Today is the Papal Good Friday. (Good Friday will be on May 3rd.)

The meaning of Good Friday:

Who runs away from sacrifice, runs away from God.


Sports-Man スポーツマン

By Hosono Haruomi 細野晴臣 and Duke Giles

I’m worrying everyday
I could be anorexic
I’ll have to get into shape
Can’t seem to find the right charge
Your mother, she might be a swimmer
Your father must have been a vaulter

Don’t put me in skates
Ping-pong, I’m no great shakes
People say I’m weak
Can’t even hold her tight
You are the star of the poolside
Your streamline curves I can’t abide

I’ll be a good sport
be a good sport
I’ll be a sportsman
Yeah yeah yeah

I’ll be a good sport
be a good sport
I’ll be a sportsman

I’ll be a good sport
be a good sport
I’ll be a sportsman

I’m not sleeping these days
Maybe insomniac
Quench my thirst, Flesh and blood
I’ve got this craving for you
Your brother, they call him Batman
Your sister, we know she’s Wonderwoman

I’m seeing Sundays
I could be apoplectic
The whole family gets in shape
Under the floodlight
People tell me I’m not strong
I can’t seem to find the right charge

I’ll be a good sport
be a good sport
I’ll be a sportsman
Yeah yeah yeah

I’ll be a good sport
be a good sport
I’ll be a sportsman

シベリア抑留 命を救ってくれた小隊長 60年目の奇跡


命を救ってくれた陸軍小隊長はソ連軍に連行されてしまった、その後小隊長の行方は分か らなくなってしまった。




No Comment:

Held for 10 years without Bail

I am part of a group of men in South Africa being accused in the Boeremag Trial. Our trial commenced in 2002 in which we were also being in prison as awaiting trials where we still are. We have been repeatedly refused bail without good cause. This will be our 11th year being held in prison as awaiting trial. How could this be, measured at any standards, not an infringement of human rights.

Furthermore, we brought a motion of being treated as prisoners of war. The motion was denied with many faults being made by the judge as well as the South African Prosecuting Authority. The judge didn't even know about international law before the motion and we had to supply him with the said international laws.

It has come to light that we have been set up by the very same people of the South African Police that are handling the investigation. The whole case were or-castrated by agents of Crime Intelligence. They not only planned it, but also through agents, provoke the people to take part in illegal actions and just stood by for months, with all the Intel, watching in idle while more innocent people were becoming part of the organization. During the trial, they were listening in on our privilege conversations with our legal representatives.

I have been tortured during arrest for about 10 hours. For 10 years we have been treated with inhumane condition under which that we haven't been allowed contact visit from our family and friends for 10 years now.

We are asking for your help to bring an end to this continually human right violations.

The second thing that I want to bring under your attention is the parole of the other Boer people that are being held in prison. Some of them even before 1994. Their parole are being refused solely on political grounds and are long past the date of getting parole.

Kind Regards


Mrs Carmen van der Westhuizen, 38, was gruesomely murdered at her Riebeeckstad home afer taking her 3 children to school in the morning.


Feb 7 2013

She was found chopped with pangas and with her throat sliced through, police-sources said. The couple had only moved into the Welkom suburb rental home of Riebeeckstad a week earlier. Police believe they have 'strong indications' of suspects and will make arrests 'soon'. Another police source, spokesman Thandi Mbambo, said Mrs Van der Westhuizen was last seen taking her children to school in the morning. "When she did not pitch to collect them in the afternoon school authorities phoned her husband - who alerted the security services at the suburb. The security guards found her body with 'multiple stab wounds inside the house, located on the corner of Berthold and McClean Streets, said the police.


Carmen van der Westhuizen raped/murdered in Riebeeckstad: Welkom: suspect was out on parole

Die man wat weens die moord op Carmen van der Westhuizen van die woonbuurt Riebeeckstad hier in hegtenis geneem is, is net twee weke voor dié grusame daad op parool vrygelaat voordat hy sy vonnis vir huisbraak klaar uitgedien het. Dié 28-jarige man wat die tuin moes opknap nadat Carmen, haar man, Pieter, en hul twee kinders verlede naweek daar ingetrek het, sal vandag hier in die landdroshof verskyn.’n Staptog deur inwoners met brandende kerse na die gesin se huurhuis, wat gisteraand gehou sou word, is op versoek van die familie afgelas omdat die kinders nog so klein is.Inwoners sal vanoggend by die hof bymekaarkom.Volgens die lykskouingsverslag is Carmen verkrag voordat sy met ’n graaf en mes vermoor is. Die bebloede graaf is deur die polisie in die tuin gekry, die mes nog nie. Bloed is op die verdagte se skoene en klere gekry toe hy enkele ure ná die moord in hegtenis geneem is. Marie Marais, dogter van Hettie Coetzer aan wie die huis behoort, sê praatjies van mense in die straat wat na die huis as ’n spookhuis verwys, maak hulle baie seer. Hulle het net mooi herinneringe aan dié huis waar hul ouers, Hannes en Hettie Coetzer, jare gelede kerkdienste in die huis en tuin gehou het. “Ja, my pa is sewe jaar gelede aan ’n hartaanval in die huis dood. Hy het vrede gehad. Sy buurman is op dieselfde dag in die hospitaal dood. Die man wat homself aan ’n boom op die sypaadjie opgehang het, was ’n rondloper en nie ons tuinier nie. “Die huis het soms lank leeg gestaan omdat verkooptransaksies lank gesloer en uiteindelik deur die mat geval het. “My ma het jare ná my pa se dood nog alleen daar gebly en 04:00 in die oggend veilig in die tuin gewerk. Die huis en tuin was later te groot vir haar om self te onderhou. “Ons is innig, innig jammer vir die Van der Westhuizen-familie en wil ons meegevoel betuig. “Ons vra dat die gemeenskap ons ouerhuis sal sien as herinnering dat families mekaar moet ondersteun, dat ons vir mekaar moet tyd maak en weer as gesinne om die tafel sit, kuier en na mekaar luister.” (Dit was op BoereKrisisAksie, wat nooit bronne vermeld nie).


Afrikaner girl Chéri Pitout (25) locked up for 2 months, beaten, starved: rescued by brother


Chéri Pitout suffered from malnutrition, cracked ribs, kidney-failure, a broken nose and a collapsed lung when she was rescued by her brother Marius from being locked up, beaten and starved for 2 month in a small room in Pullen's Hope, Mpumalanga Her nightmare ordeal started when a 'male friend' talked her into going to the West Cape with him in November. He started beating her - once he hit her with a glass bottle in the ribs, over her head and chin. They briefly went back to Johannesburg and she was so desperate to escape from him that she drank disinfectant - her stomach had to be pumped out. "I just wanted to get away. I could get no contact with my family and it seemed the only solution. The unidentified man was constantly threatening to kill her. The case turned into a kidnapping when the man contacted her mother Ronel Watson and demanded R3000 from her. Watson told the man she'd only give him the money if he withdrew it from a post office - and thus she obtained the postal code leading the family to Pullen's Hope. The mother and her son Marius immediately went to Pullen's Hope where they traced the house where she was being held through a photograph of her captor. The girl said that when her brother walked into the house, the man bashed him so hard that he was in hospital for four days. Meanwhile Marius' wife Juanita arranged for the man's arrest when she lodged formal charges against him at the police station. The man was arrested on March 24 2013 on charges of assault - but released the next day on bail. His name was not provided. Warrant officer David Mbenekazi of the SAPS said they investigate two charges of assault and inflicting damage to Pitout's car. There's no indication that the man will be charged with Ms Pitout's kidnapping.


Boer Nation Genocide Tracker

Rape Studies South Africa

NiGgEr DeNyD rItE 2 wAtCh CaRtOoNz @ HoMe

Teen Niggers charged in toddler's killing

Not The Kikestream Media, Brunswick, Georgia, 2013.03.25

Two Niggers, Dominique Lane (15) and De'Marquise Elkins (17), have been charged with the murder of Antonio Santiago, a poor little 13-month-old White baby.

De'Marquise Elkins shot the baby in the head, and shot and wounded his mother, because the mother had no money to give the two lowlife thugs.

Just another day in the USA.

Both teens face first-degree murder charges.

One parent local CBS Channel 4 spoke with wanted to remain anonymous, but said no one expected Lane to be involved.

"Seemed like a normal kid, and they knew him and everyone who knew him liked him," said the parent.

Living in fear, no one wanted to speak on camera Monday night about Elkins. Off camera, Channel 4 was told that Elkins had a troubled childhood.

"I think it's sad. I was real shocked when I heard about it," said Parent, Patricia Mincey. "I'm just dumbfounded."

Stereotypical Negress Brenda Moses, Lane's mother, said, "I feel sorry for the mother! I feel sorry for the baby! And my baby is innocent! He could've been dead too!"

Outside court Monday, Moses and Lane's grandmother, Verdell Hunter, said Lane doesn't know Elkins. Hunter said her family doesn't know exactly what happened, but her grandson lives in the area and told her he was simply walking by when he should have been at school, in his 8th-Grade class, and saw Elkins.

"He's a victim!" Hunter said. "He said that boy came up to him and said, 'I'm fixing to off you off. You a Mexican,' because he had a hood on his head, with the little thing in there. And my grandson said 'oh'. My grandson is a victim! He could've been dead! The baby is a victim! The mother is a victim! My grandson is a victim! He's a victim!"

Hunter said the killing is something her grandson would never be a part of, and his mother said he was merely a witness:

"My grandbaby ain't like that! He a baby, but he's not a baby killer! So they need to get that straight!"

Elkins' grandfather, McKinley Elkins, said the national attention on his grandson has been difficult for him and his family. He said they don't feel safe in their own community:

"The family is deeply concerned about bullying of the family members by the police. Please stop. I have known Marquise since he was a little child. The Marquise we know, the Marquise we love would never do anything like this."

More troubling for Marquise's family and friends is hateful raysiss remarks on the Internet posted about Marquise.

Kevin Gough, the Public Defender representing Elkins, spoke at a news conference:

"I would ask everyone to bear in mind that Marquise or De'Marquise 'Markie' Elkins is himself a child. His favorite television shows are cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry. He misses his family. He would like to go home."

The Brunswick Police Department said Sunday that they got a tip that someone was crouched in the backseat of a vehicle as it drove away from the shooting Thursday. The Glynn County detective's division spent hours following up on the tip and eventually arrested the 15-year-old suspect. The boy's statements led them to Elkins, according to police.

Little Antonio's mother, Sherry West, said she was pushing her baby boy in a stroller Thursday morning when Elkins and the younger boy approached and asked her for money. She said she told them she didn't have any, and said Elkins shot Antonio in the head. West said he also shot her in the leg.

Elkin's family say dat White bitch a liar.


Teen murder suspect's mom, aunt arrested; gun found

2 accused of lying to police

Mar 26 2013

Glynn County Police Department booking photos of Karimah and Katrina Elkins

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - The mother and aunt of a 17-year-old accused of killing a toddler have each been arrested on charges of lying to police, and a weapon has been recovered in connection with the killing, according to Brunswick police.

Karimah Elkins, 36, the mother of De'Marquise Elkins, and Katrina Elkins, 33, the teen's aunt, were each arrested Tuesday morning. They're charged with making false statements or writings, and concealing facts or fraudulent documents in matters of government.

Niggers kill White baby Karimah and Katrina Elkins

Karimah Elkins posted $1,104 bond. Katrina Elkins also posted bond but was being held in jail on an unrelated out-of-county warrant.

De'Marquise Elkins (pictured below on right) is one of two teens charged with murder in the shooting death of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago last week.

Dominique Lang (pictured below on left), 15, is also charged in the killing.

Niggers kill White baby Domminique Lane and De Marquise Elkins

The teens made their first appearances in court Monday.

Investigators said De'Marquise Elkins shot and killed the child as his mother pushed him in his stroller.

Katrina Elkins told police De'Marquise was with her the morning of the killing. Investigators did not elaborate on what the women told them that was not true, but they did say the two were questioned again and gave statements that were inconsistent with their previous statements.

What they said led police to other witnesses, and it was one of those witnesses who led police to a saltwater pond at U.S. Highway 17 and Golden Isles Parkway about 4 a.m. Tuesday, Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said in a phone conference Tuesday.

Police said they recovered a handgun in the pond, and they said the gun was being tested to see if it was used in the killing. The gun was removed from the pond in a container of saltwater to preserve the environment, police said. It will be tested for fingerprints and ballistics by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Police in Georgia say an anonymous tip helped them make arrests of the teen suspects. The Brunswick Police Department said it got a tip that someone was crouched in the backseat of a vehicle as it drove away from the shooting Thursday. The Glynn County detective's division spent hours following up on the tip and eventually arrested the 15-year-old suspect. The boy's statements led them to Elkins, according to police.

Santiago's mother, Sherry West, said she was pushing her son in a stroller Thursday morning when Elkins and the younger boy approached and asked her for money. She said she told them she didn't have any, and said Elkins shot Antonio in the head. West said he also shot her in the leg.

Niggers kill White baby Antonio Santiago

Elkins' family said he did not shoot the child.

Police said West is not a suspect. They did not say if she knew the suspects and was a target or if the killing was random.

Police said they are still investigating a motive.

It's possible that the mother shot herself and her baby, and then framed the four Niggers and forced them to escape with the gun and lie to the police.

Perhaps she was buying crack, but didn't have enough money, which is classed as "provocation" in Niggertown, and is grounds for summary execution.

Puppet Obongo has made no official comment on this case. He has not been asked by anyone in the kike media for his opinion, even though the poor boys who can't watch Tom and Jerry look like they could be his sons.









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