"Eleison Comments" by Mgr. Williamson - Issue CCCLXXII - 372

Moses Explains

August 30, 2014

If any Catholic seeks an in-depth explanation of the on-going madness in Gaza, he should read Moses in the Old Testament. For instance, if the Israelites do not keep the commandments of God, they will be stricken with “madness and blindness and fury of mind” (Deut. XXVIII, 28), among many other curses. As Fr Meinvielle said, the Jews are a theological race, and they cannot escape their theological destiny – they are bound to God like no other people on earth.

In Deuteronomy Moses is giving to the Israelites their last solemn instructions before they enter the Promised Land, and before he dies. In Chapter 28 (parallelled by Levit. XXVI) Moses makes very clear the mind of Jehovah (or Yahweh), the God of the Old Testament, identical with the God of the New Testament: the Jews will be specially blessed (v.1–14) if they obey the one true God, they will be specially cursed (v. 15–68) if they disobey him. Either way, they are a special race being given a special knowledge of the one true God for a special mission that they must fulfil for him, with a special reward or punishment from him, depending on how they fulfil that mission.

No wonder Jews think they are special! Among the blessings listed here by Moses, God will raise them “higher than all nations” (v.1); “to be a holy people unto himself” (v.9); to be “the head and not the tail” (v.13). But in every one of these three verses it is noteworthy how Moses makes the Israelites’ superiority depend on their obedience to God: if they will “hear the voice of God and keep all his commandments” (v.1); if they “hear his commandments and walk in his ways” (v.9); if they will “hear the commandments of God and keep and do them” (v.13).

On the other hand if the Israelites try to be that superior nation on their own terms, disobeying God (v.15), then a multitude of curses will come upon them (v.16–68), and they will be scorned, hated and trampled upon by all other nations: they will be “scattered throughout all the kingdoms of the earth” (v.25); they will be stricken with “madness and blindness and fury of mind” (v.28 – think of Gaza!); the stranger with whom they live will “rise up over” them, he will be the head and they will be the tail (v.43–44); their enemy will put an “iron yoke” upon their neck (v.48); the Lord God will afflict them with all kinds of sufferings (v.59–61), and they will be “taken away from the land which they will go in to possess” (v.63). And all of this they will suffer because of not keeping and fulfilling the words of God’s law (v.58).

Alas, did all these blessings and curses announced by the great Moses avail to make the Israelites recognize and serve their Messiah and Incarnate God when he came, as also prophesied by Moses (Deut. XVIII, 15–18)? No, they crucified him instead, which has for now nearly 2000 years brought down on their heads all of Moses’ curses. They made themselves into the most despised and downtrodden nation on earth, and they lost their right to the Promised Land, being driven out and scattered everywhere else from the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Nor does their regaining possession of the Holy Land mean that the curse is being lifted, because they are doing it on their own terms and not on God’s, so that the very re-possession turns into part of the curse. As Plato said (Georgias), it is better to suffer than to commit an injustice, and therefore in spiritual reality, the Israelis are more to be pitied than the Palestinians. Patience. We “all have sinned and do need the glory of God” (Rom. III, 22–23).

Kyrie eleison.



Some of that famous kike "comedy" we keep hearing about:

Beatlemania Invades the Gaza Strip (SATIRE)

the algemeiner, August 22, 2014

Author: Gidon Ben-zvi

As Hamas loses its grip on power in the Gaza Strip as a result of war, poverty and disillusionment, the Islamist terrorist group has developed an ingenious way to raise the moral of the 1.7 million Palestinian Arabs it was elected to serve.

While currently focused on delivering a rocket into every Israeli home, Hamas has not left its own people behind. To gently wipe away the tears of children strategically placed inside kindergartens as human shields, the Hamas Interior Ministry has recently produced a number of catchy jingles.

Putting a uniquely jihadist spin on the most influential musical act in history, some of Hamas’s tributes to classic Beatles songs have actually gone viral, becoming hugely popular not only inside Gaza and the Arab World, but developing a devoted following in London, Long Island and Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Below, are the most viewed of all Hamas’s lovingly produced Beatles-inspired music videos:

1) I Wanna Hold your Head

2) Long Tall Fajr

3) Good Day Palestine

4) Happiness is a Warm Grad

5) Mean Mr. Mazen

6) With a Little Help from Qatar

7) Strawberry Fields for Allah

8 ) Got to Get you Out of my Life

9) Back in the I.S.I.S.

10) You’ve Got to Hide your Tunnel Away

11) Gaza City/ Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

12) Muhammad’s Silver Hammer

13) Sgt. Shaheed’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

14) While my Hijab Gently Weeps

Show Support for Israel (SATIRE)

the algemeiner, August 28, 2014

Author: Gidon Ben-zvi

Ten major film studios are currently in production on projects that promote a decidedly pro-Israeli narrative. In famously liberal Hollywood, such a development has left mouths agape and set tongues a wagging.

Since the Jewish State began defending itself from the thousands of rockets that Hamas has hurled at it – as well as ongoing terror attacks and murders, the overwhelming number of Tinseltown’s producers, directors, actors, and studio moguls have remained indifferent to the plight of millions of Israeli citizens fleeing for their lives.

But while such silver screen luminaries as Penelope Cruz, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have criticized Israel’s response to the rocket and terror attacks, a string of top Hollywood A-listers recently signed a petition backing Jerusalem and condemning Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules the Gaza Strip.

Evidently, the statement, initiated by a group called Creative Community for Peace and signed by close to 200 Hollywood heavyweights, has tapped a reservoir of goodwill towards Israel.

Shortly after the publication of the letter condemning the “ideologies of hatred and genocide which are reflected in Hamas’s charter,” movie studios such as the Walt Disney Company, Viacom, and Time Warner announced they had greenlit several projects that will convey a more balanced version of recent events in the Middle East.

Among the planned cinematic offerings:

1) There’s Something about Bibi

2) When Arik Met Sari

3) Dimona is Forever

4) The Hummus Games

5) West Bank Story

6) Not without my Jachnun

7) Lawrence of the Arava

8) Mad Mashal: Beyond Iron Dome

9) Fajr on the Roof

10) A Sabra Named Desire


It's a good thing those little witzes were clearly marked as "SATIRE", or I would have thought they were real news stories!


Gidon Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem Correspondent for the Algemeiner newspaper, is an accomplished writer who left behind Hollywood starlight for Jerusalem stone. After serving in an IDF infantry unit for two-and-a-half years, Gidon returned to the United States, before settling in Israel where he aspires to raise a brood of children who speak English fluently – with an Israeli accent. In addition to writing for The Algemeiner, Ben-Zvi contributes to The Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, CiF Watch and blogs at Jerusalem State Of Mind.


Mohammed is most popular name in Oslo

The Local Norway, 28 Aug 2014

For the first time in the capital city's history, Mohammed is the most common name for boys and men, said a study on Thursday.

Statistics Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå - SSB) has counted the population of Oslo and found that Mohammed is the most common male name in Oslo for the first time ever.

Jørgen Ouren of SSB said to NRK: “It is very exciting.”

Altogether 4,801 boys and men are named Mohammed or variations of Mohammed as their first name, and Mohammed has thereby passed both Jan (4,667) and Per (4,155).

The name has spent four years in a row at the top of the list of baby names in Oslo, but this is the first time that Mohammed tops the men's name list for Oslo.

Jørgen Ouren
Østenåslia 6, 1344 Haslum
Telefon: Jobb: 21 09 48 05; Privat: 67 53 81 98
E-post: jou@ssb.no

Jørgen Ouren pose

Jørgen Ouren

Jørgen Ouren, Ådne Cappelen & Terje Skjerpen: Effects of immigration policies on immigration to Norway 1969-2010 (Serie: SSB-rapport), Abstract:

"Political measures have reduced immigration to Norway: Between 1972 and 2010, a range of immigration policy measures were implemented. For the period as a whole, immigration to Norway would have been 6.6 per cent higher, i.e. 60 000 more immigrants, if the rules had not been changed. The immigration freeze in 1974 has contributed to the major, long-term reduction in immigration."

The Local Norway boasts that a "Norwegian" single is number 4 in US charts:

"This month saw Oslo pop duo Nico & Vinz reach number four on the US charts."

ONE COMMENT, then "Comments for this thread are now closed" :


Edward E • "Mass foreign race immigration did not happen “with mutual consent” It was FORCED. No White country was EVER given a vote on whether it wanted to become multiracial. Foreign race Assimilation is FORCED in EVERY & ONLY White countries in employment, law, education, housing, healthcare, sports, policing etc. An “all-White” anything is illegal in White countries.
Combine mass immigration and FORCED assimilation and you have a clear policy of White geNOcide. Anti-racist is a >code< for Anti-White."

Kikepedia: "Nico & Vinz"

"Nico Sereba of Ivorian origin and Vincent Dery of Ghanaian origin created their music as a fusion of genres as diverse as pop to reggae to soul."

"The music video for "Am I Wrong" was directed and edited by Kavar Singh. The video for "Am I Wrong" was filmed in Botswana and at the Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was put together in a deliberate effort to present a positive side of Africa when the image of the continent is too often mired in negative news stories."

"Nico & Vinz received the European Border Breakers Award (EBBA)."


Lt. Col. Fred J. Olivi, diary, 1945.08.09:


I've never seen anything like it! Biggest explosion I've ever seen. Those poor Japs. But they asked for it.

Enola Gay Bockscar










Putin talks Ukraine, NATO, Crimea at Q&A with Russian youth.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the educational forum 'Seliger-2014', the 10th of its kind, where young people gather to discuss problems of politics and social science."

Президент России Владимир Путин принимает участие в работе Всероссийского молодежного форума «Селигер-2014».

Q&A re Crimea & Tatars:

Re Yanukovich & Anglo-American Subversion:

Re Demographics & Raising Birthrates:


I know that all those "THE TOP 10..." list Internet links are just used to sell advertising. They are usually just about Negresses' asses and Kike "celebs". And I already have a good idea of what the top ten airforces might be, but out of boredom I took the bait, and ended up reading the following "LOL" "ROFL" "OMG" piece. Hence while it could be as amazing funny, I am noting thus that however writer's English ability greater than of average America university student.

Top 10 Countries having strongest Air Force

By Jacky Fernandez | OMGmoments

Jacky Fernandez: Aspiring writer who is interested in writing about anything and everything interesting. Her speciality is making lists of interesting topics which are jaw dropping, or as we call them, "OMG moments."

It is a broad term used for air armies generally of a state.They are the defense system of military which is made for warfare in the Air.They are an important part of the military arrangement
of any country because only through jets and fighter air crafts many jobs are done.The most important of them is destroying and bombing the desired area.It can be specifically done by Air force only as only they can travel large distances at a very good speed which is impossible for Land Army or the Navy.Also they can transport ammo,food or food to the battlefield in large amount.They can also transport the soldiers for giving backup.No doubt that air crafts have created a difference in transportation of goods and people but they also have affected the warfare.These sophisticated fighters are loaded with Machine Guns.On the top of it they are having impressive Fire power and some have super sonic speed.They are filled with grenade and Rocket launchers.They are capable of firing guided missile towards their enemy which ensures that wherever the object tries to go or dodge he is definitely struck.There are different planes for giving warning.The search and rescue missions are also undertook by Air Forces.

That is why all the countries are in a race of getting the best weapon and the best Air Crafts.All countries are manufacturing Fighter planes in large numbers.The countries know that the person having the best both in quality and quantity of planes will be victorious in any war.Not only the planes but the training given to the pilots is also an important factor. .So here are the countries who have succeeded in having best of Air Crafts and the Pilots.

10. Australia

The Royal Australian Air Force is little small. But do not underestimate it.Its extremely deadly as the quality of planes are extremely good but the quantity could be more.They are having about hundred fighter planes and some fighter helicopters.Even they are having 3 UAV’s with 5 Air refueling planes.Its sophisticated technology and nice weapons installed make it a eligible to enter Top 10.For patrolling they have about 50 airplanes.They are having 100 training air planes to give training to the pilots.The Only con is that the quantity of planes are very less and in a war it may prove very fatal.


Japan Air Self Defense Force is also a very deadly Air Force.It is having about 300 fighter jets and 20 jets for giving warnings.Its having 4 air refueling planes.There are 30 search and rescue air planes
which is used for rescuing trapped soldiers or civilians.They are having 50 helicopters but they are not fighter but transporter of ammo.But they have a lot of training planes that is about 300.They are presently having no UAV, but in future they are planning to introduce fighter helicopters and Jets and some UAV’s.They intend to purchase and manufacture many other jets.So these high quantity and quality Planes make it a deadly competitor of our List.

8.Canadian Air Force

They are having 345 Combat air crafts and 80 Bomber crafts.100 trainer air crafts make it very powerful.140 Transport air crafts to transport ammo and backups and 14 fuel refueling crafts.They
are having a lot of Fighter Helicopters that makes their Air Force too much powerful.They mostly use US weapons.And in future its difficult for them to buy more than 100 air crafts.They are not manufacturing a lot of planes and their experience is also very less.But their fighter number and the sophisticated weapons make them really very nice.

7. Germany

The German Air Force is also a modern air force.Their research and development services of air crafts is also very nice.Their economical sector the future improvement is having very less scope.They have
no Bomber aircraft.They are having about 300 combat crafts.They are having a low number of Training planes.They are having 30 Fighter helicopters, and 100 Transport planes with 5 Refueling planes make them a deadly Air Force.They have good War experience in 2nd world war.The planes are futuristic but the quantity could be a little more.


This Incredible air force is having about 100 Planes and helicopters in total.They are having 330 planes for fighting.And 250 Bomber crafts with 550 trainer crafts to give training to the pilots.75
attack helicopters and 15 refueling crafts, and 150 transport jets are also included.No doubt that these magnificent numbers are going to defeat the enemies,They totally rely on their own crafts and also are having best of the planes and attacking weapons installed and they are having nice war experience but future looks a little bad.


This country may appear economically weak but their armies are totally well equipped and they have developed many weapons for the world. As they are mostly engaged in wars they have well developed air force
with Huge quantities and even quality.Their war experience is amazing and have a lot of money and funds to buy these planes in future.But actually it lags in size.They have 400 fighter jets but no bomber.And very less training plane.Their fighter copters are also in good condition and number.They have 80 helicopter and 6 refueling crafts.But their economic condition would not let them go any further.As in comparison to their counterparts they have worst economic conditions in this list.Their future developments seems very good.

4. Indian Air Force

This is the 4th largest Air force of the world.Having 180000 personnel.They are having 1300 air crafts to destroy their enemies.They have 370 combat planes and 250 bomber jets.6 refueling crafts
and 230 transport crafts and 200 trainer planes are some huge numbers.But they are having very less fighter helicopters i.e 20.They are trying to improve their quality as most of the plains are very old.they have enough money to buy other planes of other countries but if they do not improve the quality they may lag behind.they may also improve their research project. Their quantity and huge number of air crafts and good war experience is the reason that make them eligible to be placed here.

3. Chinese Air Force

This is the largest air force of Asia.With 33000 personnel and 2800 air crafts.They have started building their own fighter jets but are not tested yet.Having 1000 fighter crafts and 750 bombers.They
are having large number of trainers and refueling tanks and use Russian technology.But it is getting difficult for them to get more so they have to develop their own crafts,so that they can beat Russia.They are having Best quality and a lot of quantity.

2. Russian Air Force

Here comes the second largest Air Force of the world.Having 3000 air planes they come 2nd in this list.They are not having any fear as they would remain on this position for a long time as there
are only some countries who can challenge them like China and India.They are having the best missile system and a decent amount of weapons which are the best.They are having 2000 combat crafts and 1000 trainers and 400 attack helicopters. Their Bomber,transport and refueling planes are also in a good condition.They want to remain in this position, That’s why they are investing a lot in development of the planes.

1. USA

People can not have any doubt in this.No country can challenge them nor their position.Its most powerful in all the aspects.Whether it is power,quality or the quantity or the research center.Their future seems
bright as its nearly impossible for any country to defeat them in near future.There are some problems with the F35 but then also they are the best.Not only this they are having best unmanned combat vehicles about 200 in number.They are having 5600 combat planes.They have 2000 air launched cruise missile.And 450 ballistic missiles.Hence it makes them totally fit and worthy of the 1st position as they are unchallengeable.

Hence these are the best Air Forces in the world equipped with the futuristic weapons and struggling to be the most powerful. Who knows that I have to change this list again in near future, but it is sure that these countries would be victorious due to their Air Power and their weapons.



Thanks for Sharing


Thanks for Sharing is a 2012 [KIKE] American comedy-drama film directed by [KIKE] Stuart Blumberg, from a screenplay written by [KIKE] Blumberg and Matt Winston. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, [KIKE] Gwyneth Paltrow, [KIKE] Josh Gad, Joely Richardson, [KIKE] Alecia Moore ["Pink"], [KIKE] Carol Kane.

Produced by Miranda de Pencier, [KIKE] David Koplan, Bill Migliore, [KIKE] Leslie Urdang, Dean Vanech

Executive: Edward Norton

Cinematography: [KIKE] Yaron Orbach.

Set in New York City, Thanks for Sharing centers around three people undergoing a 12-step process to recover from their sexual addiction.

Adam (Mark Ruffalo) walks along the streets of New York, tempted by various advertisements and women on his way to work to have sex. Neil (Josh Gad) purposely grinds against a stranger in the train he's taking to attend a sex addiction meeting. Mike (Tim Robbins) is a married recovering sex addict who is the leader of the addiction group. He sponsors Adam, who is also a recovering sex addict who hasn't had sex in five years, Adam sponsors Neil. They are all at the sex addiction meeting, talking about their progress. Adam proclaims he's been 'sober' for five years, and Neil makes jokes and later admits he is only there because the court has forced him to be there. He goes back to masturbating the same night, and lies about his 1 week sober to the addiction group.

Adam meets Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow) at a 'bug party' and they go out on a date. She reveals straight away that she had breast cancer, and later says she would never date an addict again after her last boyfriend who was an alcoholic, causing Adam to not admit to his sex addiction. They begin a relationship. Dede (Alecia Moore) joins the sex addiction meetings, she is the only woman in the group, and admits to being a sex addict from a very young age. Neil starts out as a doctor who is addicted to masturbating, but is caught secretly filming under the skirt of his boss, and is fired, and loses the job he has dreamed of since childhood. He then begins to take the meetings more seriously, and admits he has a problem. Meanwhile, Mike's son Danny (Patrick Fugit), a recovering drug addict, has returned home and is attempting to make amends to Mike and his mother Katie (Joely Richardson).

Phoebe eventually finds out about Adam's sex addiction when finding an addiction token in his pocket the morning after sleeping with him. She takes some time away from him, but eventually agrees to continue their relationship. Meanwhile, Neil and Dede have become friends and have become attracted to each other after Neil talked her out of having sex with her abusive ex-boyfriend, and go to a 'free dance' together and come close to kissing, but don't. At the same time, while Mike has been getting on better and better with his son Danny who is now living with his parents again building a pond in the back yard, they get into a fight when Mike assumes Danny stole his mother's pills. Danny reveals that Mike gave Katie chlamydia, and was also abusive to him at a young age (which may be why Danny is a drug addict). Mike slaps Danny, Danny attacks Mike and knocks over Katie, then realizing what he has done, panics and runs out of the house.

Meanwhile, Phoebe, who has told Adam she is a 'very sexual person' has become frustrated and concerned being in a relationship with Adam, and breaks it off after they have a fight. Adam goes back to masturbating, and sleeps with a prostitute. Dede comes over to Neil's place, and helps him clean up his house and burns his porn. She admits she's never been 'just friends' with a guy before. Mike finds his wife Katie's pills, and realizes Danny never stole them after all. Katie kicks him out, and then calls him to tell him Danny is in hospital after a DUI. Mike hugs his son in hospital, who turns out to have been sober for the past 8 months. Adam invites his ex-girlfriend Becky (Emily Meade) over, and as they start out by reenacting her daddy issues, she then wants Adam to slap her. When he refuses, she breaks down, locks herself in the bathroom and attempts to commit suicide. Neil takes the train to get over to Adam's and breaks down his bathroom door. Adam goes back to being sober, starts again, and goes back to Phoebe, who admits she too is not perfect. Neil confronts his over-sexual mother (Carol Kane), and all the addicts celebrate being and staying sober.



The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel


Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO 04090u original.jpg

The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, completed in 1962, is the distinguishing feature of the Cadet Area at the United States Air Force Academy north of Colorado Springs. It was designed by [Kike] Walter Netsch of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill of Chicago. Construction was accomplished by Robert E. McKee, Inc., of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Originally controversial in its design, the Cadet Chapel has become a classic and highly regarded example of modernist architecture. The Cadet Chapel was awarded the American Institute of Architects' National Twenty-five Year Award in 1996 and, as part of the Cadet Area, was named a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 2004.

The most striking aspect of the Chapel is its row of seventeen spires. The original design called for nineteen spires, but this number was reduced due to budget issues. The structure is a tubular steel frame of 100 identical tetrahedrons, each 75 feet long, weighing five tons, and enclosed with clear aluminum panels. The panels were fabricated in Missouri and shipped by rail to the site. The tetrahedrons are spaced a foot apart, creating gaps in the framework that are filled with 1-inch-thick colored glass. The tetrahedrons comprising the spires are filled by triangular clear aluminum panels, while the tetrahedrons between the spires are filled with a mosaic of colored glass in aluminum frame.

The Cadet Chapel itself is 150 feet high, 280 feet long, and 84 feet wide. The front façade, on the south, has a wide granite stairway with steel railings capped by aluminum handrails leading up one story to a landing. At the landing is a band of gold anodized aluminum doors, and gold anodized aluminum sheets apparently covering original windows.

The shell of the chapel and surrounding grounds cost $3.5 million to build. Various furnishings, pipe organs, liturgical fittings and adornments of the chapel were presented as gifts from various individuals and organizations. In 1959, a designated Easter offering was also taken at Air Force bases around the world to help complete the interior.

The Cadet Chapel was designed specifically to house three distinct worship areas under a single roof. Inspired by chapels at Sainte-Chapelle in France and the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi in Italy, architect Walter Netsch stacked the spaces on two main levels. The Protestant nave is located on the upper level, while the Catholic and Jewish chapels and a Buddhist room are located beneath it. Beneath this level is a larger room used for Islamic services and two meeting rooms. Each chapel has its own entrance, and services may be held simultaneously without interfering with one another.

The Protestant Chapel is located on the main floor, and is designed to seat 1,200 individuals. The nave measures 64 by 168 feet (51 m), reaching up to 94 feet (29 m) at the highest peak. The center aisle terminates at the chancel.

The building's tetrahedrons form the walls and the pinnacled ceiling of the Protestant Chapel. Stained glass windows provide ribbons of color between the tetrahedrons, and progress from darker to lighter as they reach the altar. The chancel is set off by a crescent-shaped, varicolored reredos with semi-precious stones from Colorado and pietra santa marble from Italy covering its 1,260-square-foot area. The focal point of the chancel is a 46-foot high aluminum cross suspended above it.

The pews are made of American walnut and African mahogany, the ends being sculpted to resemble World War I airplane propellers. The backs of the pews are capped by a strip of aluminum similar to the trailing edge of a fighter aircraft wing.

Above the narthex, in the rear, is a choir balcony and organ, designed by Walter Holtkamp of the Holtkamp Organ Company, and built by M. P. Moller of Hagerstown, Maryland. The organ has 83 ranks and 67 stops controlling 4,334 pipes. Harold E. Wagoner designed the liturgical furnishings for both the Protestant and Catholic chapels.

The Catholic Chapel is located below the Protestant Chapel, and seats approximately 500 people. The nave is 56 feet wide, 113 feet long and 19 feet high. The focal point of the Catholic Chapel is the reredos, an abstract glass mosaic mural designed by Lumen Martin Winter and composed of varying shades of blue, turquoise, rose and gray tessera to form a portrayal of the firmament. Superimposed on the mural and depicting the Annunciation are two 10-foot tall marble figures, the Virgin Mary on the left, and the Archangel Gabriel on the right. Above and between these two figures is a marble dove.

In front of the reredos is the altar, a gift from Cardinal Francis Spellman, who dedicated the Catholic Chapel on September 22, 1963.

[Francis Spellman was born in Massachusetts. His father, William Spellman was born in America to Irish immigrants. ... In the 1920s, Spellman worked with the Knights of Columbus in running children's playgrounds. ... As late as June 1936, polls gave President Roosevelt at best a 50 percent chance of reelection, due largely to the nightly, national radio attacks by Father Charles Coughlin of Detroit. Spellman arranged with Joseph P. Kennedy to finance a visit by Pacelli, who sailed from Italy with a large entourage. Soon after arrival, Pacelli silenced Coughlin. Then, using a Douglas DC3 airliner hired by Kennedy, Spellman and Pacelli visited each major Catholic population center. The "landslide vote" for Roosevelt in November 1936 was, in major part, due to the effect of Pacelli. Americans understood that he was almost the guaranteed successor to Pope Pius XI. At the Roosevelt estate in Hyde Park, New York, on the day following electoral victory, Rose Kennedy bluntly asked Roosevelt to appoint her husband ambassador to England's Court of St. James. Pacelli requested appointment of a credentialed American ambassador to the Vatican. He was quietly outraged when Roosevelt said that the best he could do was appoint a "personal envoy". Following the death of Pope Pius XI, Pacelli was elected as Pope Pius XII, and one of his first acts was to appoint Spellman the sixth Archbishop of New York on April 15, 1939. ... Spellman had presided over the weddings of Robert and Ted Kennedy. ... John Cooney, one of Spellman's biographers, cited four interviewees who stated that Spellman was homosexual. While Cooney's book offered no direct proof, Cooney was convinced of the veracity of the claims. "I talked to many priests who worked for Spellman and they were incensed, dismayed and angered by his conduct." The journalist Michelangelo Signorile, who describes Spellman as "one of the most notorious, powerful and sexually voracious homosexuals in the American Catholic Church's history", reported that Cooney's manuscript, The American Pope, initially contained interviews with several people with personal knowledge of Spellman's homosexuality, including researcher and historian C. A. Tripp. According to Signorile, the Catholic Church pressured Cooney's publisher, Times Books, to reduce the four pages discussing Spellman's sexuality to a single paragraph. Both Signorile and John Loughery cite a story suggesting that Spellman was sexually active and carrying on a relationship with a male member of the chorus in the Broadway revue One Touch of Venus. Monsignor Eugene V. Clark, Spellman's personal secretary of 15 years, later denied the allegations, calling them "utterly ridiculous and preposterous". A biographer of J. Edgar Hoover, Curt Gentry, says that Hoover's files had "numerous allegations that Spellman was a very active homosexual". ... Spellman's twenty-eight year tenure as archbishop is the longest one in the history of the Archdiocese of New York.]

The altar is Italian white marble mounted on a marble cone-shaped pedestal above which is a six-foot sculptured nickel-silver crucifix. Along the side walls of the chapel are the 14 Stations of the Cross, also designed by Lumen Martin Winter, and carved from four-inch thick slabs of marble. The figures are done in Carrara marble, from the same quarries where Michelangelo drew his stone. The classical pipe organ, in the 100-seat choir loft, was designed by Walter Holtkamp and built by M. P. Moller Co. It features 36 ranks and 29 stops controlling its 1,950 pipes.

The Jewish Chapel is also on the lower level. Seating 100, it is circular in shape, with a diameter of 42 feet (13 m) and a height of 19 feet (5.8 m). It is enclosed by a vertical grill with inserts of clear glass opening to the foyer. The circular form and transparent walls were used to suggest a tent-like structure. The floor is paved with Jerusalem brownstone, donated by the Israeli Defense Forces.

The walls of the foyer are purple stained glass panels alternating with green and blue stained accent windows. The circular walls of the synagogue are panels of translucent glass separated by stanchions of Israeli cypress. The paintings, done by Shlomo Katz in 1985 and 1986, depict a Biblical story. They are divided into three groups; brotherhood, flight (in honor of the Air Force) and justice.

The focal point of the Jewish Chapel is the Aron Kodesh, which shelters the Scrolls of the Torah, to the right of which hangs the Ner Tamid. In the foyer of the chapel is a display cabinet with a Torah Scroll that was saved from the Nazis during World War II. It was found in Poland in 1989 in an abandoned warehouse and donated to the Jewish Chapel in April 1990. This "Holocaust Torah" is dedicated to the memory of all of those who fought against the Nazis.

Buddhist chapel USAF Academy.jpg

The Buddhist Chapel (Vast Refuge Dharma Hall) is 300 square feet and was designed and built by Ed Shure. Donated in 2007, the Dharma Hall was built freestanding within the existing structure. It is made of Port Orford cedar, a rare, fragrant wood used for temple building in Japan, and its simply proportioned design welcomes Buddhists of all denominations as well as guests.

The altar and alcove are constructed of American Cherry and Ash and were designed and built by Takayuki Kida, a traditionally trained Japanese woodworker. The Buddha figure on the altar is Burmese, and the large lion-topped censer is from China. The figure of Avalokiteshvara, known as the one who hears the sounds of the world's suffering, stands near the entry. The arrangement of the altar focuses on the Buddha figure, representing not only gratitude to the historical Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama, born approximately 556 BCE) but also the possibility of awakening, or enlightenment. The altar also offers appreciation for the four elements of life: earth, air, fire, and water. Ed Shure, the designer and builder of the hall, commented that he is very happy to have played a part in providing a place where people can enjoy the present moment.

The worship area known as the Cadet Chapel - Falcon Circle came about through a request from the Air Force Academy's followers of Earth-Centered Spirituality, an umbrella of traditions that includes Wicca, Paganism and Druidism. The large stones comprising the circle were removed from the side of the hill overlooking the Academy's visitor center, where erosion threatened to collapse them onto the visitor center. The circular nature in which the stones were placed lent itself to facilitating outdoor worship services.

Following the Earth-Centered community's request, the Academy spent approximately $50,000 to upgrade the area, adding flagstones to enhance the circle's safety and a fire pit to accommodate religious services. Cameras were added to protect the site from unauthorized access.

The Falcon Circle was dedicated in an official ceremony May 3, 2011, making it the newest of the Cadet Chapel's worship areas. It is open to use by all religious communities to worship in a manner respectful of other faiths; however, in the event of scheduling conflicts, the Earth-Centered community receives precedence.

The All-Faiths Rooms are worship areas for smaller religious groups. They are purposely devoid of religious symbolism so that they may be used by a variety of faiths. Distinguishing faith-specific accoutrements are available for each group to use during their worship services.


Bastion Bastion Skopje 1985 A

Bastion Bastion Skopje 1985 B

Bastion bil skupina iz Skopja, ustanovljenega leta 1983, ki ga Kiril Džajkovski (klaviature), Ana Kostovska (vokal) in Ljubomir Stojsavljević (bas). Pesmi za njihov edini album je napisal filmski režiser Milčo Mančevski.


Skupina OKO je bila ustanovljena leta 1972 v Ljubljani, ki jih je pevec in kitarist Pavel Kavec.

GRUPA 220: "OSMIJEH" (1967)

Grupa 220 rock sastav je iz Zagreba, osnovan 1966. godine. Prvi nastup imaju 15. listopada 1966. godine u dvorani Mjesne zajednice Poljane-Vrbik. Polovicom mjeseca prosinca snimaju skladbu Drage Mlinarca "Osmijeh" (koju je skladao još kao član Jutarnjih zvijezda). Skladba odmah po objavljivanju postaje veliki hit, a sastav Grupa 220 postaje jedan od najpopularnijih na prostoru bivše Jugoslavije.



Lessons of the Ukraine/Crimea: Will Insanity Recur?

By Prof. Shlomo Maital, Senior Research Fellow, S. Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, Technion Institute of Management, Haifa

Global Crisis Blog, March 4, 2014

My friend Bilahari Kausikan, Ambassador at Large in Singapore’s Foreign Ministry and until recently First Permanent Secretary, has wise words regarding the Ukraine/Crimea crisis, published in the Straits Times. He visited Kiev in December, recalls hearing a speech by an EU politician in Independence Square – and thought, “this could end up like Hungary in 1956”, when the West encouraged Hungarian revolt, then folded its arms and did nothing to help when Russian tanks invaded.

“Russia cannot allow Ukraine to become part of the Western system without losing an essential part of itself and abandoning Putin’s goal of a revived Russia as a great power,” Kausikan observes. Some 17% of Ukraine’s population, or 8 million people, is ethnically Russian. This is the largest Russian diaspora in the world. They live in the Crimea, and East and southeast Ukraine. Russian gas pipelines run through Ukraine, and Sevastopol is Russia’s only warm water port.

“It was inevitable that Russia would move decisively,” Kausikan notes. (He once served as Singapore’s Ambassador to Moscow). And as usual, Russia’s intervention “caught the West flatfooted”. The U.S. is weary of wars. And “the EU has neither the stomach nor the capability to wage war on Russia”.

Kausikan believes that the West gave false encouragement to the Ukrainian, without the capacity to deter Russian intervention or respond effectively.

Once again, my own view is that President Obama, and the incompetent EU foreign Minister Katharine Ashton have proved worse than incompetent. “The West mistook their hopes for reality,” Kausikan writes. Because the West has no stomach for military intervention, they thought Russia felt the same. Stupid.

“Do not listen to the sweet words of foreigners,” Kausikan counsels Singapore. And, he might have added, Israel, as well. Small countries have no room for error. And the great powers that ‘support’ them are increasingly unwilling to stick out their necks for their friends.

“It is the Ukrainian people who paid and who will continue to pay the heaviest price,” Kausikan writes. “We (Singapore) must never lose the ability to look after ourselves, because if we cannot look after ourselves, nobody will look after us.” True of every single small nation, sandwiched between a paper-tiger marshmallow former great nation, America, a bankrupt internally-conflicted EU, and an aggressive Russia led by a megalomaniac dictator who is, according to Merkel, “detached from reality”.

Watch your backs, small nations. Nobody else will.



Ukraine seeks NATO membership in response to Russia joining war

[KIKE] Reuters

By Richard Balmforth

Ukrainian [KIKE] Government Seeks Accession to NATO, EU

[KIKE-OCCUPIED] KIEV ([KIKE] Reuters) - [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine said on Friday it would seek the protection of NATO membership after what Kiev and its Western allies say is the open participation of the Russian military in the war in Ukraine's eastern provinces.

Formal [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukrainian membership in the Western military alliance, which would come with the full protection of a mutual defence pact with the [KIKE] U.S. superpower, remains an unlikely prospect, at least in the near future.

But by announcing that it is seeking it, [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Kiev is taking its most decisive step yet to pursue Western military protection from what it now describes as an invasion by its neighbour.

NATO's secretary general said he respected [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine's right to seek membership, and accused Russia of blatantly and illegally intervening in eastern Ukraine.

Moscow denies its forces are fighting to support pro-Russian rebels who have declared independence in eastern Ukraine, but the rebels have all but confirmed it, saying thousands of Russian troops have fought on their behalf while "on leave".

The arrival of what Western governments say are armoured columns of Russian troops on a new front in recent days has tipped the balance towards the rebels after weeks in which Ukrainian forces appeared to be gaining the upper hand.

Prime Minister [KIKE] Arseny Yatseniuk told a government meeting on Friday the cabinet would "bring before parliament a law to scrap the non-aligned status of the [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukrainian state and establish a course towards membership of NATO."

Were NATO to contemplate extending its mutual defence pact to [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine, it would be the biggest change in the security architecture of Europe since the 1990s.

After the Cold War, NATO defied Russian objections and expanded to grant its security guarantees to former [KIKERY] Communist countries like Poland, Hungary and Romania. But it largely stopped at the border of the former [KIKERY] Soviet Union, admitting only the three tiny Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

NATO denied Ukraine a fast track towards membership in 2008 when a previous pro-European [KIKE-ENGINEERED] government in Kiev tried to pursue closer ties with the alliance.

Ukraine's pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovich, who took power in 2010 and was toppled in a revolution earlier this year, had pursued non-aligned status. President [KIKE] Petro Poroshenko, who was elected [AFTER A COUP] to succeed him in June, had also said he did not back joining NATO because there was no popular support for it.

But with the [KIKE-ENGINEERED] conflict in the east escalating since then, [KIKE & KIKE-RUN] Ukrainian officials say public support for joining the alliance is mounting, and they have increasingly spoken about needing the formal protection of the alliance.

Despite NATO's concern over the situation in Ukraine, the 28-nation alliance has said repeatedly it has no intention of intervening militarily to protect the country, which it is not obliged to defend as a non-member.

Speaking in Brussels on Friday, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Russia's direct military operations in Ukraine were in blatant violation of Ukraine's [FICTITIOUS] sovereignty and [FICTITIOUS] territorial integrity [WHICH, EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE, WOULD BE NONE OF NATO'S BUSINESS].

"Despite Moscow’s hollow denials, it is now clear that Russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border into eastern and south-eastern Ukraine [I.E., NOVOROSSIYA]," Rasmussen said.

"This is not an isolated action, but part of a dangerous pattern over many months to destabilise Ukraine as a sovereign nation," he added. [IT WAS THE KIKED 'WEST' THAT DESTABILISED UKRAINE.]

He said NATO would fully respect any decision by the [KIKE-RUN] Ukrainian parliament to abandon [KIKE-OCCUPIED] Ukraine's non-aligned status and set out to seek NATO membership.

[KIKE] Yatseniuk said earlier this week that Ukraine hoped for "practical help" from the alliance when it holds a summit in Wales next week which will be dominated by the Ukrainian crisis.


Finland and Sweden will sign an agreement with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization making it easier for the bloc to put its troops on their soil, the two governments said this week.

[Bloomberg News, 2014.08.29]

Khokhol Defence Minister 2014 Valeriy Viktorovich Heletey

Khokhol Defence Minister 2014 Valeriy Viktorovich Heletey

Ukraine Defence Minister (appointed 2014.06.03)

Valeriy Viktorovich Heletey
Валерій Вікторович Гелетей

"There will be a glorious victory parade in Ukraine’s Sevastopol."

Voice of Russia, 2014.04.17

Business model of [KIKE] Yatsenyuk is to build oligarchic corporation out of Ukraine

New Kiev authorities are attracting oligarchs to the governance. Among one of the promises that Maidan officials have made is to fight with doubtful acquired capital. Meanwhile, they have appointed billionaire [KIKE] Igor Kolomoisky as the head of Dnipropetrovsk who was previously charged for several criminal cases. The chairman of the corporation “IUD” [KIKE] Sergei Taruta headed Donetsk.

Prime Minister [KIKE] Yatsenuk understands that without money and power of these people it is impossible to raise the Ukrainian economy. This is the reason for his friendliness. There are heads of big Ukrainian companies, millionaires and billionaires in the conference hall. But the wealthiest people are not here.

[KIKE] Igor Kolomoisky, oligarch number 2 according to Forbes was appointed governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region. He is known for his good sense of humor and yet he managed to earn four billion of dollars. He was studying to become an engineer. But during perestroika he showed entrepreneur skills. As his student friends remember he was always “inventing and trading something.”

"He is a very big businessman, who began his career along with his partners from Lvov. One of them is known as Vova Morda, the other one as Pups", explains writer and social activist Avigdor Eskin.

They were reselling computer, phones, fax machines that they brought from Moscow. Later on, they switched to sport shoes and sport uniforms until they reached gasoline.

This is how group of companies "Privat" appeared that became a financial empire. Among many things that they do is oil recycling, mass media, one of the channels they earn is 1+1, football club “Dnepr” and the well-known Ukrainian bank.

This is how [KIKE] Kolomoisky came to Kiev and then to the other cities. And starting from 2000 he simply dictates the rules for local authorities.

Another newly appointed oligarch, the head of the neighboring Donezskaya region is [KIKE] Sergey Taruta. His earns 2,5 billions of dollars and takes 8th position in the Ukrainian Forbes. All his life he is engaged in metallurgy. He has founded Industrial Union of Donbas (IUD), has bought football club "Metallurg". He had a relationship with orange authorities. With Yulia Timoshenko he even had business in common. Then he suddenly disappeared. And now he is nominated for the governor. However, people in Donezk are not eager to accept him. During the protests in the city center people were screaming “[KIKE] Taruta – out!”

"Firstly, we believe that it is illegitimate. Secondly, we believe that power and capital cannot be combined because there is no good out of such power: every single person has to work for his own capital”, says Tatyana Hromova, Donetsk regional council deputy from the Communist Party of Ukraine.

It is clear why new [KIKE] authorities are trying to appoint [KIKE] oligarchs as governors, in order to move business elite to their own side. And come to power in the end. But political analysts saw in this an opportunity for revenge for businessmen themselves. They were in constant conflict with Victor Yanukovych and now they came to power.

"[KIKE] Kolomoyskiy has excellent relations with Turchynov. And [KIKE] Taruta has excellent relations with Turchynov. Now they got a wonderful place to develop new resources ", says political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko.


nick baker: soros' guys !

Gabi: Why are you using DOLLARS over there ??? Nobody in the entire Russia understands that DOLLARS have no value to back it up (it's simply a colored piece of paper) ??? While these oligarchs rape their own country to make several billions, the FED can easily print in a single day 100 billions !!! I am still puzzled that you can't understand this entire thing is with Ukraine is directed mainly at protecting the financial reign of the dollar around the world.

henrik.l: Yatsenyuk is Victoria Nuland's puppet.. A total clown betraying his own country.

Truman Golden: Yatsenyuk is a Jew Zionist picked up months before the debacle. The biggest losers are the Ukrainian people. A new Bolshevik revolution by Jews for Jews and look how they are dividing up the loot.

Eileen Kuch: The good news is, idiots like Yatsenyuk won't last long. The vast majority of Ukrainians didn't participate in this act of folly; so, they'll get rid of Yats and his fellow banksters as well.


The Kike Taruta


The Kike Kolomoyskiy



Just a random Public Service Announcement about a Muzak-Biz Kike I'd never heard of before: Jason Flom. There are so many of them.

Lorde w Kike Jason Flom


[KIKE] Jason Flom

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Photo: [Kike] Jason Flom with Lorde 2013]

Born: Manhattan, NY
Occupation: CEO, Lava Records

[Kike] Jason Flom is an American music industry executive and current Chief Executive Officer of Lava Records. He has served, at times, as the Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Records, Virgin Records, and the Capitol Music Group. In 1995, he founded Lava Records. He is also a philanthropist [i.e., a Kike-Agenda  political activist, whose activities are funded by taxpayers who cover for his "charity"-related tax deductions] who has supported and championed various political and social causes.

A feature in The New Yorker called Flom "one of the most successful record men of the past 20 years," known for his "specialty [in] delivering 'monsters'."

[The Kike] Flom is the son of the late legendary corporate attorney [Kike] Joseph Flom.

Atlantic Records & Lava Records

As a teenager, [The Kike] Flom played guitar in rock bands in New York. He began his career at Atlantic Records as a field merchandiser, and moved into the A&R department under Atlantic founder Ahmet Ertegun [Turk; prob. Mason and/or Crypto-Kike]. After signing rock artists including [Kikes] Twisted Sister, Saigon Kick, Skid Row, White Lion, Stone Temple Pilots and Tori Amos, Flom soon became Atlantic's head of A&R, where he was mentored by [Kike] Doug Morris.

Flom's leadership in A&R included breaking new artists such as Jewel, Hootie & the Blowfish and Collective Soul. In 1995 he founded his own label, Lava Records, in partnership with Atlantic Records.

At Lava, Flom discovered and championed artists who went on to sell in excess of 100 million records around the world in the label's first nine years of existence. Lava artists have included Matchbox 20, Kid Rock, The Corrs, Uncle Kracker, Simple Plan, The Blue Man Group, Edwin McCain, Sugar Ray and Trans Siberian Orchestra.

In 2003 [The Kike] Flom signed the then 14-year-old Hayley Williams and her hugely successful pop-rock band Paramore to Atlantic Records.

In 2005 [The Kike] Flom sold Lava Records to Atlantic, and was appointed Chairman and CEO of the Atlantic Records Group.

Virgin Records & Capitol Music Group

Flom left Atlantic in 2005 after the Warner Music Group became a publicly traded company with newly installed management. Thereafter, [The Kike] Flom became Chairman and CEO of Virgin Records in 2005. Following the merger of Virgin Records and its sister label, Capitol Records in 2007, Flom was appointed as the Chairman and CEO at the top of the newly formed Capitol Music Group.

While leading the Capitol Music Group, Flom worked with artists including [Kike] Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay and the Rolling Stones. He also personally signed international pop star Katy Perry, and oversaw the recording of her debut album One of the Boys which sold more than 5 million albums and singles worldwide.

During [The Kike] Flom 's 2-1/2 year tenure, the company broke 11 artists to gold, platinum and multi-platinum status, including the aforementioned Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Corrine Bailey Rae, Saving Abel, Dem Franchize Boyz, KT Tunstall, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, A Fine Frenzy, J Holiday, and Bubba Sparxx.


In early 2009, [The Kike] Flom reclaimed the Lava Records imprint, forming a partnership with Universal Republic for promotion, marketing, sales and distribution services. [The Kike] Flom has since signed artists including Lorde, Jessie J, Black Veil Brides, Jetta.

In early 2013 [The Kike] Flom signed Lorde to Lava Records. Her debut single "Royals" held number 1 the Billboard Hot 100 for 8 weeks, is the biggest alternative radio hit in history by a female artist, and won 2 Grammy awards including Song of the Year at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Flom also signed Liverpool-based artist Jetta. With major support from iTunes, terrestrial radio and press, her debut single "Feels Like Coming Home" has had significant pickup since its release.

Jessie J, signed in 2011, has become an international superstar. Her debut singles "Do It Like a Dude" and "Price Tag" featuring B.o.B have both become international smash hits, "Price Tag" reaching number one in the UK and 17 other countries. Her debut album Who You Are has sold over three million copies worldwide and received Platinum certification in multiple countries.

Black Veil Brides' first major label release (through Lava in 2011) Set the World on Fire debuted on the Billboard Top 20 and sold over 300,000 copies. Since its debut, the band has graced numerous magazine covers, completed several sold out tours, and become one of the biggest selling rock bands in terms of merchandise.

Trans Siberian Orchestra also rejoined Lava Records in 2012 after 9 million in album sales and 10 million in ticket sales. Their next album is due in 2014.


[The Kike] Flom is a founding board member of the Innocence Project, and also serves on the boards of The Innocence Project, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, The Legal Action Center and The Drug Policy Alliance. In addition, [The Kike] Flom has supported various medical research organizations including The T.J. Martell Foundation and City of Hope. He was honored by the UJA Federation as their first "Music Visionary of the Year" in 2000, was awarded 1999's "Torch of Liberty" by the American Civil Liberties Union and was the honoree at the 2009 Innocence Project Gala. [The Kike] Flom is also a supporter of Flex Your Rights, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about their constitutional rights during police encounters.

In honor of his late father, [The Kike] Flom inaugurated the [Kike] Joseph Flom Special Counsel position in May 2011 through a $1 million donation to The Innocence Project. The position will significantly increase the capacity of The Innocence Project to address the causes of wrongful conviction.

[Kike] Joseph Harold Flom (December 21, 1923 – February 23, 2011) was an American lawyer and pioneer of mergers and acquisitions, specializing in representing companies in takeover battles. By the 1980s, he had acquired a reputation of being "Mr. Takeover", whereas [Kike] Martin Lipton was known as "Mr. Defense".

Flom became a partner at what is now known as Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in 1954, and helped transform it from a four-lawyer firm into one of the largest law firms in the United States. In 1999, The American Lawyer named him one of their "Lawyers of the Century".

Early life

[The Kike] Flom was born in Baltimore, Maryland on December 21, 1923, the son of [Kike] Itzak (Isadore) Flom, a labor organizer in the Manhattan garment district, and [Kike] Fannie Hirsch. Both parents were Jewish immigrants from a shtetl in the Ukraine, and—although they were already married—came to United States separately, shortly after World War I. Three years after [Kike] Joe Flom was born in Baltimore, the family moved to Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York City, where [Kike] Joseph Flom grew up.

After graduating from Townsend Harris High School, he worked as an office boy in a law firm during the day, while attending City College of New York on a pre-law major at night. Two years into his studies, World War II broke out and [The Kike] Flom was drafted into the Army. However, he never saw any fighting, as he was part of a group of 20 soldiers that were sent to a radar repair school.. After the war ended, despite not having graduated from college, he enrolled at Harvard Law School on the G.I. Bill, where he was classmates with Charlie Munger [Warren Buffet's partner] and graduated in 1948.


After law school, [The Kike] Flom joined a law firm run by Marshall Skadden, Leslie Arps, and John Slate. He eventually became a partner in 1954, effectively taking over leadership of the firm a couple years later.

Flom was appointed by [Kike] Mayor Ed Koch as chairman of the New York City Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution in 1987, a post he held till the commission completed its work, issued its report, and was dissolved in early 1990. The commission's efforts included an extensive civic-education campaign and the creation of a celebratory re-enactment on 30 April 1989 of the inauguration of George Washington as the first president of the United States.

[The Kike] Flom died in New York City from heart failure. [Kike] Malcolm Gladwell devoted a chapter to [The Kike] Flom in his book Outliers, crediting him with building out and diversifying the firm and anticipating the rise of mergers and acquisitions as a specialty. “For 20 years, he perfected his craft at Skadden,” [The Kike] Gladwell wrote. “Then the world changed and he was ready.”

西村 きぬきぬ

Nishimura Kinuyo





"Imagine a world in which every day objects emit such harmful radiation it makes normal existence impossible. And what if these emissions seriously damage the health of individuals, on a global scale? It sounds like science fiction. But that is the plight of those suffering from Electrical Sensitivity."


Ricky Gardiner リッキー・ガードナー Guitar
Virginia Scott ヴァージニア・スコット Vocal & Keyboards
Tom Gardiner トム・ガードナー Drums



Continuing in our examination of the anti-Nigger (yet very bizarrely pro-Negrification of England!) English-of-the-English English Genesis, we present some of the Englishiest Englishy English album reviews from two unashamedly dull native Englishmen from England, talking, Englishly, in native English, about the native English Englishness of England natives Genesis:

FOXTROT (1972)




11 TOP 10

GENESIS (1971-1974)

  • Tony Banks: Hammond T-102 organ, piano, RMI 368x Electra piano, Mellotron M400, synthesizers (Elka Rhapsody, ARP 2600, ARP Pro Soloist), twelve-string guitar, backing vocals
  • Phil Collins: drums, percussion, vibraphone, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Peter Gabriel: lead vocals, flute, tambourine, oboe, percussion, backing vocals, with foreign sounds experiments
  • Steve Hackett: electric guitar, twelve-string guitar, classical guitar
  • Mike Rutherford: bass guitar, bass pedals, cello, twelve-string guitar, electric sitar, fuzz bass, backing vocals
(with Brian Eno: enossification (treatments) on The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway)

GENESIS (1976, on A Trick of the Tail and Wind & Wuthering)

  • Tony Banks: Hammond T-102 organ, synthesizers (ARP 2600, ARP Pro-Soloist, Roland RS-202 String), piano, RMI 368x Electra piano, background vocals, twelve-string guitar, Mellotron M400
  • Phil Collins: vocals, drums, percussion
  • Steve Hackett: electric guitar, twelve-string guitar, classical guitar, kalimba, autoharp
  • Mike Rutherford – bass guitars (4, 6 & 8 strings), twelve-string guitar, electric guitar, bass pedals, background vocals
(with Bill Bruford: drums, percussion, glockenspiel and gong on A Trick of the Tail)

Sérieux langage du corps de certains soldats français




Sad idiot Khokols fighting for Nudelman-KerryKohen Inc. & Novokhazaria:

They can't admit they got crushed by militias mostly using abandoned Khakhol materiel, so they invent mystic Rooskii ghost armies that come and go like the wind.

Angry anti-voina chick rails against oligarchoyids Poroshenkoberg, Yatsenyukstein and Kolomoyskiiyahu:

Meanwhile, in Airstrip Four, the media bleats reports of glorious Ukhokhol victories.

And in The Guardian, today:

"Nato is to step up its aid to, and collaboration with, the Ukrainian military. Ukraine's president, Petro Poroshenko [mazel tov!], is to attend the Cardiff summit and will be the sole non-Nato head of state to negotiate with alliance leaders. Four "trust funds" are to be established to finance Ukraine's military logistics, command and control structures, and cyber defences, and to pay the armed forces' pensions. "Ukraine follows its own path. That will be demonstrated at the summit because we will have a Nato-Ukraine summit meeting," said Rasmussen. "It is actually what we will decide to do at the summit, to help them build the capacity of their security sector, modernise it." The summit will also grapple with the perennial question of reduced European defence spending."

Mighty Ukraine Imperial Khazar Army commander in chief

Commander-in-Chief of the mighty Ukrainian Imperial Khazar Army



Josef Mengele


Ukraine crisis: Nato plans east European bases to counter Russia

Nato chief announces move in response to Ukraine crisis and says alliance is dealing with a new Russian military approach

Ian Traynor in Brussels
The Guardian, Wednesday 27 August 2014

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[Photo: Anders Fogh Rasmussen: 'We have to face the reality that Russia does not consider Nato a partner.']

Nato is to deploy its forces at new bases in eastern Europe for the first time, in response to the Ukraine crisis and in an attempt to deter Vladimir Putin from causing trouble in the former Soviet Baltic republics, according to its secretary general.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the organisations's summit in Cardiff next week would overcome divisions within the alliance and agree to new deployments on Russia's borders – a move certain to trigger a strong reaction from Moscow.

He also outlined moves to boost Ukraine's security, "modernise" its armed forces and help the country counter the threat from Russia.

Rasmussen said: "We will adopt what we call a readiness action plan with the aim to be able to act swiftly in this completely new security environment in Europe. We have something already called the Nato response force, whose purpose is to be able to be deployed rapidly if needed. Now it's our intention to develop what I would call a spearhead within that response force at very, very high readiness.

"In order to be able to provide such rapid reinforcements you also need some reception facilities in host nations. So it will involve the pre-positioning of supplies, of equipment, preparation of infrastructure, bases, headquarters. The bottom line is you will in the future see a more visible Nato presence in the east."

Poland and the three Baltic states have been alarmed at the perceived threat from Russia and have been clamouring for a stronger Nato presence in the region. They have criticised what they see as tokenism in the alliance's response so far.

But the issue of permanent Nato bases in east Europe is divisive. The French, Italians and Spanish are opposed while the Americans and British are supportive of the eastern European demands. The Germans, said a Nato official, were sitting on the fence, wary of provoking Russia.

The Cardiff summit is likely to come up with a formula, alliance sources said, which would avoid the term "permanent" for the new bases. But the impact will be to have constantly manned Nato facilities east of what used to be the iron curtain.

"It can be on a rotation basis, with a very high frequency. The point is that any potential aggressor should know that if they were to even think of an attack against a Nato ally they will meet not only soldiers from that specific country but they will meet Nato troops. This is what is important," said Rasmussen.

The only Nato headquarters east of the old cold war frontier is at Szczecin, on Poland's Baltic coast. Sources said this was likely to be the hub for the new deployments. Air and naval plans had been completed, but the issue of international land forces in the east was proving trickier to agree upon.

Asked whether there would be permanent international deployments under a Nato flag in east Europe, Rasmussen said: "The brief answer is yes. To prevent misunderstanding I use the phrase 'for as long as necessary'. Our eastern allies will be satisfied when they see what is actually in the readiness action plan."

Rasmussen said the forces could be deployed within hours.

Nato has clearly been caught napping by the Russian president's well prepared advances in Ukraine since February and is scrambling to come up with strategies for a new era in which Russia has gone from being a "strategic partner" of the alliance to a hostile actor perfecting what the alliance terms "hybrid warfare".

Rasmussen, whose term as Nato chief is coming to an end, said: "We have to face the reality that Russia does not consider Nato a partner. Russia is a nation that unfortunately for the first time since the second world war has grabbed land by force. Obviously we have to adapt to that." In an interview with the Guardian and five other European newspapers, he said: "It is safe to say that nobody had expected Russia to grab land by force. We also saw a remarkable change in the Russian military approach and capability since, for instance, the Georgian war in 2008.

"We have seen the Russians improve their ability to act swiftly. They can within a very, very, short time convert a major military exercise into an offensive military operation."

Rasmussen reiterated that the Russians had massed in their thousands on Ukraine's eastern borders, and had been firing artillery into Ukraine. His information was based on Nato's own intelligence and "multiple reports".

But Nato officials admitted that the intelligence was impaired by a lack of solid information from the ground. "We can only watch from 23 miles up," said an official.

Rasmussen said: "We have reports from multiple sources showing quite a lively Russian involvement in destabilising eastern Ukraine.

"We have seen artillery firing across the border and also inside Ukraine. We have seen a Russian military buildup along the border. Quite clearly, Russia is involved in destabilising eastern Ukraine … You see a sophisticated combination of traditional conventional warfare mixed up with information and primarily disinformation operations. It will take more than Nato to counter such hybrid warfare effectively."

If western leaders have been surprised and also impressed by the sudden display of Russian military prowess, Ukraine, by contrast, is in a pitiful condition militarily, according to Nato officials.

"If we are two steps behind the Russians, the Ukrainians are 16 steps behind," said a Nato source recently in Kiev. "Their generals just want to blow everything up. But it's not a shooting war, it's an information war."

In further moves certain to rile Putin, Nato is to step up its aid to, and collaboration with, the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine's president, Petro Poroshenko, is to attend the Cardiff summit and will be the sole non-Nato head of state to negotiate with alliance leaders. Four "trust funds" are to be established to finance Ukraine's military logistics, command and control structures, and cyber defences, and to pay the armed forces' pensions.

"Ukraine follows its own path. That will be demonstrated at the summit because we will have a Nato-Ukraine summit meeting," said Rasmussen. "It is actually what we will decide to do at the summit, to help them build the capacity of their security sector, modernise it."

The summit will also grapple with the perennial question of reduced European defence spending at a time of intense instability on the continent's eastern and southern borders as well as the growing US exasperation with Europe's reluctance to fund its own security properly.

"Since the end of the cold war we have lived in relatively good weather. Now we are faced with a profound climate change. That requires more investment," said Rasmussen. "Politicians have tried to harvest the peace dividend after the end of the cold war. That's understandable. But now we are in a completely new security situation."


A welcome side-effect of Russia's resistance to Kike/NATO aggression:

WOMAD Russia

It is with deep regret that WOMAD announces that it has withdrawn from the planning and presentation of WOMAD Russia 2014.

In September 2013, WOMAD worked with the people of the North Caucuses to present the first WOMAD Russia and it was a huge success. We met and worked with some amazing people in the region and experienced first hand the richness of Russian culture and the generosity of their hospitality. We hope it is the first of many festivals in Russia.

As everyone knows, WOMAD was built on the idea of respect for others. With the current state of Russian aggression within Ukraine and the military build-up on the borders, we cannot continue with a good heart to partner in an event that is in large part-funded by the Russian Government.

We sincerely hope that the political situation changes soon and we can return and continue working with the people of Russia and the communities of the North Caucasus.

The WOMAD Team


Interestingly, and in contrast to WOMAD UK, the Russian WOMAD was mostly made up of ethnic groups from within the Russian Federation (followed by musicians from Europe, then from Asian countries bordering Russia):

  • Mari Boine (Norway)
  • La Chiva Gantiva (Belgium/Columbia)
  • Dobet Gnahore (Cote d'Ivoire / France)
  • Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (Nigeria)
  • Asif Ali Khan (Pakistan)
  • Dona Rosa (Portugal)
  • Muyayo Rif (Spain)
  • Ska Cubano (Cuba/Japan/Montserrat/Venezuela)
  • Shantel and Bucovina Club Orkestar (Austria)
  • El Tanbura (Egypt)
  • Zulya (Australia/Tatarstan)
  • Jivan Gasparyan (Armenia)
  • Nino Katamadze (Georgia)
  • Cries Vodoplyasova (Ukraine)
  • Simd (South Ossetia)
  • Trinity (Belarus)
  • Once Upon a Time (Moscow)
  • Inna Zhelannaya (Moscow)
  • Pelagia (Novosibirsk)
  • Namgar (Buryatia)
  • Robert Yuldashev (Bashkiria)
  • Kuraysy (Bashkiria)
  • Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuva)
  • Ayarkhaan (Yakutia)
  • Yarga Sound System (Karelia)
  • Oyme (Mordovia)
  • Aftermath e (St. Petersburg)
  • Lezghinka (Dagestan)
  • Daimohk (Chechnya)
  • Ingushetia (Ingushetia)
  • Iriston / Iron Band (North Ossetia)
  • Victoria GT (North Ossetia)
  • Kabardian (Kabardino-Balkaria)
  • Balkaria (Kabardino-Balkaria)
  • Apsaty (Karachay-Cherkessia)
  • Hars (Karachay-Cherkessia)
  • Ridada (Karachay-Cherkessia)
  • Arslanbek Sultanbekov (Karachay-Cherkessia)
  • Stavropol (Stavropol)
  • Nekrasovskaya Cossacks (Stavropol)
  • Village (Stavropol)
  • Heritage (Stavropol)

Compare that with the performers (n.b.: nobody from the Russian Federation) scheduled for WOMAD UK, Charlton Park, 23rd-26th July 2015:
  • Cuba
  • Mali
  • United States
  • Jamaica
  • New Zealand
  • Mali
  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia
  • Wales
  • Somalia
  • United Kingdom (Adrian Sherwood)
  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdom (Alice Russell, "Blighty's greatest soul singer")
  • Italy (Amira Kheir)
  • Sudan
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • United Kingdom (Jamaicans)
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom ("You can't talk about UK dance culture without mentioning Ashley Beedle.")
  • Mali
  • Senegal
  • United Kingdom (Batch Gueye)
  • United Kingdom ("World-famous beatboxer/musician Beardyman")
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Senegal & Wales (Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita: "Winning formula of harp meeting kora")
  • France, United States & Venezuela (Tropical psychedelia from New York City)
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Jamaica
  • Spain (Coetus: "These Catalans find plenty of source material and inspiration. Moorish, African and Peruvian flavours are brought into the mix, rendered by an array of weird but wonderful instruments.")
  • United Kingdom (Congo Natty)
  • Poland ("Pan-East European gypsy tunesmiths Čači Vorba")
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine (DakhaBrakha: "Dizzy, dazzling 'ethno-chaos' before you even get to their music. ... Not only will their performance absorb and astound, but - with all the turmoil and upheaval that's scarred DakhaBrakha's homeland in recent months - expect a performance charged with additional pride, resilience and defiance. DakhaBrakha's performance at WOMAD UK 2014 has been made possible thanks to Dash Arts and The British Ukrainian Society.")
  • United Kingdom (Dave Okumu)
  • United Kingdom (David Holmes: "Rare DJ set")
  • Burkina Faso
  • Mali
  • United Kingdom ("Dr John Dibb, Bowers & Wilkins Senior Development engineer.")
  • Namibia
  • New Zealand (Fat Freddy's Drop: "14-legged reggae-soul groove machine"
  • Cuba & Mali
  • France
  • United Kingdom (Greg Wilson: "The DJ who taught Fatboy Slim how to scratch.")
  • Wales
  • United States ("Hazmat Modine are a bunch of New Yorkers whose loose, horn-heavy sound draws from near, far and right in the middle. Raw-skinned 1920s blues, jazz, klezmer, jug band, calypso, ska and funk all get sliced and diced by the Hazmat Modine blender, the resulting concoction topped with a generous sprinkling of wit. This is music of verve, instinct, character. 'I abhor mindless orthodoxy,' declares bandleader Wade Schuman, before pointing out that the disparate elements of the Hazmat Modine sound are totally consistent with a mongrel nation. 'The whole point of American music is this phenomenon of cross-cultural pollination. That's what the genius of American culture has been, really.' True New York eclecticism."
  • Irish Republic (Iarla Ó Lionáird: "His peerless, ethereal voice is best known from his work both solo and with the multi-platinum selling electronic group Afro Celt Sound System.")
  • Nigeria & United Kingdom (Ibibio Sound Machine: "Afrobeat goes electro.")
  • France &Tunisia ("Imed Alibi, the Tunisian percussionist who has previously overtaken tours of duty in the service of Rachid Taha and Safy Boutella among others. Justin Adams describes Imed's album Safar as 'the soundtrack for a new Arab vision of the 21st Century [that] will do for contemporary Arabic music what Gotan Project did for tango". Praise indeed.")
  • United Kingdom ("In The Dark is the world's first audio cinema: a place where listeners are transported by sound alone to different lands and imaginary countries, and introduced to incredible stories from around the world.This year at the Society of Sound stage, In The Dark will be presenting 'Welcome to the Ark': an invitation to board an 'ark' of stories and soundscapes. Join us for children's tales from Nigeria and Australia, musicians' memories from Ghana, Cuba and '50s Philadelphia, and sounds from the Finnish arctic and the flooded caves of the Yorkshire moors.Each set will open and close with a short piece especially commissioned for WOMAD on the theme of the ark and its riches.You are welcome to join us for all or any part of the performance - wander in, sit down and have a listen.")
  • United Kingdom (Jonathan Allen: "The BAFTA award-winning Abbey Road engineer reveals the secrets behind capturing the rush of a live performance at the world's most famous recording studios. Listen to stunning live recordings and hear the stories behind them, from the man behind the mixing desk.")
  • Trinidad & Tobago & United Kingdom (Jus Now: "Bass-heavy soca mash-upAs they themselves explain, Jus Now represents "the meeting of two riddim obsessives, separated by 4,500 miles and brought together by a shared love of bass, rum and parties". It's surely the bass that's shrinking the geographical gap the most, the common factor uniting Bristol-based DJ/producer Interface and Trinidadian producer/percussionist LAZAbeam. The result is a millimetre-perfect dovetailing of soca exuberance and bowel-shredding sub-bass - heat and cool, fire and ice. And when they're in full throttle, the pair's creations are utterly irresistible, among them Tun Up, arguably their biggest tune - and one that features current soca hotshot Bunji Garlin. All those miles might separate them, but this is one partnership that's close. "The world is starting to feel like a smaller place because of music," explains LAZAbeam, "and we'd like to play our part in bringing people and culture together. One tune at a time.")
  • Madagascar
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada, Trinidad & Tobago (Kobo Town: Gate-keepers of calypso.")
  • Cuba
  • Mali
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom ("Languid, harp-plucking jazz chanteuse Lucinda Belle")
  • Malaysia
  • United Kingdom (Magic Drum Orchestra from Dorset: "A 20-strong percussion collective with more than a smidgeon of samba swagger in their stride. Not that they're just another samba school - far from it. They boast an expansive repertoire, taking their grooves from all over - hip-hop, dubstep and drum & bass, as well as from the funkier African and Latin tunes.")
  • Iran
  • Cameroon
  • Norway (Mari Boine, Knight, First Class, in the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav. "Statsstipendiat", an artist with national funding, "the highest honour that can be bestowed upon any artist in Norway." Wikipedia: "Boine rebels against the prejudiced attitude of being an inferior "Lappish" woman in Norwegian society. For instance, the booklet accompanying the CD 'Leahkastin' (Unfolding) is illustrated with photographs with racist captions like "Lapps report for anthropological measurement", "Typical female Lapp", "A well-nourished Lapp"; and it ends with a photo of Boine herself as a girl, captioned "Mari, one of the rugged Lapp-girl types" and attributed "(Photo: Unidentified priest)". [Sure. Anyway, she just looks like a big-boned White bar-fly.] When Boine's album Gula Gula was first released on Peter Gabriel's RealWorld label in July 1990, its front cover showed an iconic image of the tundra of the far north, the eye of a Snowy Owl. The front cover curiously did not show the name of the album, or the name or face of Mari Boine herself [she's ugly]; the back cover printed the name 'Mari Boine Persen', the Persen surname identifying her as a Norwegian rather than a Sami. On the 2007 release on her own Lean label,[7] the album cover explicitly names Mari Boine with her Sami surname, and shows her in full Sami costume as a shamanistic dancer of her own people, while the white background, like the Snowy Owl of the original release, hints at the snows of the north. Boine was asked to perform at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, but refused because she perceived the invitation as an attempt to bring a token minority to the ceremonies. Boine's songs are strongly rooted in her experience of being in a despised minority. For example, the song 'Oppskrift for Herrefolk' (Recipe for a Master Race) on her breakthrough CD 'Gula Gula', sung in Norwegian unlike the rest of the songs which are in Sami, speaks directly of 'discrimination and hate', and ironically recommends ways of oppressing a minority: "Use bible and booze and bayonet". The title track of 'Gula Gula' asks the listener to remember 'that the earth is our mother'. On 'Gula Gula' the instruments used are drum, guitar, electric bass clarinet, dozo n'koni, ganga, claypot, darboka, tambourine, seed rattles, cymbal, clarinet, piano, frame drum, saz, drone drum, hammered dulcimer, bosoki, overtone flute, bells, bass, quena, charango and antara."]
  • United Kingdom & United States
  • United Kingdom (Martyn Ware: "Synth legend and Heaven 17 founder" : "I'll be revealing my loves and hates, the synths that are easiest and most difficult to use, and the latest amours and old synthetic flames. Plus a few juicy anecdotes.")
  • United Kingdom (Wales. White folk, so a justification is necessary: "There's always room for another female folkie, one who favours the more gothic and ghostly end of the tradition. Maz O'Connor is exactly that.")
  • United Kingdom (Melt Yourself Down: "Horn-heavy free-jazz tribal funk supergroup.")
  • Cyprus
  • Ethiopia
  • Spain (Muyayo Rif: "Roof-raising Latino ska")
  • United Kingdom (Nitin Sawhney)
  • Jamaica
  • Senegal
  • Zimbabwe (Oliver Mutukudzi & The Black Spirits)
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom ("Peter Gabriel will be taking part in a discussion with Mark Coles of BBC Radio 4 on Public Service Broadcasting in the United Kingdom -- Old words, new sounds -- It's a project surely born out of a cheese-fuelled dream.")
  • United Kingdom (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
  • United Kingdom ("Richard Blair is a musician and producer, the founder of the group Sidestepper. He has a warm and tropical sound, playing music from Colombia, Haiti, Trinidad, Cuba, Nigeria and South Africa")
  • United Kingdom ("folk-rock king Richard Thompson" (Muslim)
  • India
  • India
  • United States
  • Armenia, Finland &bUnited Kingdom ("Beguiling and unnerving soundscapes")
  • Cuba
  • Irish Republic ("Sinéad O'Connor" 'I'm Not Bossy I'm The Boss'")
  • Zimbabwe
  • United States (Snarky Puppy: "Deep grooves from Brooklyn")
  • Mali
  • India & United Kingdom ("Sonia Sabri Company present a kaleidoscope of exhilarating dance and powerful…")
  • Jamaica ("Jamaican native and South London resident Stylo G (aka Jason McDermott)")
  • Hungary
  • Scotland
  • Irish Republic ("United StatesTransatlantic Irish folk supergroup The Gloaming")
  • Rwanda
  • Rwanda
  • Jamaica
  • United States
  • United States ("Brass band heat meets rock and funk")
  • United Kingdom (Tunng: "Folk's tech-savvy experimentalists")
  • Italy (Vinicio Capossela: "The Italian Tom Waits")
  • United Kingdom (Yaaba Funk: "21st-century Afrobeat and highlife.")
  • United Kingdom ("Each morning in the All Singing All Dancing tent Yoga Tree will be running a 90 minute Iyengar Yoga class.")
  • Senegal
  • Korea

Snivelling, begging latter-day Wat Tylers and John Balls foolishly appeal to King Peter to dismiss his "Wicked Advisors"

Обращение группы деятелей искусств к Питеру Гэбриелу

[An appeal of art groups to Peter Gabriel]

Питеру Гэбриэлу, музыканту и общественному деятелю, честному человеку и хозяину своего слова!

[Peter Gabriel, musician and public figure, an honest man and a man of his word!]

Уважаемый Питер! [Dear Peter!]

Прежде всего, хотелось бы еще раз высказать Вам слова благодарности – за праздник творчества, доброты и открытости, подаренный нам в прошлом году. Состоявшийся в Пятигорске фестиваль WOMAD не только оставил яркие впечатления у десятков тысяч жителей нашей страны, но и наглядно показал, как плотно включена современная Россия в общемировой культурный контекст. Спасибо Вам за это, искренне. Уверены, что проведение WOMAD-а на российской земле стало успехом и для Вас – во всяком случае, Вы называли этот опыт достаточно позитивным и достойным продолжения.

[First of all we would like once again to express our gratitude to you - for the celebration of creativity, kindness and openness given to us last year. The WOMAD festival held in Pyatigorsk not only left a vivid impression on tens of thousands of people in our country, but also demonstrated how tightly incorporated modern Russia is, in the global cultural context. Thank you for that, frankly. We believe that the holding of WOMAD on Russian soil was a success for you too. In any case, you described this experience as positive, and worthy of continuation.]

Именно поэтому недоумение и тревогу вызывает появляющаяся сегодня информация о том, что жители России могут фестиваля лишиться. В Корпорацию развития Северного Кавказа" (партнер фестиваля, организовавший его проведение в 2013 году) поступило письмо, подписанное директорами компании WOMAD International Майком Ладжем и Крисом Смитом. Его авторы, хоть и с соблюдением внешних приличий, но все же настаивают на невозможности проведения фестиваля в России с учетом сложившихся обстоятельств, среди которых упоминают «агрессию» по отношению к Украине.

[That is why confusion and concern are emerging today about the fact that Russian citizens are to be deprived of the festival. The North Caucasus Development Corporation (a partner of the festival, organized by them in 2013) received a letter signed by the Mike Lajoie and Chris Smith, directors of the WOMAD International company. Its authors, while in compliance with all decorum, still insist on the impossibility of the festival [being held] in Russia under the [current] circumstances, [and they] include the mention [of the word] "aggression" towards Ukraine.]

Мы не можем отказывать Вашим коллегам в праве на собственную точку зрения. В конце концов, в современном мире возможность свободно высказывать свое мнение является одной из фундаментальных ценностей. Мы не собираемся навязывать и Вам свое видение ситуации – ведь личные взгляды и верования должны быть уважаемы, вне зависимости от степени их рационализма. Единственное, на чем хотелось бы остановиться – это на странности превращения личных политических оценок в решения, не только определяющие судьбу фестиваля WOMAD, но и напрямую влияющих на процессы культурного диалога между народами мира.

[We cannot deny your colleagues their right to their own point of view. After all, the opportunity to freely express one's opinions is one of the fundamental values​ in today's world​. We are not going to impose our vision on you, and [our view of] the situation - [it is that] personal views and beliefs should be respected, regardless of their degree of rationality. The only thing we would like to stay is that it is a strange transformation of personal political evaluations in [regard to] decisions [that] not only determine the fate of the WOMAD festival, but also directly affects the process of cultural dialogue between the peoples of the world.]

На протяжении тридцати лет развития фестиваля Вы неизменно подчеркивали его принципиально внеполитический статус. WOMAD – территория, свободная от политических споров, территория дружбы и взаимопонимания – именно этот подход всегда демонстрировался организаторами, и именно он делал фестиваль по настоящему притягательным.

[For thirty years, during the development of the festival, you have always stressed its essentially non-political status. WOMAD - land ["territoriya" -- focussing on territorial/native/local culture, regardless of political considerations?], free from political controversy, on grounds of friendship and understanding - this approach has always been demonstrated by the organizers, and that is what made a festival such as this attractive.]

Вот почему, уважаемый Питер, мы обращаемся именно к Вам – создателю и вдохновителю ярчайшего культурного события мирового масштаба. Мы просим Вас взвешенно и непредвзято оценить принятое дирекцией решение. Подсчитать все риски, связанные с превращением свободного и открытого для всех фестиваля в оружие информационного противостояния. И, в том случае, если позиция честного и искреннего гражданского активиста в Вас еще сильна, если ценности добра и правды для Вас по-прежнему имеют решающее значение, мы не сомневаемся – Вы найдете возможность дезавуировать принятое за Вашей спиной и разрушающее плоды многих лет Вашей работы решение.

[That is why, dear Peter, we appeal to you - the creator and mastermind of the brightest cultural global event. We ask you to carefully and impartially assess the decision taken by the Directorate. Tally up all of the risks associated with transforming a festival that is free [I think they mean "dedicated to freedom"] and open for all [welcoming to all] into a weapon of 'informational confrontation'. And, if the 'position' [attitude] of an honest and sincere civic activist is still strong in you, if the values ​​of goodness and truth are still crucial for you - and we have no doubt of that - then you will find the opportunity to disavow what was done behind your back, [which is] destroying the fruits of many years of your work [towards] solution.]

С надеждой на возвращение WOMAD-а в Россию и многолетнее развитие его на благодатной земле Северного Кавказа, а также с глубоким уважением к Вам,

[Looking forward to the return of WOMAD, and the long-term development of Russia, and its fertile land on the North Caucasus, as well as a deep respect for you,]


1. Говорухин Станислав Сергеевич - народный артист Российской Федерации, кинорежиссер, сценарист, актер, депутат Государственной Думы Федерального Собрания Российской Федерации, председатель комитета по культуре, сопредседатель Центрального штаба Общероссийского народного фронта
2. Леонтьев Валерий Яковлевич - народный артист Российской Федерации, певец, актер, обладатель премий "World Music Awards", ZD Awards, Овация, Золотой Граммофон
3. Валерия - народная артистка России, лауреат национальной российской премии «Овация», Золотой Граммофон, ZD Awards
4. Меладзе Валерий Шотаевич - российский поп-певец, член правления Международного союза деятелей эстрадного искусства, заслуженный артист Российской Федерации, лауреат премии «Золотой граммофон», «Муз-ТВ»
5. Лепс Григорий Викторович - российский певец, композитор, продюсер, член Международного союза деятелей эстрадного искусства, заслуженный артист РФ, обладатель премий «World Music Awards», «Песня года», «Золотой Граммофон» и т. д.
6. Певцов Дмитрий Анатольевич - народный артист Российской Федерации, актер театра и кино, певец
7. Носков Николай Иванович - российский музыкант, певец, композитор
8. Михайлов Александр Яковлевич - народный артист РСФСР, актер театра и кино
9. Голубкина Лариса Ивановна - народная артистка РСФСР, актриса театра и кино, певица
10. Казарновская Любовь Юрьевна - оперная певица, президент Российского музыкально-просветительского общества
11. Кабо Ольга Игоревна - заслуженная артистка Российской Федерации, актриса театра и кино
12. Таранда Гедиминас Леонович - заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации, артист балета, художественный руководитель-директор "Имперского Русского Балета"
13. Песков Александр Валерьянович - актер, пародист, "король пародии"
14. Никулин Максим Юрьевич - генеральный директор и художественный руководитель Московского цирка Никулина на Цветном бульваре, академик Национальной академии циркового искусства
15. Савина Валентина Михайловна - заслуженный работник культуры Российской Федерации, директор и художественный руководитель Государственного училища циркового и эстрадного искусства им. Михаила Румянцева (Карандаша)
16. Эрадзе Георгий Гиулевич - создатель, продюсер, директор, художественный руководитель цирковой программы "Пять континентов"
17. Раку Валерий - заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации, режиссер
18. Шляпина Галина Аркадьевна - народная артистка РСФСР, балерина, педагог-репетитор театра "Кремлевский балет"
19. Котенок Дмитрий - заслуженный артист Российской Федерации, гобоист, директор Русского национального концертного агентства "ДИАТОНИКА"
20. Галактионов Сергей - скрипач, концертмейстер Королевского Театра в Турине (Италия)
21. Морозов Сергей Николаевич - президент Фонда "Культурно-просветительское движение "Содействие творческому образованию"
22. Лосихин Алексей Валерьевич - певец, музыкант, ведущий актер Московского Театра Луны под руководством народного артиста России Сергея Проханова, солист мюзиклов
23. Перетокин Марк Владимирович - заслуженный артист Российской Федерации, художественный руководитель балетной труппы Красноярского государственного театра оперы и балета
24. Дыбский Владимир Николаевич - солист мюзиклов "Нотр Дам Де Пари", "Ромео и Джульетта", "Монте Кристо", "Граф Орлов", "ТОДД"
25. Любый Владислав Викторович - директор Российского академического Молодежного театра (РАМТ), генеральный продюсер продюсерской компании "Театральное дело"
26. Ковалев Вячеслав - актер мюзикла "ТОДД "
27. Резниченко Елена - актриса мюзикла "ТОДД "
28. Александр Muzzy Клопков - клавишник-инженер группы "Selfplayers" ("Самоиграйки")
29. Епифанова Ирина Львовна - певица, актриса Государственного театра киноактера
30. Красноусов Андрей Викторович - артист, руководитель эстрадного коллектива,
актер мюзикла "ТОДД "
31. Леонтьев Александр Владимирович - рок-музыкант, композитор, автор песен, вокалист и гитарист группы "Северный Флот" 32. Фортунатова Мария Николаевна - актриса Московского академического театра имени В. Маяковского
33. Князева Елена Львовна - актриса, певица
34. Давыдова Виктория Павловна - почетный работник высшего профессионального образования России, член Союза композиторов России, лауреат всероссийских конкурсов, проректор по научной и концертно-творческой работе, заведующая кафедрой истории и теории музыки Волгоградской консерватории им. П.А. Серебрякова, кандидат искусствоведения
35. Рысева Анастасия Ивановна - актриса Московского театра "Школа современной пьесы", солистка мюзикла "ТОДД"
36. Прихудайлова Ольга Николаевна - режиссер мюзикла "ТОДД"
37. Власов Алексей Александрович - актер Государственного театра киноактера
38. Морарь Валерия Валерьевна - актриса, артистка мюзикла "ТОДД"
39. Короткевич Евгения Сергеевна - актриса, солистка мюзиклов "Моцарт и Маргарита", "ТОДД"

Ставропольский край

40. Арзуманов Валерий Николаевич - народный художник Российской Федерации, член-корреспондент РАХ, директор государственного бюджетного образовательного учреждения среднего профессионального образования Ставропольского края «Ставропольское краевое училище дизайна» (колледж)
41. Бирюков Валентин Валентинович - заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации, режиссер-постановщик государственного бюджетного учреждения культуры Ставропольского края «Ставропольский Академический ордена «Знак Почета» театр драмы им. М.Ю. Лермонтова»
42. Громаков Иван Иванович - заслуженный артист Российской Федерации, заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации, лауреат премии Правительства Российской Федерации в области культуры, директор государственного бюджетного учреждения культуры Ставропольского края «Государственный казачий ансамбль песни и танца «Ставрополье»
43. Коржова Наталья Алексеевна - заслуженный работник культуры Российской Федерации, лауреат премии Правительства Российской Федерации в области культуры, главный хормейстер государственного бюджетного учреждения культуры Ставропольского края «Государственный казачий ансамбль песни и танца «Ставрополье»
44. Новакова Наталья Павловна (Зубкова) - народная артистка Российской Федерации, артистка государственного бюджетного учреждения культуры Ставропольского края «Ставропольский Академический ордена «Знак Почета» театр драмы им. М.Ю. Лермонтова»
45. Лобжанидзе Андрей Валерьевич - певец, участник федеральных музыкальных проектов «Голос», «Фактор А», «Стань звездой»
46. Чемсо Алла Викторовна - заслуженный художник Российской Федерации, директор государственного бюджетного образовательного учреждения среднего профессионального образования Ставропольского края «Ставропольское краевое художественное училище» (колледжа)
47. Якоби Лилия Александровна - заслуженный работник культуры Российской Федерации, лауреат премии Правительства Российской Федерации «Душа России» за вклад в развитие народного творчества, руководитель ансамбля народной песни «Лада» муниципального бюджетного учреждения культуры «Ставропольский городской Дом культуры»
48. Елена Викторовна Щеглова - художественный руководитель ансамбля «Веселуха»

Кабардино-Балкарская Республика

49. Барагунов Руслан Ержибович - директор государственного казенного учреждения культуры «Музыкальный государственный театр», Заслуженный деятель искусств КБР
50. Темирканов Геннадий Жанович - председатель правления Союза художников Кабардино-Балкарской Республики Всероссийской творческой общественной организации «Союз художников России»
51. Вороков Владимир Халидович - председатель Кабардино-Балкарского отделения Российского фонда культуры, председатель правления Союза кинематографистов Кабардино-Балкарской Республики, Действительный член, академик Международной академии творчества, Действительный член, академик Международной академии телевидения и радио, Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Адыгея, Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Северная Осетия (Алания), Заслуженный работник культуры КБР, Заслуженный работник культуры России
52. Атабиев Игорь Килишбиевич - художественный руководитель государственного казенного учреждения культуры «Государственный академический ансамбль танца «Кабардинка», Заслуженный артист КБР, Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Ингушетия, Чеченской Республики, Заслуженный артист Республики Северной Осетии-Алании
53. Николаева Фатима Музариновна - директор государственного казенного учреждения культуры «Русский государственный драматический театр им.М.Горького»
54. Зашакуев Тахир Ширович - директор государственного казенного учреждения культуры «Кабардино-Балкарская Государственная Филармония», Заслуженный артист КБР
55. Шумахов Владимир Сальманович - директор государственного казенного учреждения культуры «Кабардино-Балкарский республиканский театр кукол», Заслуженный работник культуры РФ, Заслуженный деятель искусств КБР
56. Саприкина Галина Михайловна - директор Дома культуры г.п. Нарткала, Заслуженный работник культуры КБР
57. Пшигошев Тимур Юрьевич - участник музыкального коллектива TimesSquare
58. Тураева Мариам Рустамовна - певица, солистка проекта "MORE"

Чеченская Республика

59. Адаев Султан - Главный дирижер оркестра народных инструментов, народный артист ЧР
60. Дудаев Зелимхан Магомедович - Художественный руководитель ансамбля народной песни «Илли», народный артист ЧР и РИ
61. Айдамирова Аймани Шамсудиновна - Художественный руководитель Чеченской государственной филармонии им А.Шахбулатова, народная артистка ЧР и РИ
62. Денильханова Тамара Султановна - Директор Чеченской государственной филармонии им А.Шахбулатова, заслуженный работник культуры ЧР
63. Исраилова Сацита Магомедовна - Директор Национальной библиотеки Чеченской Республики им.А.Айдамирова
64. Темирхожиев Гапиржан Цуцуевич - Художественный руководитель чеченского государственного ансамбля танца «Вайнах», народный артист ЧР и РСО-А
65. Алиев Яхсан Хусаинович - Художественный руководитель РДАПиТ «Башлам», народный артист ЧР

Республика Дагестан

66. Магомедов Джамбулат Мусаевич - Директор ГБУ «Ансамбль «Лезгинка», заслуженный деятель искусств РФ, лауреат премии Правительства РФ, доверенное лицо Президента РФ
67. Тулпаров Скандарбек Даниялович - Художественный руководитель Русского драматического театра им.М.Горького, заслуженный деятель искусств РФ
68. Ахмедов Магомед Ахмедович - Председатель Союза писателей РД, народный поэт Дагестана
69. Гейбатов Гейбат Нурахмедович - Скульптор, народный художник России, народный художник РД
70. Алиева Фазу Гамзатовна - Главный редактор журнала «Женщины Дагестана», председатель Союза женщин РД, лауреат Ордена св.Андрея Первозванного
71. Чалаев Ширвани Рамазанович - Композитор, лауреат ряда международных премий, государственных премий России и РД, народный артист России, народный артист Дагестана
72. Курачев Магомедтагир Магомедсагидович - Певец, профессор вокала, заслуженный артист России

Республика Северная Осетия – Алания

73. Газданов Булат Гаппоевич - Народный артист Российской Федерации, художественный руководитель национального оркестра народных инструментов Республики Северная Осетия-Алания
74. Макоев Ацамаз Владимирович - Секретарь Союза композиторов России, Председатель Союза композиторов Северной Осетии, Директор – художественный руководитель Государственной филармонии Республики Северная Осетия-Алания, Заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации
75. Кубалов Эльбрус Таймуразович - Художественный руководитель Государственного академического ордена дружбы народов ансамбля «Алан», Народный артист Республики Северная Осетия-Алания
76. Кокойти Агунда Татаркановна - Заслуженная артистка Российской Федерации, Заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации, Художественный руководитель и дирижёр Государственного Камерного хора Республики Северная Осетия Алания
77. Джанаева Ольга Георгиевна - Художественный руководитель хора национальной песни Государственной Филармонии Республики Северная Осетия-Алания, Директор детской хоровой школы г. Владикавказ, Руководитель хора «Арион» РЛИ, Хормейстер, Народная артистка Республики Северная Осетия-Алания
78. Тайсаев Олег Маратович - Эстрадный певец, Народный артист Республики Северная Осетия-Алания
79. Диамбеков Олег Таймуразович - Рок музыкант, лидер группы «Ir-Band», Народный артист Республики Северная Осетия-Алания
80. Фидарова Тамара Хажбиевна - Певица, Народный артист Республики Северная Осетия-Алания
81. Кабоев Николай Александрович - Художественный руководитель, главный дирижер Государственного национального оркестра им. К.Суанова, Заслуженный деятель искусств РФ, композитор

Республика Ингушетия

82. Гандарова Лилия Ахметовна - солистка ГКУ «Студия эстрады», Заслуженная артистка Республики Ингушетия
83. Газдиев Беслан Багаудинович - и.о.директора ГБУ «Республиканский дом народного творчества», Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Ингушетия
84. Гадаборшев Руслан Муратович - художественный руководитель ГБУ «Государственный ансамбль народного танца «Ингушетия», Заслуженный деятель искусств Чеченской Республики и Республики Ингушетия
85. Арапиева Аза Хаджибикаровна - преподаватель отделения хореографии ГКУ «Студия искусств»
86. Хадзиева Лейла Герихановна - главный режиссёр ГБУ «Театр юного зрителя», Народная артистка Республики Ингушетия
87. Мальсагова Зарема Магомет-Салиевна - член Союза композиторов России, Заслуженный работник культуры Республики Ингушетия
88. Ильясова Айна Зауддиновна - заместитель министра культуры Республики Ингушетия, Заслуженный деятель искусств Республики Ингушетия
89. Дзейтов Темерлан Магомет-Гиреевич - директор ГКУ «Культурно-технический центр г.Магас», Народный артист Республики Ингушетия
90. Барахоева Любовь Ахметовна - солистка ГБУ «Филармония им. А.Хамхоева», Народная артистка Республики Ингушетия

Карачаево-Черкесская Республика

91. Байрамкулов Исмаил Пилалович - Директор Государственного ансамбля танца Карачаево-Черкесской Республики «Эльбрус», заслуженный деятель искусств Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
92. Вечера Татьяна Николаевна - Артистка-вокалистка Республиканского государственного бюджетного учреждения «Государственная филармония Карачаево-Черкесской Республики», заслуженная артистка Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
93. Гагиев Мурат Владимирович - Главный балетмейстер Государственного театра танца Карачаево-Черкесской Республики, заслуженный артист Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
94. Гочияев Руслан Магометович - Директор Карачаевского государственного театра, народный артист Кабардино-Балкарской Республики, народный артист Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
95. Катчиева Лейла Кадыевна - Директор Республиканского центра народной культуры Министерства культуры Карачаево-Черкесской Республики, заслуженный работник культуры Российской Федерации
96. Кишмахов Валерий Хамзатович - Художественный руководитель Государственного театра танца Карачаево-Черкесской Республики, заслуженный деятель культуры Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
97. Лапугова Эмма Владимировна - Заведующая отделением декоративно-прикладного искусства и народных промыслов Республиканского государственного казенного общеобразовательного учреждения «Карачаево-Черкесский Государственный колледж культуры и искусств им. А.А. Даурова», заслуженный работник культуры Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
98. Темерязев Руслан Анзорович - Заместитель директора Карачаевского государственного театра, заслуженный артист Российской Федерации
99. Узденов Рашид Русланович - Артист балета Государственного ансамбля танца Карачаево-Черкесской Республики «Эльбрус», заслуженный артист Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
100. Шатиров Евгений Леонтьевич - Руководитель ансамбля казачьей песни «Любава», Народный артист Карачаево-Черкесской Республики
101. Эркенов Арасуль Исхатович - Руководитель фольклорного ансамбля «Апсаты», народный артист Карачаево-Черкесской Республики

Оригинал записи

["Ah, ye good people, the matters goeth not well to pass in England, nor shall not do till everything be common, and that there be no villains nor gentlemen, but that we may be all united together, and that the lords be no greater masters than we be. What have we deserved, or why should we be kept thus in servage? We be all come from one father and one mother, Adam and Eve: whereby can they say or shew that they be greater lords than we be, saving by that they cause us to win and labour for that they dispend? They are clothed in velvet and camlet furred with grise, and we be vestured with poor cloth: they have their wines, spices and good bread, and we have the drawing out of the chaff and drink water: they dwell in fair houses, and we have the pain and travail, rain and wind in the fields; and by that that cometh of our labours they keep and maintain their estates: we be called their bondmen, and without we do readily them service, we be beaten; and we have no sovereign to whom we may complain, nor that will hear us nor do us right."]


Chimpout Advisory Guide


Is this why he campaigned for Tony Blair?

Just looking at the saxophonist can cause AIDS

Here Comes The Flood

By Peter Gabriel

When the night shows
The signals grow on radios
All the strange things
They come and go, as early warnings
Stranded starfish have no place to hide
Still waiting for the swollen Easter tide
There's no point in direction we cannot
Even choose a side.

I took the old track
The hollow shoulder, across the waters
On the tall cliffs
They were getting older, sons and daughters
The jaded underworld was riding high
Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
And as the nail sunk in the cloud, the rain
Was warm and soaked the crowd.

Lord, here comes the flood
We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
If again the seas are silent
In any still alive
It'll be those who gave their island to survive

Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.

When the flood calls
You have no home, you have no walls
In the thunder crash
You're a thousand minds, within a flash
Don't be afraid to cry at what you see
The actors gone, there's only you and me
And if we break before the dawn, they'll
Use up what we used to be.

Lord, here comes the flood
We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
If again the seas are silent
In any still alive
It'll be those who gave their island to survive
Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.


Woman, 75, gets life term for killing husband

Associated Press

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A judge in Wyoming sentenced a 75-year-old Missouri woman to life in prison on Monday for killing her husband with a rifle in the mid-1970s and throwing his body down the shaft of an abandoned gold mine, where it remained for nearly 40 years.

Defendant Alice Uden sobbed gently as she addressed the court about the death of her third husband, Ronald Holtz, then 25. "He was a very frightening man," she said

Uden killed Holtz in late 1974 or early 1975 in Cheyenne, where he was living with her and her 2-year-old daughter. Uden testified that she shot him with a rifle after he flew into a rage over the girl's crying and was inches away from attacking her in bed.

"This was very much a cold, calculated murder," Sharpe said. "The jury heard all of the evidence that was before the court and the jury rejected the defense that it was self-defense."

District Attorney Scott Homar argued the killing was a thoughtful, deliberate act that rid Uden of Holtz. "Her way out was to take Mr. Holtz's life while he was sleeping," Homar said.

Police arrested Uden and her fourth and current husband, Gerald Uden, 72, both of Chadwick, Missouri, last fall in southwest Missouri, accusing them of killing former spouses in separate attacks.

Gerald Uden has pleaded guilty to killing his ex-wife and her two sons in central Wyoming in 1980. Prosecutors have not drawn any link between the two cases.

At her trial, Alice Uden testified that she removed Christmas decorations from a large cardboard barrel and put Holtz's body inside. She wrestled the barrel into her trunk, she said, and dumped the barrel in an abandoned gold mine on a ranch between Cheyenne and Laramie.

One of Uden's sons, Todd Scott, testified at the trial that his mother told him decades ago that she had shot Holtz while he was asleep.

After previous, unsuccessful attempts to find Holtz's remains in the mine filled with the carcasses of cattle and other ranch animals, investigators last summer dug deeper in the vertical shaft and finally excavated Holtz's remains.

Prosecutors in the case against Gerald Uden said the bodies of 32-year-old Virginia Uden, and her two sons, 11-year-old Richard Uden and 10-year-old Reagan Uden, have yet to be found.

Gerald Uden told a Fremont County courtroom in November that he shot each of them with a rifle not far from his home, one after the other, and dumped their bodies in an abandoned mine.

Months later, he said, he retrieved the bodies and sank them in Fremont Lake in western Wyoming. Investigators briefly searched the deep lake for the bodies and say they plan a more comprehensive search soon.

Jurors at Alice Uden's trial were prohibited from hearing about Gerald Uden's case.


The court should have considered that this man was abusive and violent. She could not defend herself and her young daughter when he was attacking. He was bigger and stronger than she was. What would any of us do to protect our children from a person who presented a danger to them?

It seems odd that she killed her husband because he was going to kill the daughter and then she marries a man that was successful at killing his children. She should have been worried this new husband would kill her and her daughter.

No one REALLY knows what goes on behind closed doors! I would have found her NOT GUILTY! She had a child to take care of and if he was violent the baby was MORE IMPORTANT! Mother's protect kids!

I'm not sure why the jury didn't believe she feared for her life. Even if she shot him while he was asleep instead of in the midst of a brawl that doesn't prove that she didn't suffer from domestic violence. It seems very likely that she in fact did fear for her and her child's wellbeing and so she shot him as he sleep because otherwise he would have put up a fight and would have killed her!

What an absolutely charming couple. Murderers both. Wonder if they each slept with weapons available to protect themselves from the other. Or if they simply recounted cute little tales at dinner of dragging the bodies and dumping them.

He probably had it coming

Mrs. Uden's husband might have killed her before letter her get a divorce.

Nowadays it would have been self defense. They didn't have that in the 70's. You could rape your wife and that was ok. Women couldn't get a credit card in their name unless their husband said it was ok.

"Unattached spousal killer seeks like. Loves camping, hiking, cooking, and throwing bodies down gold mind."

Wonder how they could sleep in the same bed together at night?

Well, even if she spends her life in prison, I'm sure she will be treated well considering her age and heavens knows there are plenty of women there who were victims of physical and mental abuse who will truly empathize with her.

Delores Claiborne. Sounds like she was justified.

We were all probably better off with this guy down a well. Thank you, Alice.

Why the emphasis through out this article about them being shot with a rifle?

I wonder if Gerald helped Alice dispose of Ronald's body. It's not easy to move the dead weight of a body by one person, unless Alice was exceptionally strong when she was young.

I don't understand how a woman who was protecting her child from a very violent man;gets sentenced to life in prison. A man can kill his wife and family and get away with it. That doesn't seem fair.

If two murderers fell in love and married, maybe there's hope for those of us who are law-abiding and single.

Ever wonder how many people are buried in and around your neighborhood, other than in cemetaries? Fried green tomatoes the movie comes to mind. How many missing persons aren't missing at all, only well hidden. Ever wonder?

She'll probably go to a low security prison and be housed in the prison hospital.

Wow. These two should have worked for the Pentagon.

She shot a guy who threatened her child, good for her.

It is not unusual for a woman to end up on death row for premeditated murder for killing a man who is in the process of killing her.

If a woman is always getting beat up by her husband and she goes out and buys a gun and waits for her husband to come home and start beating her and then shoots and kills him, she is charged with premeditated murder because she went out and bought the gun and could have just walked away from the relationship instead. Of course the fact that the man could hunt her down and kill her is not even considered...

What story were you reading?

It was love at first sight when these two met at that abandoned mine shaft!

She was dealt a bad hand. She protected her daughter, the judge would have done the same thing.

»Πάντα ῥεῖ« (Vse teče)

Lili Novy

Lily Novy

»Ne veš, ne veš – valovi so povsod.«

»Življenje nosi te naprej kot ladja
po morju, ki meja mu ne poznaš.
V megli izginjajo ti vsa ozadja ... «

Zakaj si se odprlo,
o srce, do dna?
Nekaj je vate vdrlo
kakor v rožo čebela,
ki je vanjo sela
in sladkost ji vzela.
Roža trepeče vsa.


Kakor sonce, preden mrk ga skrije,
nam je bleda hostija sijala,
pred oltarjem dvignjena nad nami.
Kriste! Glej, kako smo sami, sami!
Ti si šel in milost ni ostala,
iščemo jo, kličemo jo – ni je!

Zemlja polna Tvoje je bledote,
polna je od Tebe in krvava,
polna krika, ki si ga izustil:
»Bog, moj Bog! Zakaj si me zapustil!«
Vso jo smrtna groza spreletava,
vse do dna se stresa od strahote.

Skalnati grobovi so odprti,
zastor je raztrgan pred svetiščem,
zadnja se skrivnost nam razodeva.
Vsa razgaljena je naša reva,
kot plevel ob vetru nad strniščem
tresemo se v dihu Tvoje smrti.

Vsi smo kakor Judeži, Pilati,
zli kričači, kupljeni sodniki,
farizeji, zviti pismouki.
Teh in hlapcev njih mi vredni vnuki,
mi krvavi Tvoji vsi krvniki
smo hoteli Tvojo smrt prespati.

Pa so zatulili nam viharji,
treščili z ležišč smo od potresa,
zemlja se prevrgla je pod nami-.
Mi na razvalinah, vsi v omami,
vsa razparana neba zavesa
in sveta robovi v novi zarji!

Tiho dviga hostija velika,
belo sonce, svoj obraz iz mrka,
svet pokleka, gore vse klečijo,
reke vse molitve žuborijo,
vsaka božja stvar na prsi trka.
Kje je ta, ki še svoj greh zanika?

Lili Novy

Ἡράκλειτος ὁ Ἐφέσιος

ποταμοῖσι τοῖσιν αὐτοῖσιν ἐμϐαίνουσιν, ἕτερα καὶ ἕτερα ὕδατα ἐπιρρεῖ

τὰ ὄντα ἰέναι τε πάντα καὶ μένειν οὐδέν

Ποταμοῖς τοῖς αὐτοῖς ἐμβαίνομέν τε καὶ οὐκ ἐμβαίνομεν, εἶμέν τε καὶ οὐκ εἶμεν


Lucía Puenzo: angels, demons and Nazis in the attic

Donald Clarke, The Irish Times, August 8, 2014

The sheltering of Nazi war criminals in South and Central America is something most of us know a little bit about. In the decades following the second World War, various commandants, martial hoodlums and Holocaust strategists were tracked down in the most settled of circumstances.

Cinema has not had much to say about the gaps between flight and arrest (or death). Lucía Puenzo’s fascinating, original Wakolda (The German Doctor) seeks – among other things – to rectify that situation. Adapting her own novel, the Argentinean film-maker has built a coming-of-age drama around the later adventures of Dr Josef Mengele. Florencia Bado plays a young girl who encounters the doctor, notorious for his experiments on patients in Auschwitz, while living with her parents at a hotel in Patagonia. This is 1960, a full 19 years before Mengele apparently drowned in a swimming accident while at large in Brazil.

“We know quite a bit about his movements,” Puenzo says. “He was in Buenos Aires for four years. He actually appeared in the phone book as ‘Jose Mengele’. He had absolute immunity before the trials began. Until then people didn’t know much about the doctors. He lived a normal life. The information popped out. He vanished for a while, but we know that he did turn up in Patagonia for a while.”

Puenzo, the daughter of the great film director Luis Puenzo, goes on to explain the complex history of Argentinean attitudes to the ghastly men the nation once sheltered. There was, she argues, immediate revulsion among the public when the information became generally known. But the issue is dragged up in political debate to this day. Juan Perón, in power from 1946 to 1955, remains a hard figure to pigeonhole. Indeed, he still garners some support from the left.

“It was not military rule,” she says. “In other parts of South America there was military rule. But Perón did many other good things. But not even the most passionate Perónista is able to defend what he did as regards war criminals. This is still a discussion because the right-wing will point out that, though Perón may have done good things, he allowed this to happen. Of course, much of it was about money. There was all this Nazi gold coming in.”

Born in 1976, Puenzo is just about old enough to remember friends worrying about peculiar old men living in unexplained comfort. The issue was discussed.Indeed, it was a cause of great anguish for many Argentineans.

“Oh, it was an eternal shame. And, when it eventually came out, nobody much tried to say it’s okay. I remember speaking with my grandmother, who was a history teacher in the 1960s. As soon as it became well known, it was something people were very uncomfortable with.”

An endlessly chatty, intensely articulate woman with a great deal of agitated hair, Puenzo was born and raised in Buenos Aires. Her impeccable English can be attributed to that fact that she attended a “Scottish school” in the Argentinean capital. We forget that the modern nation is very much the creation of immigrants: Italian, Spanish, Irish, Scottish. She further honed her English when visiting Dublin during the mid-1990s.

“Yes I spent six months there when I was 19,” she says. “I was backpacking across Europe and I liked it so much I stayed. I worked in a bar and lived in a hostel. That was such a great time.”

Luis, her father, is best known for the 1985 film The Official Story. Addressing the “disappearances” of the late early 1980s, the film won the Oscar for best foreign language film and brought Luis to Hollywood for a spell. In 1989, he directed Gregory Peck and Jane Fonda in Old Gringo. Puenzo remembers her father gently prodding her towards her current career.

“I was eight years old when he won his Oscar,” she remembers. “That was exciting. His films were part of our lives. The Official Story was shot in our house. The girl’s room in the film was my room and I remember taking a sleeping bag to the kitchen. What I remember most was the fun that he brought to film sets. And I’ve tried to carry that on.”

Lucía went on to study literature at the University of Buenos Aires before making her way to the National Film Institute. Even now, she alternates film scripts with novels and short-story collections. Her debut feature XXY, the story of a teenage intersex person, won the grand prize at Cannes Critics’ Week and took the Goya Award for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film in 2007.

Wakolda is the sort of project that could edge her into the mainstream (if that is where she wants to go). The child’s story is easy to identify with. Her interactions with Mengele – who seeks to trigger a growth spurt through dubious “experimental” procedures – are creepy and intriguing. And, of course, we remain fascinated with the Nazis. Puenzo is careful not to present Mengele – played with restraint by Àlex Brendemühl – as any sort of cackling monster. Sinister waves hang around him, but he remains a fleshy human being.

“It was important not to fall into the stereotype of the monster,” she says. “These characters were much more complex. We have so many testimonies of how they could disguise their personalities and become perfect citizens. So many people came out to say when they were discovered: ‘Oh but he seemed like such a nice old man.’ For me that was the most scary part; they could be demons and then be perfect citizens for the rest of their lives.”

Puenzo is eager to clarify that the young girl’s story remains at the heart of the film. We are lured in by the promise of a legendarily ghastly villain and then charmed by this more delicate story of growing up as an awkward child.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s more about her than it’s about Mengele,” she says. “It’s about the spirit of life that you have when you’re becoming an adult. It’s about learning who your parents really are.”

Lucía Puenzo is steeped in film. Her three brothers are all involved in the business. Her husband is a writer and a film director. Her father, of course, is a senior figure in the business. Yet she is eager to maintain an identity as a novelist. When her next collection of short stories is finished, she will, however, throw herself into film projects set in Brazil, Mexico and Paris. “I keep busy. I keep busy,” she says.

And with a flourish she is gone. This whirlwind will come our way again soon.


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Dessie Deratta: "In other parts of South America there was military rule. But Perón did many other good things. But not even the most passionate Perónista is able to defend what he did as regards war criminals. " -- If I was an Argentinian under attack from a Western Judge working on behalf of Vulture Funds, I'd be fairly nonchalant about any "guilt". After all, the same West have must worse War Criminals like Bush and Blair hiding in plain sight.

Lucia Puenzo co-wrote her father's 2004 movie, La puta y la ballena (The Whore and the Whale), which is about a Spanish writer who finds an old coffer with photographs of an Argentine man who fought and died in the Spanish Civil War.

The other co-writer of La puta y la ballena was Ángeles González-Sinde Reig, who was Culture Minister of Spain, 2009-2011. She was president of AACCE (Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España, Spanish Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences), 2006-2009, and was then appointed Minister of Culture. A strict anti-piracy law enacted in Spain in December 2011 has become known colloquially as Ley Sinde, or the Sinde Law. She is the daughter of the  AACCE's founder, José María González-Sinde, Sr. Her brother, José María González-Sinde, Jr., is also involved in the film industry. The Asociacion de Internautas (Internet Users Association) stated that she was unable to fulfill correctly the needs and obligations of her position as Culture Minister, because of a conflict of interest, as she had personal ties with businesses involved in the film industry and consequently would not be impartial. Moreover, Spanish law 5/2006 of April 10, 2006 regulates conflicts of interest among high-ranking positions in the Spanish government.


The Kikes at Kikish Urinal don't waste time. They just throw up a list of Kikes.

Your guide to Jews and the Emmys

Jewish Journal, August 25, 2014

  • Mayim Bialik--Outstanding supporting actress in a comedy (The Big Bang Theory)
  • Jenji Kohan--Showrunner for best comedy series nominee, (Orange is the New Black)
  • Julianna Margulies--Outstanding leading actress in a drama series (The Good Wife)
  • Lizzy Caplan--Outstanding leading actress in a drama series (Masters of Sex)
  • Lena Dunham--Outstanding leading actress in a comedy series (Girls)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus--Outstanding leading actress in a comedy series (Veep)
  • Mandy Patinkin--Outstanding supporting actor in a drama series (Homeland)
  • Josh Charles--Outstanding supporting actor in a drama series (The Good Wife)
  • Matthew Weiner (writer)--Outstanding drama series (Mad Men)
  • Jon Stewart--Outstanding variety series (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
  • Bill Maher--Outstanding variety series (Real Time with Bill Maher)
  • Sarah Silverman--Outstanding varietal special (We are Miracles)
  • Billy Crystal--Outstanding varietal special (700 Sundays)
  • Nathan Lane--Outstanding guest actor in a comedy series (Modern Family)
  • Anthony Bourdain--Outstanding host for a reality or reality-competition program (Parts Unknown)
  • Carrie Brownstein--Outstanding writing for a variety series (Portlandia)
  • Amy Schumer--Outstanding writing for a variety series (Inside Amy Schumer)
  • Jerry Seinfeld--Outstanding short-format nonfiction program (Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee)


The F Word (released in the US and UK as What If) is a Kike Irish-Canadian romantic comedy film starring Kike Danny Radcliffe, written by Kike Elan Mastai, and produced by Kike David Gross for The Kike's CBS. The film was a nominee for Best Picture at the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards, and won for Adapted Screenplay.

Kikish Urinal:

Daniel Radcliffe’s first rom-com ‘What If’ taps into writer’s romantic experiences

Jewish Journal, August 20, 2014

[Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in “What If.” Photo by [Kike] Caitlin Cronenberg/CBS Films]

The new film “What If” marks “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe’s first foray into romantic comedy. It’s the brainchild of Canadian-Jewish writer Elan Mastai, and it explores whether members of the opposite sex can be friends if one develops deeper feelings for the other and that other person is involved with someone else.

“The movie is very much my personality, my point of view, my outlook on the world,” Mastai said, adding that it has a distinct Jewish influence, even though the characters are not Jewish.

“I wanted to write a movie where the characters are trying to do the right thing, and the ethics of the situation is something they debate, in an almost talmudic way. That’s a very Jewish theme, and something that always resonated with me,” he said. Mastai’s own family would gather around the Shabbat dinner table and argue about politics, culture and social issues, he said. “I grew up hearing all perspectives.”

He also credits many Jewish influences, including Billy Wilder, Ben Hecht, Woody Allen, Nora Ephron, James Brooks, Aaron Sorkin and Paddy Chayefsky. “What makes the point of view of the movie Jewish,” he added, “is an emphasis on intelligence and wit, taking psychological anxiety seriously and trying, even if it seems futile, to be ethical.”

Mastai said his parents met in Jerusalem, where his Morocco-born father, a lawyer, had immigrated, and where his mother taught English. Mastai’s maternal grandmother had escaped Vienna as a chaperone on the Kindertransport: “I had the Holocaust, immigrant, birth of Israel — a lot of strains of the modern Jewish experience in my family,” Mastai said.

His parents eventually relocated to Vancouver, where Mastai was born and grew up, developing a love of writing early on. “Hollywood seemed very far away and an absurd ambition to have. I didn’t know anybody in the movie business,” he said. “Fortunately, there’s a vibrant history of Jews working in the movie business, but I was starting from nowhere.”

He studied film at Ontario’s Queen’s University, and while working on his thesis, got the chance to meet with a producer who gave him his first job: writing a children’s movie called “MVP: Most Vertical Primate.” “It was a foot in the door. I paid off my student loans, and I learned a lot,” he said.

Mastai began writing “What If,” which was then called “The F Word” (later changed to avoid an R rating) in 2007, fleshing out and adding characters. Much to his surprise, the screenplay landed on the 2008 Black List, a list of the year’s best unproduced scripts, and that “opened a lot of doors.” Once director Michael Dowse and Radcliffe signed on two years ago, the film went into production. It had its premiere last year at the Toronto Film Festival, where Mastai had once worked as an assistant.

In his own romantic story, Mastai found his happy ending. He is married, and although his wife is not Jewish, they’re raising their two daughters, ages 6 and 2, with Jewish traditions. “I go to synagogue less often than I probably should,” he said. “But the cultural side of [being Jewish] is incredibly important to me, honoring that heritage. And it’s something my kids identify with and embrace.”

Chinesische Schweinidol für deutsche Huren

KikeTube Comments:

Kampf, ‘unerbittlicher Kampf auf Leben und Tod’ mit dem revolutionsverräterischen Slawentum; Vernichtungskampf und rücksichtslosen Terrorismus nicht im Interesse Deutschlands, sondern im Interesse der Revolution!” Friedrich Engels, 1849

„Man solle damit in einer sozialistischen Revolution beginnen, die primitiven Völkerabfälle wie etwa Basken, Bretonen, schottische Highlander, zu liquidieren.” Karl Marx, 1848 in der Rheinischen Zeitung

die Hetzkampagnen von Friedrich Engels und Karl Marx haben den Grundstein gelegt für Völkermord Unterdrückung Folter Rassismus Diktaturen. Über 100 Millionen Tote sprechen eine deutliche Sprache und das Morden im Namen des Kommunismus/Sozialismus geht weiter und dieser Abschaum bekommt ein Denkmal gesetzt

Kommunismus hat VIEL mit dem Islam gemein. Es ging und geht IMMER noch um Macht, Geld und Unterdrückung. Schau dir mal das Bild von ihm an. Er passt ideal zu unseren Salafisten......

Sehr richtig gesagt, zumal Kommunismus theoretisch ja gar nicht so schlimm klingt, praktisch ist das aber nicht durchführbar wie man überall gesehen hat außer vielleicht in dem ein oder anderen Kibbutz ...

Die Chinesen sollen ihre Pott hässliche Statue wieder abholen. die habens nötig mit ihren Millionen Heer von rechtlosen Wanderarbeitern und Fabriksklaven gibt es noch ein Land auf der Erde wo der einfacher Arbeiter so ausgebeutet wird diese roten Kapitalisten sind die schlimmsten Ausbeuter auf der Welt Kommunismus Sozialismus hat niemals funktioniert und wird es auch niemals es ist eine Krebsgeschwulst die sich von der Menschheit ernährt wirkliche Freiheit kann es mit diesem politischen System nicht geben.

Das ist fast genauso pervers als würde man Hitler eine Statue widmen wo die NPD dann bei der Enthüllung anwesend wäre.

Finde ich sehr schön.

Cool, immer schön zu sehen dass sich auch andere Kulturen für uns interessieren.

hier schaut ja bestimmt auch jemand vom chinesischen Geheimdienst rein Panda Bären Deutschland braucht Panda Bären und Do Khyis

Ich wohne in Wuppertal und es juckt mich nicht.

Deutsch-chinesische Partnerschaft: Ein Denkmal für den reichen Kommunisten

Von Frank Patalong, Benjamin Braden und Anne Martin (Video), Wuppertal

Wuppertal hat endlich eine Friedrich-Engels-Statue. Das Kunstwerk ist ein Geschenk aus China und soll die kommunistisch-kapitalistische Freundschaft besiegeln. Da ist fast jeder begeistert - bis auf die letzten echten Marxisten.


Oberbürgermeister Peter Jung ist ein Mann mit freundlichem Auftritt. Am Mittwochvormittag erlebte er einen auf internationaler Bühne: Neben rund 300 Zuschauern verfolgten auch Kamerateams deutscher und chinesischer Sender, wie der CDU-Mann ein Denkmal für Wuppertals größten Sohn einweihte - Friedrich Engels, "den Begründer des wissenschaftlichen Sozialismus".

Engels ist laut Jung der Grund, warum die rheinisch-bergische Metropole (ca. 340.000 Einwohner) ungewöhnlich enge wirtschaftliche Beziehungen zu China pflege: Die Statue ist ein kleines Geschenk Chinas, und so etwas erhält bekanntlich die Freundschaft und fördert das Geschäft. Logisch, dass da auch die CDU zu schätzen weiß, dass die Idee des Kommunismus auch in Wuppertal entstand.

Die Biografie des Ur-Kommunisten empfiehlt ihn nur bedingt als Symbolfigur für die internationale Wirtschaftsförderung. Seine Herkunft passt da noch am ehesten: 1820 als Spross einer reichen Baumwollfabrikantenfamilie im bergischen Barmen geboren, gehörte Engels zum Wuppertaler Wirtschaftsadel.

Statt hauptberuflich Sohn zu bleiben, bildete sich Friedrich, sah sich um in der Welt und machte sich Gedanken über die dort entdeckte Ungerechtigkeit. Er nutzte seine finanziellen Ressourcen dazu, mit seinem Freund Karl Marx eine Idee zu entwickeln und zu verbreiten, die als Marxismus Geschichte schrieb und die Welt veränderte.

Und weil das so war, "kennt ihn in China jedes Kind", sagte Shi Mingde, Botschafter der Volksrepublik China, in seiner launigen Festrede zur Einweihung der Statue. Die steht nun im Engelsgarten, keine zweihundert Meter vor dem Engels-Haus, in dem Engels einst aufwuchs.

Das ist heute ein Museum und jeder dritte Besucher dort ein Chinese. Kein Wunder: Engels, Kommunist und zugleich reicher Unternehmerspross, passt prima zum chinesischen System, in dem sich kommunistischer Überbau und härteste kapitalistische Realität munter paaren. Viel besser als der chronisch klamme Marx.

Was den Touristen aus Fernost bisher in Wuppertal fehlte, war nur ein optisches Element, das ihr Erinnerungsfoto auch in einen erkennbaren visuellen Kontext setzte: Das Engels-Haus selbst sieht genauso aus wie das Gebäude daneben. Die Engels-Statue ist da eindeutiger. Die Ehrung per Denkmal, die über Jahrzehnte immer wieder angedacht und diskutiert wurde, gelang nun also am Ende als eine Art touristische Aufhübschung.

"Eigentlich", scherzte Bürgermeister Jung, "dürfte jetzt kein Chinese mehr aus Deutschland raus, bis er sich neben dieser Statue hat fotografieren lassen."

Der chinesische Botschafter nahm die Steilvorlage nicht weniger selbstironisch auf: "Die Botschaft ist angekommen. 600.000 Touristen kommen aus China, alle bleiben zwei Tage und geben 800 Euro aus."

Was man in Bronze gießt, ist Geschichte

Da lachte das ganze Publikum, sogar die Demonstranten von der Marxistisch-Leninistischen Partei MLPD, die eigentlich gekommen waren, um gegen die Statue zu protestieren. Zumindest ein bisschen, denn eigentlich sei es ja gut, dass es endlich eine Statue gebe, sagte einer. Nur eben nicht als Kapitalismus-Symbol und von den Chinesen, die doch "gar keine echten Kommunisten" mehr seien. Und dann noch so groß: "Da kriech'se ja Genickstarre!"

Ganz so schlimm ist es dann doch nicht: 3,85 Meter hoch ist der Bronze-Engels, steht da nun mächtig in Denkerpose und ist stilistisch irgendwo zwischen asiatischem Manga und sozialistischem Realismus angesiedelt.

Das passt ja auch: Mit dieser Statue sollen prinzipiell alle leben können. "Die einzigen, die sich dagegen ausgesprochen haben", erklärt eine städtische Angestellte, "waren die Rechten im Stadtrat."

Engels, Liebling der Massen von CDU bis China? So ganz dann doch nicht: Rund 300 Sicherheitskräfte von Polizei und Ordnungsamt hatte die Kommune aufgefahren, die Veranstaltung abzusichern. Doch nur den fünf, sechs Aktivisten der MLPD gelang es, sich unter das Publikum zu mischen: Sie verteilten Flugblätter - das war's.

"Ach ja, das sind immer dieselben, man kennt sich", sagte einer der Beamten über die kleine Schar der vom Verfassungsschutz als Linksextremisten beobachteten Alt-Kommunisten: "Das sind eigentlich alles ganz nette Leute." Ist Engels Integrationskraft also so groß, dass Missstimmungen bei so einem Event gar nicht erst aufkommen?

Ganz am Rand darf demonstriert werden

Das lag natürlich auch daran, dass man die angemeldete Demonstration der Tibet-Freunde 400 Meter abseits zum Halten gebracht hatte. Drei weibliche und ein männlicher Demonstrant standen auf dem Mittelstreifen der Engels-Allee und zeigten die tibetische Flagge. "Eigentlich eine Schande, dass wir nicht mehr sind", sagt eine der Frauen. Wie dem Grüppchen von Amnesty International, dass man 500 Meter in Gegenrichtung außer Sichtweite hielt, gehe es ihnen nicht um Engels, sondern um Menschenrechte. "Wir sollen nicht gesehen werden", sagte Thorsten Sippel, Organisator der Klein-Demo, "da sind die Chinesen extrem empfindlich."

Klar, chinesische Gefühle will man in Wuppertal wahrlich nicht verletzen. Auf Deutschland entfällt rund 30 Prozent des Handels, den China mit der EU treibt. 30 Milliarden Euro davon, rechnete Botschafter Shi Mingde auf, flössen allein nach Nordrhein-Westfalen. Und ein überproportionales Stück dieses Kuchens wiederum landet in der Region Wuppertal - auch aus ideologisch-sentimentaler Engels-Nostalgie.

Natürlich findet Bürgermeister Jung das gut, seine kriselnde Stadt kann es gebrauchen. Der CDU-Mann schaffte es problemlos, sich mit dem Ur-Kommunisten Engels zu solidarisieren. "Sie müssen einfach sehen", sagte er, "wie die Arbeitsbedingungen damals aussahen." Mit 27 Jahren seien Arbeiter damals kaputt gewesen. Da könne man doch verstehen, dass sich Engels für die Verbesserung dieser Umstände engagieren wollte: "Ich bin mir sicher, Engels würde heute zu anderen Schlüssen kommen, wenn er sehen könnte, was sich alles getan hat."

Außer vielleicht in China?

Falsche Frage an so einem schönen Tag. Als das Tuch fällt, applaudiert das Publikum, von Protesten ungestört. Guten Geschäften steht jetzt nichts mehr im Weg.


WenLi: Netter Artikel! Sehr lesbar und amuesant geschrieben - und gleichzeitig informativ.

hardyhardy: Danke China. Eigentlich traurig, das wir Deutsche einem so berühmten Mann wie Engels nicht selber schon lange ein Denkmal gesetzt haben. Was mag China wohl über uns Deutsche denken? Wohl nur mitleidig, wie vor 200 Jahren, als man Deutschland als völlig unbedeutendes Ländchen irgendwo in Europa belächelte und geflissentlich ignorierte.

AlfredE.: Ein Mahnmal gegen diesen ganzen Rot-Front-Unfug wäre passender gewesen ....

vindex_sine_nomine: Niederlage für Republik und Demokratie. Jedes Denkmal, das Kommunisten, Faschisten und Vertreter oder Fanatiker der drei abrahmatischen Religionen zeigt, ist ein Angriff die Republik, die Demokratie, die Menschenrechte, Liberalismus, Humanismus, Individualimus, auf Säkularisation und die Aufklärung. Wer für das Aufstellen oder das Annehmen dieser Statue als Geschenk war, ist ein Verrräter und ein Feind der eben genannten Werte.

cirkular: Bilder und Statuen von Menschen sollten grundsätzlich verboten werden. Vergoldete Denkmäler mit Finanzprodukten wären viel zeitgemäßer. Ach so, Finanzprodukte sind nur virtuell, so was dummes auch.

sunny1: Das ist ein Witz! Gerade die Chinesen, die die Prinzipien der kommunisischen Ideen wie ein Stück von Leichentuch weggeworfen haben, zeigen nun das Respekt vor dem urkommunistischen Geist.

MarioDeMonti: Vorschlag. Dann nehmen wir doch einfach ein Kalb, aber das würde wahrscheinlich einige bibeltreue Kapitalisten in eine Identitätskrise stürzen. Obwohl, so etwas ähnliches gibt es in Deutschland schon, direkt neben der Frankfurter Börse, nur halt nicht in Gold. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/Bulle_und_B%C3%A4r_Frankfurt.jpg

enivid: Der schön :-) Das unterhaltsame Geplänkel zwischen Botschafter und Bürgermeister war überragend. Klasse Artikel!

hajohart: Der Spiegel und die Recherche - ein Trauerspiel. Seit 2009 steht in unmittelbarer Nähe zum neuen Engels Denkmal die Skulptur "Die starke Linke" des 2009 verstorbenen österreichischen Bildhauers Alfred Hrdlicka. Damit hat Wuppertal längst ein Engels Denkmal. Ein kuzes "googeln" hätte den Autoren dieses "Denkmal" gezeigt und auch die Geschichte dieses eindrucksvollen Werks. Es fordert den Betrachter auf, die Wirklichkeit zu verändern, die Ketten zu sprengen. Damals kämpfte die örtliche CDU gegen das Denkmal. Heute, in der Zeit der Kapitalisierung Chinas und der Leugnung der Möglichkeit von gesellschaftlichen Alternativen, darf China einen denkenden Engels präsentieren in einer künstlerischen Machart, die keine Auseinandersetzung erlaubt, sondern nur die Anbetung. Die längst vorhandene Skulptur ist für chinesische Staatsbeamte nicht zu begreifen. Während Ai Weiwei keine Erlaubnis bekommt, sein Land zu verlassen, darf ein chinesischer Staatskünster sein Machwerk in Wuppertal zeigen. Eine kulturpolitische Schande. Lieber Spiegel, bitte übt mit euren Autoren die Recherche...



Brit Shrien Dewani Swede Anni Hindocha SA murder

BACKGROUND [Wikipedia]

Anni Ninna Dewani (née Hindocha; 12 March 1982 – 13 November 2010) was a Swedish woman who, while on her honeymoon in South Africa, was kidnapped and then murdered in Gugulethu township near Cape Town on 13 November 2010. Taxi driver Zola Robert Tongo later admitted guilt on the charges of murder in a plea bargain, and was sentenced on 7 December 2010, to 18 years in jail. Mziwamadoda Qwabe pleaded guilty to her murder in August 2012 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Xolile Mngeni, 23, was convicted of her murder on 19 November 2012, and sentenced to life in jail. In July 2014, it was confirmed that a medical parole application had been made for Mngeni who is terminally ill with a brain tumour. In his plea bargain agreement, Zola Tongo stated that Anni's husband, British national Shrien Dewani of Bristol, had offered R15,000 to have his wife killed.

The Hindocha family, Hindus living in Uganda, were forced to leave the country in the early 1970s after ruler Idi Amin expelled all Asians living there. Granted residence in Sweden, they settled in Mariestad, where their daughter Anni was born and raised. After training as an engineer, she joined Ericsson.

Shrien Dewani is also a Hindu Lohana and was born in Bristol, and raised at the family home in Westbury-on-Trym. Educated at Bristol Grammar School and the UMIST, he qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte, working in the City of London. In 2005 he resigned his position, to help found and run his family's chain of PSP Healthcare old people's homes.

Anni Hindocha visited her cousin Sneha in Luton, Bedfordshire, England in 2009, and met Shrien Dewani through mutual friends. Their first formal date was to watch The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London's West End, and they then alternated their weekend meetings between Bristol and Stockholm. After gaining permission from her family, Shrien proposed to Anni at the Hôtel Ritz, Paris, in June 2010, with a £25,000 diamond engagement ring balanced on a red rose.

Shortly afterwards, Anni moved to Bristol to be with her fiancé. Under her maiden name, in 2010 Anni entered Bristol's Top Model competition. The couple married at the Lake Powai resort outside Mumbai, India, on 29 October 2010. 500 guests attended the traditional three-day Hindu marriage.


South African police hunt killer of honeymoon tourist

Bride murdered, but husband released unharmed after UK couple Shrien and Anni Dewani were carjacked in Cape Town

David Smith in Johannesburg and Matthew Weaver
theguardian.com, 15 November 2010

Police in South Africa were carrying out a murder hunt today after a bride on honeymoon with her British husband was killed in a carjacking incident.

The couple – named in reports as Shrien and Anni Dewani – had been married for just a fortnight when their shuttle-service car was targeted in Gugulethu township on the outskirts of Cape Town late on Saturday night.

Their driver was forced out and the couple were abducted at gunpoint in the car, a Volkswagen Sharan. Shrien, from Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol, was released unharmed about an hour later in Harare, an area of the township of Khayelitsha.

Anni, 28, who was of Ugandan-Asian descent, was killed. Her body was found yesterday morning in the back seat of the abandoned car.

A Western Cape police spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut, said: "The driver was forced out of the vehicle then the two armed suspects took off with the vehicle with the couple inside."

Police refused to comment on the cause of Anni's death. A postmortem examination will take place in the coming days. There were unconfirmed reports that she had been shot.

Albert Fritz, the province's minister for community safety, appealed for local people to come forward with information.

He said: "This could have happened to any of our loved ones and it is important that communities become involved in doing the right thing."

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are aware of the situation and are providing consular assistance to a British national who is involved, and their family."

A police spokesman said: "After seeking the assistance of a passing motorist, [the husband] was taken to Harare police station unharmed.

"An extensive search for the vehicle and the female victim resulted in the discovery of the hijacked vehicle in Lingelethu West, with the female victim's body on the back seat. An autopsy will later reveal the exact cause of her death."

Officials expressed horror at the killing. Tammy Evans, a spokeswoman for the Western Cape provincial government, said: "The tourism safety and support team have been at the scene since 7.20 [yesterday] morning. We arranged counselling and accommodation for the husband. We are obviously devastated by the tragedy. We have had no incidents from the World Cup up until now."

Cape Town is South Africa's leading tourist destination, with its attractions including Table Mountain, Robben Island, beaches and nearby vineyards.

Alan Winde, the Western Cape tourism minister, said he believed the couple had been on a tour of the vineyards and had decided to drive through Gugulethu to "look at some of the nightlife".

He understood the husband had family members in South Africa, who were coming to join him. "It's a huge shock," he added.

South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, with an average of 46 murders a day. The majority take place in townships, and tourists are rarely the victims.

A huge increase in security for this summer's World Cup helped ensure there were few serious incidents.

Last year, there were 13,902 carjackings in South Africa, down from 14,915 in 2008-09. The annual murder rate fell by 8.6% to dip below 17,000 for the first time since nationwide records began in 1995-96.


A forgotten South African township where only one murder counts

Some South Africans claim to be shocked by Anni Dewani's killing. How can they be, when so many lose their lives?

By [Kike] Kevin Bloom, The Guardian, 19 November 2010

Early on the morning of 17 April 2006, my sister called to tell me through her tears that our cousin, Richard Bloom, had been murdered. His naked body had been found next to a freeway in Cape Town. Lying dead beside him was his close friend Brett Goldin, a talented young actor who was shortly to have flown to the UK to perform with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

At the time of the call I was on a journalism assignment in the province of Mpumalanga, but I managed to arrange a ride back to Johannesburg. The driver, familiar with Brett's work, agreed to stay tuned to a news radio channel for the duration of the journey. From the half-hourly bulletins, two things became clear: the police were prioritising the case, and the media were elevating it to the status of "high profile".

Back then South Africa was averaging about 50 murders a day. The "other 48" were not my concern on that interminable drive to Joburg, but they would become so in the months and years ahead. Richard's murder would change my relationship to both my country and my journalism, and I found myself compelled to detail this change in a book, Ways of Staying. What, I wanted to know, did South Africa's past portend for its future? Could we ever live up to Nelson Mandela's vision, or were our 350 years of violence and oppression insurmountable?

The truth, told time and again in official statistics, is that the vast majority of murder victims in South Africa are not white or privileged. In Gugulethu, where Anni Dewani, a tourist from the UK, was slain last weekend, more than 700 people have been murdered since 2005, yet it's only due to the death of Dewani – a wealthy, foreign honeymooner – that the situation has been highlighted. Until the 2010 World Cup, Gugulethu had been one of those forgotten South African townships that British tourists passed on their way from the airport, or to the Cape winelands.

Regrettably, as much as South Africans wanted to believe the picture painted of the country in June and July, it was mostly a mirage. Murder statistics have come down slightly since 2006 – they're now an average of 46 a day – but the football tournament could no more wipe away the country's structural inequalities than a facecloth could fix a broken jaw. South Africa's Gini coefficient, which provides a measure of the distance between the haves and have-nots in a society, has long been one of the highest in the world. South Africa has more than 40,000 dollar millionaires and more than 4 million people living on less than a dollar a day.

The sad thing is that had it not been for the World Cup hiatus, a heady Prague spring where the elite and underclass celebrated freely together in the townships, Anni Dewani and her new husband Shrien might never have ventured into Gugulethu at 11pm on a Saturday night. Capetonians from the middle-class suburbs know not to go there at that hour; tourists may still be under the impression that it's all like it was in the Fifa brochures.

And if blame must be laid for the violence, it can't entirely be at the feet of the ill-equipped police force. The South African Institute of Race Relations was correct to accuse police chief Bheki Cele of being "out of touch with reality" for expressing shock at the murder of Dewani when crime statistics for Gugulethu have been so high. "It is obviously important that the police deal with the murder as it also affects SA's international reputation, but then what do we say about people living in Gugulethu?" the institute asked in a statement.

That said, it's not the police chief's fault that disparities in healthcare, education and housing are so huge in South Africa. The privileged can afford private hospitals, schools, and security; the poor have to rely on the government. When violence of this nature happens, it's the violence of the hopeless.

In South Africa's poorer townships, where resources are scarce and competition fierce, crime is an ever-present reality. Armed robberies, muggings, burglaries, petty theft – the list of crimes that stop short of rape and murder makes for disheartening reading. In the richer areas, residents pay security guards to patrol the streets around the clock. In the wealthiest areas of Johannesburg, shotgun-wielding ex-mercenaries have taken up the cause. It's a culture of fear that feeds on itself, and when an underprivileged man breaks through the net to murder a person he perceives to have everything, the media feed hungrily.

As part of the plea bargain accepted by Brett Goldin's mother and my uncle and aunt in the weeks leading up to the sentencing, the prosecution demanded that a full statement be made by the killers. It turned out that the two young men who'd murdered Richard and Brett had been high on a substance known as tik. Available primarily in the Cape Flats ganglands, an area abutting Gugulethu, tik is a form of crystal methamphetamine that can cause users to become psychotic or delusional. Like cheap, hard narcotics in city slums everywhere, it's the drug of choice for young people who place no faith in the future.

Not that tik use excuses murder, or that the 26-year-old man suspected of killing Dewani was necessarily high on the substance, but there is a parallel here in the perpetrators' social backgrounds. The collision of worlds is a frequent occurrence in South Africa – and because these worlds are so unlike, sometimes the collision ends in disaster.

Sometimes, though, the interaction can be of profound benefit to both parties. There is a beautiful side to South Africa, and the landscape is only a figurative example. More beautiful is the potential of its people, a fact evidenced during the World Cup. At some level, South Africans recognise that diversity is a strength as much as a weakness, and that to focus on the former is to enrich the lives of everyone. Which is what the Dewanis were expecting when they tragically decided to make a detour.


This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards.

This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards.

We may be impoverished, we may not be clean, we may not be wealthy, but are we as morally squalid as your race?.. the white race who has oppressed and mudered and raped our children for centuries upon centuries? South African can, and should, be a beautiful, harmonious, multicultural society. But it is an African nation. A black nation.

[Kike Kevin Bloom:] I am a white South African journalist. I can't pretend to be anything but, and it does sometimes stand in the way of me reporting on the country in a more inclusive and sensitive way I state at the opening to the fourth paragraph a fact that anyone who's familiar with the country will know intimately -the vast majority of murder victims in South Africa are not white or privileged. I can't help but feel that your inclination to call South Africa a "black" nation colours this misreading. Our stories, black or white, bear telling and retelling; which may be less about the primacy of one or the other narrative (witness Zakes Mda, Mandla Langa, the late Lewis Nkosi, and a host of others for the counter-argument) as it is about the ancient need to speak and be heard from one's own experience and background.

In 2008, my daughter-in-law's uncle was robbed and shot in the head near Cape Town, he died in hospital. In 2003 I attended a party at his house, and his grown children, my daughter-in-law, and other young people were berating him for his 'colonial' attitude towards blacks with whom they mixed freely. My daughter-in-law now lives in the UK and the others now all live behind barbed wire and their houses all carry the "response by armed guards" warning.

So what exactly are you saying here? All "blacks" are criminals?

an article which once again blames the victims...its 20 years since Mandela was released....it is time black south africans took more responsibility than wallow in victimhood

From the article; ...350 years of violence and oppression...read that again...350 years of violence and oppression... 20 years is nothing...

I think the level of crime and anger in black South Africa is quite easy to understand,

I have the upmost respect for Nelson Mandela, yet the country is not where it should be and is probably heading in the wrong direction. WHilst the black south Africans have rightly gained political rights white south Africans still dominate the economic sphere and inequality is as bad as ever. In this backdrop it is frankly little suprise that there is both large amounts of crime and increasing anger and resentment agains tthe whites. Clearly, in the long term, the only real solution which would result in a stable and less violent South Africa would be economic redistribution on a large scale.

i have never, i repeat never met a white man in SA who is not basting blacks and black rule. A country with so many hating the majority is not matched anywhere in the world. But I say this: majority of blacks do not want whites to leave. There are no whites in Iraq or Afghanistan or Egypt, because there whites are targeted, but not in SA. there are mostly crime related murders.

I am a British development economist living in South Africa since 1996. I moved to South Africa deliberately to be part of the massive reconstruction and development that was, and still is, needed after the end of apartheid. ... Apartheid had nearly 50 years to wreck South Africa for the black majority. ... Any time there is an article on South Africa it triggers a whole stack of comments on how awful and violent the country has become. Judging from the comments I hear in every day life, I can only assume that these come largely from disenchanted white South Africans, or possibly emigres seeking to justify their own decision to leave the country. The loss of a family member or friend through violence is always a tragedy and my heart goes out to people that have suffered this way. Kevin's article however shows the positive way to deal with such tragedies by placing them in the context of a violent, deeply unequal and divided society that has only just begun to rectify the damage of apartheid. The proper response is to rededicate ourselves to development and transformation in South Africa.

Why do white people even stay there? Can't they evacuate to Australia or something? We should be shocked to think that white liberals could even exist in a place like South Africa. With all that is going on around them, it must take an enormous amount of bad faith and self-deception to continue down such a path. I feel worse about whites in South Africa, even though we are constantly bombarded with Gaza this and Gaza that 24/7. Poor whites and whites in general are oppressed in South Africa. Their souls having been beaten senseless, they now think they deserve all that comes to them, living in a constant state of/as in 'Disgrace'. But political correctness won't let their stories see the light of day.


Shrien Dewani fit to stand trial over honeymoon murder of wife Anni

Bristol businessman is not mentally ill, South African experts say, in ruling hailed 'a huge step in the right direction' by Anni's sister

The Guardian, 15 August 2014

Honeymoon murder accused Shrien Dewani has been found fit to stand trial, in a move his late wife's sister hailed as "a huge step in the right direction".

A mental health panel in South Africa unanimously decided that the 34-year-old businessman is not mentally ill and should be tried in October for Anni Dewani's murder in Cape Town.

Anni's sister, Ami Denborg, said: "It's a relief for all of us. We've been waiting quite a long time for this. I know this autumn is going to be tough for us but we still want the trial to start so that we can get the information we need, we can get to know what really happened.

"It feels like we're moving forward. It's still a long way to go but at least we're taking steps in the right direction, and this feels like a huge step in the right direction."

On Friday the director of public prosecutions, Rodney de Kock, told the Western Cape high court: "The accused is not mentally ill. The accused is not certifiable in terms of the mental health act."

The South African Press Association reported that Dewani's lawyer, Francois van Zyl, said the mental health panel, which included the court-appointed psychiatrist Tuviah Zabow [committee-member of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies], had made a unanimous decision. "We are in agreement. There is no objection," Van Zyl said.

Dewani, whose family attended court, is expected to appear again on 9 September for a pre-trial hearing before the trial starts on 6 October.

The millionaire, from Bristol, is accused of ordering Anni's murder during their honeymoon in November 2010. She was shot in the neck as the couple travelled in a taxi on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Dewani, who has not yet entered pleas, faces charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances, murder, kidnapping, and defeating the ends of justice.

He previously claimed that the couple were kidnapped at gunpoint as they drove through Gugulethu township, and he was released unharmed but his wife's body was found in the abandoned car the next day.

Following a protracted legal battle over the seriousness of his mental health problems, Dewani – who was detained in a hospital in Britain for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder – was extradited from the UK in April to face trial.

He previously appeared in court on 20 June after receiving treatment at Valkenberg hospital in Cape Town, and the court ruled he would stand trial in the autumn if found fit by a mental health panel. Three psychiatrists and a clinical psychologist assessed Dewani over 30 days.

Three men have been convicted and jailed over Anni's death, including taxi driver Zola Tongo, who was sentenced to 18 years after admitting his role in the killing.

Xolile Mngeni, who prosecutors claim was the hitman, was convicted of premeditated murder, and another accomplice, Mziwamadoda Qwabe, pleaded guilty to murder and was handed a 25-year prison sentence.


Swedish bride murder suspect 'not mentally ill'

The Local Sweden, 15 Aug 2014


The prosecution is expected to argue that Dewani is gay and plotted to have his wife killed to escape an arranged marriage that he was pushed into by his family.

The case sparked outrage among South Africans who accuse Dewani of callously using the country's reputation for violent crime to murder his wife in the belief that he would get away with it.


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Irrespective of Anglo Indian or what ever , these things will happen in Indian society of expatriates as it is in their blood to do these things for attaining selfish goals!

These kind of things are common in Indian culture.

Newly married wife murdering? It might be common in India but not in UK where he is from. I am trying to make sense out of this. Why would he marry his wife that he is about to murder in the first place? Sad loss as she was beautiful...




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