 3, 2015.

(NEWSER) – Roddie Edmonds is the first US soldier to receive Israel's Righteous Among the Nations honor, 70 years after he risked his life to save 200 Jews. The native of Knoxville, Tenn., was captured in the Battle of the Bulge in late 1944 and held at German POW camp Staleg IXA, according to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. When the Nazis ordered all Jewish-American POWs to step forward on Jan. 27, 1945, Edmonds—the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer at the camp—ordered 1,000 US soldiers to do so, regardless of their religion, per the AP. "They cannot all be Jews!" a German commander said, per Yad Vashem. "We are all Jews here," Edmonds replied, adding soldiers didn't need to divulge their religion under the Geneva Conventions. The commander then put a gun to Edmonds' head.

He said, "'I'll give you one more chance. Have the Jewish men step forward or I will shoot you on the spot,'" Edmonds' son, the Rev. Chris Edmonds, tells NPR. "They said my dad paused, and said, 'If you shoot, you'll have to shoot us all.'" The commander yielded. Chris Edmonds believes his dad's move saved 200 lives. Edmonds died in 1985 and his untold story nearly died with him. How it surfaced is fascinating: Some time after his father's death, Chris Edmonds read an article about Richard Nixon's purchase of a tony Manhattan townhouse from a man named Lester Tanner—who mentioned that Edmonds saved his life. The son then embarked on a quest to find Tanner. Edmonds was honored on Wednesday as only the fifth American to receive the Israeli honor, the country's highest for non-Jews who undertook heroic acts in WWII. He is now being considered for a Congressional Medal of Honor.


Another heroic southern boy.

Today he would be thrown out of the service

That's an American hero!

Bravest Human! The nazis had orders to Kill and capture no one at their final stand on the ardan.

in todays jews that would be around 2200 saved. good job bud!!

COMMENTS on the NPR version of the story:

Brilliant & brave leader!

These are the type of folk we need in high office not snakes in suits - yeah like that'll happen any millenium soon

Generally speaking, people with this kind of character and integrity don't have the stomach to succeed in the corrupt world of politics.

Unless they are grassroots activists like MLK and Gandhi.

The POWs from WWII are a special breed, quite apart from most other people I have ever met.

Exactly - I've said that myself too many times to remember

As St Joni Mitchell said "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

Thank you Roddie Edmonds! The bravest guy i ever met was a spotter for the artillery in WW2. Two tours. North Africa + Italy. Well behind enemy lines he came across a division of Germans in the valley below. He called in a "time on target" on them and when all of the artillery got there, all at once, the few that survived would likely never be the same. Around 2500 Germans all at once. Proud of you dad, bravest guy i have met.

This comment was deleted. [response: You are sick in the head.]

Well deserved and a lesson in courage.

the story has been around for 20 years yet a massive press release from yad vashem today? they are just questions... i realize pointing things out makes people uncomfortable. why did they decide to do this now?

The US doesn't really have any kind of equivalent to the YadvaShem awards; but then American citizens have not been subjected to genocide.

Good for Israel and certainly well deserved by any of the documented stories of the "righteous". This is what the cost of citizenship should be about....Israel gets it.....most U.S. politicians....not so much.

Father Maximillion Kolbe took the place of a jew in the line to the crematorium.

spreading false information makes people uncomfortable.

you're pooping on a nice story, just like Art. Knock it off

That's one of the most inspiring stories I've heard - thank you - I needed to hear this - I believe every word and believe that, just as it's in us all to be wretched, it's also in us to be brave, courageous, and honorable. What a man! Thank you

They don't make them like that any more!

The point (IMHO) is not about time passage, or any nations political objectives, or Jews, or Muslims, or LGBT, or left-handers, or (insert tag here); It's about honoring 1 man who felt willing to risk all to stand up for beliefs, not in his own righteousness, but in rights of others, of humanity, of what might just be possible.

&&& he was a SOUTHERNER!!! NOt some Big city boy!!Yay Nashville!!!

I am Spartacus! Great story!! How unbelievably brave.


This comment was deleted.

This comment was deleted.

Sgt. Edmonds; this person is the very best of real Americans. His actions are what personify the best of what our country can be. And he never even told his family what he did.

M.Sgt. Edmonds joins my father and many, many others at Yad Vashem. Thank you.

Are you willing to tell your father's story?

I too would love to honor your father by hearing his story!

Hero's are not born. Hero's are not anyone special. Hero's are not genetic aberrations! Hero's are people who know when it is time to step up and do the right thing. Sargent Edmonds is one such Hero, a man who was above and beyond in his sense of justice, honor and love for his fellow man! Highly moved by this story, thank you NPR for running this amazing piece.

Incredible courage. I don't know if I could do what he did in similar circumstances - I like to think I would, but I just don't know.

This is what leadership should be.

Righteous. Not very often does this word get used appropriately.

Dude, this guy is a true American hero. This is courage. Thank you for a story not filled with hate but rather filled with hope.

"He turned blood-red, pulled his Luger out, pressed it into the forehead of my dad, and said, 'I'll give you one more chance. Have the Jewish men step forward or I will shoot you on the spot,' " Edmonds said. dad paused, and said, 'If you shoot, you'll have to shoot us all.’ — That pretty much says it all.

The King of Denmark did it for an entire country. He has been honored in YadvaShem for years.

There was a similar situation with the same threat and setting. In this case the Jewish soldiers stepped forward as they didn't want their fellow soldiers to be shot.

Very inspiring. My hat's off to Master Sgt. Edmonds.

Edmonds' actions and those of every man in the camp that stepped forward show what it really means to be an American.

It wasn't a gun that saved those men's lives that day. It was Edmond's and every other American POW's actions that took a step forward that day.

I hold the American men and women, as well as those of our allies, who served in WWII in the highest regard.

So many lessons in this story from the past for our times now. I hope we are listening.

How can we have news stories on the same day telling us about the honor and bravery of this US soldier and also telling us that Donald Trump wants to target and kill the families of terrorists (not on NPR but on other news outlets)? Roddie Edmonds represents the best of America, what Americans should strive for, the brave and honorable and right thing to do. I am so happy he is being remembered for the brave thing he did. May Americans remember him and look to him for a role model.

Such a shame you must sully this story with "the donald"

We incinerated entire cities to defeat our enemies in WWII.

So did Germans and the Japanese. Rape of Nanking and The Holocaust.

That is American Spirit :) WTG, Master Sgt



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No, Mark Zuckerberg is not giving 99% of his Facebook shares to charity

Hazel Sheffield | The Independent | Dec 2, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has said that he will give 99% of his Facebook shares away in his lifetime.

[READ ALSO: Facebook's Zuckerberg to give 99% of shares to charity]

Zuckerberg made the promise in an open letter to his newborn daughter, Max, on Facebook. He said he would dedicate 99% of his shares in Facebook to the following "missions": personalised learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities.

To do this, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have set up the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a limited liability company -- not a charity or charitable trust. Legal filings show that the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is owned and controlled by Zuckerberg.

A spokesperson has confirmed to Buzzfeed that as a company, the Initiative can spend its money on whatever it wants -- including private, profit-generating investment.

"The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will pursue its mission by funding non-profit organizations, making private investments and participating in policy debates, in each case with the goal of generating positive impact in areas of great need," the spokesperson said. "Any profits from investments in companies will be used to fund additional work to advance the mission."

In November those investments have included:

* $20 million to help connect American classrooms to fast and reliable internet

* $5 million in MasteryConnect, a teaching software

* $5 million to TheDream.US to help undocumented immigrants, in San Francisco attend college

* $15 million in AltSchool, an education initiative focussing on personalised learning and technology

* $10 million in Bridge international acadamies

That's a lot of education technology, an area aligned with Facebook's mission of connecting people. It's not exactly eradicating malaria.

Rather than marking him out as the exception, Zuckerberg's pledge puts him in the same bracket as Bill Gates, who has also promised to give away 95% of his wealth to his private foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Warren Buffett, who has also promised 99% of his wealth to Bill and Melinda's Foundation.

How much Mark Zuckerberg has left after giving away 99% of his Facebook shares

Even if he were to give away 99 per cent of shares immediately, he could sell the remaining 1 per cent for $450 million

Hazel Sheffield | The Independent | Dec 2, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to give away 99 per cent of his shares in Facebook, which at their current market valuation, is worth around $45 billion.

The giveaway will take place in Zuckerberg's lifetime. He's starting early - most billionaires, from Bill Gates to Warren Buffett, wait until their later years to start giving away their fortune.

Even if he were to give away the whole 99 per cent today, he could still sell the remaining 1 per cent for $450 million.

The value of that 1 per cent holding is expected grow. Shares in Facebook have climbed more than 180 per cent since their market value in 2012 and most analystshave a "buy" on the stock, meaning they expect further gains.

What about cash? Zuckerberg gets paid a $1 dollar a year basic salary, like other big tech CEOs. He'll get a few hundred thousand dollars a year more in company benefits.

He's also made some money cashing in Facebook shares.

When Facebook went public in 2012, Zuckerberg sold 30.2 million shares for a total of $1.13 billion. Then in 2013, Zuckerberg cashed in some of his share options to the value of $3.3 billion (£1.9 billion). At the time, Facebook said the cash would go on private jets needed for security reasons and to pay his tax bills.

Then there's property. Zuckerberg spent $10 million on a house in the Dolores Heights part of San Francisco. Last year, he was rumoured to have spent $200 million or more on land in Kauai, the smallest of the Haiwaiian Islands.


"All these super rich people pledging to give away a portion of their wealth makes me sick! They all avoid paying tax on their wealth in the first place and all earn RIDICULOUS wages for running their various companies. WHAT needs to change in this world is MANAGEMENT many levels of incompetence that regularly get rewarded even if they do a bad job, they are like scavengers, moving from one company to another, stripping companies to the bare minimum for maximum profit at the expense of the extremely lowly paid workers at the very bottom of the pile. All this pledging is just another token gesture but is just as corrupt as the CEO's who run charity organisations"

"not only avoids tax but his daughter will be ceo when she comes of age and have free access to spend money how she wishes ..great tax planning"

"I understand Merkel was heard to ask him what Facebook were doing about peopel posting negative things about refugees in europe. He was said to have replied "we are working on it" Another kick in the teeth for freedom of speech !"

"Zuckerberg pledges to give a corporation controlled by himself 99% of the shares he now owns over his lifetime. Next year, he will give himself a bonus of a couple billion dollars."

"Its all the jets and overheads that get charged where the real benefit....ooh Mr Clinton....and a nice CEO role for the daughter later :)"

"There was no giving; only a promise to give."

"Zuckerberg took a bonus of $2 billion for 2014 when Facebook made a total profit of $1.5 billion. He did this by stock dilution. So every other stock holder got their shares diluted. Zuckerberg has a history of greed and avarice."

"In trying to establish the point of this Article, it would appear that the Writer is attempting to dismiss this Act of Generosity."


Now it's bombing Syria, pressure rises on the UK to take in more refugees

The independent, Dec 3, 2015

A leading humanitarian aid agency has called on the British government to increase its intake of refugees following the decision to launch air strikes in Syria.

The British government has so far pledged to take in 20,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees by 2020 but the International Rescue Committee UK (IRC) says this is simply not enough.

Melanie Ward, associate director at the IRC, told that an upsurge in violence in Syria "inevitably risks" an increase in those who will have to flee their homes:

"It cannot be argued that accepting 4,000 Syrian refugees per year - or around 6 per parliamentary constituency - is our fair share of the millions who have fled Syria. This is more the case now than ever before."

A spokesperson for the Department for International Development explained that the government has spent over £1bn in response to the Syria crisis already - helping to resettle refugees in neighbouring countries.

However, Ward pointed out that there are already thousands who have fled the region altogether and that the crisis must be addressed:

"The government should urgently revise the numbers upwards, including by welcoming a significant number of the refugees whose desperation has seen them reach Europe's shores already."

In October, Richard Harrington MP, the minister for Syrian refugees, explained that the government was taking other measures to tackle the crisis:

"Our triple-track approach of providing funding for the refugee camps, resettling the most vulnerable, and cracking down on the traffickers clearly shows the UK playing a full role in dealing with this story of human catastrophe and living up to the reputation for humanitarian action of which we are so proud."


Clash of sexual cultures undermines efforts to acclimatize immigrants in Finland

FTimes-Xinhua Report by Juhani Niinisto and Li Jizhi, Nov 29

A 30-year-old Finnish mother of two daughters winced when she talked about the hasty installation of a refugee center no more than one kilometer from her house in Helsinki suburb.

"I have discussed with my husband. Maybe we shall move to a new place," she said while choosing Christmas goods for her family members in a downtown department store.

"I heard that there will be some 50 asylum seekers coming. Most of them are young men under 19 years old," she added.

As the refugees continue to pour into this tiny Nordic country, harassment of teenage women by male asylum seekers has made the headlines in Finnish media in recent days.

In Kempele, northern Finland, the police were investigating a case in which a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped last Monday night by a 17-year-old asylum seeker.

One day later, a similar case happened in Raisio, southern Finland. The victim was also a 14-year-old girl, and the suspect was a 19-year-old asylum seeker.

The two cases were the only covered in media, and the Police admitted on Friday that actually 10 such incidents were under investigation.

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä uncommonly gave a public statement condemning the crime in northern Finland, where his hometown is located. But he assured to accommodate more refugees in his old house as scheduled.

The incident in Kempele triggered a local protest on Saturday, and the police had to evacuate the local refugee center for security reason.

A heated public debate could be seen on television and the internet. The discussion mainly concerned the relative light sentences on rape by Finnish courts, the limitations imposed on the police to tell about cases and the need to inform the asylum seekers about Finnish values, including sexual behavior.

The different sexual cultures have been seen as a key problem.

In Finland, a woman trusts that her explicit "no" will be respected in any situation -- even after a joint cab drive to a private home, said Finnish expert Paivi Kari-Zein.

Kari-Zein told Finnish national broadcaster Yle that a Finnish woman thinks she can cut off the game at any stage "even quite late", and believes her word will be respected, but an asylum seeker may find it hard to accept.

Kari-Zein also warned that the fairly exposing clothing of girls may be baffling to the arrivals. They may not be used to seeing women alone in restaurants or even in public places.

Some 25 percent of persons convicted of rape In Finland in recent years are of foreign extraction. The problem thus existed before the current influx of asylum seekers.

Marko Forss, a police officer known as the "internet cop" in Finland, wrote in his blog that the police should be given more freedom in informing what has happened.

"The police do not want to instigate violence or hatred against asylum seekers, but through concealing the crimes they have done we only make the situation worse. Openness would work best also in this situation," Forss wrote.

As an EU country, Finland has assumed the responsibility of taking in thousands of refugees this year, but the question remains how the five million citizens get along well with the new arrivals.

"Almost every day we hear about more suspected cases and even actual court sentences of rape by foreigners that have taken place in the cities and around the refugee centers," a netizen named "An utterly tired Finn" said in an internet posting on Friday.

The posting claimed that only two percent of the asylum seekers are real refugees and the rest are "fit males in their 20s" looking for better living standard.

While the true figures could not be found in any official statistics, the Finnish authority has lately adopted new techniques in processing asylum applications, including DNA tests.

Building planned for refugee centre burnt at Kankaanpää

FTimes-Xinhua Report, Dec 2

A building planned to accommodate refugees was burnt down by a fierce fire on Tuesday morning in Kankaanpää, western Finland, local media reported.

The two-storeyed wooden building had been supposed to serve as a reception center and the first asylum seekers are to arrive next week.

The police told media that the fire was probably set intentionally, but stressed that the destruction of the building would not prevent asylum seekers from being accommodated in other facilities in the region.

Security companies to be allowed inside reception centres

Refugee centres away from police to be closed

FTimes - STT Report, Nov 28

Interior Minister Petteri Orpo on Friday said refugee reception centres located in wrong areas such as those which are far away from police supervision are to be closed due to security concerns.

There has been no official statement on which centres will be shut down. According to Orpo, a change in the law is being prepared which would allow security companies to place guards inside the reception centres.

At the moment, security guards are only allowed to work outside of the centres. Finland is only one of many destination countries affected by uncontrolled migration, said Orpo. According to him, more initiatives are to be taken to prevent crime.

“As soon as refugees arrive in Finland, they must be informed and educated on the laws, culture and status of women in Finland, as well as what works and what does not,” Orpo said.

The police have been notified at least ten times this year about rapes in which the suspect is a refugee, the National Police Board told news agency STT.

The government was informed of the ten suspected rapes involving refugees at the end of the week, as the Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, Interior Minister Orpo, Justice and Labour Minister Jari Lindström as well as the police and senior management of the Interior Ministry held an emergency meeting.

Minister terms rape incidents security risk

FTimes- STT Report, Nov 28

Justice Minister Jari Lindström on Friday termed the recent suspected cases of rape by asylum seekers as a security risk.

The minister expressed concern about the harmony in the society. Lindström termed the rape incidents outrageous, incomprehensible and sad.

This is the second week in a row where the victim of a suspected rape has been a 14-year-old girl and the suspect is believed to be an asylum seeker.

The suspect in the other case has a foreign background. The police, however, have not confirmed media reports that the suspect is an asylum seeker

Anti-asylum protest follows teenage rape

Kempele refugees shifted for safety

FTimes – STT Report, Nov 29

The inmates of Kempele refugee centre were shifted to another place on security ground following a demonstration by the local people protesting against the government’s immigration policy on Saturday.

About 200 to 300 people brought out a procession from Oulu area and marched to the town’s market square protesting the incident of rape of a 14-year-old girl allegedly by an Afghan in Kempele on Monday, which came public on Friday.

The protesters marched from the market to the building used to shelter young asylum seekers. The procession ended at the scene where the teenage girl was raped.

Later the Oulu Deaconess Institute Foundation, which operates the refugee centre, shifted the refugees to elsewhere, reported the Iltalehti, a Finnish language tabloid. The Iltalehti report said Saturday’s anti-asylum demonstration forced the centre authorities to shift the refugees to a different place to ensure their security.

According to the Oulu police, the unit’s staff made an independent decision to move the residents elsewhere, reported the national broadcaster Yle.

The foundation said it had transferred the young asylum seekers to a different location in order to ensure their safety.

Some Finnish families with kids join Isis

FTimes – STT Report, Nov 22

Some families together with their children have left the country to join the ranks of Isis, reported Ilta-Sanomat, a Finnish language tabloid.

According to the security police (Supo), entire families including very small children have left Finland to join the extremist organisation. The aim is to raise a new generation of jihadis, said a representative of Supo to the tabloid.

The Ilta-Sanomat, however, did not specify how many have left to join Isis.

A few weeks ago, Supo said about 70 people had left the country for Syria, of whowere killed and about a dozen came back.

The topic of children from Europe joining Isis has been in the headlines following the terrorist attack in Paris.

Quoting the British newspaper Daily News, the Ilta-Sanomat reported that the mastermind of the Paris attacks, 27-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud took his little brother, 13-year-old Younes, to Syria alongside Isis last year..


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Amiri Baraka [LeRoi Jones]: Black Dada Nihilismus

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The protestant love, wide windows,
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black dada nihilismus

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