BUDGET: $80,000,000
BOX OFFICE: $923,261

Best Picture at Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Official Selection at The Hamptons International Film Festival

Official Selection at Palm Springs International Film Festival


Why does it takes so long before this movie will be released ? It's already made in 2013 !

Great Trailer!! Now I don't have to watch the movie

don't worry you will never find the movie mate.....they only ever filmed the trailer.....

I stooped believing the shit they say over and over again.

The fucking British Empire probably killed more than any German speaking nation combined

i couldn't imagine a britain where pakistanis didn't gang rape 1400 little white girls in one town alone, a britain in which whites are being made the minority in cities and towns, a britain in which africans didn't behead a soldier in the middle of a london street during the day. thank the lord, my grand parents fought in ww2 so that can happen. i feel so culturally enriched

Nazis the more I learn about those guys the more I dont care for them... and by the way, hitler was a real jerk... - Norm Macdonald

Is Hollywood capable of making a movie that ISN'T about the Holocaust and WW2? It's like they have so little originality that the only story they can tell is about reality. I'm starting to think there is an intentional effort to demonize national socialism and nazi Germany in the modern day. Is it an attempt to make it seem like the good goy- I mean guys- won the war and the bad guys lost? Makes it more likely that people will sympathize with the Jewish community and view them as victims. Surely I don't need to explain how this may have benefited their community...


WW2 resulted in the creation of Israel. It also resulted in a slew of laws banning anti-semitism. Jews of the modern day are now able to push their political ideologies while using their Jewish heritage to shield themselves from criticism. Question a liberal Jewish persons views on diversity? You're an anti-semite bigot. Don't support Israel and their treatment of Palestinians? Anti-semite. Imply that Israel benefits from American foreign policy in the Middle East? Anti-semite. Question anything regarding the Holocaust and it's portrayal in media? Anti-semite.

You aren't allowed to say anything negative about the Jewish community without being viewed as Hitler incarnate. THAT is how they benefit in the modern day. You can choose to ignore that if you want, but I won't. Germans were targeted during the war, were they victims too? There were multiple instances of indiscriminate bombing of German civilians in the war... are they victims? You probably want to say yes, but the reality is that you think their deaths were justified because you associate them with nazis.

Look up "cognitive dissonance" and you'll start to understand why Hollywood pumps out so much WW2/Holocaust propaganda.

oy vey, don't let the goyim know

I haven't seen a good WWii movie in years

You're a woman... of course you haven't seen any war movies in years. You choose to turn a blind eye to the violent history of the world like an ignorant fool. Instead you fill your head with happy-go-lucky delusions like a good liberal... which is why that's what you think that's all Hollywood makes. Labeling one side of a war as "bad" and the other as "good" is nothing but reductionist tripe to make ignorant morons such as yourself happy. Only a truly ignorant and naive person would actually believe that a war between human beings would be a case of good and evil. You label the enemy as "evil" or "bad" and suddenly the exact mentality that you have is created. Who cares if their civilians were killed? Who cares if they had people massacred in disgusting acts of malicious violence? They were EVIL you guys! They started it! Better pray that your country doesn't pick the losing side in the next big war and end up being labeled "evil" at the end of the shitstorm. Why shouldn't I sympathize with Nazi Germany? One look at the direction Europe is heading in and one can easily realize that the Western world siding with communist Russia was a big mistake. But you probably love the fact that white people are slowly dying out. You probably welcome the death of the white race and believe that all white people are evil and racist. You also probably don't even know anything about national socialism. You just know that the evil German's were under a nazi government so obviously it must be an evil ideology. All you know about it is post-war propaganda aimed at destroying the ideology and galvanizing America's grip on the world. You're too comfortable with your head in the sand to actually educate yourself on the history that has lead the world to this point. You probably don't know anything about modern day politics, let alone geopolitics. You don't know anything about economics or foreign affairs. All you know is that you want to live in a peaceful utopia where everyone gets along and lives happily ever after... just like those ridiculous romcoms you mentioned. Have fun never understanding how the world works.

Another jewish-Hollywood finaced propaganda movie to get support for the occupying terrorist state of israel in it's ongoing genocide and war crimes against the palastinian civilians. how many movies do they need to finance for their personal agenda for people to notice how sickening they really are?

I want to see a movie about WW2 that is about the truth of what happened and who stood to benefit from such a ridiculous global conflagration, not more BS about how Abraham Lincoln started WW2 to end slavery and kick Hitler out of Kuwait, all while eating apple pie. Damn, I think I've muddled all my Murrikan propaganda together again.

Another propaganda about the holocaust... Lies, lies, lies...

this is Fraudulent History, and these so called "God's chosen Peoples" can not turn the repetition of a lie in to truth...And by the way exposing liars for their lies doesn't make her a Nazi or racesit

Another shit movie about jews , the more i see ww2 movies whith, them the more i hate the zionist !

Another fiction about the holocaust fiction. What's hilarious is just how similar Nazi Germany and the US are.

jews making profit from the holocaust? what a surprise

fucking kikes

hitler did nothing wrong

I so want to see this but unfortunately no theater in the Kansas City Area is showing it. :(

Amazing! A "true story" that's been "untold" for nearly 70 years! Which would make the main character in this movie in his 90's now. It's even directed by a jewish american? NO WAY! What a coincidence that a successful jewish director would make a movie about what was supposedly the most horrific event that ever happened to the jewish community largely staring jewish actors.

I wonder how, exactly, this has been untold for 70 years but finally it comes to light as a glorified jewish propaganda film to empower their ability to survive and thrive. Kind of odd that they make up less than 2% of the population but you can't watch 90% of the movies, TV shows, hell even the news, without seeing a jewish name as the producer.

Jewish shit propaganda

during ww2 soviets killed like 2x that much people (including jewish) than germans. Funfact

Just another rich jew profiting off his own peoples supposed suffering, typical.
When do we get a movie depicting the Holodomor? Nazi Germany is a dead horse, stop beating it already...

You better watch this movie Goyim. You owe it to us for the horrible deeds you have done to those 95 million Chosen People. May G-d remind you of the truth.


Oh you jews and your shoahnanigans!

another propaganda movie, pls no one cares, only the brainwashed ones, and i am not proud that hungary is agred this shit


''Muh 6 trillions''

remember the 596 trillions

We surely needed one more film about poor jewbs. Good job!

pff tell me about it i can't believe they attempted to try to backup the holocaust again... people are educated now we can see through the lies.

Like the Holocaust is at all untold about.

To all of you who ask why we need another movie about the Holocaust - read the comment section.

alot of u are racist sacks of shit.No one here understands what reaally happend in the holocaust.6 million are were murdered for nothin.Nazism is evil and if they woudve one they wouldve destroyed more nationalities so some of u should stfu

Zionist are nazi motherfukers ,just like their former masters...Hitler bigest creation a 21 sec nazi peopel THE JEWSSSSS !!!

I met the director and producer of this movie today. Neither are jewish or conspirators... they are a couple wealthy real estate investors in California who just saw a special on the History Channel about this guy and thought it would make a cool film.

Mah 666 Shillion!

German soldiers raping a Jewess? Surely that's proof enough that this is all ficticious Jew propaganda.

I hope goyim gona like this movie, yes yes

fuckin' jew propaganda

This looks even worse than that pos movie The Book Thief, more like the kike apologist. Glad it bombed at the BO

Never forget the 9000 gazzillion babillion

Fucking kikes get away in every movie, don't they.

JIDF are undercooked jews... but this really pushes the envelope. Fuck this movie, WW2 should've gotten rid of the jewish pest.


6 million jews? have some respect for the 7 million! haven't your teachers ever told you about the 8 million? OY VEY my grandfather was among those 9 million!


Of course the fucking JIDF supports the movie where the le brave jewish warrior murders nazis.

You guys wanna hear a funny joke? The holocaust.

she is obviosly refusing rape by getting into a comfy position on the bed.
Also nice legs.

Reply · 23

Goyim Shekelstein 1 year ago

Implying the nazis would rape a disgusting jewish girl, no such thing as racemixing in glorious National Socialist Germany

looks shitty

never happened . . ..


Oh great another movie about the holohoax.


Jews jewing about jews. It can't get more Jew than this.

What an amazing true story that is completely true and in no more fabricated or embellished in any way at all, to think that over 56 billion jewish people were killed in WW2 astonishes me, thank you Hollywood I had almost forgotten.

My only regrets are that more didnt die....Never Forget

hollywood needs to sink into the sea already. Garbage garbage and more garbage.

Boo hoo were sad delusional Jews, listen to our sob story. Every one is fed up with these stupid fucking holocaust movies. make something worth watching.

oy vey,they just can't enough of milking the holocow

That's why my ancestors were forced to flee Hungary after Team America started sticking their noses in.... Pro-Zionist propaganda!

holocaust didnt happen
freedom of speech
suck it israel

You dirty goyim always try and besmirch the shoah. 9 million jews were slaughtered! I'm glad black men take white woman and AIDS runs rampant! It's always white people! GTFO


"The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered, they lack many of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude, such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display." H.L. Mencken

I love ww2 movies about how the Jews started and led communism which is responsible for 10s of millions of murders, rapes and death camps all over soviet union and beyond. Oh wait, there are no movies about that part of history and you wont hear about it in libtard university either.


Movies like this are the reason I wish the Holocaust actually took place.

Looks like another shit movie that no one will ever watch... because its a shit movie.

implying the holocaust had anything to do with why WW2 started....

So are we to assume that this movie is being prepped in time for some pre-planned Israeli aggression (say against Iran)?

So much hate here. you think its funny how 60billion jews where killed in the holocaust? oh vey anti-semitic

First, Holohoax? Holocaust is a lie? You fucking morons are born in the 60s, 70s, 80s or even 90s and TALK and ACT like you KNOW shit? You weren't there. so dont fucking talk about things were your eyes didnt were. You guys all screaming that its bullshit, but WHERE is your fucking proof? The holocaust/WW2 is one of the biggest genocides of our past and you people try to act and talk that it never happend, good luck. Humanity is INSANE.

What about the time the jews will take away everything from you? When you have nothing left, will you fight against this pest?

Oy vey! The goyim know! Shut it down! Switch tactics!

Forget the propaganda.This movie just looks really really bad and boring

oy vey its another shoah in this comments

thats right you stupid nazis - thats what you get for the innocent jews

Remember the 7 gorillian shoahs

Ashkenazi Jews are a parasite, they infected Russia under the Askenazi Jew Lenin, and destroyed and massacred the population. The same thing happened to Germany. The only way your going to remove the parasite is to remove it's power. Central Banking.

jews aren't fighters, they're corruptors... movie is a lie


So when was this film suppoused to be out?? cuz I can't find it anywhere... maybe those people up in Hollywood realized that people no longer fall for this SCAM and decided that putting this Fraudelent History out wasn't a smart move after all... just look at how many people are voting it down. People are getting tired of just this one sided approach of history and just hearing the Jewish version of WWII... If you want be lied to, all you have to do is turn on the t.v. and watch Hollywood

I don't care much for Holohoax film, but this one I gotta say seems pretty skeptical to me.


"Walking with the Enemy is an American action drama film directed by Mark Schmidt, and scripted by Kenny Golde and Mark Schmidt. The film stars Jonas Armstrong, Ben Kingsley, Simon Kunz, Hannah Tointon, Simon Dutton, Burn Gorman, and Charles Hubbell. It is inspired by the true story ["untold true story", as they say in the movie trailer] of Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum. Walking with the Enemy was inspired by the true story of Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum and is set in Budapest and nearby villages, and depicts the German occupation of Hungary during the final months of the Second World War. The story is about a young man, Elek Cohen (played by Jonas Armstrong) who steals an SS uniform to pose as an officer to find out the fate of his family and to rescue fellow Jews from the Holocaust."


Unbelievably Bad movie -an $80 million waste -- 1/10 -- It is hard to believe that Mark Schmitt spent $80 million making this pathetically inadequate piece of film-making. According to the film's website this is what he spent (wasted). It is evident from the website that this movie was a vanity movie given all the attention on where various family members appeared in the movie. From what I have heard from the industry the movie was already in the can when they decided to add Ben Kingsley to try and save it. This explains the disjointed flow. The dialog is worthy of a high school junior. The good reviews can only have come from family members and friends. Now this is the kind of movie that the North Korean's should keep out of the movie houses

Terrible Film -- 1/10 -- Author: Aaron Cohen from United States -- I'm usually a big fan of World War II movies since my grandparents were killed in the Shoah, but this film offered nothing but disappointment. The plot was extremely disjointed and it hardly told a coherent narrative, nearly everyone I watched it with was extremely confused throughout the movie. But, he plot wasn't the only issue, I expect movies about the Shoah to be historically accurate, but this was about 80% fiction with only minor fragments of truth here and there. I would honestly say that the low quality of this film is an insult to the 6.5 Million Jews murdered by Adolf Hitler. The producers should be ashamed of themselves.

Rotten Tomatoes:

Looks terrible, yet another "untold true story" that miraculously is found and filmed 70 years afterward just in time to be politically relevant for something happening in the present.

I did not find this movie entertaining. I would not recommend wasting your money on this movie.

Horribly inaccurate. Hitler kicked the jews out because they corrupted the society and promoted degeneracy through the media. just look at America today...

Filled with fake situations. Better off as a fantasy.

Full of bolshevik proganda, doesn't show the rape and ethnic cleansing of Germans in Czechoslovakia or Poland. Complete historical inaccuracy designed to victimise the Zionist extremists who tried to take over Germany with a communist regime.

Yet another holocaust firm with no substance. A movie that exists solely exists to harness white guilt and provide pity for yahweh's chosen people.



The EU says it's now too dangerous for invaders to trek through the Balkans, so instead the invaders will be flown on commercial flights direct to their final destinations.

The migrants left high and dry: Thousands continuing to trudge through the Balkans are at risk of trench foot as freezing weather leaves them constantly wet, prompting EU plan to fly arrivals from Greece

Daily Mail, 26/10/15

Thousands of migrants making their way through the Balkans (pictured) are at risk of death and conditions such as trench foot as freezing winter weather closes in on Europe. Fears over the health of those trying to make their way overland and into the Eurozone have now prompted the EU to offer refugees in Greece paid flights to countries offering asylum.

I will not be anything close to happy until Europeans dominate all of North Africa, Turkey, Syria and Palestine. The Russians are doing their part. It's time for the Iberians, French, Italians and Central Europeans to step up and make it happen.


Where's the love for the poor poor 'refugees'?

Will a fence halt the human tide flowing into Slovenia? Country becomes latest to build barriers along its borders as 47,500 migrants arrive in just a few days


We are no longer accepting comments on this article.

Time to start shooting them

All fit and ables young blokes, throwing a couple of women and children in to get the sympathy vote, I say use full force water cannons and electrify the fences

foul, smelly ver-min the lot of them

Roll on a -35 degree winter this lot will wish they were sat on the balcony in Syria watching the sun go down ... Bring on the big freeze

It seems to me that no matter what the h e ll. we say our govs are not going to take a blind bit of notice,they want s t r I n g I n g. up

All along I felt that we should leave the boats alone. If a few boats had capsized early on resulting in loss of lives do you think more would have come? Of course not. But no, everyone was rushing to help with no strategy as to what to do with these people. If Cameron budges one iota over the 20k he has sadly already committed to take I believe there will be carnage on our streets.

Slovania is now ruined! Rip

UK had better STOP this cancer from spreading!!! Cut off the tumour before it's too late!!!

P@rasites, the lot of them and they seem to excrete litter

So abolish all external border checks at the same time as you boost the human rights groups internally . The poor masses of the middle east have just realised that Angie 's house has no door locks. It will get much worse...even if peace comes to Syria tomorrow .

and they probably won't go back when peace arrives.

All part of IS plan, wake up Europe.

All men with a token child at the front.

FIRst thing I thought of too. 40,000 illegals. In the first photo you are lucky to spot a female. Rest of the photos they have hunted out the women and children.

Enjoy your last Christmas in peace folks.

It sounds like we have all just given in already,it's not a good attitude is it?

sooner or later when the citizens of the invaded countries get fed up, there is going to be some very serious civil unrest, which Governments are not going to be able to control.

Time for all European women to start martial arts classes. I don't think we're going to feel safe 😟

They are not 'fleeing' FROM anything they are passing through countless 'safe' Countries 'fleeing' TO the Countries that pay the most benefits.


Merkel's open-door policy faces a backlash as Germany braces for up to a million a s y l u m requests this year, but Junker in an interview to the Funken media said that "I appreciate very much that the Chancellor does not change course because of opinion polls. It is not a question of short-term popularity but the very substance of what politics is about," What does that even mean??

Merkel has a lot to answer for allowing this to happen. As we are in the EU how come she made this decision on her own.

Also reports showing the extent of c r i m e in the shelters and generally among m i g r a n ts; the general lack of respect for German law, the creation of parallel societies, the refusal of younger males to undertake apprenticeships expecting instead to 'get rich quick', the lack of respect for German ways (such as the refusal to speak the language of the unclean i.e. any non-M'slim), the attempts to subjugate women at every turn: the epidemic of r a p e; the implementation of s h a r i a h in shelters and 'no go' areas in cities such as Berlin.

Germany/Merkel runs the EU. It is NOT a democratic organisation.

If you haven't woken up to the fact that we will be fighting these within ten years then it time you took a reality check. Tell your left wing neighbours too. They probably haven't realised that been left wing and pro im-mi-gration will be no defence in the end.

In the local Morpeth herald two weeks ago our local l o o n Lib Dem councillor is urging all of us to take one of these lot into our homes!!!!

So true. Been thinking that for ages

So its down to the former eastern bloc to defend the west .who would have believed it.

I bet you Germans are starting to regret tearing down that wall.

Historically the territory of the present day Slovenia represented the first ramparts of Christianity that were never conquered by the Ottoman Turks. So yes, I think that legacy is still alive and well.

The only walls we need are across the tunnel, both ends.

There is no tunnel under the Med, but they still got to Europe. All we need is proper security but Chicken Dave keeps cutting the budget. The tunnel cost billions, why should we close it because of a few riff raff.

What are we going to do when the Calais 6,000 become 12,000 and start hijacking ferries?

People would have more sympathy I'm sure, if these people sought refuge in the first safe haven they reached instead of 'cherry picking' where they want to go .......

I was born in the fifties, people of a similar age or older will tell you it's not our country anymore. There's a neon sign at Dover. To Let, or for sale, British industry, British jobs, and help yourself to accommodation.

Let's all do it. We in the UK were protected by the sea for thousands of years and then some bright sparks decided to build the tunnel. Block it off, secede from the EU and patrol our waters with gun boats.

They'll still come across on the ferries hidden in lorries.

The Chunnel was built with the EU Superstate in mind.


KIKE FLOYD -- I knew this attention-seeking KIKE fuckwit would be back in the news -- Kike Charlie Gilmour on the Far Left:

Pink Floyd star's [KIKE] son boasts of 'beautiful scenes' as anarchists try to storm Eurostar platforms with smoke and paint bombs in Battle of St Pancras

The group 'No Borders' tried to storm St Pancras railway station to highlight the plight of migrants in Calais

But they clashed with police, who tried to stop them from entering the Eurostar terminal and pushed them back. Police brandished their truncheons at protesters as both paint and smoke bombs were thrown into the crowd. The protesters had attempted to erect barriers outside one of the entrances to the station but they were taken away by police as the demonstration became violent. Police confirmed two people, a man and a woman, were arrested after the pro-refugee protesters clashed with police last night.

Among the demonstrators was Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who was jailed for his part in the 2010 student demonstration

He shocked Britain when he swung from a flag on the Cenotaph as part of a demonstration against student tuition fees, and last night Charlie Gilmour, the adopted son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, was back on the barricades.

Gilmour, 25, who was handed a 16-month jail sentence for his part in the 2010 student demonstration, was at St Pancras station in North London when around 150 protesters supporting refugee rights armed with smoke and paint bombs clashed with police as they tried to storm the Eurostar platforms.

Following the furore Gilmour posted a boastful message on Twitter which read: 'Beautiful scene at the St Pancras protest. Anarchists attacked by police responded by nicking their hats and vanishing into the mist.'

But on this occasion, Gilmour was not actively taking part in the protest. 'I was at the King's Cross protest as a freelance journalist and observer,' he told The Mail on Sunday.

'I was researching a piece about refugee solidarity in Britain.'

Despite not being involved, Gilmour has recently tweeted a series of messages in support of migrant groups.

Earlier this month he wrote: 'Borders kill don't ya know.'

It is believed that the protesters who clashed with police had taken part in a peaceful demonstration organised by the group No Borders to coincide with similar protests held in Paris earlier in the day.

The protesters tried to enter the railway station, which is the UK terminal for Eurostar services to Europe, to call for a relaxation of borders.

However, they were stopped by officers from the Met and British Transport Police as they tried to get on to Eurostar platforms and the demonstration turned violent when paint and smoke bombs were thrown.

The activists also tried to pour red liquid on the floor of the station in memory of migrants who have died trying to use the Channel Tunnel to enter Britain.

Eventually the activists were removed and made their way along to nearby Granary Square, where they continued to protest.

They carried banners reading: 'The people want to bring down the borders' and 'We don't cross borders, borders cross us.

A spokesman from British Transport Police said: 'At around 6pm a number of protesters arrived at St Pancras rail station and officers are currently facilitating a peaceful protest. Around this time a number of other individuals arrived at the station causing disorder, and missiles, including smoke bombs were thrown at police officers. This group were dispersed by police and officers remained at the station. '

The demonstration comes just a week after another protest by 250 people in support of migrants at the London Eurostar terminus .

'We demand that the UK and the US and the EU open their borders to all migrants and refugees,' said one protester, who declined to be named.

'We demand that Theresa May shuts down all detention centres and end all deportation,' the protester added, referring to the Home Secretary.

Despite his run-ins with the law, Gilmour, an ex-pupil at £11,000-a-term Lancing College in West Sussex, has courted controversy since beginning a career as a journalist.

He recently wrote an article about using magic mushrooms – a class-A drug – to help stop smoking. And when Jeremy Corbyn suggested he would work with Blairites in the Labour Party, Gilmour said they should be hung from lamp-posts ‘as warning to future war criminals’.

Gilmour was adopted by the Pink Floyd guitarist after the rock star began a relationship with his mother, writer Polly Samson. They married in 1994. His biological father is radical playwright and poet Heathcote Williams.

David Gilmour, whose fortune is estimated at £85million, said his son’s imprisonment was a ‘deeply depressing experience’. He said: ‘Seeing your child in a prison grey tracksuit is not something I would recommend to any parent.’

Miss Samson said seeing her son in HMP Wandsworth was ‘horrible’. The couple’s homes include a six-storey seafront mansion in Hove, a Sussex farmhouse and a mews house in London, while their son lives in Stoke Newington, North London.


"Polly Samson .. Her father was [KIKE] Lance Samson, a newspaper editor[1] and diplomatic correspondent for the Morning Star and her mother was a writer of Chinese descent, Esther Cheo Ying, who wrote a memoir, Black Country Girl in Red China, about her time serving as a Major in Mao Zedong's Red Army. Following a troubled childhood, Polly joined the publishing industry, through which she met the writer Heathcote Williams, and with whom she had her first son, Charlie."


Polly Samson: ‘It’s the most gleeful sort of writing there is’

The novelist talks about her recent ‘horrible times’, her astonishing family history and writing lyrics for her husband David Gilmour

Susanna Rustin, 7 March 2015

It is five years since Polly Samson published a book, and she wrote her new one, The Kindness, through what she calls “horrible times”. Two years ago her father, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany who came to England on the Kindertransport as a boy in 1938, died in hospital in “utterly miserable” circumstances after a mistakenly prescribed double dose of antibiotics destroyed his liver.

The year before that, Samson’s friend, the journalist Cassandra Jardine, died of lung cancer. And the year before that, Samson’s eldest son Charlie went to prison after admitting “violent disorder” for his part in an attack on Topshop that followed the tuition fee protests of December 2010, during which he was pictured on the bonnet of Prince Charles’s car and hanging from a flag on the Cenotaph.


Samson’s grandmother used to say the family lost “just two aunts” in the Holocaust, but since her father’s death, and aided by a trunk of papers she inherited, Samson has become obsessed with piecing together the truth. In particular she is interested in her great-uncle Heino, who killed himself in the 1970s and whose black-and-white photograph of painter Mark Rothko sits behind her on a shelf. The feelings of living people mean she must be careful what she reveals, but she has drawn on family secrets in The Kindness and recently went to Paris to meet the woman Heino loved in later life.

“My father was from Hamburg and most of his family got out, but like a lot of people he didn’t want to talk about Germany, the war or the Holocaust,” she says. “It was sealed off, and when we went to live in Cornwall” – in 1970 when she was eight – “ties were pretty much severed with everyone except my grandmother. I had no access to my Jewish family at all but they did all the things I do – they wrote, they took pictures – and finding out about them has given me a much stronger sense of who I am.”

Samson’s husband is David Gilmour, the musician, best known for being in Pink Floyd, with whom she has two sons and a daughter. Gilmour, who is 16 years her senior, has four adult children from his first marriage and Samson’s son Charlie also comes from a previous relationship, though Gilmour adopted him. They are a modern blended family, but what is striking about Samson’s background is that this is nothing new. Second and third marriages and webs of siblings go back at least two generations to her grandmother, an East End chambermaid of Jewish or Romany origins who married the scion of a well-to-do Shanghai family but was sent back to England following the 1937 Japanese invasion, leaving her husband to start again.

Samson’s mother Esther was six at the time, and she and her brothers went first to a children’s home and then to what Samson calls “pretty scary foster parents”. She survived to fall in with a group of Spanish communist students, marry a Chinese-American war hero and smuggle herself to China. There, she found a set of half-siblings, though not her father, and stayed for 10 years, serving in the Red Army and working as an interpreter for journalists including the Daily Worker’s Alan Winnington, who became her second husband.

Samson’s parents met in East Berlin, when the British Communist party gave her father the job of trying to get Winnington out of China, where he was stuck without a passport. They fell in love and had Polly before marrying in 1969, but Winnington remained a long-distance member of the family, with his son and Esther’s child by her previous relationship brought up with Polly, who grew up calling her biological father “Lance” and Winnington “Daddy”.


Samson’s parents stuck with the Communist party through the Soviet invasion of Czechslovakia and gave up their membership quietly in the 1970s. Her father went from the Daily Worker (now the Morning Star) to the Packet group of local newspapers in Cornwall, where her half-Chinese mother became head of a village school.



Glamour magazine has named Caitlyn Jenner its “Woman of the Year” for 2015. Along with Reese Witherspoon, Jenner will be featured on the publication’s December issue to celebrate 25 years of the magazine’s feminist prize.

Glamour magazine's Editor-inChief is Kike Cynthia "Cindi" Leive, is a Board Member at the IWMF (International Women's Media Foundation, Resident Fellow for Yale Publishing Course, a graduate of Swarthmore College (Eng-Lit major, Religion minor), lives in New York City, film producer husband Kike Howie Bernstein, kike kids Lucy and Isaac.

Glamour magazine is published by Condé Nast [One World Trade Center, New York. Kike Robert A. Sauerberg, Jr. (CEO and president), Kike Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr. (chairman emeritus).], which is owned by Advance Publications, which is owned by the Kike Newhouse family: Kike Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr. (Chairman), Kike Thomas Summer (CFO), Kike Donald Newhouse (President).

Kike Newhouse Conde Nast Glamour Mobonongo

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"Solomon "Samuel" Irving Newhouse, Sr. (1895–1979) was an American broadcasting businessman, magazine and newspaper publisher. He was the founder of Advance Publications. Solomon Neuhaus was born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His father, Meier Neuhaus, was an immigrant from Vitebsk, Belarus; and his mother, Rose (née Arenfeldt), was from Austria-Hungary. Meier Neuhaus would later Americanize his name to Meyer Newhouse. Although his father had studied to become a rabbi, he was unskilled and only worked occasionally.

"The family moved to Bayonne, New Jersey where his mother supported the family. In 1908 his father abandoned the family. Newhouse quit school and enrolled in a six-week bookkeeping course at the Gaffrey School in Manhattan which enabled him to secure a job as an office boy working for Hyman Lazarus, a lawyer, police court judge, and politician in Bayonne. At age sixteen, he was promoted to office manager of Lazarus' law firm.

"Lazarus tasked Newhouse to manage the Bayonne Times (a local newspaper Lazarus had acquired a majority interest in due to an unpaid legal bill). In 1924, Lazarus died and he purchased Lazarus' share from his widow as well as the 49 percent that he did not own. Newhouse had found his calling and began to expand his empire

"Newhouse had no interest in starting papers. He would acquire a city's oldest newspaper and then purchase the city's second newspaper thereby allowing him to set advertising rates. Although he would generally promise to keep both papers in business and in competition, he typically would merge the two (which generally meant closing the afternoon paper and keeping the morning) effectively establishing a monopoly and then using the profits to purchase additional newspapers.

"He was married to arts patron and philanthropist Mitzi Epstein (1902–1989), who grew up in an upper middle class, Jewish family on the Upper West Side, the daughter of a silk tie importer. They had two sons, Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr., known as Si Newhouse, chairman and CEO of Advance, and Donald Newhouse, president of Advance. His great-grandson, S.I. Newhouse IV, is featured in a documentary called Born Rich about the experience of growing up as the heir to one of the world's greatest fortunes. Upon his death, he passed his voting common stock in the principal family company, Advance Publications, in trust to his six grandchildren and made his two sons the sole trustees.

"One of the vessels of the Staten Island Ferry is also named after him. So was the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and the S.I. Newhouse Center for Law and Justice at Rutgers School of Law-Newark."


Only let in the "REAL" women and children "refugees" from the moderate Free Syrian Army

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women

Free Syrian Army women


"Refugees" burn down 25 tents bc they had to apply to asylum in a country without welfare


jessuatwork forever: In Brežice, Slovenia, the falsely named "refugees" (they're illegals), lit fire to 25 tents because the registration procedures took too long. Imagine that. Forcing their way in, then destroying everything because we're not quick enough to their tastes. Invaders, that what they are.


Pekka L.: These monkeys are playing with fire (pun intended). Europe has done their best to accommodate the horde, but when white people snap, they snap hard. White people are fucking scary. When white people get mad, they will nuke your shit (Looking at you, Japan) and then nuke you again BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT, RIGHT? Also, good job. Most of Europe would gladly come and burn your tents for you, it's what we're doing to the asylum centers too. Saves us some legwork when you burn them yourselves.

Fjolle Berg: They do it, because they think the government will give them houses to live in,now.They might think they`re in Sweden - but they are in the wrong country,the Slovenian people are neither naive or stupid.By the way,i`m sure the winther in Slovenia will be freezing! :-)

Mr. WhatChaMaCalum: Rapeugees be dumb.

mikey83x: I hope for a long bitter Balkan winter

Zolee LittleB: :)) the night is going to be freezy. They need nothing...but a little flu.

moonspellsdumb: remember deportation is racist

Shaiah Eyes2c: Now they can sleep under open sky.

Ri Hi: May Almighty God bring that killer virus needed this winter to wipe this plague of savages out!

vmeister11: Too bad they weren't inside.

Master Mariner: Niggers...



Japan Scrambles Jets Over Disputed E. China Sea Islands in Record Numbers

Sputnik, 19.10.2015 (updated 20.10.2015)

Japan, in the midst of a land dispute with China [in response to Chi-Com invasion], scrambled fighter jets to prevent possible incursions by Chinese planes [NOT] a record number of times from July through September, the Defense Ministry said [did not say] on Monday.

Japan jets scrambled 117 times, up from 103 in the same three-month period of last year, although it was lower than the all-time high of 164 times recorded in the final quarter of 2014, Reuters reported.

However, it is unclear why the number of scrambles rose and the ministry did not offer an explanation.

Japan and China are at odds over [Japan's] ownership of a group of tiny, uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, called the Senkaku[s] in Japan and Diaoyu in China. Patrol ships and fighter jets from the two countries have been shadowing each near the islets, raising fears of a [Chink-instigated] conflict.

The countries are now working on a communication system aimed at averting misunderstandings between their militaries.

Ties between Japan and China have long been troubled by their wartime history [kike Chink bitching and lies]. But relations have improved slightly in the past year, despite [because of] Tokyo's bolder security stance and [in response to] Beijing's increasing military assertiveness.

Scrambles against [invading and threatening] Russian planes fell 43% from a year earlier to 51 times in July-September [because the Russians are invading and threatening Japanese airspace less], helping to bring down the number of Japan's overall scrambles in the three-month period by 12% to 170, Reuters reported.

Russian bombers and patrol planes often fly close to Japan's northern air space and four smaller [Japanese] islands claimed by both countries.



Turkey to become EU's 2nd largest country.

Pop.: 77,695,904 (55m Turks, 6m Kurds, 3m Zazas, 2.5m Circassians, 2m Bosniaks (~Serb Muslims), 1.3 Albanians, 1m Georgians, 0.9m Arabs, 0.6m Pomaks (Bulgarian Muslims))

Germany: 81,197,500 (5m Muz (officially 4.2m) + invaders + breeders)
Turkey 77,695,904 (73m Muz)
France: 67,087,000 (5.5m Muz (officially 4.7m) + invaders + breeders)
UK: 64,800,000 (3/4/5m? Muz (officially 2.6m) + invaders + breeders)
Italy: 60,725,000 (2m Muz (officially 1.7m) + invaders + breeders)

EU: 508m (officially 13m Muz)
EU w. Turkey: 586m (officially 86m Muz)

Turkish would become the 4th most spoken EU language.

The EU would then border on Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, with Turks "defending" EU borders. And the millions of 'refugees' and refugees in Turkey would be dealt with under EU law, and would become EU residents.

Merkel ready to back Turkish EU bid if migrant deal reached

October 20, 2015

ISTANBUL/BERLIN (Reuters) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered Turkey the prospect of support for faster progress on its bid to join the European Union on Sunday in return for cooperation in stemming the flow of migrants and taking back those rejected by Europe.

Merkel said Germany could help accelerate the path to visa-free travel to the EU for Turks and push forward Ankara’s protracted EU membership talks.

In return, she expected Turkey to agree more quickly to take in migrants sent back by the EU, so-called “readmission agreements” that Davutoglu has said he will sign up to only if there is progress on liberalizing the visa regime for Turks.

“I think we have used the crisis we are experiencing, through a very disorderly and uncontrolled movement of refugees, to again achieve closer cooperation on many issues, both between the European Union and Turkey, and between Germany and Turkey,” Merkel said after meeting the Turkish premier.

Merkel, who only 10 days ago reiterated her opposition to Turkey joining the EU, said the talks were “very promising.” Faster Turkish accession may be hard for some in her conservative party, long opposed to Turkish membership, to swallow.

Merkel wants to cement a European deal with Turkey on aid and closer ties in return for help in encouraging refugees there to stay put.

She has resisted pressure to tighten Germany’s border controls and turn away refugees arriving from Austria, even as Germany expects 800,000 to 1 million new arrivals this year.

Visa-free travel for Turks should be brought forward to July 2016 instead of the current planned 2017 in exchange for Turkey signing up to the readmission agreement, Davutoglu said. He also said Turkey should have a seat at EU summits.

Germany is ready to offer support,” Merkel said. “If we take the question of visa liberalization, we can talk in the German-Turkish working group ... about specific possibilities to push through visa facilitation.”

President Tayyip Erdogan, whom Merkel also met, said he had asked her — as well as France, Britain and Spain — for support on accelerating Turkey’s EU membership bid.

Erdogan and his ruling AK Party, which faces a general election on Nov. 1, have an interest in avoiding any suggestion of a sellout to help ungrateful Europeans.



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